HUGE UPDATES! Apollo Nida’s Arrest for Bank Fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft, Embezzlement & Conspiracy IN DETAIL

Phaedra and Apollo on BET's Lift Every Voice

Slipping one more teeny UPDATE up here: While Phaedra and the kids have been in bed for hours. Apollo is hitting a Waffle House at 2:15 am after “hitting it hard” at “the gym.” My interpretation of that is that Phaedra has changed the locks and he will be out fucking his whores for the next 18 days.  I am dying to know when she threw him out. My guess is 9/13/13 read on for the reason….

In case you are just tuning in, I’ve spent the last 6 hours or so trying to get to the bottom of the story of Apollo Nida being arrested for Bank Fraud and Aggravated Identity Theft that Sandra Rose broke late this afternoon. (NICE WORK SANDRA ROSE! ) .  Just as I am heading to bed for the night, I check the AJC site one more time and there is a whole lot of new information.  This looks BAD.  Like Joe Giudice bad. Lets breakdown what Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution has posted.  Let’s just say this will be front page news on the AJC tomorrow.

Apollo is being charged with Embezzlement (10 year max) , Bank Fraud (30 year max), Aggravated Identity Theft (automatically adds 2 years to Bank Fraud sentence) , and Conspiracy  (from how I read it, it doubles whatever the sentence for Bank Fraud he is given) .  So four charges, and I am still reading the documents.

What follows below is somewhat disjointed. That is because I just read the entire document and went back through and edited things in. I’m going to leave it this way because it make blog theft easier to prove. :) You’ll be able to figure out the important stuff.

From the AJC with my comments in purple:

Alexandre Herrera, a U.S. Secret Service Agent in the Counterfeit and U.S. Treasury Check Squad, in a written affidavit, charged that Nida created fake companies, enabling him to access databases to find individuals to rip off. He opened fake bank accounts under those real names and funneled stolen U.S. Treasury checks and auto loan proceeds into those accounts.

Wow. Just wow. How stupid is he? And how on earth is it possible that Phaedra does not know about this? Where did she think the money was coming from?  Or was he hiding it from her with plans to run off with one of the side pieces he allegedly has?

This is Gayla Sr. Julien, Apollo's "Right Hand Bitch"

This is Gayla Sr. Julien, Apollo’s “Right Hand Bitch”

The agent in February 2012 began investigating alleged criminal activities of Gayla St. Julien, who he said was opening bank accounts under stolen identities to commit bank and check fraud. The investigation ran until September, 2013. At that point, they found 40 bank accounts tied to her. The complaint provided a sampling of bank accounts totaling about $3 million tied to  alleged fraudulent activities.

THREE MILLION DOLLARS? Seriously?  According the full documents, this all began when ole Gayla opened four large accounts at a JP Morgan Chase bank with two different identities. He contacted  Agent Herrera and discovered she had done the same thing at over FORTY other banks. The of  two identities she used at Chase one identity had $750.000 in two accounts and the other had $600,000 in two accounts. I presume for FDIC insurance the accounts were split.

The office also identified two fake debt-collection businesses used to “illicitly obtain personal identifying information of individuals.” The companies used LexisNexis and Equifax database inquiries to steal identities. St. Julien was arrested on Sept. 11, 2013 by the Secret Service. She implicated Nida as the man who orchestrated many of the alleged fraudulent schemes. She had worked with Nida since 2009.

Wasn’t debt collection the job that Phaedra used to claim that Apollo had? 

Here is the Lexis Nexis info from the documents.

HE GOT OUT OF JAIL IN 2009 and has been doing this since the moment he got out of prison!!!!!!!!!!! SO SHADY!  Phaedra HAS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!  He has been doing this the entire five years they have been “together.”  I also now believe every trifilin’ ho who has been saying that she was screwing him. I also believe everything Angela Stanton ever said.

St. Julien “described herself as NIDA’s ‘right hand b****’ in executing the legwork of his fraud schemes,” Herrera wrote. She told him she received “scraps” compared to how much he pocketed.

Nida would allegedly steal real people’s identities and have St. Julien pretend to be them to open bank accounts. She would then deposit fraudulent auto loan checks, stolen U.S. Treasury checks, stolen retirement checks issued to Delta Airlines employees, and checks in the names of real people that were owed unclaimed property from various state and federal government agencies, according to the criminal complaint.

Here is the LexisNexis info from the documents. By the time they got the second account with Lexis Nexis the Feds were already on to them:

Before granting access to its databases to a potential customer, LexisNexis has a contractor verify certain information about the customers. At least some of these verifications involve an office inspection and personal interview. The undercover operation conducted by the GOCP involved a state law enforcement officer standing in for the LexisNexis contractor to perform the inspection and interview.

27. Your affiant reviewed the LexisNexis and Equifax database inquiries made by Onyx Collections & Locators that were obtained by Inv. Mohr and SA Spivey early on in their investigation. Many ofthe stolen identities utilized by ST JULIEN to open bank accounts and utilized in the scheme to obtain fraudulent auto loan checks that were deposited into the bank accounts were obtained from the LexisNexis and Equifax inquiries illicitly made by Onyx Collections & Locators.

28. LexisNexis is a database that, among other data, contains personal identifying information for. practically any person of record in the U.S. LexisNexis is often used by law enforcement to obtain information to assist their investigations. Equifax is a credit reporting agency that maintains and produces consumer credit history reports of individuals.

So she did all of Apollo’s dirty work. She would pretend to be all the female people I assume. Were there males stolen from as well, or does Apollo just steal from women?

SO MUCH TEA!  So, Gayla went to him with a wire on and he talked. He is so fucked. Then they went in and got his laptop and phones! Soooooo fucked.

Let’s review the year 2009:  in MAY 2009 Apollo got out of prison and almost immediately set up his next crime scheme. and Gayla became his “right hand bitch” in SEPTEMBER of 2009 and met Apollo in one of the fake debit collection offices where the NexisLexis accounts were available. ST JULIEN said that NIDA arranged her to meet with site visit auditors on at least two separate occasions in order to gain access to LexisNexis and Microbilt, and she said she was successful each time. In NOVEMBER of 2009 Phaedra decides Apollo is what she wants in a husband and father of her children.

The U.S. District Judge Gerrilyn G. Brill released Nida on a pretrial bond of $25,000. A preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 12, 2014.

Apollo was busted on 9/13/13 when he met Gayla in a parking lot to give her some fake IDs and debt cards to prepare for another large deposit on his fake Ferrari company bank account. The Feds arrived with a warrant and took his phone, his laptop, multiple fake IDs for Gayla to use, providing the Feds with an IRON CLAD CASE. He has know he was done since SEPTEMBER! What a lovely holiday season that must have been for Phaedra. I was already posting about the probability they would get divorced in April.  Streets were talking. How would Apollo go home to Phaedra on 9/13/13 and explain that his phone and laptop and other items were gone? Did he say they were stolen? Wouldn’t Phaedra tell him to file a police report? When did he come clean? There are THOUSANDS of documents on the laptop that prove him guilty of EVERYTHING. I can’t even begin to list them all here but he is going to prison. FOR SURE.  The court document I just read was the request for an arrest warrant. It was sealed until after he was arrested yesterday.

HOW IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DID THIS GUY GET A PRETRIAL BOND!  He should be in jail NOW for parole violation if nothing else. He must have some good lawyers (not Phaedra).  This is just outrageous!!!  All of it!  He better be damn glad the TV Media is Justin Bieber 24/7 right now. It may save the family SOME embarrassment. My GOD.  I think the full documents are in my in box by now. More when I get a chance to read them.  

Y’all remember last season when Apollo’s storyline was how he found Jesus and turned his life around?  Lawd.  There are three options for Phaedra and none of them are good. (1) She didn’t know a thing and is blindsided and devastated. (2) She had her suspicions but was not involved at all and is devastated. (3) She is involved in the whole mess and could go down with him and is devastated.  

P.S. Kenya Moore was the first house wife to Retweet the news.

Here are the priors convictions and criminal history of Gayla Julien. She took a plea deal that included her agreeing to testify against, Apollo, and set him up with a wire tap among other things. She will be sentenced on March 14th and is presently incarcerated.

29. ST JULIEN was arrested on 09/11113 by the USSS via a federal arrest warrant from a Criminal Complaint in the Northern District of Georgia, applied for by your affiant. In an interview conducted by your affiant, post Miranda Rights Warning and W~iver, ST JULIEN implicated NIDA as orchestrating many of the fraudulent schemes that she participated in since 2009 and included in your affiant’s investigation.

30. According to a NCIC criminal history report, ST. JULIEN has prior fraud and identity theft convictions: 151 Degree Forgery on 05/25/88 in Fulton County (GA) and a federal conviction for Title 18 USC 922(G)(1) (Felon Possession of Firearm), 1028(A)(5) (ID Fraud), 1029(A)(3) (Access Device Fraud), and 408(A)(7)(C) (SSN Number Fraud) on 08/29/03 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada.

31. When ST. JULIEN was released from custody on these 2003 federal charges, her supervised release was subsequently revoked in July 2007, for continuing to negotiate counterfeit payroll business checks in stolen identities in Alabama in 2005. ST. JULIEN served time in AL from 10/1/05 until 3/8/07, when she was released by AL into federal custody on the supervision release violation warrant. She was released from federal custody on the supervised release violations on 1014/07. ST JULIEN last arrest was by the USSS on 09/11/13, and ST JULIEN is scheduled to be sentenced in that case in the Northern District of Georgia in March of2014.


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  1. I’m wondering, when Apollo was released from the police dept., who did he call first, Phaedra or Kenya? This should put the ratings for the RHOA Reunion through the roof.

  2. Dolores Slater

    I can’t believe these people in the public eye think they can get away with this. Above the law? Not so much. Thanks for the tea Tamara.

  3. sad very sad I feel bad for Phaedra and the kids.I wonder was she too busy to see it or blind?

    • Free Kroy

      Ok course she was not too busy. I believe she knew. Phadra is not stupid. I will not go as far as to say she was involved like Angela Stranton said, but, there is almost no way she did not know. I remember someone asking her about what Apollo did for a living and she really really down played that he did asset recovery. How do you get out of prison with no education and have this legitimate profitable asset recovery business? If I’m asking myself that, I know Phadra asked herself.

      • Vivaladiva

        I’m with you! Where else was their money coming from? She doesn’t appear to be practicing law and spends all her time in mortuary/funeral home director school, making workout videos, stun guns…the ONLY way she could claim ignorance is if they had separate bank accounts. And I don’t see that happening, she may have one separate from him but I highly doubt he has a separate one from her.

      • As per tonight’s episode, Apollo openly admitted in front of the whole group that he would sometimes spend $5k and $8k at the strip club and he would take the receipts home and put them on the table where his wife would see. He also went on to state that she would object to the amounts of money being spent, but it wasn’t her money he was spending it was HIS!!! As a wife, if your husband were spending that kind of money in the strip club then he had to be getting it from somewhere… It is in her and her children’s best interest to know the source of the money. I am very sure she knew where that kind of money was coming from. After all she knows his M.O. since she previously represented his fraudulent behind.

      • YEP! It is almost like Bravo is trying to fuck these people over and expose them for profit!

    • latrucker

      or maybe not only seen it but was a part of it

    • i dont feel bad for her she knew exactly who she was marrying and i think she did it as an investment for her.. hes a liar, thief and criminal

  4. Urethra Franklin

    Technically it sounds like he really was involved in asset recovery.

    I can’t wrap my brain around the complexity of all this, and that Apollo is a mastermind of anything. I can’t wait to hear what nonsensical statement he’s going to release. Poor Phaedra, she better pull out her fanciest parasol because a shit storm is coming.

    • Free Kroy

      Poor Phaedra? Not!!! Phaedra was well aware of the fact that Apollo was a convicted white collar felon. And then, she knew he had some business dealings going on. He was not sitting at home baby sitting and cooking. She should have hired her own private investigator to see what her Hubby was up to. She is not stupid, poor, nor uneducated. If she is implicated at all, she will not be able to play the Tre Gudice card (I’m an unaware, housewife, sitting at home spending the money my hubby brings in). Let’s hope she is not indicated in anyway. No, if this lady does what Angela did and says Phaedra was involved in it too. We now have to listen. I wonder how this is going to help her million dollar lawsuit against VIBE for exposing her?

      • DJ

        Free Kroy,
        I hope she is not indicted too. But for some reason, if she does play the Teresa Giudice card, I don’t think Apollo will be willing to take the fall they way Joe Giudice is for Teresa…. just a mess. I hope Phaedra did not know. She has those 2 beautiful babies. Just sad. How much money do these people need???

      • exactly phadrea married him for her benefit and investments.

  5. Disher

    Apollo is not smart enough to mastermind something like this. Angela Stanton is probably feeling vindicated right now. It will be really interesting to see what happens with that lawsuit now.

    • After reading the updates I put in from MY reading of the doc, he is so “smart enough” to think he could hire one bitch to make forty some odd huge deposites in several banks and no one would notice. That said it took five years for him to get caught. That is all he served last time. If they don’t put him away THIS TIME he will just do it again.

      • Seems like he’s watched Leonardo Decaprio’s movie “Catch Me if Yo Can” once too many times. His sons should be grown by the time he gets out. And was Phaedra really pulling in $$$ like that to be buying a new home, another extravagant party for Mr. Prez, getting ready to open a funeral home, producing donky videos, stun guns etc. Mostly all from $250k Bravo salary and whatever she makes as an attorney whenever she can find clients?

      • thedisher

        Wonder if the feds will seize Phaedra’s house or if Apollo set her up. How is it he’s been running around free since 9/13?

  6. JoJo

    Holy Shit Nutter Butters! You also mentioned earlier giving a side-eye to why would Phaedra, an attorney, decide to go through the trouble of all things to be a mortician. They are licensed. Information licensed morticians get from the family of the deceased can be used to create fake identities of dead people. Allegedly, of course.
    This is amazing tea. And yes, he is so fucked. The feds DO NOT go public until all their T’s are crossed and I’s dotted. “Person of Interest” may have given him time to grab that backpack & go on the lam to Guyana – or a place with no extradition treaty w/ the U.S.!

    • SandyBo lives in Guyana. She will keep an eye out for us!

      • JoJo

        Wow, hope she let’s us know if we have extradition w/ Guyana.
        Also that may not be out of the question here: when my brain re-boots tomorrow, unless I already see it here, I’ll comment on the bond. I believe Apollo only has met 1 of the 5 reasons to let him out pretrial/prehearing bond and that would be community ties – and if Phaedra not involved, or worried he’s taking her down too, bet she wishes she never meant him, cutting that community tie so to speak!
        With what he’s facing, failure to appear/disappear wouldn’t surprise me. Or going on that underground railroad of Porsha’s.

      • LOL!! Love it TT and JoJo!! I will definitely be on the look out for him!! It is so corrupt here all he has to do is bribe anyone in the police force and they will help him or turn the other way. The treachery and blatant tactics aren’t even attempted to be help from the public. You will be the first person I notify if I spot him!! LMFAO

      • ooops meant to say hidden not help.

      • Just researched extradition laws between the United States and
        Guyana. Yes they do have an agreement in effect since 1935, between the “British Commonwealth,”” Northern Ireland” and the “United States.” They also listed over twenty reasons and it includes bank fraud, extortion, embezzlement and identity fraud. Ha! He would have to go deep into the interior to hid here. It is completely lawless out there and robberies and murders happen daily against the gold and diamond miners, or “porknockers” as they call them. Usually the murder weapon is a “cutlass.” No police force, doctors or modern conveniences out there at all. Can you picture Apollo hiding out there? Along with poisonous snakes, pumas and gators oh my? What a fun reality show that would make! In the mean time, I will be on the lookout if he leaves the U.S.

      • JoJo

        Sandybo: from you’re experience with the completely corrupt criminal justice system in Guyana, guess looking the other way on a bothersome extradition request is probably a mundane exercise in Guyana. I have no idea why I thought of Guyana, of all places, for him to disappear. But disappear or trying is probably his only chance of not serving the full federal sentence.
        Although I’m sure US Marshal’s can smell him at the Waffle House or the Gym, they’re that close :)

    • Free Kroy

      Yes, the funeral business, I can’t trust Phaedra. I don’t know if it was an additional stream of income for her, a way to make Apollo have legal income (like the workout video and the fitness business, or if she knew about this scam and would use the dead’s identities to contribute to collecting millions for Apollo’s asset recovery business.

  7. spk

    I can’t remember, was Phaedra on the first season or … did she not start until the second? Because they debuted in ’08 I’m betting that he came right out of prison in ’09 and thought “this show won’t affect my business, I can go right on w/ my plans.” We didn’t see him right away, he probably thought he had it all wrapped up.

    Poor kids. One more family that gets sucked in by the camera and goes up in flames. Lesson is, you see Andy coming at you with a camera and, freakin’ run.

    • I’m braindead. She was not on first season… she started with Kandi either 2 or 3?

      • spk

        Right, that’s what I thought too. We’re not so braindead! So he thought this wouldn’t touch him, that show was “her thing”, bc he was already out and restarting the hustle.

        I hate hate hate to say this (innocent until proven guilty) but Phaedra spent so much time saying she’s a preachers daughter, it often seemed like she was trying too hard to convince. Ugh. My gut says she knew or was complicit.

    • ericzku

      …if you are engaged in a criminal enterprise, that is.

      What hubris on the part of these people who go on TV and think that their activities won’t eventually be exposed!

    • Free Kroy

      I believe Phaedra was planning to be on the show so, this is why her and Apollo married to make money. Their union is definitely a business transaction, especially for him.

      • Teerii

        Phaedra is 7 years older than Apollo. She met him when he was 17 years old and she was 24 years old. I believe she groomed this guy to do her bidding by making him the front guy or getting him in deeper and larger than he could have done by himself,

    • Remember she was pregnant when she started the show and the girls were questioning her due date.So she was already married and pregnant when she started and the lying of her due date was because her very religious mom.

    • Katrina

      Phaedra and Apollo got married in 2009. I think around November. Phaedra did not want anyone to know when she got pregnant.

  8. Seannea

    Phaedra has worked very hard at cultivating an image of a charming and modern southern belle. Her talking heads are well crafted and she is always in control. So how does someone so smart and so in control marry a convicted criminal? Let alone stay married to him after the pregnancy, infedelity and Kenya scandals. Phaedra is no Teresa and I don’t think she can feign ignorance on this one.

    • There is a reason they call Phaedra, Fakedra. And she is not that smart in or out of court. She doesn’t even know what a southern belle is. SHE POSTED TODAY THAT SHE WOULD BE AT A BOOK SIGNING AT CITY HALL NEXT WEEK! ROFLMAO. I hope that was her being humorous about the situation. But I don’t think I can give her that much credit.

      • Free Kroy

        She probably will show up there, signing that dumb book. Yes Fakedra, she is a prime example of ‘fake it until you make it”. Her taking Apollo to that men’s group to speak to me about redemption after you’ve fallen…..really girl.

    • Fahlina_G

      Perfect comment!

  9. Urethra Franklin

    I am confused by Apollos tweets. It is bizarre and he has fantards that call him an inspiration. WTF?????

    ATrey’Mora Leigh ‏@klit_kicker 2h
    Im confused if @apollonida03 in jail… how he tweeting?? @PhaedraParks must really have some pull lol

    Apollo Nida ‏@apollonida03 1h
    @klit_kicker @PhaedraParks Waffle House time

    †Mr_K๏d@k™ ‏@TheFaceofDallas 8h
    @apollonida03 was NOT arrested! He @ the gym getting it in. #TryIt

    Apollo Nida ‏@apollonida03 8h
    @TheFaceofDallas yes sir going hard

    Nancye B ‏@NanBoleyn 3h
    @apollonida03 @TheFaceofDallas I knew it couldn’t be true! He’s my inspiration.

    Apollo Nida ‏@apollonida03 1h
    @NanBoleyn @TheFaceofDallas Thanks so much

  10. ericzku

    So, was RHOA still filming in September? If so, I wonder if we can correlate any noticeable change in behavior in the Parks/Nida household to the arrest date?

    For example, maybe the reason Phae-Phae was 5 hours late leaving for Savannah was because she had Secret Service agents in her house that morning? All her avtions could be viewed through a whole new light.

    The mind reels…!

    • spk

      It sure explains the “don’t touch me, I’m off to mortuary study group”.

      Even just writing that sentence makes my head spin w/ the stupidity of it all.

    • Katrina

      Yes they were still filming in early September because the Fight that that just aired, happened the first week of September. Tamara reported it here, but the details were a little different. They also went to Mexico as a group in October 2013.

  11. Apollo is going “hard in the gym” and to the Waffle House (I so wish we had one in Cali) like today is any other day because he’s known what we’ve just found out since September so today is just another day to him

  12. Remember when Phaedra told Cynthia Peter wasn’t clean because he had multiple children by different women all the while her clean husband was scheming and scamming all around town I wonder if Apollo and his “right hand bitch” have a sexual relationship

    • Phaedra put him out weeks ago….

      • Michelle

        So that’s why he started to get checked up on WWHL while professing his love of his wife and family!

      • Michelle

        Sorry that’s suppose to say chocked up

      • Free Kroy

        When did WWHL film? Ok, if I’m not dumb, live will mean it filmed a Sunday in January 2014 and Pheadra was in the audience supporting her Hubby with Mrs. Nene Leaks. And took many pics smiling and grinning for the camera. “Fake it until you make it”. Maybe this was the lady that he was with in CA, not Kenya. She lied to his wife or his wife lied to us….ummmmmm. Please keep us posted. This is way way too good!!!! Hope it makes National New and your asked to be on a panel of discussion……juicy!!!!!

      • tobaccorhoda

        That’s interesting since she was in the audience with Nene during WWHL filming with the husbands just this week.

      • Michelle

        Maybe they are just showing up in public to keep the appearance of a happy married couple. Which is why he got chocked up on WWHL when professing his love for his wife and family

    • when it comes to that much money of course they did

  13. Was’nt she in the audience at the recent WWHL with all the husbands?

    • Yes but she is supertight with Kandi who is in NYC doing a play until Jan 26th. HOWEVER TODD instgrammed today that he was at he beach! think on that.

      There is actually A LOT going on with the RHOA at the moment. I hope I can get to it I am four recaps behind and there are issues with Kandi, and Cynthia and NENE! lol. A bloggers work keeps her up all night.

      • RealitySux

        Are the issues separate between Kandi/Cyn/Nene … or is it together?

        Do you think Todd and Kandi won’t make it to the altar? You think he is bailing on her, at the height of her success right now? I hope not – I like(d) them together … but oh well….such is life on these reality shows.

      • Free Kroy

        Your my new daily blog site!! Keep it coming this is the juiciest post about this subject so far so, I’m definitely coming back.

      • Buck Henry

        Yes I can’t wait to see the tea on those girls, something tells me things aren’t nowhere as good as they are trying to portray on the screen. Also I was floored T when I saw this story late last night, and after reading your stuff and others on other sites he’s guilty as hell. But I’ll tell you something as someone pointed out and I found out through wikipedia federal statutes doesn’t allow early release of a federal prison unless you do 85% of your time. Apollo on the issue last time was given a sentence of 20 years but got out in 5 years, why did this happen. I think he snitched on people and that is the other way you can get your sentenced reduced by cooperating and giving the govt. bigger people (like for instance him selling cars to drug dealers or crooked car dealers etc. etc.).

        For him to get this small bail for doing even more and higher amount of essentially the same thing he did and more, he had to have given them something and I believe Phaedra is who he gave up on. The fed aren’t dumb, they may have known that she was a dirty lawyer and knew some dirty lawyers and even a judge (remember that judge at Sheree’s divorce, he knew her well). But they couldn’t get her because Apollo rolled on others that weren’t associated with Phaedra. With him getting caught and on tape Apollo knows that he’s done and will be in prison for at least 30 years, that amount of time will have people turn on their own mothers.

        He agreed to help them on building a case on Phaedra and they gave him a way to get out so he could be on the streets. My biggest issue is 9/13/13, he and his side partner got caught and him also and he was let go during the investigation. He had to have known that he was done but stayed around. I think he has helped the feds on not only his wife but others also. Because know one and I mean know one would have gotten that bail amount for the crimes that he commited and especially if he is a felon on almost the exact same crimes.

      • beth

        I wonder if Andy will try to find out what Cynthia Bailey knows about this on tomorrow night’s WWHL. Other than Kenya’s retweet, I haven’t seen any others on @andy, or @bravotv, etc., TL I’ve looked at.

      • msds

        Buck Henry – Of course the judge knew Phaedra. Judges usually do know the attorneys who practice in their county.

        I must say, you have a wild imagination. Something tells me if Phaedra was involved, they would already know it and she would have been arrested also. I guess only time will tell.

  14. I honestly believe that Phaedra was in on this. Everything that is happening, now, lines up with what Angela Stanton has been saying about Phaedra and Apollo. They say the investigation is ongoing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up arrested, too. 3 million dollars is way too much money for Phaedra not to know about. I don’t buy it. We all should have known she was shady when she collected a wad of cash from a client in the courthouse parking lot.

  15. barbinga

    The gym and Waffle House cancel each other out. Just sayin.

    Unless he’s sleeping at the WH.

  16. avery

    I love your blog!!! This is good tea, Tamara!!!!!

  17. James

    Wow! the whole thing is still very vague, it seems there is so much more to it than what’s already known. It doesn’t look like Apolo is a ring leader the Bond is too low and no real hard evidence anyway because of his prior he maybe into some big trouble.
    Phaedra May not be the smartest women in the room but she did graduated from law school, I’m sure she pocketed the money and kept her distance from the so called “Asset recovering business” if you have been paying attention Phaedra talk a lot about Apolo but real never reveal anything about him or what he does on daily basis. Living with criminal doesn’t make you a criminal just don’t ask questions incase you end up on stand under oath, all you can say is “I don’t know” …. If she already put him out then she have a game plan for her and two kinds. Whatch and learn, she is not that dumb

  18. Tia

    Wow! So sad for their family! Hate to see that he made this error. But you raise an interesting point Tamara, a successful attorney with a private practice should be able to pull in a great income, why go to mortuary school?

    I watched Funky Dineva’s recap and he said that an unnamed cast member hates Kenya but likes the fact that she distracts people from their problems. The first person that came to mind was Phaedra! I couldn’t understand why Apollo & Phaedra would continue to push the text storyline when the texts were released and both parties appeared innocent. I just assumed it was to push a story line but maybe it was a distraction from the real drama.

    • Brewhaha

      Most solo practice attorneys DO NOT make that great of income, especially when you factor in student loans. Unless you work in a major firm or corporation, being a lawyer is a serious hustle. That’s why we have so many personal injury attorneys because it’s easier to get money.

  19. Katrina

    Apollo, Phaedra, and Peter stayed in New York and went to Kandi’s play. It’s amazing how he has been doing this since he got out and the FED caught him. Apollo already charged and has a court date. Joe and Teresa were doing fraudulent stuff about 10 plus years and recently were charged. The court date keeps getting pushed back.

  20. Avery

    FYI, i doubt Apollo was on parole from his previous conviction. He was charged with a federal crime and there is no parole in the federal system and therefore this arrest doesn’t violate any parole.

    • Free Kroy

      Yes, he is on parole, there is information and a pic on the web regarding him reporting to the parole office.

    • Avery, please don’t post ridiculous false info here. Of course there is parole aka supervised release. Did you not read ANY of the post? Both Apollo and Gayla are parolees. Gayla has already been back for parole violation once. It’s all in the post.

      • MJ

        Just to be clear, Avery wasn’t posting false info. The Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 did, in fact, ban parole in the federal system. That is to say, federal convicts no longer receive indeterminate sentences like “15-25 years,” where beginning at year 15, they can go before a parole board and make their case for being released.

        However, “parole” has come to colloquially mean other things to some people. Some think of it as the ability to get credit for time served — certain federal prisoners can still receive this. In addition, some people think of parole as the period of time after release during which they must be monitored. This also continues to exist in the federal system, however it is referred to only as “supervised release.”

        Seems like this was just a miscommunication. Wanted to clear things up.

  21. myinfo

    Didn’t Peter and Apollo just get new fancy cars?
    I hope Peter is not involved.
    Why would Kordell go into a business venture with broke Peter?
    I hope I am wrong?
    Apollo is going to jail

  22. Shellbelle

    I wonder if anyone has seen Apollo and Phaedra together since September? You can tweet you are with Elvis at Waffle House but it doesn’t make it true. I would imagine like TT said, Phaedra gave him the boot months ago. I don’t have twitter, but has I’m curious as to what phaedras twitter timeline looks like or if she’s gone off of it all together. Holy shit!!

  23. Shellbelle

    Something else I just thought about…weren’t we all wondering why RHOA was aired out of sequence? They just filmed this summer and it was already airing… Is it possible the cameras caught SOMETHING and Andy wanted it on air ASAP?

  24. Phadrea and Apollo were in d.c. A couple weeks ago at the Convention Center for the Health Fair with NBC the station Comcast that cashes her checks. Phadrea knew about this I am quite sure.

    She went to law school alright in the front door and out the back. Phadrea smother knew she was shady fooling with Apollo. His body screams man but his voice screams woman.

  25. Katrina

    RHOA seem to start filming later than usual, but they were on target for airing their season. New York is out of sequence.

  26. vivaladiva831

    Well! Now we know what was in the back packs (laptops, I.d.’s).

  27. Dolores Slater

    Oooh maybe Phaedra can now be on Mob Wives.

  28. I read Angela Stanton’ book when it came out. When I read it, I had nothing against Phaedra. I believe everything written in the book. That’s why I believe Phaedra KNEW what Apollo was doing when he went to the pen, because she was involved, and she knew what he’d been doing all these years since he was released. She is not ignorant, and she is not the type to turn a blind eye. She is vindictive. She knows what he was doing. That I’m sure of. I think Apollo is a snitch, and that’s how he’s out on such a low bail. I think he snitched on his “play brother” Everett, and I think he’s snitching still. The lady snitched and wore a wire on him, and I’m sure he did the same to someone else. Do you really think Apollo is smart enough to be the head honcho of this illegal operation? I don’t.

    • Katrina

      I just wonder if he has been with the FED the whole time. I have not seen anything on HLN or CNN yet.

    • vivaladiva831

      The money had to come from somewhere…anyone seen Phaedra practicing law lately? How could she when she is attending human/canine mortuary school, creating a workout video, a stun gun, and having a baby?

      • Free Kroy

        They has way more than enough money. The show and appearances could sustain a nice life style. This is greed. They even purchased a new house. All those fancy cars, fancy over the top parties, ect. The money from the show was enough to pay off you home and car and like simple.

      • msds

        I’m not sure what you mean by “anyone seen Phaedra practicing law lately”? and if you’re referring to those in the area actually seeing her in court or whatever, but she did film some scenes in her law office for the show.

      • Yes she did LOL. and I have the tea on that too. Working on it now. Spoiler:She is not practicing.

    • Free Kroy

      Wasn’t Everettt on an episode of RHoATL as Pheadra’s office manager or assistant? hummmmm

    • Sharnee

      Exactly Cray Zee I’ve been saying that she’s not stupid she knows what he was doing for money and had some part in cleaning that money up that’s why when someone would ask what Apollo did for a living she always answered first

  29. Daph1

    I I was laid up with an injured back yesterday and, holy f. Wow. Speechless.

  30. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    My opinion is that Phaedra did not know at first, but either became suspicious this year or straight up found out the truth. Many very intelligent women have been fooled by good looking men, and Phaedra has so many things going on she may not have seen what was under her nose until she had two children and was forced to cut down on outside activities (or at least finally question her husband about where he was always off to with that backpack). I can’t see Phaedra putting everything in her life on the line by just going along with this, I think the shit started hitting the fan this year and that’s why they appeared to have so many problems this season. I’m sure she’s torn between wanting to kill him with her bare hands and protecting the father of her two very young children. I really can’t see how she could have known about any of this until this year, Phaedra has EVERYTHING to lose. This isn’t like the Guidices where Theresa was directly involved and a participant. I’m very very sad for Phaedra and most especially her children.

  31. Lord of The Flies

    When you lie with dogs, you will get fleas. This is probably one of the best teas I have read in a long time. I don’t truly believe Phaedra is completely innocent in all this but only time will tell. Man once the fed catch you, 99% of the time, you gotta pay the piper. I just feel for their young sons. Just sad for them but don’t feel for the adults. Just all around bad for the kids though :(

  32. Ny Broadus

    Tamara you did your homework! Apollo is a pretty thug and Phaedra is looking more like a desperate housewife than anything. I don’t see how she could stay with him.Kenya will have major shade to throw come the reunion show. I can’t even focus there’s too much TEA!!!

  33. Somewhere…Kenya is twirling and twirling and twirling….lol! :)

    And “Joe Giudice bad”? This grifter is stealing dead people identities and cashing TREASURY checks….hardly compares to using your own brothers ID and scamming bank loans.

    Apollo makes JoeGiu look like an Eagle Scout.

    I think Phae is not only complicit but also the mastermind. This St. Julien seems to be Angela Staunton redux. Perhaps when text-gate with Kenya came out, Phae was angry enough to flip the script for the two underlings to take the fall? (Again.)

  34. Mrs Smith

    Evidently Phaedra was fine with with his criminal activity before since it appears she was also involved and married him plus had 2 children with him. With that said , I am wondering if she will handle this round the same way. Thanks for the never ending tea…..been lapping it up like a kitten with some milk.

  35. JrLeaguer

    Kenya is probably wetting herself this morning.

  36. OMG – I feel so sorry for those little boys. SMH at Apollo what an idiot didn’t he learn anything the first time. I believe Phaedra new but I do not believe she was involved. She should have dumped him after Ayden was born.

  37. I never expected this TT! This is huge! Never would I have expected this. I have to process all this further but right now I can’t begin to fathom Phaedra knew about his criminal activities. Thanks for some excellent tea. You have outdone yourself.

  38. spk

    ok ok! I clicked on the ads you hard working Tea Stirrer!!


  39. This article isn’t funny in the least but, because Phaedra is my fav ATL housewife, and these are seriously charges, but I absolutely DIED at:

    “P.S. Kenya Moore was the first house wife to Retweet the news”

    LOL LOL LOL I can’t. I’m done.

    • Urethra Franklin

      The reunion is going to be crazy good. Andy Cohen is already looking to buy a Ralph Lauren bib to keep the drool off of his suits.

      • lol Kenya is going to be smacking Phaedra with her fan all night long. I’m excited to see how Phae Phae squirms out of this one. This could be Kenya’s lifeline of sorts.

      • Shellbelle

        I wonder if Phaedra will even show for the reunion. If so, I bet she takes the ” I can’t discuss an open case” route and keeps her mouth shut on it. Damn! Can’t wait for the reunion!

      • Vivaladiva

        That’s what I’m thinking shellbelle. After this she may be too embarrassed to go on with RHOA. She very well could skip the reunion.

  40. Katrina

    Phaedra has been heavily involved in going to school. She really wanted Apollo to be involved in the new business, but he was not interested. She probably had some suspicions. Kenya also did a 180 degree turn from what she said at the reunion.

    • Sharnee

      I think Phaedra saw this coming down the pike and was trying to set him up in a legit business but he wasn’t interested he liked that long fast money that he didn’t have to put in hours for

  41. According to Wikipedia, this will be Apollo’s 3rd time going to jail. “In 1995, Parks met her husband Apollo Nida, who works in asset recovery, most notably as a rollback repo driver. Nida is a convicted non-violent offender.[55] He served almost 5 months from December 29, 1998 to May 14, 1999 for theft by receiving stolen goods in March 1997. According to public records, Apollo Nida was convicted for racketeering and began serving his sentence July 28, 2004.[citation needed] He served nearly 5 years of his 18-year sentence before being paroled on May 27, 2009.

    • Katrina

      I thought he was in Federal prison. I thought you could not be paroled in Federal prison? He married Phaedra around November 2009. if this is true, he did not waste any time. Dylan was born in August 2013.

    • So Phaedra has known Apollo since 1995? I was under the impression, through watching the show, that they met after he was released in 2009. Something about meeting on the street after a breakdown, accident, or some such situation. Love/lust at first site, pregnancy, marriage, etc. Obviously too much wine and I made it up. Maybe she is the mastermind behind it all.

  42. Hannah King

    I don’t know about the rest of u, but if I was a Real Housewive franchise employee or husband and I was doing anything wrong I’d be nervous. Seems Bravo is providing the Feds with enough crimes that they don’t have to look elsewhere. Wonder if any other housewife and spouse are starting to shake in the LB boots?

    • Twilly

      Good point! Maybe Bravo is ratting on them all! They see and hear a lot of stuff while filming. It’s possible they caught wind of this and told the feds.

  43. chatty

    thank you for breaking this down for us to understand….

    Ding, Ding, Ding…. Phedra and Appollo get the RHOA, couple with the most talked about drama… So, sad… Apollo has been conning Phedra from when she represented him the first time, using her for sex, money, RHOA and now 5 years of crime and theft…. two kids later… EMBARRASMENT ….To save herself she is going to have to cut ties immediately, divorce and possibly re-marry quickly… Phedra protected herself, and she didnt have her nme mixed up with Appollo…but honestly, the entire cast will be investigated for any business deals they may have invested in together, y’all know all of the RHOA men are are all a little shadeshade….& Tea… especially Peter, Apollo and Greg…!!! Todd, i think is okay but he betta sign that pre-nup.

  44. S. Smith

    This is really unfortunate news. There is an interesting inverview (seems recent) that Apollo gave to CelebrityJournalist website (google his name and CelebrityJournalist). He talks about his jobs being with the National Recovery Group, Inc., in “real estate,” and he mentioned that they own a for profit halfway house called the Nida Group. In his interview, he also repeatedly said that he likes to keep his work private. The website for the National Recovery Group, Inc. (listed at the bottom of the interview) touts their knowledge of recovery laws; it also has a po box address, phone number, and email. Interestingly, on a search for the company (google the “National Recovery Group” on Bizapedia – filed on 1/28/2013), his wife is listed as an incoporator and as secretary, while Apollo is listed as an incorporator and CFO. The Nida Group did not have a website, but a google search for the “Nida Group in Atlanta” provides an address and his name as the CEO, as well as states that the group was was founded in 2012.

  45. tobaccorhoda

    You did a post about Phaedra in April of last year and there were comments immediately after that post, then nothing in comments until November 27. A comment was posted from “Onyx” calling Phaedra a liar.

    Onyx Collections and Locators is the name of Apollo’s fake company. I’m curious if you’ve done a little peekyweeky at Onyx’s IP to see if perhaps its located in Atlanta. Would be interesting if Apollo is bad mouthing his own wife under assumed names.

    Also, to those wondering, he went to state prison for racketeering. RICO conviction. The Feds have not had parole since 1987. He is on STATE parole.

    He only served five years of an 18 year sentence, which would be impossible for a federal sentence. You must serve 85% of your sentence with Feds, which explains why they don’t bother with parole.

    Finally, to the person wondering about the short time Apollo served, 5 of 18 years, it would be odd for someone to only sing AFTER sentencing. It’s a little late by then. Usually singing is only done for plea deals or BEFORE sentencing, to mitigate a sentence. It appears Appolo was released the first time he came up for parole, which is not unheard of in nonviolent offenses.

    • Hmm I did some more checking and Trho is right (though it pains me to say it) Apollo’s time for racketeering was served in Walker Prison, A state of Georgia facility.

      That said. my understanding is that this whole NO PAROLE in Federal Prison is for DRUG OFFENDERS ONLY. And some crimes with mandatory minimums.

      • Tamara, the Feds discontinued parole after 1987. New mandatory sentencing guidelines and the mandate requiring 85% completion of sentence effectively killed it. In some extreme instances, (like child molesters) may get a period of “supervised release”.

        In short, serve 85% and you’re good to go.

      • Kclove

        Looooong time reader, first time commenter- I have no idea if it varies between judicial districts but in my federal district there is supervised release aka probation for criminals. Even though he has priors it doesn’t surprise me at all that they released him on bond. With white collar crimes they don’t want to take up space, especially someone with young children that they obviously don’t consider a flight risk, however misguided that may be.

  46. Vivaladiva

    This makes me so mad. Here is Phaedra, Ms. Preacher’a kid, covering her lap with a prayer cloth, having a baby dedication where she promised to be an example to her children of a Christian life. Telling Cynthia “you know I don’t talk like that!” when she was called out for saying she didn’t give a fuck if Cynthia was at Ayden’s party-I’m sure there is much more. And whether not not she was involved she sure as hell knew about it. Disgusting. Now it makes me question Kandi’s integrity for being BFF with a two faced lying hypocrite.

    • RealitySux

      Kandi is a bigger fish than Phaedra – if she were tangled up in this – they’d have arrested her by now. I am only going by facts released by the feds from here on out…people are going to be coming out the woodwork now.

      • Vivaladiva

        I don’t think Kandi had anything to do with it at all, I just mean that she would associate, let alone be close friends with someone like that.

    • Free Kroy

      Preachers kid does not mean anything. Have you saw Preachers of LA. Now a days, Preachers are businessmen having to manage huge congregations and millions of dollars in tithes and donations. Don’t let the preachers kid thing fool you. you see how her mom was at that dog’s funeral saying a sanctified prayer for the dog. Her family is about business.

      • JoJo

        Bravo’s got that covered too: “Thicker than Water” – the Tankard family Christian, born-again preachers with their hands in many money-making pots. Multimillionaires – wouldn’t be surprised the Feds have them under surveillance too. Another Bravo gift to the Feds :)

    • look under all that charm phadrea puts out is a criminal …. wait and see

  47. Urethra Franklin

    Apollo’s recent twitter activity & replies are just plain WEIRD.

    People are baiting him he is stupid enough to reply, but he is coming across as a complete dumb jack ass. It is all very ODD

  48. msds

    I remember last year, prior to Atlanta filming this season, there was a lot coming out about Phaedra and Apollo divorcing. He supposedly moved out and in with another woman who I think was only a “friend”. That all seemed to dry up and I heard nothing more about it. I thought it would be questioned when the season started and nothing about it come up but now I’m wondering if I dreamed it all.

  49. Julia

    Am I the only one who feels that Bravo needs to end this franchise before it gets worse? I’m sure the publicity is great (for now), but eventually this will become a liability and an awful lot of invested court time. The feds have two husbands (and potentially two wives) from the housewives franchise- If you had half a brain, wouldn’t you take a look at the rest of them? I feel bad for all those babies, either way.

  50. tamara i want to thank you for all your hard and that you should be proud you have a awsome site!!!Also i wanted to let you know that Accessatlanta has released this story to every gossip site even tmz.

  51. Thank you for all the juicy reporting Miss T. I’m ADDICTED.

  52. Let’s all call it what it is, Phaedra only ever married Apollo because she got pregnant – I believe that their whole marriage is all about appearances and she let’s him cheat, have his fun, whatever, so long as he comes home to her and plays house. She lied about her due date to avoid the wrath of her mother, so I have no doubt they only got married as a “it’s the right thing to do” type of situation.

    Phaedra is a career woman, and I don’t think she would do anything as stupid as get involved with this and put everything she has built at risk. She is going to let Apollo go down, divorce his ass, and find a new man that surely can get no worse. That’s my hope anyway!

    • Fahlina_G

      THIS^ is why I think Apollo will have zero problem rolling on Phaedra. I think he knows that she has no problem taking the fall for all of this, and let’s face it: They do NOT come off as being madly in love. To the contrary, he acts as if he can’t get away from her fast enough. JMO (It may also be the very reason he is out on bond: He is “cooperating” with the Feds, to hand up bigger fish) Again, JMO

      • lori

        I was thinking the same thing during last night’s episode. The way Appollo was acting (and has BEEN acting) with Phaedra… I wouldn’t be surprised if he is working something for himself. For some people it’s hard to act normal (or even be around) the person you are throwing under the bus. Some people (usually sociopaths) have no problem with it, but most people can’t. Anyway… something very off with the way Appollo has not even seemed to want to be in the same room as her every time they show them this season.

  53. Haven’t finished reading this yet, but if I recall correctly last season it seems Phaedra said Apollo was in to “asset recovery.”

    At that particular time she was playing off the rumor he was stealing or repossessing cars – when in fact it sounds as though she was perhaps referring to recovering “unclaimed property from various state and federal government agencies.”

    As we well know, Phaedra chooses her words VERY carefully.

  54. Brooklyns_Finest

    I am not cape’n for dude, nor am I condoning his actions… I came across the article while researching the Nemann Marcus/Target I.D. theft situation and I find it so sad that ppl start these “blogs” and put out so much venom and hate. I get that you are not a reporter so being objective or factual isn’t your goal but at the end of the day you really look weak.

    The bullshit you post lives on, what if their kids research one day and read your speculation or “tea”?… You want to report, report the fact… miss me with the other garbage. Most of these “blogs” are written by bitter big bitches who want to be connected but neer could, most readers are alike…never been anywhere or done anything so they live vicariously through your trash. Shit is sad B, your words hold 0 weight but they are still sophomoric and are irresponsible. I only pray that you find yourself on the flip side of these situations and see how it feels when someone doesn’t give 0 fucks when telling your story.

    • beth

      A blog is not a news article, it is a vehicle used to express opinions; a sort of modern-day Op Ed column. Those opinions may, or may not, be in alignment with your own. A blog may, or may not, have references to news events, as this one does. If this is not your cup of tea, you are free to sip elsewhere.

    • Adriana Capone

      @Brooklyn’s Back Alley,

      Did you NOT just do the very thing you accused blogs of doing, “spreading venom and hate”? Surely your vocabulary is extensive enough to allow you to articulate your thoughts, without having to refer to anyone a “bitter big bitch”. YOUR words are sophomoric, irresponsible, and hypocritical. Carry on with your double-minded self though.

      P.S. —Hi Tamara! I’m new here :)

    • WTF? Maybe I’ve had too much wine on this fine Sunday afternoon, but I thought we were using this forum to post our opinions on the facts related to this particular situation as presented and researched by TT.

    • Oh, and if your researching ID theft articles led you to TT’s blog and prompted you to comment, good for her!!!

    • Twilly

      Haters gonna hate! Court documents don’t lie, darling. She HAS facts. She also has sources and insiders, like “reputable” news outlets so she knows more than meets the eye about these people. I’m sorry this is the first time you’ve come across a blog. Perhaps you should come out from under your rock more ofte.

    • PhonyPhaeOnBathSalts

      If you are so concerned. About the “poor” kids Googling this. Then he should not have committed crimes! She lost all cred once she married him . Worry about them Googling his mug shots! Instead of Googling a blog. Darling peach belle. Threw shade @ Nene weeks ago about her son record . Child byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  55. FYI the story hit the local TV news here today. It was one of the top stories at noon.

  56. me

    It saddens me to see in this day and age p, folks acting like sharks in a feeding frenzy…getting glee from the downfall of others…have we sunk so low in our daily lives that we await the failure of others, so we can feel better about ourselves???…must be nice to sit behind glass houses and toss stones at others…I know it makes me feel good…NOT!…smh, praying for Phaedra and her family, including Apollo…as well as those he “allegedly” defrauded…may God be with them all…this is crazy

  57. Denise

    Not looking to pass judgment — but it does beg the question: Might a small part of the reason they went ahead and got married be because in the event of a takedown, a wife could not be compelled to testify against her husband? #ijs

  58. Nyasha

    Having gone through a bankruptcy, I find it difficult for Phadra to NOT know…Lexis Nexus access is NOT cheap! LOL everytime you log into the database it cost .10! LOL

  59. GwenD

    Apollo said,, “and I quote ” I spend “8 Grand in the Strip Club”, (at the Pillow Talk Party), so I guess that “Explains” where he gets his money, and how could “Phaedra not know?, especially after he made a comment like that,, how could she not even “Ask” Apollo, where would he get 8 Grand to spend in a Strip Club”?,,I’ll tell you why,,”She knew”.where the money was coming wife would sit back and allow a man to “admit” to spending that kind of money at a “strip club” if it “was hers”, he “specifically” said, “it was my money”, and she said “NOTHING”, she knew!

  60. Blossom

    She was in denial. Hmm, I wonder if she’ll stay on RHOA? I would not want my business aired on national TV. Not dirty laundry like this. I’d resign. For someone so intelligent and educated I cannot assume anything other than she just liked Apollo’s good looks (and hopefully good genes), which obviously overrides good sense. Phaedra is not so smart after all.

  61. Born 2B Lucky

    TT my head is spinning from reading all this, but I feel no sympathies for.Phaedra. I do however feel for their kids and I believe she is involved and every word Angela Stanton said in her interviews and in her book is I believe just a matter of time before the FEDs go after Phaedra.
    Dayummmm I was just reading that St. Julien, NIDA’s ‘right hand b** just received 61-month prison sentence and now this. You said Nida got arrested last night I thought he was due in court tomorrow maybe I am missing some timeline. Those two fake collection agencies he gain access to databases only Attorneys have the password right? Rented dozens of mailboxes at UPS stores and other places under various aliases should I go on?What the hell is wrong with people? I guess Fakedra telling Ms. Andy that this was just a complain not an indictment must be pizzin in her shorts over the news.

  62. Born 2B Lucky

    Excuse this post I really need some sleep. I am commenting on stuff back in Jan and Feb going to bed..LOL

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