Nene Leakes and Sonja Morgan Go to Dinner, Hilarity Ensues

rhonysonjawhitetrashNene Leakes has been in NYC for quite some time now. Last night she went to dinner with Sonja Morgan. For Sonja at least, it appears to have been a liquid dinner. Nothing new there. But a TMZ photog got Sonja to talk to the cameras for quite a bit and the footage is hysterical.

She says she had a talk with Nene. The photog asks how that went and Sonja says, “It went very well. Nene is very… practical. I love Nene. Nene is a very practical girl. I loved her husband and I loved her girlfriend. She’s a good girl.”

The photog asks if Brandi is in the doghouse now.  Sonja says, “Brandi? No, no, Brandi I like Brandi. I don’t like what people did to Brandi … ’cause Brandi is straight up …  straight … smart.” But wait, there’s more!

The photog asks about… I think her divorce… She says she is fine…..she has her house.  Then he asks about horse carriages in NYC and Sonja says based on recent…………developments, she has a mixed opinion on that. If they don’t keep letting the horses pull the carts, they go to the glue factory and she is not happy about that.  Lots more talk about Fifth Avenue and the glue factory and the lifestyle of the carriage horses. Then Sonja finally sums it up with, “I know for myself, I’d rather ride hard, than not ride at all.”

Y’all have got to go see the video yourselves. First of all, Sonja looks STUNNING despite being wasted. The best I have ever seen her look. Secondly, she has a lady sitter with her who is desperately trying to drag her inside and alternately frantically texting someone presumably calling for back up. It’s hysterical. Go watch!


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13 responses to “Nene Leakes and Sonja Morgan Go to Dinner, Hilarity Ensues

  1. lololololololol squared! i too would rather be ridden hard than never at all so we share that. omg, where is that damn toaster oven when you need one sonja?

  2. Gotta love Sonja! That video is hilarious. She is rip roaring drunk and funny as hell. Love her unpaid assistant nervously texting and trying to gently guide Sonja away.

  3. Gingersnap

    I LOVE Sonja with a J and have no problem looking the other way since she said Brandi was smart, but what the hell, no one is perfect :) I would watch NY for no other reason but to watch Sonja. She’s a trip.

  4. Sonja has been the best addition to RHONY! #iconic “I’d rather ride hard than not ride at all.”

    • Okay fine that was cool too. but she sounds like a white trash reject most of the time. lol

      • terry macon

        TT, sonja and ramona are great together, they have fun and do not give a damn. Period point blank. they hurt no one and you bring life to them in your blog. You make them great! They are like lucy and ethel. Thanks LOL

  5. myinfo

    I like Sonja because she is nuts and not mean.

  6. First of all, that assistant is USELESS.
    Second, my idea of hell would be to work for TMZ trying to goad celebs into giving me a clip of themselves acting stupid.
    Sonja looks amazing and seems to be her old, loving and positive self. She is really a breath of fresh air on a show where usually we see nothing but fake.
    Lastly, drunk people are not known for articulating their thoughts coherently, but Sonja does it give it a valiant effort. I miss watching her and Ramona cut it up!

  7. newjerzeyboy

    Sonja looks great, but being drunk is not a good look for her. It’s fun to watch, but I think she does have a problem with her alcohol. Having said that, I can’t wait for RHONY to come back this March.

  8. donna

    I like Sonja. Shes a Happy Drunk!

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