This is Phaedra’s House IN HER NAME ONLY.

This is Phaedra's house.

This is Phaedra’s house.

At the beginning of the season, you may have noticed that Phaedra and Apollo moved. What really happened in April of 2013  I KEPT TELLING YOU ALL THAT WAS  BIG MONTH FOR PHAEDRA,  Phaedra, and Phaedra alone bought this really great house . Side note: Y’all need to learn how to use this site.  First of all you can search anything in the search box bottom right. I do it all the time. I just did to get this link.

I kept saying OVER AND OVER that something was in the buttermilk with Phaedra and Apollo! go read it.

Anyway, guess who moved into Chateau Sheree’s neighborhood when I was likely still having to tell a bitch to  have a seat? I mean telling her to have a seat for REAL check this shit out.  If I had to see her bagel head in court getting shot down by the judge, I don’t know what I would do.

Here is the thing about that neighborhood. It’s good. It’s really good and it has a great school system which I know is why Phaedra moved there.  It’s a public school system that is excellent and many famous Atlanta prodigy go there.  Sheree however really couldn’t keep up  her kids on a mattress in the only condos there so she lives in Cobb County now. Allegedly. So I hear.  And she still trying to keep he youngest there.  Good luck with that, Sheree.

ShereedragqueenSo anyway where was I ?  Phaedra is a big time Atlanta lawyer.. oh um wait… can anyone cite a case she has taken to trial.?  Um no you can’t.  Phaedra when she feels like lawyering just goes on TV to defend people . Go to Fulton, DeKalb ,Cobb whatever counties. You can google by lawyer and NO CASES SHOW UP.

Anyway the reason this all came up is because Apollo listed this as his address when  we all know, at least from the word on the streets is he is trying to placate his mistress ever since the last baby was born. (trip to Bahamas, car in his name,) He seems to have narrowed down his primary side piece. Oh lucky her.

But this house? It has ONE owner and one owner only since it was purchased in April for $849,000.  And that is Phaedra Parks Nida according to the sale. And she got it for a steal. She may be near  Chateau Sheree but there is a huge difference here. Phaedra is off the bus line and in the REALLY RICH neighborhood. Comps are 1-2 million.  And in the south, it don’t get much better than that. Well I mean it does, but this is as, Phaedra said on TV ,the 90210 of Atlanta.  30327!


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  1. gupto

    gawd dayum tam tam you’re on fire with this one, lol

  2. From my mailbag : ” Oooo! So, I went back to your post in April of last year that talks about Apollo and Phaedra living separately. At the same time, I watched the episode this season where Phaedra and Apollo are having that god-awful dinner at Red Lobster or something. He hands her a piece of mail and said “this came to the old house…” Old house? If it’s old, forward your mail, right? It was a letter to appear for Kenya and Conya’s bitter landlord-tenant dispute.

    Backpacks, rumors of living separately, bringing mail from the “old house” they’re still paying a mortgage on… Mmmhmm. The buttermilk is fucked up and tainted lol! ”

    April was a good month. lots to figure out in April archives….

    • gupto

      best tea ever :)

      joe giudice doesn’t look so bad anymore, hahahahahaha

    • Amber

      So what are the odds that the ongoing investigation and these sealed documents have anything to do with Pheadra. I hate to believe all of this because I’ve always found her to be quite entertaining at times and especially because of her two young boys who will be hurt the most in all of this mess. However, there just semms to be too many coincidences for her to not be involved in some way ya know?

  3. It's A Crazy World

    wow…I wonder – exactly hoe long they have been living separately

  4. tobaccorhoda

    You’re not planning any trips to visit Phadra’s house, are you? Cause I would. Lol

    • Hannah King

      tobaccorhoda, I’ll drive the three of us. My husband is a cop and he drives a black Tahoe with dark tinted window and black rims. Except for the doggy snark marks on the windows, we’d look like just another Fed vehicle. We even have a LEO (law enforcement officer) license plate lol.

    • no, I can but there was a ROCK SLIDE. no lie that separates SHeree from the civilized part of town and it is taking YEARS to clean up because most people don’t want to be connected to the Marta people. NO LIE google Lake Forreset Rock Slide Atlanta. that is why my neighbor friends have no news and are happy about the road closure.

      • Buck Henry

        Hey tamara I went to april’s link and the only things that stick out is Kenya wanting to leave and them on the islands. I agree with you, something happened in April and it was serious enough to change up everything. Do you remember at the dinner when she confronted him about Kenya and he made comment about he was tired of her making threats. I bet anything that she keeps saying you better stay with me or I’ll send you back to jail and that she doesn’t care if she has to go either.

        Also she paid eight hundred thousand and change for that house, where did she get the money? Did she pay cash or did she get a mortgage (I think she got a mortgage). And with Apollo having that much cash (remember they only showed us some of the accounts and that came to 3 million and change). If he had that much money you mean to tell me that he just let it accumulate but didn’t use it for day to day expenses and possibly for the down payment on the house (or full cash payment).

        He Tamara I think that Phaedra is neck deep in this, I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI isn’t interviewing Angela Stanton to get clues about Phaedra. Sooner or later someone is going to flip if they haven’t already (we know his side chick did).

      • love2hatebravo

        I am confused as to how the house could possibly be in phaedra’s name only unless she paid straight cash, as mortgage law/ title law requires the spouse’s name in the deed of a mortgaged home, generally, doesn’t it?! I mean, obviously that has nothing to do with any
        possible prenup exclusions, though. But I could be wrong…

        Anyway, I just read Buck Henry’s comment and now the straight cash payment is making sense because I was wondering, is Phaedra rich enough to pay that much straight cash?

  5. Hannah King

    At least with Phaedra’s prenup she doesn’t have to worry about Apollo getting the house unless she is also involved in the criminal activities. Then if there is sufficient equity in the house, the Feds could take it for reparations right? Tre and Juicy Joe were allowed to keep theirs for the time being because they are upside down with their loan. It’s only worth somewhere in the $600,000 range and they owe over a million. But the post said Phaedra got hers at a steal (how appropriate) so that isn’t the case for her. Looks like she had some kind of knowledge prior to Sept even if it was only that Apollo was a dog. A month later Mr. President was born and their relationship on screen turned from cool to frigid. Things that make you go hmmmm.


    • Steph

      Hannah you all kinda misinformed…Reparations..that’s something us black folks never got….the Feds don’t care about no equity in the house Teresa and Juicy Joe still in they spot until the govt get a conviction….them poof the IRS brings a seperate action and confiscate the assets….house jewels etc…

      • Hannah King

        Steph, I’m sorry it was late and I used the wrong word. I meant to say restitution not reparations. Restitution is money paid to a person or institution upon conviction of an illegal activity. If I steal money from you, the judge can force me to repay that money to you as part of my sentence. So to me if Phaedra is involved even if the house is solely in her name it could be subject to seizure for restitution.

    • Teresa and Joe were allowed to keep their house as part of their bankruptcy filing – not related to the federal indictments.

    • msds

      Guidice’s house is worth a lot more than $600,000. That may be their shore house, but the one in North Jersey is over a million. I guarantee it.

    • love2hatebravo

      I am confused as to how the house could possibly be in phaedra’s name only unless she paid straight cash, as mortgage law/ title law requires the spouse’s name in the deed of a mortgaged home, generally, doesn’t it?! I mean, obviously that has nothing to do with any possible prenup exclusions, though. But I could be wrong…

  6. Kat

    Do you think phadra’s behavior at that dinner had more to do with Apollo getting busted cause it happened in September. When did they begin and end taping the show?

    • Well I want to say May -Aug primarily and then some in sept …. for touch ups and SOMEONE GOT A HUGE WARRANT but I don’t think we will see that. no one was really miked in Sept except for voice overs and talking heads….

      • pdt090

        That’s when they typically film, but things got pushed back this year due to Nenes spin off so it was more like july-nov. If you check the official site, they didnt even have time to take new promo shots for this season because of how rushed they were. The episodes airing now should be around when Apollo had his shit confiscated, but given how bravo edits things its impossible to know.

      • msds

        The season started the first week in November. There is no way they filmed Sept – Nov. obviously. After filming, they still have to tape THs, edit, etc. I believe Tamaratattles is correct in her time-line.

      • pdt090

        They do not film all the THs at once, hence the various different outfits you see the ladies wear in them as the season progresses, and editing for later episodes obviously occurs…later, lol. Just check earlier blog entries here, they were most certainly still filming until at least the end of October and if you look at the official site Bravo was never able do a new photo shoot for this season because of how tight the schedule is this year.

        Of course this isn’t normal, Bravo tends to wrap filming early so they can determine storylines, edit, do THs, etc., all in advance, but RHOA is easily their biggest show and they weren’t about to delay its usual November debut. Especially since it serves as a lead in to launch new hits shows (Shads, Married to Med, now BS&H)

    • It did look like something more serious than the Kenya thing was going on. They have to film something for the show but we now see some more serious sh*t was going down. But back to Phae’s attorney front..I mean practice, it really doesn’t seem that she’s that reputable. Taking drug dealers cash in parking lot. Was that reported as income? And the Sheree court case debacle wasn’t a good look for her tv platform practice. She hasn’t opened her funeral home yet, just burying dogs and cats with her mom. $300k Bravo salary minus taxes, minus costs for Phine Body dud production. And as castmate freinemies say, that Bobby Brown promo from Kenya’s pageant days can’t carry royalties can it? Somethin’ in the milk aint’ clean.

  7. I imagine with Apollo being on parole, the bank would not allow his name on the mortgage. How much does Porsha’s house go for in her area.

  8. steve

    thats a nice house. Out of curiousity what would the monthly operating costs be? How much does she have to bring in just to stay afloat? The one that drug you into court was living beyond her means wasnt she?

  9. Hannah King

    Last post I promise TT. I just wanted to say I’m sorry to you and all of your followers if you felt my posts were stupid, off topic or irritating. I had just found your blog and enjoyed reading your insights along with everyone else’s comments. I finally got comfortable enough to post myself because it seemed like a place where an older, disabled woman could join in and be welcomed. I have CPRS and spend most of my days in bed due to severe nerve damage in my leg. I would still like to continue to be able to read your blog and not be blocked if possible because it gives me something to do that brightens my day. I won’t put in my two cents any more and waste comment space. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you and UF do for us and to still be allowed to continue to keep up with your blog. Thanks again Tamara.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Hannah I did not read anything above that would suggest TT wants you to stop posting, and please don’t feel that way… If you felt uneasy about the tone of her reply because it was ALL IN CAPS, please just consider that she has been working nonstop for over 30 hours straight, and she is working her ass off researching this very complex story to give us all the titillating details. This story is literally in her back yard.

      Even though we are all guests here in TT’s house, please feel welcome to visit and post unless she specifically tells you to get lost. LOL… and I hope to see you participate in next weeks AHSCoven discussion.

    • lori

      Don’t feel bad Hannah… some of these things are confusing at times. I think I get what you meant. Like, they are married, so anything bought during the marriage would be shared assets? I think that’s what you were probably thinking, and I would think that too because my Dad had a house in his name only (his parents old house) during my parents marriage, but if they were to get a divorce and it got ugly, I’m pretty sure that house would have come into play. I guess all of that depends on the state, and also if there were legal documents stating otherwise? Not really sure though. See, so you’re not alone in not knowing all of this stuff. I don’t either. Lol

      • lori

        Oh, and also, I understand being stuck in bed and this being a very entertaining and fun outlet for you. I’m in the same boat with RA among some other things, and during the bad times I thank god for this blog for the social aspect as well as the good reads. Please don’t stop posting. I’m pretty sure Tamara wouldn’t want you to either.

    • RealitySux

      Awwwww…don’t stop posting. I’m sure TT is just stressed out doing all this research and not getting any sleep. This is one of the first blogs that I found – other than a site – that I really enjoy…it’s really a fun blog..but it’s just TT, not a staff of folks, getting us all this info.

      Hang in there!!!…don’t leave. I’m confused to by all this…but I just keep posting. :)

    • Monkeyfighting

      Oh Hannah, I feel your pain (literally) I also have CRPS and it’s awful. That’s how I found TT as well, being stuck @ home dealing w this dreadful condition ! The people here are super nice so don’t leave… Hope today is a good day for you;)

      • Hannah King

        Monkeyfighting, I am so sorry that you have CRPS too. It is a vicious beast of a disease that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Gentle hugs and hope you are having a low pain day.

    • Hannah. I am not sure what the situation is here, this blog is very busy. I’m guessing I corrected a comment of yours along the way. It’s not that serious. You are fine to post. Just try to post accurate information. Take a breath and stick around. Things can get hectic, I can get grumpy, but we all continue to move along for the most part. Don’t sweat it.

    • spk

      hey Hannah, That’s how TT’s reply struck me––as someone whose been sleep deprived, furiously keeping up w/ reporting the tea and trying to keep all these crazy details straight. I got what you were alluding to (loss of home if married and one convicted, etc.). So I hope you keeping commenting.

      Thankfully, TT hasn’t kicked me off––I once said I thought Kanye West made total sense! I blame it on the wine.

    • Don’t feel bad Hannah because the law here in Illinois is that anything bought during the marriage is common property. A house in one persons name only doesn’t mean anything because it wa bought during the marriage. I guess the law is different in Atlanta. Sorry to hear about your CPRS.

      • God, y’all are gonna make me go back and find what I said to Hannah now. Sounds like I fucked up. which hardly ever happens! :)

      • msds

        That may be true when it comes to asset distribution in a divorce but putting assets in only one name of a husband/wife protects them when it come to legal problems, i.e. civil suits or in cases like this – at least not when it comes to Apollo.

        That said, don’t feel bad Hannah. Your post was far from stupid, off topic or irritating. This legal mumbo jumbo is complicated which is why attorneys get paid the big bucks. Obviously Tamara felt bad because she apologized which is something I don’t often see bloggers do no matter what the circumstances. I’m also sorry for your pain and that goes for anyone else who has health problems.

    • Lil Tex

      Judging by the fact that the reply was at 12:15 am, I thought that was the wine and anxiety meds talking.. I have had my head chopped off before too, Tamara really is a sweet lady, don’t take it personal…

    • Hannah please don’t stop commenting! I haven’t posted all that much because I feel like almost everyone on here is so much better informed and more articulate than I am. I too am disabled and come here and read everything, even the shows I don’t watch. TT’s cohort UF is also fun to read. When you have been here awhile you get used to TT’s occasional blasts. I’ve been chided a time or two myself! So keep posting!

  10. sw

    This sounds just like the scheme that Angela Staton said Apollo and Phaedra were involved in years ago which they Apollo and her went to prison for.

    We all know Apollo is stupid as a box of rocks and that Phaedra is the brains and expertise behind this scheme.

    I was wondering why this season Apollo was talking all crazy to Phaedra. The first season when he just got out of jail he was all smiles going along with all of Phaedra photo shoots eating pickles :) now this season with $3,000,000.00 of stolen money he lost his mind.

    Just because you are an attorney it dont mean you are rich and I dont think Phadedra practice is lucrative. She is a entertainment lawyer whose biggest client was Bobby Brown 20 years ago.

    Apollo may not turn on Phaedra but I am sure his right hand bit@h will. I am sure they used some of that money to buy and fix up that house. Although the house maybe in Phaedra’s name Apollo and she was acting like he had all the say so on the remodeling when you know Phaedra would have decorated it like a plantation.

    • Steph

      Yeah I agree that while the house may only be in Phaedra name …that alone ain’t gonna save her or the house from the FEDS ! They know mofos try all that slick sh** to hide assets and the bottom line will be can she prove that she had enough **cough** legtit dough to purchase it. If not it will get tied up..with the IRS so long ..while she prove it….tall the cars etc just might end up on a government auction site cause let’s face it her law practice ain’t that lucrative…the DVD flopped….Morticians don’t make that much unless they own the funeral home…. She is popped…

      • msds

        The big question is are Phaedra’s hands clean? As long as she’s not charged with any crime, her house is safe.

      • Where the IRS can get Phaedra is if they filed a joint return and they didn’t report the appropriate amount of income. From my brief reading, it sounds like they took out loans and didn’t pay the money back. If they didn’t count that as income it’s tax evasion. If Phaedra truly was not involved then she would have to prove she was an “innocent spouse” to get relief from the IRS. Remember unreported income was how they finally brought down Al Capone.
        As for different states having different laws, Ohio white collar criminals try to quickly buy homes in Florida and Texas to claim as their personal residences. These 2 states do not allow personal residences to be seized for settlement of debt or as in Hannah’s example “restitution.”

      • I have no idea what you are talking about? Loans? What loans? I hate when people say they barely read something and then start spouting off.

  11. LoLo

    I always thought Angela Staton was telling the truth…she just didn’t have any JUICE behind her…but you REAP what you SOW. I know she is glad that her lawsuit is still in the court system. After this TEA..she will have something to work with! I do not feel sorry for Phaedra at all! When you lie down with wake up with fleas! She may not go to jail or be implicated in this mess…but her reputation will be shot to hell.

    And I must say…I love this mature site. Finally a site I can relate to…

    • Kat

      I read somewhere that phaedra dropped the lawsuit against Angela and VIBE but whole on twitter I read they go to trial feb 4….so what’s true? Is the trial on or off?

      • ZenJen53

        The lawsuit was rescheduled due to the fact Phaedra’s star witness, Justin Cody was charged with Identity Theft n Tax Fraud on 7/13. Justin Cody just so happens to be the daddy of Angela Stantons baby. Coincidence 2 months later Apollo was charged with Identity Theft??? Things that make u go HMMMMMM

      • Trial is on. Stanton has a countersuit. That countersuit is getting stronger by the day. Vibe didn’t pay Stanton anything because that money when to court charges when Phaedra threatened to sue them. The premise of Stanton’s case is basically malicious prosecution, defamation and damages.

  12. Gm everyone, this is my first time posting but ive been following TT for a while. My opinion regarding Mrs Southern belle is that she is most likely the head of Apollos criminal activities. this is what she do for a living cause shrs not making money fron being a attny. The Bravo checks dont cover her lifestyle.
    just looking at the dates of a lot of things that went on proves alot. Also eadnt Everett arrested again in july for the same thing ss before. Doesn’t he still work for phae phae? Also who was funding Apollos fake companies? They had to invest money knowing they could make money!
    sorry for the typos but on my phone!

    • 1legend

      Hello all,

      I just want to say I definitely know that Phadera isn’t practicing law much anymore. I moved to Atlanta back in 2010 and was going through a custody case. With big hopes(lol) I thought I could get Phadera to take my case. Well the gatekeeper stated that she isn’t available at all and referred me to her friend. Can’t recall the name at the moment, its all in my custody case notrs, but she is a known lawyer in Atlanta. Both offices requested a 5,000 dollar retainer to start case. Just wanted to add my input on the atty side of phadera. Remember this was also 3 years ago as well.

    • lori

      You know that old saying “the man may be the head of the household, but the woman is the neck”. That’s what I think it’s going on here too. I don’t think Appollo makes a move without Phaedra behind it. I agree with everyone who is saying that she probably runs this show.

  13. myinfo

    Watching the show tonight with the over the top “Mr President” event and big Kandi fight should be good. I will watching with every moment differently now.
    Did Apollo pay for the event in cash?
    The FEDs will check out big ticket item paid in cash.

    • Undine

      I can’t say for certain but I always surmised that on RH franchises Bravo paid/covered expenses for at least one event per lady each season. And then one big trip “planned” by one lady, where it’s mandatory they all attend (unless you’re Kim and pregnant and can wheedle out of it). Like the Savannah trip this season, Nene didn’t pay or plan it–production did. I think the same is true for events like Mr Prez’ bash, Phaedra gets to plan it and stay within a certain $ limit but the caterers, etc are paid by Bravo. I think she won’t be dinged for the over the top party. However, how did she pay for that new house? Apollo’s new car? The construction on the new place? Wasn’t she on bed rest for Mr Prez? Wouldn’t her legal eagle money dry up during that time? And how did she have the time/money to attend mortuary school and support the family? The fact that Apollo is not the brightest bulb makes this all look bad for her. He doesn’t seem like the brains of the operation. But the whole scheme in general is pretty dumb, even though it took awhile for him and his main bitch to get caught.

      • msds

        I don’t think Bravo pays for any personal events the ladies have, such as baby showers, christenings, b-day parties, etc. That’s how come the housewives are always thanking so and so caterers, such and such party planner, etc. They get comped a lot I believe for the exposure the businesses are given.

        I do believe Bravo takes care of the seasonal trips the ladies take whether the planning is done by a housewife or not.

      • The housewives don’t pay for any of that stuff was the point. How Bravo covers the expense through advertising time is beside the point.

    • lori

      I know! We will all certainly be watching their scenes with new eyes!

  14. jarlath

    I wonder if they separated over his criminal activities or his philandering.

  15. Cassie

    Tamara let me start by saying you have a real blog you don’t mind commenting on what the followers have to say. That is way more than the rest of them. Question I noticed that the straight from the A has not commented on this story nor has Funky Dineva is it that they are too involved with the characters in this situation? In bravo blog comment section I notice that they don’t put your comments on the screen or shall I say mine. If Phaedra is involved in anyway it doesn’t matter if her house is in her name or not trust and believe they will take it from her. TMZ has picked up on this story also. Why do you say that they will fire Kenya is it
    because she talks to much? I love Kenya her digs are excellent. But, I think she needs to stop bashing Porsha. So, she has a lot of blond moments she needs to start being more nurturing than critical. She lashes
    out because they really get on her a lot. Did you catch what she, Kenya, said on the Arsenio Hall that Phaedra will be paid back. If the story is true
    I feel sorry for this it is no telling how many of the cast members might have to answer questions by being guilty by association. Keep up the good work.

  16. Cassie

    Just wanted to let you know that mainstream media has now picked up on the story now. My My things has changed when bloggers pick up on stories first this tech evolution has surely changed things. You think Andy will change his guest for tonight.?

  17. Tracie

    Hi, Tamara.

    Thank you and I really appreciate all the detailed hard work on this. I would like to ask a question for clarification. Last season, when Phaedra first started talking about becoming a mortician, wasn’t Apollo supposed to go into the funeral business with her? I believe I recall seeing him at a couple of meetings.

    • jarlath

      As I recall, he didn’t seem to keen on the prospect.

      • lori

        Damn…now that all makes sense too. She wanted him to have a “front” job. That’s why she was kind of scolding him nicely on camera when he said he wasn’t interested. She was probably really pissed that he doesn’t listen to her on a lot of things and then he always ends up getting caught.

    • You are correct. She wanted him to and he wasn’t down….or so the storyline went….

  18. ZenJen53

    TT, hats off for the best blog EVER. No one compares, u are the Supreme Blogger, bowdownbitches! There is so many layers of this I appreciate you breaking it all down and dissecting it. It was also gracious to mention Sandra Rose. Your a class act all the way.

  19. myinfo

    The big question is why Phaedra who is married did not put Apollo on the mortgage?
    Maybe she knew he could not verify
    his income or his credit is bad.
    OR she did not want the bank looking into his fake bank accounts or shady businesses.
    All women spy. I bet when he took a shower she peeked into his backpack and saw fake IDs.

  20. Mick

    I thought that it doesn’t matter whose name the real property is titled under. If the Feds determine that any of the illegal money was used for the payment of the property, they will seize it. Ms. Phaedra would be forced to prove where the down payment and payments came from and how they are able to maintain multiple homes.

    • I agree, but Phaedra makes enough to afford that house. she get six figures from Bravo. It’s a huge house but not a huge ticket price. She most likely paid for it from her own money. The reason the title is an issue is because of as you say, the FEDS coming for the home. Had she put his name on it, would have been easier them to take it. Now it is up to the FEDS to prove she used stolen funds to pay for it. And if they can prove that, they can implicate Phaedra anyway.

      So what I have been trying to say, and doing a poor job of saying it, is if Phaedra is not involved in this racket, then the house can’t be taken by the Feds for Apollo’s crimes.

      I think.

      I am starting to be sorry I brought this up. :)

      • Hannah King

        No worries Tamara. It’s not you. It’s total sleep depravation, extremely hard work researching and reporting and dumbass comments from people like me LMAO. Just think, this will all be less intense in a month or so or as soon as some else does something as stupid as Apollo has. Yeah but then it starts all over again. Hmm no rest for the weary.

      • Micki

        Don’t feel sorry for bringing it up. It is a discussion.

        I will say this…If half of what Angela Stanton is talking about is true, then it doesn’t look good for Ms. Phaedra.

  21. brwnbarbie

    I don’t understand why Phaedra married Apollo. Was it just to get cute kids? Otherwise I don’t see what he brings to the partnership.

  22. Ellis Scarlett

    Andy better get that footage packed up and ready to go- looks like the Feds will be back to see him. Seems like just yesterday they had to hand over all of their Joe and Teresa footage. This all looks really bad.

  23. Micky

    I’ve got to give you props for reporting the truth. Tamara you are proving you are the real deal.

    EDITED: Thanks for the compliment. Please don’t make disparaging comments about other bloggers or post links here.

    The bloggers you mentioned are friends with Phaedra. What they choose to blog about or not blog about is none of my business. Or yours.

    • Micky

      Just telling it like it is. They lost all kind of credibility after this. Friend or not, if they are supposed to be giving the real tea in Atlanta and then try to censure information, it makes them very suspect. And to the extent where it is my business is that I won’t be going to either one of those bloggers for the tea since I know all they seem to be interested in is being Phaedra and Kandi’s mouthpieces. On that note I’m done and I’m out.

      • Bloggers don’t owe you anything. They are not required to blog because you want them to. I am not interested in your feelings about other bloggers. So do shut up about them.

      • Micky

        Sorry hun, it’s a free country and I can express my opinion as I see fit. Ignore me if you don’t like what I have to say about others. But I will continue to express my opinion.

      • It’s a free country, but this my board. You will no longer be expressing your opinions here. Time for you to fuck off.

      • Micky

        One more thing, while bloggers don’t owe me anything, if they don’t want people to cast opinions on their content they could keep a private journal and not put their views out for the world to see. Since they have publicly expressed their opinion on people and situations, it leaves them open for me to publicly express my opinion on them.

      • sure, you just won’t be doing it here.

      • lori

        What a loser.

  24. ZenJen53

    Does anyone know Everetts last name? I know its been stated that Apollo n Everett are not blood brothers but “street” brothers but day’um he looks like Apollo. Me thinks all 3 has been involved in basically the same hustle from the get-go. They find desparate women to do the leg work and reap the rewards. Gayla was Angela so to speak. TT, this is the Earl Grey of Tea ,a tblsp of sugar please

  25. tobaccorhoda

    Yeah, Tamara, your thoughts on why Atlien and Dineva haven’t said a peep? Also, did you see that Sandra Rose says some of the other husbands were mentioned on the tapes when his side piece was wired?

    • I have no thoughts on what other bloggers choose to blog about. As for what is on the wire tap. I don’t believe that info was disclosed in detail. I could be wrong. It happened once in 1987.

  26. WOW, IT keeps getting juicier and juicier. YES I caught that statement as well “This came to the old house” didn’t think much about it. People going to STOP going on these TV Shows when their hands aren’t clean.

  27. I sure do hate a house where the garage is in front of the front door.

    • GCVLMV

      I do too. To each his own, but I don’t think a garage is an attractive feature. It should be in the back with the barbage bins.

      • GCVLMV

        garbage….not barbage. Also, besides the aesthetic considerations, I would hate to have to back out into the street every time I wanted to go somewhere.

  28. I have a hard time believing Phaedra didn’t benefit from the money Apollo stole. I also have a hard time believing Phaedra didn’t know what Apollo was doing. If she thought he had a legit job how did he file taxes without W-2 or 1099?

  29. Cassie.

    Really none of this is any of our business. But you blog about it and we ask
    questions and make comments. Isn’t that the purpose? We are not saying anything bad about the others bloggers just wondering and there is no harm
    in that. We know that you have thanked Straight from the A for helping you with your blog and that is the way it should be. People helping people with their hustle… However this turns out people will be hurt if its true and Apollo goes to jail the mother of his children and his kids will suffer. Lets face it all of us will be watching and reading. Again thanks for being more detailed than the others. Sandra Rose was the first you just took it to another level.
    But in many of your complaints you always wanted people to give you credit for your stories and you just made sure you practiced what you preached by making sure Sandra got her credit. I for one was glad to see that.

    • Twilly

      It’s none of our business? These people put there lives on our television sets to show off their lives. Of course it’s our business. To say it’s not is just silly. And Tamara has been giving Sandra Rose credit up and down, inside and out. Stop acting like she doesn’t always.

      • Twilly

        *put their lives. can’t believe I made that grammatical error, but I’ll blame the wine!!

      • lori

        Exactly. We ARE the reason for some of their biggest “above board” money. They are paid very nicely for it being “our business”.

  30. JoJo

    There’s certain things that separate blogs. This one I think stands far above the crowd in that the blogger interacts with the commenters, which has to be overwhelming while researching the blog posts.
    I can’t say enough how incredible and fascinating a sleep-deprived TT has been reporting on this story and has woven and is weaving the follow-ups. But it almost brought a tear to my eye to read Hannah King’s post then heartwarming to see the support she’s getting including from TT!!! That’s what makes this blog the best & human. imho.

    • Hannah King

      Made me feel good to JoJo and a little part of a pretty f*cking cool group of people with an awesome Queen TT who works her ass off on this blog.

      • JoJo

        Welcome, and you will get used to it here, it’s great. I’ve been told off too and take a deep breath and keep trying :)

  31. Kimberly B.

    TT do you remeber when he got hemmed up by the police and then just let go with no explaination and both he and Ms. Parks acted like neither one new what the hell everyone was talking about. Apollo scolded the shit out of Phaedra in the kitchen of the old house and told her to stay out of his business… Do you think that had anything to do with this mess? And when do you think the divorce papers are coming. As for now she has the roght as a spouse not to have to testify against him but once she files that right is gone….the question is will she save her own neck?

    • Pre1

      I think I remember that. It’s a shame how she has been through law school, and passed the bar, only to be married to an ex con who keeps secrets. I want to say that I don’t think Phaedra was aware of what Apollo was doing. I want to believe she has some kind of standards since she is a mom of two small babies. She also is on national TV bragging on how great her life is which I see that she & Kandi were already established pre RHOA. I think Apollo’s looks got her and maybe his “bad boy” image. Just my opinion. I pray for her & her family. I wonder what Bravo is going to do. I bet the reunion show is going to be filled with Kenya going in on Phaedra!

      • PhonyPhaeOnBathSalts

        Something just occurred to me. And hit me like a ton of bricks !

        Kenya KNEW about the investigations! She kept throwing out hints . All of a sudden about Phaedra& Apollo!

        She said things such as. “PhonyPhae will get whats coming” “phonyphae’s shady” “phonetphae isn’t all who she says .etc

        Kenya said that he was in LA. But not to meet her to meet another woman. How did she know such an intimate /private thing?

        I think this is how it played out. Behind the scenes .

        1). Kenya herself was probably having Apollo followed by a private investigator . To get all of the dirt she could on Apollo. To take for the reunion .& present photos etc @ the reunion.

        2) She probably did infact was about to meet with Apollo secretly somewhere & the FEDS had him under surveillance & saw her& picked her up! Thinking she was one of the woman on his pay roll with his many scams.

        Once the FEDS& SS brought her in.For Questioning . They had to most likely tell her what they brought her in& picked her up for. Which then made her privy to what was going on behind the scenes . Hence her constant , cryptic remarks leading up to this whole thing being blown wide open.

    • Mrs Smith

      I remember. She flipped out and he was livid over her reaction. Didn’t it end up with them saying they thought he was someone else? The whole thing was odd.

    • JoJo

      See her dilemma is she has spousal immunity covering both communications before & during marriage; and protecting her from having to testify in court against him. But, depending on GA rules, she can choose to testify and waive the privilege.
      If she chooses to divorce or chooses to waive her privilege, that brings focus on anything and everything she’s ever done in order to impeach her testimony against Apollo by his lawyers when/if the time comes to testify.
      Divorcing or willingly choose to testify would require ALL of her past to be squeaky clean – you think it is? I’m not so sure now.

  32. alot of information is sealed due to on going investigation. Pheadra knew what was going on. She have been living a life of crime for a while noe and its starting to catch up to her. Again I bring up the funding of these fake businesses…. she paid that!!! in order for him to open a collection agency he had to get bonded!!
    please dont feel sorry for her….her babies…yeah but hell to the no for her.. She was doing this shit before Apollo… back when she was messing eith Varney doing mortgage scams…

  33. lori

    I have a feeling that Angela Stanton is about to hit pay dirt on her book.

  34. GCVLMV

    Hey, does anyone know if the Feds can take Phadera’s house if Apollo gets indicted? HaHa Just kidding. Carry On.

  35. Sorry for the “accountingspeak” Tamara. I am a CPA who has small collection agencies for clients. My point is Phaedra can be completely innocent in this activity, but still be prosecuted for tax evasion.

    Since the reports listed Lexis Nexis as one of the sources for identity theft,
    I might add that I was sick when one of my clients showed me my own information on Lexis Nexis. Not only is it name, social security number, etc., but every address and phone number you have had, relatives to contact, and your surrounding neighbors and their phone numbers.

    I’ll go back to tax season now. We started a discussion group based on your recaps since no one has time to watch their show. Thank you

    • lori

      Is there a way to get your information off of there. That’s unreal that they publish that! It’s like “hello… please come steal my identity”. And we wonder how terrorists get into our country???? Can anyone look that up on their site? Do you have to pay to see it? This is very worrisome.

      • Cammie

        Lori, google LexisNexis, you’ll see that it’s mainly a database for attorneys to research case law (coincidence? me thinks not) but I’ve also used it to research companies asking for credit extensions or initial lines. I *think* only businesses and the owners of said businesses have their info in there, and my understanding is that you have to have a pretty solid business for them to even pay attention to you. If I’m incorrect I’m sure someone will let you know, it’s been years since I worked in a field which required me to use it and things may have changed since then, but I know back in the day I looked myself up and I’m pretty sure my computer laughed at me.

      • Fahlina_g

        Go to their website. You should be scared…. VERY. afraid They have info on EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

  36. ok what gets me phadrea could of made him move out so they dont suspect her as being involved with apollo in this fraud.. where all of a suddenly did she get all that money to buy another home… something isnt right. as for peter i think he might be involved with apollo remember he just bought a new car.. wasnt cynthias money i remember her saying they are trying to save money not spend it.

  37. galemoy

    This is just coming from someone who lives in ATL…. the 30327 is honestly the wealthiest, most high class part of Atlanta. Basically the Upper East Side of ATL. Most of the residents come from family money and live in Multimillion dollar homes. Just a side note… NO ONE in true Atlanta society even knows any of these housewives. No offense to the show, because I LOVE IT, but all of the wives – except for Phaedra (now) – live like WAY outside the city. I mean NENE and PORSHA live 60 miles outside of town in Duluth (a suburb WAY outside of ATL). When you see these ladies in big ass houses, its because they live in the boonies or the ghetto (Kandi)(No offense because I literally LOVE Kandi). I just hate how the show portrays them as ATL’s ELITE. I also hate that they call ATL a “Mecca for wealthy black people,” because most of the Rich people in ATL are white (I say this as a nonwhite person, lol) and the wealthy Black people (yes there are quite a few) are very private and wouldnt be caught dead on reality TV… Just like the rest of Buckhead. I wish they would have just called this the Housewives of Georgia… but of course hiphop and all have made ATL and “peachtree” seem so awesome. And I say again, that TRUELY rich people live in the city. Hell, Usher has the 2 homes and a condo INSIDE the actual city. I do find it funny that these women are always meeting up at restaurants that ARE smack in the middle of Buckhead or Midtown…. You’d think they just quickly drove over, but KNOW they spent about 1.5 hour in the car just to drive to a restaurant where they can argue and keep up this “ATL” facade. I cant imagine that Phaedra’s neighbors take too kindly to a camera crew even visiting her house. Anyways, I Guess I just had some stuff bothering me, lol. More about Bravo’s Marketing strategy then any of the women themselves. Let me reiterate, I love this women! Specifically Nene and Kandi. I also dont mind Phaedra and Porsha though.

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