UPDATED: Apollo Nida Arrested on Federal Charges of Bank Fraud and Identity Theft!


Phadera Parks husband, Apollo Nida’s job has been sort of a mystery for the entire time that he has appeared on the Real Housewived of  Atlanta. I have been obsessed with why he seems to always have a backpack with him during his scenes on RHOA.

According to Sandra Rose, Apollo Nida surrendered to US Marshalls yesterday on charges of bank fraud and aggravated identity fraud. Nida appeared in front of a US magistrate judge at US District Court in downtown Atlanta.”  Nida was granted a pretrial bond.

So has Apollo been living a life of crime this time?  If he is convicted of bank fraud, he could be sentenced for up to 30 years and face hefty fines. A conviction on the charge of aggravated identity fraud  would add another two years to his sentence which must be served consecutively.

So will Phaedra be the next housewife to face federal charges? How much did she know and what is her involvement?

Story developing. Stay tuned for update.

UPDATE:  Sandra Rose a has updated her story to say she will have the court documents on Monday.

When AJC blogger Rodney Ho was asked if Sandra was his only source he said the following, “I got the information confirmed at the courthouse. I was waiting to get the actual complaint filing in my hand but for some reason, our access to the database was not working this afternoon. So I sat on it until I saw Sandra post something. I wanted to get more details before posting but since it was out there, I decided to just go with what we had.”  In this instance, “what he had” seems to be the exact same thing as “what Sandra Rose posted.”

UPDATE: PACER did have a problem today. Possibly hacked or just a technical problem.

Service Alert

The PACER system is experiencing network connectivity issues.  You may have trouble connecting to various PACER or CM/ECF sites throughout the country including the PACER Case Locator.  Our engineers are investigating the problem and working to restore full functionality as soon as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Legal advisors I have spoken with find it VERY ODD that he would be given a pretrial bond if he violated parole.

To sum things up: The water is getting very murky on this one.

For those asking about Angela Stanton’s book (which I never believe) the links are here.


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89 responses to “UPDATED: Apollo Nida Arrested on Federal Charges of Bank Fraud and Identity Theft!

  1. RealitySux

    Oh no !… they are going to put her through the ringer – I’ll be surprised if she keeps her law license. I hope she didn’t know anything about this…but DAMN!!! … she needs to put him out if this is true.

    • Did you ever wonder why someone who had gone to all the trouble to go to law school, work with various companies and set up her own practice would want to change her career to mortician? Cause I did. She hasn’t been practicing for awhile…#speculation

      • I wondered about that. If you have a good thing going why out of the clear blue do you want to start burying people?

      • Natalie k

        I wondered the same as you on the job change and his backpack ways. Hmmm.

      • JoJo

        No, of all the crazy shit that goes on in the RHOA or any of the Real Housewives shows, that’s one thing I never wondered about at all, other than her trying to make more money. NOW I wonder, why a mortician of all things? God, her castmates besides Kandi, must be in heaven with this news!

      • It's A Crazy World

        Dag – call me naive … I didn’t even think about that. here I was, thinking she was Kandi no 2, with a bunch of irons in the fire. Sad state of affairs.

      • DJ

        hmmm…. T, excellent point.

  2. brillke

    I could swear it was said Apollo bought seized property or businesses in trouble and resells them, something like that, but I couldn’t even begin to tell you where I heard that.

    As for the backpack, maybe it’s a daddy bag? My brother has a 2 yr old, 1 yr old and a 4 month and he has a black backpack diaper bag called a daddy bag.

    • Nope. The baby is not with him. He takes it everytime he leaves the house. Phaedra and the nanny keep the babies in the house. I thought maybe he was in school. But nope.

      • brillke

        I’ve only noticed the backpack a few times and didn’t think anything if it. My guess is it could be a man-purse type thing but I dunno.

        I do hate the idea of Apollo turning out to be a crook. He did his time for his previous crimes and deserved a second chance. Will be a shame if he went down the wrong path a second time.

      • He use to carry a briefcase and wear a suit (hot as it is in Georgia) when he left the house, not a backpack. Isn’t he still on probation? If he is he will make that time up when he is sentenced for his new crime(s).

      • JrLeaguer

        Some weeks ago, I commented that he probably carried it in case he needed to make a break for it. At the time I was thinking of him having to make a break from Phaedra….not the PoPo.

    • willlynn

      That backpack holds his “identity kit” Full of fake id’s and blank checks! LOL!

      • beauxcefus

        LOL! Fakedra and Apollo both as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Another sad tale of greed, pride and fameho’ing causing a downfall.

    • jarlath

      In addition to the weird backpack, there was one scene where Apollo was in the “office” … where was this office?

    • eastjames

      I just thought he was carrying a pet monkey or a penguin he stole from the zoo.

    • It was ‘resell reposed assets’

    • He said he was in “asset recovery.” Usually that means Repo Man, NOT recovering assets that DON’T BELONG TO YOU lol.

  3. Ellis Scarlett

    Wow. These “celebrities” just can’t stay out of trouble.

  4. steve

    TT on a slow day can you an outline of the housewives legal issues for those who cant keep up? Call it the Real Housewives of Sidebar?

  5. myinfo

    I am truly shocked!
    I what exactly did that fool do?

  6. Stacey

    “Everybody knows” Apollo doesn’t do anything without Phaedra’s permission….just sayin.

  7. donna

    WoW this is awful

  8. Katrina

    Wow, I did not see this coming. Phaedra had said in an interview or at a reunion that Apollo does asset recovery.

    • So Apollo steals other peoples’ identities which are used to recover the hardcore monetary assets? What a shame. I thought he was on the up and up. I guess #RHOA and #BravoTV ain’t paying too good. Lol

  9. jarlath

    I thought Phaedra said she had a clean man

  10. Katrina

    Didn’t Apollo get pulled over a couple years ago because they thought he was someone else? Did he get bored with his life and fall back into old patterns?

    • Yes maam. They thought he was his “play brother” Everett Tripodis. That was around the 10th of apr,2011. The real Everett was arrested around the 20th of April,2011.Everett was referred to as “one of the biggest car thieves in the country.” He was released from Prison in 2009. He was caught after Apollo was pulled over for “mistaken identity” and U.S. marshals in Atlanta received information that Tripodis, who has 20 active warrants and fled last week from Georgia, was headed to Ohio. Marshals across the state lines kept in constant contact, eventually leading to the arrest.
      Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who alerted the Marshals.

  11. Krissy

    Wait, wasn’t Apollo in jail before? I seem to remember the talking heads making snide remarks about that on phaedra’s first season.

  12. Krissy

    Ahh, yes. Upon further interweb research, he was. Five years for “racketeering”. I have no idea what that is. :/

    • It’s a mob/gang type charge. A group was arrested for dealing in stolen cars. Apollo was in charge of falsifying the VIN numbers on the cars. He was sentenced to 18 years and did five and got parole, He was also arrested for another charge prior to that… if I remember correctly it was a violent crime….allegedly, I think. He served 6 months for that and then got probation.

      • JoJo

        omg. with that much time in the pen and/or the county jail, and with his looks and at his age, wonder if he’s one real tough pretty cookie, or a Bubba BF. No wonder Phaedra looks like Halle Berry to him!

      • Krissy

        Yikes! So, this would be his 3rd strike if convicted? :/
        Phaedra must have fallen hard for this guy, to be okay with all that.

      • I don’t think we have three strikes in GA. He has on GA conviction and 1 Federal. If convicted this would be his second federal conviction.

    • Same thing they arrested him for this time. Just a play on words. What Apollo Nida is when you think is a recidivist. He can’t help himself, or he might like jail for other reasons.

  13. lori

    My guess that backpack is his “getaway” bag. Kind of like the bag really pregnant women always have packed but different. This isn’t good. Did that woman ever write that book about Phaedra and Apollo and their previous crime spree? If so, what’s it called?

    • JoJo

      lori I remember about that woman and spilling or making up at the time all sorts of things about the real Apollo but more of a slamming, slandering Phaedra. Then all her publicity just died. I guess she had so many credibility issues and/or a past of her own, no one took her seriously?

    • Heck yeah she wrote a book, that I read cover to cover and BELIEVED from the time I read it! The autho’ name is Angela Stanton. Title of the book that I bought on Amazon is called Lies of a Real Housewife.

  14. Gingersnap

    Da-yum, I was buying that Apollo had reformed. WTF? This is really pretty surprising to me. When will I ever learn?

    • I also am surprised so don’t feel alone. I will never learn either. I always give most people the benefit of the doubt. Unless they reveal their true nature I pretty much assume what you see is what you get. I get pissed at myself for being so damned naïve. At my age, it’s doubtful I will ever learn.

  15. Lurker

    Sandra Rose took the story down

    • Really? Let me go look. I just went to see what AJC was saying. Someone asked if Sandra Rose was the only source, he said the following.

      RodneyHo 5ptsmoderatorFeatured 8 minutes ago

      @HypnotiqOneNo. I got the information confirmed at the courthouse. I was waiting to get the actual complaint filing in my hand but for some reason, our access to the database was not working this afternoon. So I sat on it until I saw Sandra post something. I wanted to get more details before posting but since it was out there, I decided to just go with what we had.

  16. Please

    Something ain’t clean in the butter milk! And I quote!!

  17. Sandra’s story is still up. She even updated it to say she would have the court documents on Monday.

    RodneyHo’s “broken data base” is sort of suspicious.

    As is the fact that someone on parole would be granted pretrial bond after violating parole.

    This is starting to sound a bit fishy.

  18. For those asking for links to the Angela Stanton posts, you can find them here http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/?s=Angela+Stanton+book

  19. ZenJen53

    I suppose Angela Stanton’s allegations might be a little more credible now. Apollo is a street hustler and those types rarely reform. Parole Violation is a serious charge and someone has pulled some strings to get a pretrial bond, something your average joe wouldn’t get.

    • Twilly

      His wife IS an attorney. Could be that she knows a judge/DA who was willing to give him bond. Still very fishy. What a shame for those little boys if this story is true.

  20. Shellbelle

    I wonder If Phaedra had suspicions and that is the reason for the attitude… Maybe she knew he was up to no good. If nothing else, this secures her storyline for a while. Bravo loves a housewife with charges pending.

  21. Kenya is going to love hthis news lol

  22. JoJo

    What is also fishy is that Phaedra may come across as a lot of things, but not a dimwit. Whether she knew about this or not, Apollo doesn’t come across as Einstein, but no Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies. Could he be that big of a moron to commit more serious federal crimes while on a national TV show and the world knows already he’s a convict who’s spent serious time in prison? And he has a probation officer? And, be filmed while carrying some suspicious backpack everywhere he goes?
    If so, he’s right up there with the Giudices, but he had the benefit of seeing how that worked out for them. Something’s rotten at the Apollo!

    • I have been obsessed with the backpack mostly because it is not age appropriate. Everytime he left the house (ALONE) he had the backpack slung over his shoulder. The streets here have been burning up with Apollo cheating rumors forever.

      I remember posting that it seemed odd to me that while Phaedra was on bedrest with the last kid, Apollo went to the Bahamas ( Alledgedly with some side piece. ) I remember y’all making all sorts of excuses for him at the time. The rumors continued. As the story goes Apollo had to do some fast talking with the side piece to explain how Phaedra got pregnant the second time since his story to the women ALLEDGEDLY is that their relationship is fake/over/etc. (That’s what they all say, by the way..)

      Anyway, on THE HOUSEWIVES. The husband is not paid. The check goes to the wife only. How the couple handles the money after that is up to them. Phaedra seems like the type to hold the purse strings.

      • JoJo

        Which gives credence to the possibility he’s carrying around a shitload of money anytime he’s not in a place to make sure no one goes near it. Could be his getaway money in there since Phaedra is in control of the bank acct. We know he’s not carrying bank fraud in a backpack, and unless he was part of the Target Store ID Theft of the Century and bought up a shitload of fake credit cards from the Ukraine, it is odd that anything other than cash would be in that precious backpack, you think?

      • Raven Beauty

        Me too. We even had a group discussion as to what was in the backpack and I assure yu none of us got this.

      • That backpack just stuck out to me. It might have just been a change of clothes considering he probably go kicked to the curb when the search warrant was served in September and they were still filming. Or maybe he was filling it with candlesticks. I just read online that that Reality Tea blogger noticed it too! It was just a very odd thing.

      • TT men in the hiphop/urban community wear backpacks

      • !) Iive in ATL and am watching trends all day. 2) I am not seeing that in my community. 3) ) he is out of the age group for “the hip hop community” 4) if by “urban” you are some white chick who means black, I am laughing in your face. 5) no they don’t, 6) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  23. Access Atlanta has more info. FYI :)

  24. Disher

    TT–check your email. Just sent you a present.

  25. glory halleluya

    Apollo has 3 charges …the rhonj Teresa and Joe guidice have 41 counts of i don’t know heinous fraud, theft, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, loans fraud, and a whole hell of alot of criminal activities. They gotta go to jail. They didn’t make a mistake, they made a choice to be low class crooks. The kind that hurt our communities, and our system of honesty. And the kind that show our children how not to do things because you will go to jail. Sorry but Bravo needs to give these stale one note idiots and criminals the boot. Come on now Andy Cohen, don’t insult the people of New Jersey, there are many decent, honest, people in New Jersey who would make for great television. Get rid of these good for nothing but same story lines rhonj morons.

  26. vivaladiva831

    Ka-rrrrrazzzzzyyyy!!!! And ironic considering Phaedra’s job. A divorce is immenint.

  27. jake

    I can’t recall seeing a backpack whenever he scores airtime. though, admittedly, i haven’t been glued to this season’s contrived drama and over-produced story lines. could it potentially be a work out bag? i pack all my workout gear — spin shoes, water, socks, deodorant, etc — into a backpack when i leave the house. if memory serves, our little jail bird likes to pump iron. maybe? possibly? regardless i hope things turn out well, for the sake of his beautiful children.

  28. working on new post now. standby.

  29. kate

    If this is true, then why is Apollo currently active on his twitter account? He just posted 2 minutes ago that he is at Waffle house with Phaedra.

  30. What would we do without you, TT? I think you are on to something about Phaedra’s new profession. And if Apollo was been involved in some shady things, Phaedra is too smart to not know about it. And he can’t be that bright since he keeps getting caught!
    Great comments!

    • Skeeter

      Glad to know I’m not the only one up at 4 a.m. reading TT’s site LOL!

      • I was DYING to go to bed when I got home from the gym. 11 hours later, I am still following the story. I have lots to blog tomorrow… couples therapy, mob wives, dance moms… and I may not even get up. lol. HAPPY PILL FUND!!!!!

    • And if she knew, what was going down SINCE BEFORE THEY MARRIED!!!!! She knew her legal practice was done. She needed to pretend like she had another dream. But who is going to want to be buried by the wife of a known con who continued to commit felonies all through her marriage? I didn’t even include the fact that HE TOOK DELTA SURVIVOR CHECKS. That is checks from people who died on the job working for Delta. He is scum.

  31. Skeeter

    I wonder how many people Phaedra buried that had something a lil extra in their casket, i.e. evidence OR how many names Apollo has assumed that Phaedra buried. hmmmmmmmmm

    I wonder if he had the backpack with him when he was arrested. If he did, somewhere in the charges shouldn’t there be a list of things that were in it?

    As nice looking as Apollo is I always thought there was something shady about him but couldn’t put my finger on it.

    • They have EVERYTHING they need. the cells were in the backpack most likely, possible the laptop. THAT HAD EVERY DETAIL OF WHAT HE HAD DONE.

      Phaedra has not buried a single sole without the supervision of Willie Watkins who buries every black person of the slightest celebrity in the ATL as well as anyone else. He will never work with her again unless she can pull some FABULOUS PR out of her ass.

      • Willy Watkins not on the up and up either he was interested in a lady i know he gave her a check to pay for her daughters tuition his wife found out and he told her the check was stolen so she reported it stolen and the girl was dropped from her classes and almost kicked out of her dorm room

      • Oh chile, what are you gonna spill next, all the DUIs Hosea Williams got? Hush your mush we got enough bad press on the ATL.

  32. myinfo

    I really hate this news.
    I will assume Apollo nor Phaedra will be at the reunion.
    I bet Phaedra will kick his butt out the house.
    I am still in shock.

  33. JrLeaguer

    Maybe he can share a cell with Juicy Joe. Due to her profession, Phaedra will have a hard time convincing people that she was completely unaware of his activities for this long.
    I guess that when Apollo was in NYC for WWHL a couple of weeks ago, he should have made a run for the border.

  34. JrLeaguer

    She has Prince Ayden, Mr. President and now Mr. Georgia Dept. of Corrections

  35. general1star

    Shit is gonna hit the fan for sure. Phaedra’s world falling apart. I wonder what she know since her own legal team bailed on her in Oct last year.

  36. Lucy

    Re: the backpack
    I work at a financial institution in NYC. Many of the men I work with (all in their 30s and 40s) carry backpacks to and from work. Many men of all ages carry backpacks on the subway. Personally, I thought nothing of it.

    I’m so shocked that this happened. I feel naive. I was confused at what Apollo did for a living, but I assumed it was a “fake title” to save face and that he didn’t do much of anything (except make a workout video with Phaedra.

    • Yeah, except we don’t use public trans down here. Apollo takes his back pack to a four door white BMW and the drives to a Kroger parking lot to meet his “right hand bitch.”

      • Shellbelle

        I thought the backpack odd too. down here, the only men carrying backpacks are the students at one of the many colleges. I dont think he is college material. As for public transportation.. I wouldn’t get on Marta if I had to.

  37. general1star

    I always wondered where they got the money for that new big house and those over the top parties for the kids (who will never remember them anyways). I have seen only 3 ppl in her office over the last 4 seasons and one was Sherie and Phaedra gave her her money back. There is NO WAY you can tell me Phaedra did not know some of this was going on! Statons book is kind of making sense now.

  38. crime don't pay

    if apollo get off with this they need to let Ray Nagin off also. I guess Nagin didn’t have Phaedra’s connections in the Georgia’s courthouse..Hint..Hint.. bail to low for what he did and he did the same crime.right under there nose. the feds not going to let him make them look bad.. old saying ” don’t mess with the FEDS..

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