Shahs of Sunset Recap: In Love There Must Be Torture

Shahs MJ Gold

We start off this week with GG and Leila meeting at their Dad’s office to discuss their extensions business.  What in the holy hell is going on with Leila’s hair? She has some sort of greasy bed head thing going on. GG has her hair in a pony tail. Is this really the look these two want to have during their product placement segment of Shahs of Sunset for hair extensions? It make no sense. Nor does the lack of enthusiasm. If they were serious about this “business” they would have put some effort into it.

Leila wants to know what is going on with the MJ situation. GG says that she wants to know why Leila is hanging out with MJ since MJ called their parents and said that GG was a whore bitch. OMG. Please tell me MJ did not do that.  Oh god. There is footage. Leila doesn’t believe that GG is not the cause of the problem. I get that. GG has a history of lying but this time she is telling the truth. Leila calls Mike to verify GG’s story. Mikes supports GG version of events more or less. Leila apologizes. GG’s extensions look great in her talking heads.

Asa and Reza are going shopping at Kitson’s for Soghati , gifts from your travels you bring to your friends and family.  MJ arrives and says she is determined to ruin GG’s life.   Asa takes MJ to lunch and tries to talk her down.


Reza and MJ go for bikini waxes. Am I going to literally skip through this entire show except for the Asa scenes?  MJ gets a spray tan and it looks like she has lost a lot a weight since her infamous bikini pics on TMZ.  She has a nice hourglass shape. She’s shapely, but nice.  Please be respectful in comments. I admire her bravery and confidence. Her boobs are gigantic!

Reza seems over Lilly. He says he is really MJ on the inside but for a while thought he wanted to be Lilly on the inside.  Say what you will about MJ (I mean that figuratively, please don’t say what you will about MJ, she is my friend and she reads here). Unlike those girls who say they keep it 100, MJ actually does. Warts and all.

Mike is shopping for a new suit for Asa’s art show. He wants something colorful and artsy. I like the plain pink suit, and the navy and white plaid suit but not the florally pink one. We don’t get to see what he settled on yet. I hope it was the solid pink.

Reza and Lilly meet for lunch. I hope this is a break up luncheon. Reza says that he feels like last year he invested a lot of time and energy in developing a special relationship with her and then one thing happened and that was it. Well, far be it from me to take Lilly’s side, but if you had such a special relationship with her, you should have spoken up for her when MJ said no one at this table is your friend, they are my friends. Lilly says she really feels closer to Asa. Lilly doesn’t want to go to Turkey but she doesn’t want to offend Asa. Clearly, Lilly has been demoted to “fake friend of the Shahs.”

Shahs Persian Flu MaskI am so excited for Asa’s art show. I love her art. You can see more of it here.  Her exhibit is divided into three phases. Rumi (Persian poet and mystic) ,  represents her childhood in Iran where heart was developed, Nietzsche (a German poet and philosopher) represents her teen years in Germany where her mind was developed,  and EazyE (an American poet and rapper), represents her life in Beverly Hills where she became an adult and her body was developed. I know a lot of you guys don’t relate to Asa and that is okay. But my childhood, adolescence and adulthood were experienced in different places around the globe and I really get what she is saying. I may not be an Intergalactic Pop Priestess, but I do feel like a child of  diaspora, and a kindred spirit to Asa. Okay, end of oversharing. :) For now.  That said, I wish her exhibition was less, intellectual and picture based (from what I can see) and more her original art pieces which it doesn’t look like she is exhibiting.

At Asa’s event, Mike apologizes for Buttery Chocolate Croissant Gate 2013.  MJ says he should have called her afterward and apologized. For the love of God, MJ your behavior on that trip was abysmal. Take the apology and shut up. You love Mike.  MJ and Reza make some comment about never seeing Mike. Hello, he is engaged, he spends time with his fiancée and their mutual friends and quite frankly doesn’t want to take her around you guys unless he has to.  Some of you can’t behave in public.  Jessica says, “That’s what happens when you grow up.” MJ says, ” Excuse me little girl…” Jessica says, “Don’t call me little girl…” MJ says, ” You are ten years younger than the rest of us…” Jessica says, “I’m actually 20 years younger than you…” BURRRRN.  Mike tells JESSICA to slow HER ROW? Are you kidding me?  Jessica says no.  Mike’s talking head is about how since his mom has endorsed Jessica, she feels empowered.  Well, if you had any balls, you would be standing up for your fiancée and telling MJ to slow HER row. What the fuck Michael? You don’t take your fiancée into the lion’s den and leave her to fend for herself and then call her out when she eats the lion. Reza tries to smooth things over. Which is amazing all things considered.

GG arrives so MJ has a better target. Oh Lord. Y’all are so going to mock this. Asa does an interpretive, expressionistic piece with a sort of slide show in the back ground. Then she wears a necklace as a Persian Flu Mask in he talking head.  I would totally be into her live art piece, I know that is not everyone’s bag. But the Persian Flu Mask is a little much even for me. She is starting to sound all Kanye Westy here, yo. I felt it was a bit more narcissistic than autobiographical if I am being honest. On the other hand I would have loved to be there to experience it and support her. I’m a fan.  Oddly, I think MJ came the closest to “getting it” and the rest were, well let’s just say they are not intellectual peers and leave it at that.

MJ and Reza show up at Leila’s house with donuts and moral support and extra hands. Clearly, MJ is there just to fuck with GG and Reza has to know this, as does Leila. However, MJ was Leila’s realtor so she has to play nice. Leila says GG has not helped her pack a thing.  MJ and Reza pretend they do not know GG is coming.   GG and Leila bitch about GG not being able to help at all for a month but showing up at the last minute. Well, Leila for a month you have been hanging out with someone whose stated whole purpose is to ruin her life. So perhaps she could help you. Reza and MJ are hiding in the kitchen. Leila’s daughter is on GG’s side.  They are putting Jordan’s kid in the middle of the argument. Uncool. But truly she does not get it.

GG is pissed and leaving and she sees MJ’s fat dogs. She catches Reza and MJ in the kitchen hiding.  GG says she is leaving and little Jordan is begging her to stay. Leila  really is a horrible sister and in the wrong here. Who would have thunk last season I would be on GG’s side this season but I am. Seems like Leila wants camera time. GG says she is going to call her ex husband and hang out with him every single day. I get the comparison. I do. But it is still sad to see siblings fighting. Leila says GG needs to work on her anger issues. OLD EXCUSE SISTER GIRL. Had she not been working on her anger issues she would have just gutted you like a fish in front of your daughter.

Reza and MJ are acting like they helped with the moving. They did not. They came and ate some donuts with the express purpose of driving another wedge between Golnesa and Leila. And it worked. Point Reza/MJ. Leila is a moron.

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT TWO EPISODES. Other than Asa, these fools have put down their culture so much. I tried to talk to Reza early on about Iranian politics and he repeatedly said he was an American and did not care or follow that. I am so excited to see them immersed in their culture. If they do not come home whole from this experience, I fear for their …..souls …..for lack of a better word.   It some of them are still shitstains after this???? There is no redemption.


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30 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: In Love There Must Be Torture

  1. Xanadude

    Asa’s show, like most performance art, I think must be experienced in “the now” to fully appreciate. i’m betting that experienced in person it is phenomenal.
    And just like that Reza has less st any goodwill from me and is back to being the Worst Person on Bravo.

    • Buck Henry

      Leila is wrong for hanging out with MJ, MJ is a stirrer and she is only doing that to mess with GG. Having MJ call both your mothers and say that your sister is all that would have made you an enemy immediately with me. MJ needs to get checked and checked good, Jessica did a good job and mike telling her to calm down and her saying no was classic. Mike what was the REAL REASON you had your mom and Jessica at the store seeing you try out suits? You being a baller in the day and a player you should have a crap load of clothes and jewels and watches in your closet (I’m sorry the hotel you are staying at and paying rent instead of living with your parents). HIS MOTHER OR JESSICA payed for those clothes, thats it. He has no money and even the “friends” that he was shown hanging around and saying come with us come with us we will make you money, where are they Mike? They only wanted camera time and to goof on you to others in the community. They know he’s a broke player and baller and they talk crap about him everyday.

  2. Xanadude

    WWHL – Reza. Stop. Just stop. The caller gave you a nice opportunity to put the whole Sasha thing to rest, and yet YOU KEPT TALKING about his being FOB. You can’t even apologize like a normal empathetic human.
    Wanna bet behind the scenes he is begging to go to the Stern Birthday Bash?

  3. tobaccorhoda

    Good grief Tamara, I get that you like Asa, but what was that shit? It looked like kindergarteners were let loose with a ball of red yarn and some paste. And the egocentricity of it was bizarre.

    As for MJ, I hope she does read here, she’s been on the wrong side of reason and civility and the rules of friendship all season, and twisting the knife by using GG’s moron sister is a new low.

    CALLING THEIR MOTHER ??? Are you kidding me. She’s mentally challenged. Who does that shit as an adult?

    She’s had run-ins with, GG, Mike, Mike’s girlfriend, Lily, that slob who’s not on the show anymore and Reza. The only one she’s missed is Asa.

    Maybe it’s not them, it’s her, ya think?

    • tobaccorhoda, I don’t watch the show but from TT’s description of Asa’s performance, it seems that it was about her. About how different countries and cultures have influenced the stages of her growth. For that reason alone, it would be egocentric. After all, it was about Her. I’m sure it was better if one experienced it fully and in real time.

      • You really should watch it, it was just bizarre. How can she afford to do an “art” installation that is so utterly narcissistic? Red yarn and paste are cheap, but the space was probably expensive. I smell Jackson money.

        She seems nice enough but she is a pretender, a dabbler, and let’s not forget, a huckster. Diamond water? Really?

        Even with all that, she’s still the sanest one in the asylum.

  4. I’ve been on Lily’s side since day 1. She was used by Reza to destroy his “bestfriend” MJ. She really shouldn’t be surprised that he’s thrown her to the wind. She doesn’t need friends like this. Go Lily and get off of this show! ….or add Sasha as her friend!

  5. vivaladiva831

    Since you want us to be kind with our words to MJ, then I will just say…I love the gold picture with her and he lion. :). Oh and MJ you do have a great body.

  6. Witchy

    If I have to see MJ’s belly one more time..
    I get that MJ prides herself she does not want to be a 100lbs.
    Geez, have some respect for yourself.

  7. Witchy

    Im sorry, I did not read the post yet.

  8. Leila is an attention whore I fell so bad for gg her sisters betrayal has got to hurt deep

  9. okay TT, no MJ comments …
    I like GG this season and her sister is being used be Reeza and MJ on moving day to mess with GG.

    Leila was horrible to her sister calling GG out like she did. How Leila allowed MJ and Reeza trash talk GG was disgusting.
    That had to be horrible for GG to walk into her sisters house seeing Reeza and MJ there.
    Asa is a nice woman and does try to stay out of the fighting. I try to look past the mouth guard when Asa wears it. That look reminds me of how men tried to control women at one time. I do like Asa’s spirit.

  10. Stacey

    The shit eating grin on Lela’s face when GG saw MJ told me everything I need to know about her and why GG has such deep anger issues. I have really enjoyed GG this season and wish she would cut all these toxic people out of her life, maybe then her issues with anger will disappear!

  11. MJ still looks like she’s drunk or on drugs (as her good friend Reza accused her of, last year, on the reunion). She acts like she is 6 years old and a kid who is always looking to start a fight. Now that she has her pet m k y back she thinks she can start all kinds of shit and say whatever she wants – GROW UP!!!!

  12. Celurian

    you are friends with MJ? What?

    • Is there a particular word that you are not comprehending? I’m at a loss as to how to answer your questions.

      • Celurian

        My bad, I should have rephrased it. Are you friends in real life or twitter? I hope you know the difference between the two.

      • What’s the difference? /rests chin on fist.

      • Celurian

        One is real life. The other one not so much. Look, I was just curious. You seem to defend and protect some of these people as if you knew them personally, so I wanted to know if this was in fact the case. Your use of the word “friends” to describe your relationship with MJ caught my attention and I am wondering if this friendship is legit or just in your head.

      • You wonder about a lot of odd things. Why would who I am friends with be of concern to you? Perhaps one day you will be the star in your own life rather than trying to be a bit player in mine. Until then, thanks for focusing so much attention on me!

      • Celurian

        Hahaha. Ooooook theeeeeeen. I guess people were right.

    • BravoCueen

      So what if MJ has belly rolls? She is beautiful. Her behavior this season, not so much. I can’t figure out if she’s deliberately escalating her inappropriateness (is that a word?) just for camera time or if she’s having some sort of break-down. But physically, her body is beautiful. She owns her beauty and her flaws as more of us women should.

    • Celurian

      Thank youuuu!

  13. SB

    I think Mike needs to send his gf to the derm and get some lasers or chemical peels for her face. There is no reason she should have to have acne scars on tv, while mike’s teeth are bleach bone white.
    MJ…why would you call GG’s mom? Uncalled for.

  14. S

    Ok, I think I understood the scene with the little argument between MJ and Jessica, and Mike pretty well and the hidden underlying messages it displays. There are many cultures around the world that while they may be liberal, they are still old school in the way that they believe women should behave. I am not talking about burkas and gender roles. I am talking about the little nuances of a woman’s behavior. I have done a LOT of observation on this, and maybe it is different here in the U.S., but there are many, many men who don’t want a woman who will act as their mouthpiece.
    While Jessica may have believed she was standing up for Mike, in reality this did not involve her, MJ was not attacking Mike, and Mike is a grown man and can speak for himself. All MJ was saying was how he doesn’t really spend time with his old friends anymore, he could easily have shut the conservation down and moved on. I understand why he was frustrated with his girlfriend, because she injected herself and started an argument without needing to.
    Mike was born and raised in the U.S. of A , but he may have a mindset more set in the old-fashioned way like his parents, who are traditional and conservative. I can tell you, a lot of men want women who act softer, a little bit quieter, let their man take control in social situations. Mike seems like he wants to wear the pants but he is having difficulty doing so in his relationship. Just my thoughts.

  15. So long, KelliCunt! You have been memory holed.

  16. SSS

    it’s “slow your roll”.

  17. Felina

    What exactly did GG do to make MJ want to “ruin her life”?

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