Porsha Stewart, I Mean Porsha Williams, Moves Back in With Mommy

Porsha+Williams+Porsha+Williams+Chats+Bethenny+kAiEiAOTDnWlWell we all saw this one coming.  Porsha Stewart, ummm Porsha Williams has moved back in with her mother, according to a story on TMZ.  We all know that Porsha could not afford and did not need that huge house out in St. Marlo Country Club.  The whole situation was Shady by Bravo from the start. Why would Porsha move into Nene’s neighborhood, who she was friendly with and not tell her? The whole “surprise” ploy never floated well with me. I firmly believe that Bravo rented that house so she could have an “I can’t manage my finances” storyline.  Which also doesn’t make sense because she can’t manage her own finances so all Bravo would have had to do roll some film as she imploded.

Bethenny  Frankel, who has a direct line to Andy Cohen,  already seemed to know that Porsha was tossed out of the big house regardless of the specific circumstances when Porsha appeared on her show last week talking about how God is so good to her to provide such a huge house.  Bethenny literally scoffed at her.  So however it happened, Porsha did what we all thought she should have done in the first place and found a condo in Atlanta. Apparently, the condo she chose was outrageously expensive and part of a Home Owners Association.  She can’t possibly have been in the condo for more than three months before the HOA filed a claim for approximately $18,000.

If TMZ’s facts are correct, that would mean that the HOA has already taken Porsha to court for failure to pay her monthly fees and won and is now trying to get a lien on her bank accounts, (read her RHOA money) to get their money.  TMZ is also reporting that Porsha gets $5,000 a month from Kordell. However, my understanding is that Kordell gave her a one time allowance plus a couple thousand dollars a month for six months to help her get back on her feet.

Whatever the exact particulars are of the story is fairly irrelevant. TMZ’s story says implies that Porsha bought the condo. However, when you rent a luxury condo with an HOA you are often responsible for the HOA fees in addition to rent.  Whether she rented, or purchased, or continues to get alimony from Kordell or not, it seems that Porsha just doesn’t have the God-given sense to manage her finances and has gone home to mommy. Again. Where she live 265 days a year.


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60 responses to “Porsha Stewart, I Mean Porsha Williams, Moves Back in With Mommy

  1. CityGirl81

    This girl is as dumb as they come. However she expects us to believe she was running a business before she got with Kordell? Girl bye!!

  2. RealitySux

    Maybe next time instead of getting mad at Kandi and Phaedra – she will TAKE NOTES on how to managed her money. SMH

  3. Holy shit! I get 8.8k a month in alimony and can somehow find the money to pay for 4 huge houses and keep my HOA dues up to date. What is wrong with this girl??? Yes, HOA’s can put whats called a lien on your property, HOWEVER, if you are renting dues are usually included in your rental payment, no one in their right mind would agree to pay separate dues to a rented condo. If she purchased the condo, they put whats called a SPECIFIC lien on your property and when you sell, that debt has to be paid off as well. My HOA fees are 899$ a month for just one house, how can she not pay something that must be significantly LOWER than that?? Something is NOT adding up and if she has a financial adviser, he/she needs to be replaced.Who goes through that kind of money that fast??? She needs to marry again or get a sugar daddy ASAP. Good god, this is why I have so many lovers #HOAFEESANDSHOES

    • love2hatebravo

      Agreed, she wasn’t renting whichever place that sued her. That’s just not how it works. And it had to have been longer than 3 months of ownership.

  4. myinfo

    She said she was renting to own the big crazy house.
    I could not sleep in that big house alone.
    I assumed it would be for few month while the show aired…
    What a waste of money when her Ma has a big house.
    All for show.

  5. donna

    Heres the thing. Even though Porsha is an adult, she is still “childlike” so, Im not gonna judge her! Shes not “dumb” but her mind is still a teenager!

  6. Yamoah Asiedu

    This is what happens when you travel on the underground railway, like a Siamese cat, 265 days of the year.

  7. JustToni

    Ok is it just me, are RHOA’s storylines just repeating themselves? This whole rich but homeless melodrama is just a repeat of Kenya’s storyline which was deja vu’s of Sheree’s. Kandi’s my-family-doesn’t-approve-of-my man storyline is the same as Cynthia’s.

  8. lilkunta

    Porsha is a fool. And if her family loves her why are they not helping her?
    So the St Marlo Country Club house she ‘rented’ wasnt for real? Did Bravo just rent the house to film scenes in?

    Tamara can you get the deed to the condo ? IS it even in her name ?

    • Call a local Realtor that services that area, give them that property address, they pull it up on the MLS and can view the complete ownership and tax history. If you really have time and $ to spare, call a title company and have them check title on the property and see if there are any “clouds” (liens or prior claim to ownership) on the property. Easy peasy.

      • lilkunta

        I’m not i Georgia.
        I also dont know the address of teh hi rise condo.

      • i cannot find ANY property that she has title to, not a one, (i used every possible spelling of her name as well, stewart, williams, etc,) not even the one she shared with kordell so he never put her on title apparently or it would show up. i did find kordell’s home though, lucky break! i also cannot find any property liens under her name so it must be under a collection or a lien granted by the courts. my research skills are pretty stellar and if it was there, i would at least find an inkling.


      I said that all along.

      I am not sure if Porsha did the Atlanta Condo thing TMZ is saying.

      I think maybe it is her Bravo house in St MARLO? I DUNNO. SHE IS SHEREE BR0KE AND LIVING WITH HER MAMA. :)

  9. Lurker

    This story makes absolutely no sense. I work in residential high rise property management in Atlanta. A tenant NEVER pays HOA dues. They aren’t a member of the association. An association cannot own a condo and rent it out for revenue. Associations are non profits.

    Three months of dues adds up to $18,000?? Why is TMZ calling it a condo?? She can rent a luxury condo in the Lowe’s in midtown for much less than this.

    • I agree. That is why I suggested a lot of the details could be wrong. I do believe the part about her being at home. What if it was the St Marlo property and not a condo downtown, could it be club fees and HOA? I think the overall point of the TMZ article (someone is suing her for HOA fees) is true. And also that she is back home. The details themselves don’t make much sense.

  10. Oracle5

    Porsha, perhaps you should take NeNe’s advice and get treatment for your behavorial disorders.

  11. Lurker

    Receipts are finally coming in. She was sued by the condo association at Grandview at Buckhead Heights. Off to check records to see if she bought a condo there…..

  12. Lurker

    Active listings average about $200k. Monthly HOA averages $504/mo.

    The principal amount of the garnishment was $13.5k. The other $4k were additional fees. She was initially served September 2012. She married Cordell May 2011.

    According to the legal docs, she hasn’t paid condo dues since 2012. My guess is she bought it prior to marriage to Kordell and then walked away from it.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  13. Lurker

    Last comment: Google “3481 NE Lakeside Drive Porsha.” BOOM!

    For the record, I do not know Porsha and have no affiliations. I’m just from Atlanta and was aggravated when TMZ ran that sloppy story about a subdivision suing her for ‘condo’ fees.

  14. a little birdie

    I was reading somewhere else and it says it was from 2012. This the amount plus court fees

  15. tobaccorhoda

    Looks like there was a public auction of at property last year for back taxes.

    • Oracle5

      To: tobaccorhoda: I don’t give a HILL of Beans what public records means. I’ve never sat through a boring lecture class of Legal matters. This is Porsha’s personal business even though the public has access to look some MESS UP about anyone to get a Kick out of it! Leave Porsha’s business alone!

    • Oracle5

      To: jarlath, you’re the biggest fool in town! I am still laughing at this! Guess what “Jeremiah was a bull frog!”

  16. Porsche made herself a public figure and all that comes with it. It’s how she chose to earn (cough) a dollar.
    Property ownership, taxes, liens against her property are public records.
    Great post TT, great comments.

  17. Okay I am still looking into this but so far there is a 2 br 2bath Condo that is owned by “Williams Family Trust” at that location. It would seem they would be suing the Trust and not Porsha if that is the property in question.

  18. Okay I’ve read the entire list of owners of condos at that address, and there is no mention of Porsha. Also the average sale price is $150,000. The closest thing is the Williams Family Trust” Unit. But Williams is such a common name, ,,,,

  19. Katrina

    $18K for HOA fees is outrageous for 3 months. She must be living in a multimillion dollar penthouse. There was probably one fact that was correct and TMZ ran with it. The house Porsha was living in did not cost that much, $6,000 per month.

    • It sounds like it is HOA fees from a condo she rented in Atlanta either before or after her marriage and then just got married and quit paying for it. Maybe. This whole story is weird. If TMZ has the legal documents, why are they not quoting from them?

  20. myinfo

    Can the ladies write off their rent cost as a bussiness expense if Bravo films in their homes? It appears Bravo always films at least once in all their homes.

  21. TT, I read this in a comment section on another blog so all ‘credit’ isdue that poster. If this is in anyway wrong to post here, pleas delete.

    the file was found in public records…fulton county ga…foreclosure Grandview Condominium Association IncFiled on 08/14/2012
    Case Type: FORECLOSURE
    Judge: Wendy L. Shoob
    Current Status: Disposed
    Disposition: 12/20/2012 – FINAL ORDER

    08/08/2013 AFFIDAVIT
    08/08/2013 MOTION TO COMPEL
    06/18/2013 NOTICE
    06/18/2013 NOTICE
    01/18/2013 FIFA
    01/11/2013 REQUEST
    01/04/2013 MICROFILMED FILE

  22. Angel

    I think she moved back home for health issues. You can’t be that old and that dumb. She stated that she marched with her grandfather during the civil rights movement when she was six that would make her at least 60. This poor thing isn’t educated and if she doesn’t do math she can’t count. Which leaves me to believe that she didn’t attend school. She always seemed depressed and victimized. I just hope they get her some help before she does something drastic!!

    • I agree with everything you said. But I should in fairness to the intellectually challenged, Porsha. I think when she says she marched with Hosea, she is talking about a March in Forsyth County. Even if you are not from Georgia you probably heard about this on the Oprah show. They made a huge deal out of Forsyth county being the most racist place in America. Hosea and Al and the like descended on the county seat and protested. I assume that Porsha’s mother went as well and took her children with her.

  23. Mrs Smith

    What was up with the daycare thing she mentioned? Does anyone remember last season when she couldn’t take care of a child AND cook dinner? She would be clueless at a daycare!

  24. MKitaG

    Actually this claim was from 2012. IDK why or what happened but I believe this was before she married Kordell.

  25. I"m the Genius Here

    Did Porsha change her last name back to Williams? It irks me horribly when women want to do it for divorcee’s. If she chooses to keep her name Stewart (which as far as I know, she has), leave her alone.

  26. I am honestly embarrassed FOR her and don’t know her. Everyone makes mistakes but GOD she seems so flighty.

  27. sw

    I believe this was a condo she owned before she married Kordell. I remember either reading or Kordell said something about he gave her the money to pay the mortgage each month but she didn’t (I guess she brought a pair of shoes). Anyway the bank foreclosed on the house but HOA is separate so they filed a claim against her. I think that is the tea.

  28. jules

    Porscha needs to Grow Up. Instead of taking time to build her money Porscha is buying stuff to show she can keep up and Wasting the money she has made. Porsha just doesn’t get it

    • Oracle5

      Porsha, Trouble don’t last always, you are going to make it through these trials and tribulations coming into your life at this time. Keep the FAITH, Because, you know the WORD is true, for FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Through FAITH, also,Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed and was delivered of a child when she was past age. However, for you and your FUTURE husband (wait on the Lord) you will become a MOTHER before you are even near the age of Sarah when Isaac was born.

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