The Cast of Blood, Sweat & Heels Were One Hot Mess on Bethenny


I know most of us are trying to disengage from the Bravo teat these days, and I was none too keen on getting hooked on yet another show, but I have to say, I am really fond of Blood, Sweat & Heels. Today the girls from the show, ,  , , and   landed on Bethenny’s couch for a Bethenny style interview. Where is ? I very odd that she is not there. Bethenny introduces them as the show that dethroned Bethenny Ever After as the most watched Bravo premiere of all time.

Bethenny asks how they came to be on such a huge hit. Demetria is sitting first chair, as I like to call it and takes the question. She says she they had no idea it would be such a huge success. She says production came calling and they were looking for a cast of black women who were very powerful and who were making moves in the city and their names like rang everybody’s bell.  Really? These girls already have the storyline down.

Bethenny asks what the baseline?  Daisy gives more of the very successful women speech. Really? Demetria is a published blogger with a nice book deal that she got on her own merits without previous help from Bravo.  Mica seems to be running a modeling agency which I find suspect given her drinking problem. One is a washed up video vixen. I’m no sure what most of the others do. Come on now. I like this show, can’t we just keep it real and say it’s a show about six women grindin’ in NYC to support themselves?  I need Bethenny to call them out on this.

blood-sweat-and-heelsOkay, I can’t with this interview. Demetria has already said on her blog that the girls did not know each other. The girls are now singing that old Bravo standby that they all knew each other and this reality show is real, real, real,  reality.  Daisy is lying straight to Bethenny’s face with a big old hooker-red smile. Bethenny says well that sounds all lovely and touchy feely but let’s get into it.  This causes Demetria to turn in her seat like she is preparing to toss some of her cool shade.

Bethenny starts off essentially asking who is the idiot that was pissed off at Demetria for blogging about things that happened on the show on her blog?  Geneva self-identifies. She wasn’t upset she wrote about it (what the fuck? yes she was!) it was the way it was written. She felt is wasn’t very contextualized.  So she wanted Demetria to give MORE details to put things in context. I do not understand what I am watching here. Is it opposite day? Is someone going to say April Fools! here any second?  Are we all being punked?  Daisy jumps in and they essentially recreate the scene between Demetria and Geneva with the tea sippin’. Geneva says they are past it. Bethenny sarcastically says, “I can see that.”

She points at Mica and says, “Somebody called you a drunk, are we past that too?”  Mica launches into her  Brandiesque soliloquy about not being a drunk and just going through some family issues as a retrospective of her drunken behavior plays on the giant screen behind the couch. Daisy jumps in to say that everyone was drinking that night and that social drinking is a thing. I need to bang my head on a wall.  Demetria tries to insert a bit of logic into this conversation by pointing out that everyone was not jumping on couches and flashing privates at the entire room. Geneva points out that she wasn’t even there. Mica says that she will have “one glass to many” and “become a little saucy” because of her family problems. She is not saying what the family problems are which is strange because “My dad died in filming.” would be a smart sympathy card to play right now.

Daisy is asked about her comment that she is selfish and self-serving. Daisy decides to frame her answer within her perception of her date from hell. You know the one where she arrived 3 hours late, refused to apologize and talked trash about her date’s cousin the entire time. When the voice of reason, Demetria, points this out. Daisy says that a man should never be abusive toward a woman. I’m sorry, a man has a right to be pissed off that  his date is THREE HOURS LATE. He did not raise his voice or touch you in anyway. He just expressed displeasure over your selfish, self-serving behavior that you are continuing to admit to this day.  Bethenny is about to literally explode from the insanity spewing from Daisy and Mica. She has already identified in her head that Mica is Kelly and Daisy is Jill.

It’s game time! Or just a Q & A with a question wheel. Bethenny has a new wheel because most previous guests were too stupid to spin the wheel and take the question off the wheel and read it. So she has eliminated this part. I am not kidding.

Question One: How can women best get men to do what they want? Demetria says, ” Sex”.  Ding Ding Ding we have a winner.

Question Two: Should women give cheaters as second chance? Geneva says if they come clean upfront without the woman finding out, then maybe.  Lots of the same old conversations ensue.

Question Three: What is more important a career or a relationship or how do you balance both? Demetria is engaged. She says she values her relationship over her career. She thinks she could find another career but she doesn’t know if she could find another man like the one she has. Daisy says she doesn’t have a man, (because she is selfish and self-serving) so she is focused on her career. When Demetria says the part about not being able to find another man (as good as hers) Daisy chimes in with, “I could find another man.” and I tell her through the TV that she needs to find ONE first before she starts saying she can find another.  Mica jumps up and dashes into the audience toward Bethenny because she feels like she can’t get a word in. Drunk? Just asking. What time does this film because Mica is going all batshit answering this question. She says career. I am guessing she broke up with her manservant again. Wasn’t he in a relationship for 20 years anyway and she was just a side piece? That what the streets are saying anyway. Mica is a hybrid of Kelly Bensimon and Kenya Moore. Crazy with a boyfriend By Bravo.

This was the craziest mess I have ever seen. Clearly, Demetria, Geneva and Brie are the only sane ones on the show. Where the hell was Melyssa? She’s never met a camera she didn’t like.  Rehab? Jail? Got drunk and missed her call time? What? I checked her twitter and she says she had a closing.


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10 responses to “The Cast of Blood, Sweat & Heels Were One Hot Mess on Bethenny

  1. Tamara, Tamara, Tamara–hunni you brought it bay-beee! Your comment about Dilly Daisy is so on-point, and I love,love,love Demetria.THIS is what I’m talkin bout!

    • soncee

      psst..*whispers* the title of the show is Blood Sweat and Heels, unless you were doing a play on words, by describing how their interview on Bethenny went!:p

      • I swear it is impossible for me NOT to type Blood Sweat and Tears. I’m old school. lol. Thanks for catching that. I do it EVERY SINGLE TIME and have to go back and fix it.

  2. theoriginalamanda

    I’m really curious to know what “a closing” is code for since we’ve already determined that Melyssa isn’t an agent.

    • I am back tracking a bit, okay, A LOT on that story, Amanda. The rumor was that SOMEONE had no job and is pretending to work somewhere for publicity for the show. One of my commenters pulled Melyssa’s license up online and she does have a valid one. So I need to look deeper into who the unemployed one is.
      It’s on my list of things to do when I have time, like read the latest legal docs on the Giudices and investigate the Porsha situation.

      But right now, I am going to the GYM, for the first time since….2011????

  3. JoJo

    I can’t get over how much I’m really, really liking Bethenny again by just reading your recaps of her questioning her reality TV guests! I can just picture her eye-rolls, that NY accent, speed-talking, and cutting through the crap and asking hard-hitting questions.
    Now, I don’t watch her show, and I shouldn’t because not hearing her but reading what she asks, makes me like her. I liked her gig on RHONY, but little by little as her own show went on, then all the BS about Jason, her ‘Place of Yes’ crap etc., I tuned her out.
    Mica seems a clone any a number of the inebriated, attention hound of the other reality shows. Every one of them have a Mica of sorts.
    What I wish I saw though was Demetria turning in her chair preparing to toss some serious shade :)

  4. lori

    I couldn’t stop looking at Daisy’s eyes. Does she have jaundice or something? The whites of her eyes were completely yellow. Way to go going to the gym Tamara! Do a crunch or a squat for me please.

  5. Pat

    This show #bloodsweatheels is funny. Some of the women are cool and some people are getting big heads. #mica. Mica is a drunk #micahughes and they show her drunkeness very well. How did the other girls not kick her ass. So where is that manservant #terrylyon. Heard he has some hot one. Seen him around town a few times, little salsa for him. Can’t wait to see how drunk #mica is on next show. I guess the producers are really calling it as they saw it. Oh what we would do to see some of the out takes they have that’s gotta be the real stuff. Kudos to the classy gals on the show

  6. annette

    I think the girls could have handle it better.Brie handle it like women &true friend.they new she had to much to drink.not to make it worst.she do need help”””””.her man need to step up &get her some ur girls,Greg ur a good Guy.step up wit ur girl, voice ur self more.

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