Onyx It’s More Than Just A Popular Strip Club in the ATL, It’s One of Apollo’s Shady Companies!

Because everyone in New Hampshire looks like this. Who knew?

Because everyone in New Hampshire looks like this. Who knew?

First of all if you live in New Hampshire you need to check your credit rating.  Apollo seems to hate women and New Hampshire women in particular. If you are a victim of Identity theft in New Hampshire, please email me at TamaraTattles@gmail.com.  Please and thank you. But here is more.

So many interesting details have occurred after the Apollo Nida arrest story broke I hardly know where to begin. But, My buddy TRHO is not going to shut the fuck up until I address this  one. She looks for a conspiracy under every rock, so here goes. One of Apollo’s companies was called Onyx Collections.  She noticed that someone named Onyx  posting negatively in Atlanta.

Trho’s theory is that it was  Apollo. Chile please. Men don’t post shit like that on a blog. THAT is  a female thing. And About that time, who was screaming out against Phaedra? Well that would be…. Kenya.  I am not saying anything and certainly not saying that the below comments were hers… I am just posting them below.


Phaedra, is one greedy, lying, $hady underhand crook. How can you tell when she is lying? … Her lips are moving. (Lawyer LOL)

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Phaedra is one greedy, lying, $hady underhand crook. How can you tell when she is lying? … Her lips are moving. (Lawyer LOL) She baited Kendra to make herself relevant. As far as the text went I always knew they were business related and whipped Apollo told an outright lie season six to keep up the drama against a competitor.Onyx


Onyx Collections and Locators Services Inc.

June 8, 2011 Onyx Collections and Locators Services Inc. is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Records Breached: 74

Sensitive information was exposed by a breach at Onyx Collections. Someone connected to Onyx Collections was misusing Onyx Collections’ search account to access the personal information of people. LexisNexis discovered the problem after conducting an audit of Onyx Collections. From September 10, 2009 through March 2, 2011, Onyx Collections had access to names, addresses, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers and Social Security numbers of at least 74 people from New Hampshire. The total number of people affected nationwide has not been revealed.

Source: Databreaches.net

And someone is GONE WITH THE WIND laughing….


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10 responses to “Onyx It’s More Than Just A Popular Strip Club in the ATL, It’s One of Apollo’s Shady Companies!

  1. tobaccorhoda

    So, is the poster “Onyx” from Atlanta? Drill, baby, drill.

  2. Katrina

    Onyx was the name if the club that Marlo mentioned to Sheree’ when they were fighting in Africa. Marlo mentioned something about drug dealers.

  3. lori

    There is absolutely no way that Phaedra st the very least didn’t know about this, if not involved herself. Like where did she think her darling hubby was getting his (and probably a lot of) money from? I know I will definitely be following along here to see how this all pans out. How does Andy find these people?!? Are shady business dealings a prerequisite or something? He must be shaking his head right about now.

    • EVE

      I just saw the Housewives of Atlanta show where Apollo says that he has spent $5000 and up to $8000 in a strip club in one night. He said that this was “his” money so it’s no big deal…. I was wondering what could Apollo be doing to “earn” this kind of money when not too long ago he was in jail. It looks like this might be the end of the road for Phaedra. It’s hard to be under the same roof and not know what’s going down. Where did she think Apollo’s money was coming from???? She may be disbarred if she even had an inkling…. He is definitely going to prison on this one.

  4. So it looks like the “Onyx” poster did her homework and found out that was the name of one of his businesses and thinking Phaedra was associated called her out under that name, sounding a lot like…KENYA! I doubt she wanted to leave the show but if she did find out she was being let go she would certainly want to get the last laugh. OK.

  5. Glad I found out about your blog because you also have the tea!

    No one can make me believe that Phaedra had no clue what Apollo was involved in… Let’s not forget Angela Stanton and I found her extremely believable….

  6. Mina

    Lawd hammercy this is some good tea! You are giving it to the children, TT! This is a good story right here! I can’t even believe it. The Guidices were one thing, but this is a whole new category of shady. Apollo is throuh. What was the chile thinking??

  7. Phaedra Parks knew from the beginning who, and what she was marrying. She was married a man that LOVE making and SPENDING MONEY as much as she does. Two criminal minds came together. She will more than likely get away with it because of her ties to the legal community in Atlanta.

  8. Kitty Mamma

    I just looked up this Onyx Collections and Locators Services out of Norcross. It appears that it was opened in Aug. 2009 and closed in Sept. 2010. Equifax sent the MD Atty. Gen. a letter on June 1, 2011, stating that Onyx had missused their account to gain access to people’s id’s. Equifax was cooperating with with the investigators since 2011. Apologies if this is old news.

  9. Yamoah Asiedu

    My conclusion is that Onyx and Kenya Moore are the same person! If it is not Kenya herself, it is Brandon or someone else on her payroll who sat with her and took dictation. The language used is very similar to things Kenya has said on RHOA or words she has written in her Bravo blog. It is consistent with K’s disdain for Phaedra. She called Phaedra ‘Shady Phae Phae.’
    So, hello Kenya/Onyx how are you?

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