Kandi Burruss on Bethenny

bethenny and Kandi

Kandi looks awesome on Bethenny. And for my ring checking commenter, I looked, she is wearing her ring. Bethenny says that Kandi is sassier the season. Kandi says she wasn’t trying to be, it just seemed like people were coming at her for some reason. Bethenny asked why she thinks that is. Kandi says when she looks at it, it seems all the new people on the show had something to say about her and her relationship. Bethenny says that’s ridiculous because they are the ones who know you the least.  Kandi said at the time it seemed like a conspiracy that they were bringing two people on the show that knew either her or Todd fifteen years ago. It’s not a conspiracy, Kandi. It’s a storyline. Bethenny mocks Kenya and says, “they are coming for you and you did not send for them!”

Bethenny asks who this new girl is and where she came from, referring to Natalie. Kandi says she is a girl who is married or might be married to Christopher Williams. Bethenny doesn’t know Christopher. Bethenny asks how Kandi and Todd deal with the drama. Kandi says Todd is super easy going and doesn’t let the TV stuff interfere. It’s just all about them. Kandi says their relationship is good. Todd wishes that his relationship was better with Mama Joyce because they do not talk at all.  She will not talk to him or come around him.

Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker - 1As far as the hustler comments go. Kandi laughs and says, “Well,  I mean me personally, I’m a hustler. ” She says I’m the type that is going to get out there and make things happen. She says some men have money and lose it and have no hustle to get it back. When she met Todd he was already doing well for himself when they met. It bothers Kandi that people try to portray Todd as just some dude off the street that who didn’t have a job. He is doing well, and he was doing well before I met him. Kandi says it doesn’t matter who makes the most. As long as we can handle ourselves it is fine.

Bethenny asks Kandi what the odds are that she is going to walk down an aisle. Kandi doesn’t hesitate and says 100%! Kandi says they are putting things together now. Bethenny asks what she looks for in a man? Kandi says someone who she will not get bored with, meaning he has to keep my attention mentally. She likes the hustle mentality. Someone who is always coming up with great ideas. She says she and Todd do a lot of business together now as well as separately. She says and of course, good in bed! Bethenny asks if Todd feels threatened by the sex toy line. She reminds Kandi that when she did her test show with Kandi, Kandi said that African-American men feel that sex toys threaten their prowess. Kandi said that? That’s a Porsha level of stupid right there. Kandi can’t possibly believe that. Anyway, Kandi said Todd has no reason to feel threatened. Kandi says they bring toys into the bedroom all the time.

Holy crap! Mama Joyce is on the phone! Bethenny says next time we need to have you here in person to see if the two of you can get along on this couch. Mama Joyce say they will and they get along great! Bethenny gets straight to it and asks about Mama Joyce’s current feelings about Kandi’s relationship with Todd. Mama Joyce says, “Well, I’ve decided to step back and let Kandi do Kandi.”  Bethenny asks if she will have a relationship with Kandi’s future husband. Mama Joyce says, “Well, I she to let Kandi do Kandi.  Kandi said she likes a hustler but the thing I don’t want is anybody hustling her.”

Bethenny runs a clip of Cynthia discussing her busy life and tryin g to fit sex into it. She asks Kandi how often she thinks a couple should be having sex. Kandi says a least three times a week. Kandi says she is a good morning sex person.

Kandi is in a play in NYC right now called Newsical The Musical and she says she is getting great reviews.  She will be appearing in the comedy show through January 26th. She also has a new single out called Let Them Love. It’s on iTunes today.


Wow, Bethenny is keeping Kandi on for a long time. She really is working the reality angle these days. It’s paying off because I’ve started watching!

Next Kandi is going to do a session of Bethenny in Your Business with Kandi. Out comes the Bedroom Kandi. Bethenny lists off all of Kandi’s business endeavors and then asks her what struggles she is facing in her business. Kandi says that she has multiple Tags stores, and when she opened her store in Vegas, she ran into some intellectual property issues. She says she trademarked the name a long time ago, but someone had  a name that was similar and they wanted to sue her. So she changes the name from Tags Boutique to just T and the barcode at the Vegas location. She asks Bethenny if she should have changed the name of all of her stores so they would all be the same.  Bethenny says that her entire brand has to have one basic name. Kandi replies that’s what I said.

Bethenny goes on to say that she thinks it should be The Kandi Store, and at the store you can get your clothes, your wazoo Kandi (Bedroom Kandi) all under one brand with her name on it.  Kandi says that normally she includes her name in all of her brand endeavors. But when she first started the store she was trying to think of a business that was outside of music and entertainment that didn’t have to be based off her in order to sell. Bethenny says everyone knows who she is and that name recognition is important. Bethenny says that with Tags Boutique you are starting from zero. This seemed to irk Kandi.  She said, “Well we do have a following.” Bethenny says, she is sure she does but she thinks that name recognition is important. Bethenny says to answer your specific question, I think they all have to have the same name. Bethenny says in the beginning it does matter but as the business grow it does. Kandi says that in the beginning they weren’t thinking about the business growing as large as it has. She just thought it would be cute to have a store. Now she has four stores. Bethenny tells her to fight the lawsuit. She says you have to fight in the beginning because if you don’t people will come out of the woodwork.

Bethenny moves on to ask about her cast mates. First up is Nene. Kandi says they are cordial. Bethenny tries to make that mean something Kandi didn’t intend. Kandi says that she and Phaedra are good friends on and off camera and that there is no friction between her and Nene, they are just…cordial. Kandi says that Kenya texts her a good bit. Bethenny asks if Kenya is texting Todd. See? Bethenny is good at this reality stuff. They laugh. Bethenny asks how she would handle that situation. Kandi says her temper and attitude is a lot different than Phaedra’s.  She says Phaedra is very ladylike and has it all pulled together. Kandi says she tries to be pulled together but then she can just flip out. Bethenny says “You would rip a weave out for something like that?”  Kandi says, “What? Yes!” Kandi is scrappy!

And FINALLY the interview is over. It was at least three segments long. I hope this makes sense. :)


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24 responses to “Kandi Burruss on Bethenny

  1. Thanks for the recap. I think maybe after seeing herself on tv and reading hundreds of comments stating how awful she was being, Mama Joyce realized nobody was on her side. I am hopeful that she comes around but am satisfied that she’s letting Kandi do Kandi. :) That’s the positive spin. The cynical is she didn’t want Kandi’s wallet drying up when it came to herself.

  2. Katrina

    I don’t think Mama Joyce has changed her mind, she is just going to be silent about it. You could tell tgat she has no relationship with Todd. I hope Kandi and Todd work it out. I hope they get married soon! I wish I could see her in the musical!

  3. Katrina

    I also think that the reality TV is a good angle for Bethenny. There are a lot of people that watch reality TV and most have a cult following. Originally, Bravo was sending everone to Wendy. This is good for Bethenny and Bravo!

    • Olive

      Wendy has surpassed getting bravo scraps for the most part. Bethenny has to depend on Andy to send her bravo people for most segments every weak – I mean, week

  4. lori

    I thought about seeing her off broadcast show, but the show itself has pretty bad reviews. Nothing to do with Kandi. Too many other great off Broadway shows I’d rather spend my money on. Kandi looked very pretty on today’s show. I also like that she isn’t one of these hw who has to talk in circles because they’re so full of shit. Kandi is who Kandi is. I’m so glad Betheny is doing hw’s now. She is great at interviewing them. Better than anyone else by far.

  5. Yamoah Asiedu

    I think Bethenny should specialise in interviewing people from reality TV shows, particularly the Real Housewives franchise.There is so much juicy untapped potential. It’s already proving popular with thousands of fans who tune in for the salacious gossip. A regular talk show with Bethenny at the helm is a bit of a dud. Or, is that just me!?

  6. Bethanny was in the right place at the right tune and rode the right wave with skinny girl. Doesn’t make her a business maven. I would steer clear of a shop named after any housewive – even though the shows are my guilty secret.

  7. RealitySux

    My sister went to see Kandi’s play last week – and she loved it. She said its getting good reviews up there … so I guess it’s all a personal opinion. I for one, want to see the play that Kandi wrote – A Mothers Love …. I am looking forward to it coming out on DVD.

    I have never watched Bethenney’s show before today – and I thought her interview with Kandi was a good one. I was happy to see her not sugar coating anything – and she and Kandi seemed at ease with each other….it was a good segment. I was also surprised that IKandi was on there for 25 minutes!!!…but then, Bethenney is no fool – Kandi is popular.

    I like Kandi – she is a positive person, and very down to earth it seems…and smart! I like that she gave Bethenny a little push back too.

    Bethenney definitely does a good job interviewing the reality stars – since she and Andy are such good friends, I wish she would take over the reunion shows – or at least co-host them. Andy shows his favoritism too much – I don’t think Bethenney would let anything get past her on those reunion shows.

    • OMG! That is a such a good idea! I don’t think Andy would ever give it up though.

    • I agree. Bethany would be excellent hosting the reunions. Kandi is just awesome. Atlanta HW’s are my favorites by far. Good for Kandi for being such a good hustler. She is probably the only housewife I could imagine enjoying hanging out with.

    • Olive

      I think because Andy’s duties at Bravo are only HWs and no longer programming, only his own named- development – he would never let go of running the reunions.
      Plus he needs to steer the reunion edits to go his way in terms of storyline and HW direction.

      • Katrina

        Yes I agree. Although I think it would be nice to know every detail that happened on the show, I don’t think the reunion is designed for actual closure. I consider the housewives series as modern day soaps.

  8. Girl Plz...

    I dont watch Bethenny but i’ll watch atter this. Good recap.

  9. I’m a loyal Bethenny fan, and this sounded like a pretty great interview!

  10. DJ

    Awesome recap. Kandi looks gorgeous! She has the cutest personality. I just love her!!! I also love Mama Joyce and the little “gang”. How cute are her Aunties? They need their own show!!!

  11. vivaladiva831

    I like Kandi. She is the only housewife I have liked consistently and she really seems like a genuinely nice person.

  12. Olive

    Thanks for the recap … I can’t stomach Bethenny’s voice and jarring hand movements and obsession with the word “brand” so I appreciate this.

    I think Kandi is so angry this season on the show (or edited that way) so she has to put on a serene front for now.

    I liked her a lot about 2 seasons back.
    Thank god she got her hair under control

    • RealitySux

      LOL, I’d be angry too if every mooch and his side kick were trying to drag up dirt from 10-20 years ago. I don’t blame her for being angry.

      I’m also glad she got rid of her “summer hair”, and went back to black.

  13. jarlath

    Will Kandi’s shops be carrying Nene’s clothesline?

  14. Bethenney is jealous of Kandi. She likes Todd kind of men. Let’s really get to the nitty gritty. Why is Bethenney still on t.v.? After all of the Bravo wives what next Top Chefs.

  15. Hi i’m new to this site and i love this site really great recap and so far very nice people being nice to each other.I was sent over here from Reality Tea because no one had the story of Apollo Nida but your site is the only one that had the story.Also want to say how happy i am getting the about Kandi i really care for her and her music and thank you for the loving picture of them two it reall says it all-LOVE!

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