Phaedra Parks: Have We Been Ignoring the Signs All Along?


After reading the legal documents available on Apollo Nida’s arrest, it’s clear that the FEDS have the goods on Apollo.  Their evidence dates back to 2009, just after Apollo was released from prison and just months before he married Phaedra.  So Phaedra’s “clean” man has been dirty since she picked him up. The question is, was she blinded by her attraction to Apollo’s good looks? Or have we been over looking all the signs of Phaedra’s complicity or even involvement with the criminal activities of Apollo?

Ever since Phaedra and Apollo have been together, there has been a lot of talk on the streets about Apollo cheating,  Atlanta is full of strippers and gay men and both have been in the mix of the numerous rumors swirling around town.  But to be fair the same rumors abound about Gregg and Peter. Nonetheless, all those little hussies that used to turn up on twitter that we all just dismissed out of pocket, may need a second look. But that’s the least of the problems.

The legal documents make it clear that Apollo loves female accomplices.  And female victims.  All of the people from whom he stole identities were women.  All of his minions who actually cashed the checks were women. Let’s have a look at a few of those.

Angela Stanton has been around ever since I started this blog in 2011. She began begging for my attention on twitter almost immediately. She seemed desperate and broken and more than a little crazy to me at the time. Now I wonder if it was just her desperation to be listened to. The salient points of her story that Vibe agreed to sell as an e-book, were that Phaedra was her friend who was helping her with he life. She became very close to Phaedra. Phaedra introduced her to Apollo. Angela Stanton flat out alleged that Phaedra and Apollo were making fraudulent insurance checks and that Stanton was the one that cashed them. Stanton says they did this for two years until Stanton was arrested and did a whooping four months of jail time.

When Stanton got out of jail in 2005, Apollo was locked up on a RICO charge  serving time on an 18 year sentence.  According to Stanton’s book, Lies of a Housewife, Phaedra introduced her to Apollo’s” brother” Everett.  It is believed that Everett is not a biological brother but a very close friend of Apollo’s. Stanton explained that she began working with them on a stolen car ring.

Stanton described how “we would get the VIN ..”  and take them  back to Phaedra and Everett where Phaedra and Everett would cook up false insurance documents.  Eventually,  Everett not Phaedra who was charged with falsifying insurance information among many, many other things. Stanton continues saying “Everything was going fine in our relationship for about three or four years until this last incident..”  Stanton then drags her family into the story telling about her cousin who went to the DMV with fake information and was questioned by the cops.

Stanton says she asked Phaedra “where do we stand now (with the project)?”  According to Stanton, she, Phaedra, and Everett left the next morning to drive three luxury vehicles to Tennessee.  At that point she and Everett got arrested. No mention in the telling about this “third car”. UPDATE: I just read an excerpt from Lies. The third car was driven by Stanton’s cousin.   No mention of Phaedra.  The appear to be that Phaedra was not arrested, Phaedra was not investigated, Phaedra was not charged, Phaedra was not convicted.  In a huge investigation, involving years of crime and six defendants, Phaedra was not involved in anyway whatsoever. It seemed that Phaedra was not there at all.

Stanton ended her story by saying that Phaedra was supposed to represent her and take care of her kid. Stanton was seven months pregnant at the time and had her baby while serving five years in state prison. Stanton seems to feel that Phaedra was supposed to save her, the way she felt that Phaedra saved her from the streets.

Jessica Lacey Volker

Jessica Lacey Volker

Then in April 2013 Jessica “Lacey” Volker appeared to give a radio interview on Hip Hop Daily Press. She said that Phaedra was the godmother of her child. She is apparently writing a book about her life that would include Phaedra.  She claimed Phaedra slept with her husband, and arranged to have “girls” go to parties for um services.  She claimed Phaedra was committing mortgage fraud and was involved in a prostitution ring. She claimed Phaedra hates kids. She found it crazy that Phaedra was playing the good mother on TV. She said that she knew her in 2000-2003ish.

Lacey says that Phaedra has the ability to draw people in and make them trust her. Lacey says she was trying to get out of prostitution and Phaedra was trying to draw her back in. She also said she was friend’s with Kandi’s ex,AJ’s ex-wife. She implied that Kandi and Phaedra have a lot of secrets on each other and that they run in the same circles. Lacey has also started a foundation for children of incarcerated parents. Ironic?

Both Stanton and Volker had some things that caused us to disbelieve them. Stanton seemed to be practically a lover scorned. And Volker didn’t seem to have any evidence of what she was saying. And who makes someone who hates kids their babies godmother?

Last night, or I should say every early this morning, I began reading the legal documents  with my mouth hanging open. My first reaction was, well Phaedra surely put his ass out in September and we will be hearing about divorce proceedings on the finale.  Then I remembered that the two of them have been making appearances together for Phine Body and that Phaedra was with him in NYC just this past week when the house husbands were all finally asked to be on WWHL.

So is Phaedra Parks just doing the good wife routine and standing by her man? Didn’t she just have a long conversation with Apollo about being on her side and standing by her over the Kenya incident?  I found it interesting that Apollo repeated the phrase that pissed Porsha off  during the Kenya conversation  on WWHL when he said, “If I wanted her I could have had her.”  Especially after Peter explained to him what a bad thing it was that he said that. Is he that dumb? Was he antagonizing her? Do they have so much on each other that they can’t afford to leave the other?  Or have Angela Stanton, Jessica  Lacey Volker  and the tribe of whores on twitter been telling the truth all along?

UPDATE! (I’m kinda getting sick of that word) a rep for Angela Stanton says her case with Phaedra is scheduled for February, 4th. (After several reschedules). Stanton has a high powered attorney who has taken her case pro bono to countersue Phaedra for defamation, damages, and punitive damages.  This Apollo situation is going to make it hard for Phaedra to prove that Angela was lying.


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129 responses to “Phaedra Parks: Have We Been Ignoring the Signs All Along?

  1. RealitySux

    At this point I am on information overload … people are going to be crawling out the woodwork. Kandi’s fiance is dead – so he can’t speak for himself, so I’m just going to keep my attention on what information the FEDS release, and nothing more.

    I think at this juncture it is unfair to implicate ANYONE based on rumors in this stuff.

    • JoJo

      I understand from where you’re coming, intellectually. But, emotionally, this has become a ‘connect-the-dots’ in relation to Phaedra and her innocence or guilt by association since she’s been on our TV and involved in so many diverse business adventures.

    • Anjannette

      And exactly, HOW did AJ die, ay?

  2. Shellbelle

    Does it still ring true that a husband/wife doesn’t have to testify against the other? I forget the exact term, but it seems that I’ve heard it more than once over the years. Not sure if its true BUT if it is, could that explain the quickie marriage between Apollo and Phaedra after he was sprung from the pokey?

    • RealitySux

      There are exceptions, if I am not mistaken…if she was complicit in his crimes, then that statue won’t protect her.

    • JoJo

      Spousal immunity. It can be invoked in communications between the two before and after they’re married; invoked as protection from having to testify, in both civil and criminal cases unless in domestic abuse, child custody, and where one accuses the other of a crime. The spouse can choose to testify and the immunity is waived in some jurisdictions.
      “…the privileges may also be suspended where both spouses are joint participants in a crime, depending on the law of the jurisdiction.”
      So, unless Phaedra is charged, I believe she can invoke the privilege.
      I also think this may be the reason they are still married.

      • I’ve always thought that is how she got him to marry her.

      • JoJo

        As these pieces are falling together it’s looking like it’s been nothing but a business relationship with benefits and 2 kids. That’s why I don’t believe the people who say she turned him in the last time or this time, there’s no upside for her unless she’s clean as a whistle.

      • lori

        I think I actually remember you saying that at some point and I totally agreed with you. I mean have you seen Appollo? Have you seen Phaedra? It was either that or he married her to “take care of him”.

      • Sebrina H.

        @JoJo unless you have a law degree you you do not need to explain the law on spousal immunity. Your explaination is misleading and misstates the law. The question is does it apply in federal court, as he is being charged with a federal crime. “Street” lawyers are dangerous and often misinformed.

  3. RealitySux

    Has anyone seen Sandra Rose’s comment made regarding Apollo’s mistress? She speculates that Phaedra herself turned Apollo into the feds after finding out about this young woman Apollo was sleeping with … and that…***BRAVO*** wants the mistress to come on and tell her side of the story.

    BRAVO is the devil enticing greedy people to sell their souls …. WOW

    Run Kandi Run … hell, I’m not a Nene fan…but Run Nene Run…and anyone else that doesn’t want to be taken down…and not by the police – but BRAVO!!! 0.0

    • Free Kroy

      Bravo is not to blame. These potential reality stars beg Bravo to be on the show

      • Free Kroy

        They actually, lie, cheat and steal to be on the show and play up the dram that they can contribute to ratings. Bravo does not want boring families, they want drama. Being on the show is a huge money making opportunity. This is why I actually believe that Apollo may be slightly retarded and Phaedra is delusional and suffers from a personality disorder to think that she is smarter than everyone and can continue to fake it until she makes it.

      • psst. I smile when I see your comments. so glad to have you here. (that said I am hormonal and can turn on a dime, stick it out!) Your comments are always on topic and never hateful!

      • Alison Hayes

        How do u know

    • If this is true…Phaedra Parks is my new heroine.

  4. Kat

    Phaedra must be going out of her mind. But that’s what happens when you “fake” your life on a “reality” show

  5. steve

    sounds like Phaedra has known all along whats been happening, probably participating, but is like teflon and nothing has stuck.

  6. Debbie

    Phaedra didn’t put him out in September because he wasn’t arrested in September. Neither of them knew about the investigation then. Has she put him out now is the question.

    • Honey when the Secret Service rolls up on you in the parking lot and has a warrant for your laptop, cellphones, and any other items of interest to their case in your car, and takes them, You know that your right hand bitch just rolled over on you.
      Apollo for SURE knew and it seems like he would have a lot of explaining to do to Phaedra at that point. Unless of course she was in on it.

      • Yes, you’re right. I read the document incorrectly. I thought he’d only been arrested a couple of days ago, but it was back in September. Now I really think she must have known about it too, I can’t understand why she would be standing by him and posting pics all over social media like nothing was wrong.

      • Nope, you are still not understanding. He was on the receiving of a federal warrant in a parking lot in September and realized he was fucked. Then finally had the axe fall a couple days ago.

        You were right about the part where you said I was right though. I have been immersed in this story for 28 hours straight now.

      • Buck Henry

        Your exactly right, they didn’t arrest him but served a federal warrant on him in that parking long. When that happened he knew he was fucked because his side partner turned on him and he had to have known it. What gets me is why they didn’t put a warrant for the house he shared with Phaedra. It would have been easy for them to get a warrant because he said he lived there and have been seen going in and out of the place.
        Also as it was said that when they drived to Tennessee with those cars Stanton and Apollo’s brother where caught (on the road driving there) but not her. It wasn’t that she wasn’t there, it was because she turned them in. Once it was found out the game is up, Phaedra being a lawyer had to have known that the game is up and so was getting things situated where some of the group would have lesser sentences via ratting on the others and others (her) wouldn’t be found out because the people caught would have lower sentences (look at Apollo, he was supposed to do 18 years but only did 5 or 6 years. In federal prison you have to do 85% of your time and he didn’t. The only way this could have happened is that he ratted on others and got a reduced sentence for his help.

      • actually he did his time in GEORGIA STATE prison. not sure why

      • Sharnee

        We are assuming that Phaedra is in the dark that’s bs she’s not a stupid woman she was on the other criminal stuff now she’s acting like she’s miss southern belle that’s the key word acting she can play miss innocent all she want but rest assure if the Feds got something on her she will go too remember when Kenya said he wasn’t in Callie to see me it was for some other reason Apollo was doing the dirt then and Phaedra u did not seem to be that upset with him like u should of been bank jacking and listening to tapes is becoming a housewife tradition because that will be the next thing Phaedra will be doing listening to tapes to clear her name

      • JrLeaguer

        It does explain why he has been a little stressed out and short tempered on camera this season.He knew the bomb would drop…just not when.
        I remember the GBI and Secret Service rolling up into one of my college classed back in the 80s to arrest a guy. Turns out the Feds do not take too kindly to folks making their own currency.

    • Katrina

      I thought all the housewives and husbands went to Mexico in October. We assumed Kandi was getting married. So maybe this was caught on tape somehow. I’m surprised they let Apollo travel all over the place.

      • tobaccorhoda

        Buck Henry, Apollo wasn’t in federal pen, he was in state prison, on state convictions. There is no 85% time served requirement there. He was obviously eligible for parole after 5 years. Not all that unusual in nonviolent convictions.

        As I stated before, deals for shorter sentences because of cooperation with prosecutors are made BEFORE sentencing, not after. yet he got the stiff sentence of 18 years.

      • spk

        tobaccorhoda — aren’t there instances where people strike a deal midway thru a sentence because they have the info to give about something active, that they didn’t have earlier, at their own sentencing?

      • Iam not Trho but yes, yes there are, :)

      • spk

        Mmhmm – thought so.

      • The secret service or FBI have a method to their madness!!!

  7. I just watched a three part video Angela Statton did a while back. She sounds very credible. I have to say I believe her after listening to her speak. If she isn’t telling the truth then she is the best pathological liar I have ever experienced.

    • I believe her too, Sandybo. Something is up with Phaedra’s law practice. Maybe she is afraid of loosing her license. How many lawyers spend the time and money for law school then decide to get in the mortuary business. As Yolanda would say “where there’s smoke there’s fire”

      • Yes you are so right. That mortuary school? Perhaps another way to get I.D.’s. Just speculating of course but perhaps she could use deceased identity and SS#? Now I am suspicious of everything she has done.

      • Wolfmom Carolina

        Excellent thought, Sandybo, below. I thought maybe they’d hide the money in empty caskets or something like that, bury it in a cemetery they also own or pay to use- exhume it later,but, yeah – they could steal IDs of the deceased who have no families, submit (or not even submit) death certificates to the State in the name of some different made-up person, take over the deceaseds’ identities, then create drivers licenses and credit cards for Nida and St. Lucien to use.

      • When people die, their social security number is recorded in the SS Death Index right away. The only way to use a dead person’s social security number is if they are never reported dead. When people have SS numbers of dead people is shows, etc, they are taken from the deaths of children who are presumed to have never filed for SSN – something that has changed now that parents are asked to file for a SSN when kids are born. A change made to make it harder to claim identities of dead children.

  8. steve

    when nothing sticks to one person around a criminal enterprise thats usually the one pulling the strings or spilling the beans.

  9. I remember when Phaedro came onto to the show she was very pregnant and more months along than she was telling people because she wanted her mom to believe that she got pregnant on her wedding nite but she wasn’t Ms.Parks had to get married to Apollo.It is plain as day he does not want to be married to her and also i sensed that she was kinda quite this season not her loud self.

    • LadyDi

      I never believed that lie either. I think she got knocked up on purpose to trick Apollo into marrying her. He had just gotten out of prison and had his sights on another woman, plus she was being cast in RHOA and needed a husband for the show. She is a very calculating and disturbed woman.

  10. Starrkitty

    Where there is smoke…..I just can’t get over how Simpletons some Housewives/Househusbands are…If you want to commit a crime stay under the rock…. DO NOT come out and stand under the bright lights of televisions, becasue we can see you stupid…

    • Hannah King

      Starrkitty, I made a similiar statement. Wonder how many other housewives and husbands are shaking in their LB boots now. They seem ripe for the picking for the Feds. If I was any of them who are possibly guilty of anything, I’d turn in a resignation letter and make a run for the border.

    • Anjannette

      And Honey Badger don’t give a damn, Stupid!!

  11. JoJo

    Yep, Phaedra has so far been the black John Gotti of Atlanta, Mrs. Teflon. To date, there is overwhelming entrepreneurship going on with her – her hands in extreme diverse business activities. Other than the workout DVDs, all of them so far give her access to other’s personal identifying information. So it’s going to be hard for her to explain away not knowing or not being involved in some way.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I used to think that Phaedra was magnificent. Entrepreneurial, classy, articulate, educated and innovative. A stun gun, DVD AND mortuary school? Now, I see that she was maximising her revenue streams before or IN CASE OF being struck off. I don’t blame her. She married a handsome chump ‘fresh out of prison.’ Apollo didn’t have a moment to exorcise his criminal education. He needed to be single for at least a year to rediscover himself and debrief. Oh well.
      A truly busy and successful lawyer would not have so much free time.
      Phaedra is clever and I think she’ll be OK. Not sure if she’s going to “stand by her man.”

  12. steve

    wouldnt selling the workout dvds give her personal info, card numbers and names or account info?

    • JoJo

      steve: I was more thinking along the lines of them just making the DVDs; but regarding the process of selling them, they’d have to set up a Paypal account or contract with an Amazon-type thing – they get the money but not access to the information of the buyers, there’s 3rd party protection so to speak.
      However, with everything we’re hearing here at TT, it wouldn’t be surprising they had an insider in a Paypal situation, or figured a back door way to get to that info. If it were that easy to access and steal buyer’s identities and card info by selling products through these methods, no one would be buying, no one would be safe.

      • The revelation that he accessed Equifax data is enough info for me. That funeral home business will be like shaking every identity leaf off your family tree after going through those life insurance policies.

  13. Hannah King

    Well what is beginning to make a little sense to me now is Phaedra’s schooling to become a mortician. With all these legal problems, whether she knew what was going on or not there is a good chance she could be stripped of her law license. She was pushing hard to finish the courses so she could become a mortician to provide herself and her children another form of income. Plus it might help if she decides to kill Apollo, cut up his body parts and hide them j/k.

  14. Rita

    “Everybody knows Apollo doesn’t do anything without Shady Pha Pha knowing about it first”

  15. SB

    Apollo should probably consider a new career once he’s done w/ jail, he is obviously NOT a good con man!

  16. Nikki

    “Stanton seemed to be practically a lover scorned”
    @TamaraTattles Whose scorned lover would Angela Stanton been? Are you implying that she was lesbian lovers with Phaedra?? Lmbo!!! I thought the woman Angela sounded like a scorned lover too. One reason is because Angela uses the word “relationship” when speaking about Phaedra instead of friendship. #SippingTea #ThisBlogRocks

    • I meant that Angela had a deep tie from her perspective to Phaedra. She seemed to love her. As did most all of the people Phaedra picked up from the streets and “helped.” Angela was but one.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Angela has been butt hurt for a while. Phaedra/Apollo could have paid her off. IJS.

    • ab

      I could believe Phaedra and Angela were more than just friends Rem how Eddie Long took advance of kids who needed help Also Ive heard many rumors about Kandi going both ways and it would not surprise me if it were true Kandi and Phaedra are very close so it might be more to it or maybe they can just relate being pks

      TT is the best!!! I love your post

  17. steve

    when I think of morticians i think of people with fake sympathy who pull gold teeth, grab jewlrey and that place in florida that stacked up the didnt cremate bodies out back. But think of all the info the families provide.

    • JoJo

      Isn’t it ironic that Phaedra being involved in becoming a mortician didn’t seem to raise any red flags to most of we commenters except for TT? Now, it’s like a epiphany when thought about in context of stolen identities!!! That TT’s bristly, skeptical nature – damn you gotta give that a High Five, no?

      • No one goes from law school, to making it happen, to private practice to ….. throwing it all away for mortuary school. lol. I still have that post to make. It’s been on the back burner for years.

      • A fist bump with an explosion! I’ve been glued to this site since Friday night… So impressed with TT’s observations from the gate! I appreciate all of the research, links, good writing, AND she called out that backpack a while ago! Thank you, TT. Mad props! You must be exhausted!!!

    • You guys are on a roll!

  18. Kina

    TT, Stoopid Housewives has a copy of the court documents posted on their website. This is sad!!

  19. Hannah King

    I’m from the south and this whole sweet and innocent “preacher’s kid” act is usually just that…an act. Most of the preacher’s kids I hung out with could teach the rest of us a thing or three. They had to be better at hiding things they did and sneaking around than regular people.

  20. Witchy

    Tamara I now believe Angela Stanton as well.
    The allegations she made were thorough and to serious to accuse someone of.
    I am shocked.

  21. JoJo

    The only thing I can come up with as far as Phaedra avoiding poop sticking to her (the allegations of Angela Stanton, the recent Warrant on Apollo and NOT getting a Warrant for their home etc.) is that during her suspect times as a practicing attorney, she made that one, very very important connection, developed some type of relationship with someone inside the court system, the police department, the federal criminal system – or all of the above – that intervened on her behalf.

    • Anjannette

      I sure hope that Phae Phaek waited until her “boys” were asleep before she started ran-sacking her home of Uh-Pollo’s paraphernalia that would be confiscated on a search generated from a search warrant!

      Little kids have a way of telling the truth like a parrot when not even asked.

      • JoJo

        True. It’s rotten that they have 2 small children that will be aware one day of all that’s going on, & now wondering where’s daddy.
        But I think if there’s anything at all tying her to Apollo other than normal husband/wife business, it’s on a computer. If she has any involvement I’m inclined to believe she has many firewalls up, distancing her from any person, bank or purchase that would suggest criminal activity.
        She’s been around enough nefarious characters to learn how to do that. I’m even surprised she filmed that scene accepting cash from her client in the parking lot, so who knows!

    • Julie W.

      Remember when she had to go to a court proceeding for Sheree? I remember Phaedra making a comment about having such a good rapport with the judge and/or other court officials.

  22. steve

    JoJo I discovered TTs place during the jodi show last year. TT always has something interesting to read about and the comments are usually good too. And chaining UF to the radiator was a bright spot for the AHS fans. :)

    • JoJo

      I know, I can’t even get a minute to check the news sites or other blogs before there’s more info or another captivating blog post here!!!! (bitch :)

  23. Hannah King

    Am I the only person on this blog who didn’t know till just now that Phaedra and Apollo have known each other since 1995 before both of his previous jail stints? I thought they got together much later. Oh well.

  24. lori

    Wow! You go Tamara! You are truly amazing! Phaedra ain’t no dummy. Well actually, that would only be true if no one ever got caught. I would be SHOCKED if her hands are clean.

  25. gupto

    oh TT, how we love you! :)

  26. Tango

    Phaedra knows about it all. She’s in it deep. It explains a lot of that creepy feeling you get when you watch them, like there’s no real love there or somethin’s off. It was a partnership and they are both scum. Every hw doesn’t have prostitutes comin out of the woodwork or criminal husbands…where there’s smoke there’s fire, like attracts like, and so forth…

  27. Mrs Smith

    Does anyone remember at a reunion when Phaedra was asked what Apollo does for a living? Phaedra tripped all over herself trying to come.up with an answer and her BFF Kandi came to her rescue and explained it for her? I thought it was odd at the time and now i know why based on the tea in this post. Why am I just realizing this season that Phaedra and Kandi are buds….

  28. Robert

    Girl… Ms. Stanton sounds real convincing in that VIBE video!! Lol

  29. When did Apollo and Phaedra actually meet/hook up? Was it before his 5 year sentence on the RICO charges? I thought they said they met after he got out of prison. Practicing attorney marries convicted felon and changes career to mortician/funeral director. Hmmmmmm……….

  30. Julie W.

    Because of Apollo’s lengthy criminal history, as well as currently being on parole, why on Earth was he allotted bail?

    • One presumes he may be “cooperating.”

      • Julie W.

        Oh man, I bet Phaedra is in on it as well. I wonder who is representing Mr. Nida. I used to think that Phaedra just had many irons in the fire, but she is no longer practicing law to become a mortician? That is just plain weird..I bet Angela Stanton is telling the truth. Do you think she is?

  31. Tee

    Really people?? Too much time on your gands to be that concerned about Phaedra & Apollo. Shit like this happens everyday smdh

  32. Traci

    Yikes, this does not look good for the first mother!

  33. Maybe Phaedra told the feds a while ago what he was doing.

  34. KayPattrice

    I am wondering if Peter got that Range Rover in the scheme but hey there I go thinking harder than I should….. who knows time will tell heck time or the feds either or….

  35. tat

    Apollo acts like he doesn’t even like Phaedra. I don’t believe because she isn’t that attractive, a good looking man would not want to be with her, I actually think she’s kind of pretty. But, I think she’s nuts, and I think he married her because he had to not because he wanted to (again not because of her looks, not everyone thinks like that). I also believe she knew what she was getting when they got together, no sympathy here except for her children.

    • Katrina

      I think Phaedra is like most women that think they can change a man from old habbits. When Apollo met Kenya, it really changed his perspective. After that, he wasn’t willing to settle.

  36. Kat

    I’m surprised they did not get a search warrant for the house in addition to his car…that makes you question if they dismissed Phaedra as being a possible co-conspirator. What do you think TT

  37. Deby

    WOW! I’d never heard of this business with Angela Stanton until now. And to think that I really loved Phaedra and truly thought she was way above all this and that Apollo was a reformed man! Shame on me! Love your blog TT!!!

  38. I’d imagine all of this is going to send ratings through the roof…until half of this cast is locked up :)

  39. Neoc

    Call me weird but the only thing I could think of reading all of this; Poor kids!! Poor Poor kids!! Again call me weird but it was the same thing I was thinking when she was pregnant! Poor Poor kids!! :) I always trust my instinct 😀 @TT respect!! Xo

  40. LadyDi

    I think Phaedra is and always has been the ringmaster of this entire fraud circus. Look at the people she has in her circle–a bunch of dispensable people who have no education, come from broken backgrounds, jobless, and hopeless and that includes Apollo. What respectable attorney would hangout (and MARRY) with these kind of people if they weren’t using them for some purpose? I believe she is involved in Apollo’s new case as well. Phaedra is a sociopath and I’m betting that when all is said and done, she’s gone to be slapped with some indictments too. She’s been able to get away so far, but somewhere, there’s a slip up that will unravel this entire circus.

  41. Anna

    Tamara, do you remember how excited Phaedra was to have that male stripper entertain the girls? Miss Joyce got angry about it and left. On the girls trip to Miami, she invited male strippers to entertain and she said they were her clients. Kim made the snide comment about Phaedra representing strippers. I wondered then why a Georgia Peach and “Southern Belle” could also enjoy the seamier side of life. Maybe the Southern Belle is a front and she really is one who “partakes” (one of her favorite words) of strippers and other things in the underworld. I could never reconcile why and how a lawyer could marry a convict who had JUST gotten out of prison. Didn’t she have a big wedding? I remember seeing her baby shower on RHOA and aside from Dwight fixing her hair with big ribbons like a little black slave child on a plantation, Phaedra’s guest included some high powered women. That was the time she said Apollo likes to eat canned food because he was raised by white people. BTW, did any of you catch Apollo’s mother at “Mr. President’s” christening/being blessed? “Prince Adyen” called her grand mama.

    • Well, if you believe Angela Stanton, and she is becoming more credible by the day, Ms. Parks “managed” strippers for extra curricular events with entertainers who came to Atlanta…. /clutches pearls.

  42. I’m pleased to see how intelligent the commenters are! People are much smarter nowadays and see through the sociopaths (including Sociopathic Bipolar Hypocrite NeNe Leakes). There was a time on social media when I would roll my eyes at how dumbed down the audience is…but after watching this Atlanta Housewives show…its nice to see the audience all feeling, saying and catching the same plays. NeNe blocked me after calling her a hypocrite. She needs to control or talk over everyone about everything. I was on Team Twirl by the end of it. Kenya likes to talk things thru and mend fences.

  43. Apollo bragged about his 3000 to 8000 in strip clubs, then attacked Phaedra for not standing by him FORCING him to become a cash criminal…did anyone notice he reduced it down to $300 after realizing loose lips sink ships? All those strippers saw him for his quick money night after night making him feel like the big man. This guy is borderline if not full out retarded.

  44. NeNe Leaks is also a sociopath. She truly never see’s a thing she’s done wrong and has zero empathy for anyone around her other than FAKING that she does

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