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Sorry for the delay y’all. I’m in a narcoleptic phase and I just hit the wall last night with the RHOA post. Blood Sweat and Heels will be up shortly. But first I am dying to see this episode of WWHL.

Nene and Phaedra are there in the audience. Nene has been in NYC this week for some reason.  Phaedra has to go with Apollo to keep him from cheating, I assume. :) Also, Todd’s mom is there. Why?  And Andy’s beard is gone.

The poll question is who would you rather out of the men?

Andy asks Todd what his reaction was to seeing all the drama about him? Todd says it was a little tough. Todd says he has always been cool with Christopher and Natalie. He says he dated Natalie’s friend in high school and they later reconnected in their twenties and neither one of them had anything.

Next we revisit the Apollo and Kenya sexting scandal that never happened AGAIN. Apollo says that he loves his wife, and then repeats the foot in his mouth comment that Peter told him never to say!  He says he loves his wife and he would never step outside of his marriage, but if he wanted to he could have. Oh Apollo.

What's the Beef Between Apollo Nida and Peter Thomas?

Someone asks if any of them have actually met “Kenya’s boyfriend.” Shockingly, they have not. Do they think he is real? No they do not.

What is the greatest challenge of having a wife in the spotlight? Gregg says keeping the wind beneath her wings so she can fly. So I can never run out of power.

Do any of you keep in touch with Kordell. If so how awkward is that? Peter keeps up with Kordell because it seems that Peter finally found someone to fund his Bar One in Charlotte. Peter has been talking about opening up a bar in Charlotte since 2012, it’s the commercial version of Chateau Sheree. Peter says it is not awkward because he never believed anything that Porsha said. He says he is rolling with Kordell 100%. However, they are both on twitter and I never seem them tweeting each other.

Kenya has said negative things about each of them, what piece of advice would they give her to get and most importantly keep a man? Peter says shut up and get a man. No one else jumps in to comment. Gregg says stay in your own lane.

Apollo, do you regret the way you have been speaking to Phaedra when you watch your scenes? He says not really.  He thinks things come off a little differently on camera. She knows he has a good heart. He says they have so much going on all the time that things get stressful.

Andy says he met Todd’s mother before the show. He again asks if it is hard for Todd to watch all the negativity  with Mama Joyce? Todd says it is very challenging. He has a daughter who watches the show and for her to see someone lie about her dad , or make things up or talk bad about him, it’s really tough for her.  Todd’s daughter is 17! I thought he had one closer to Reilly’s age. Andy asks how long he was married and he says he has never been married. Andy asks Todd if he and Kandi are still planning on….and doesn’t even finish the question. Todd says they are taking it day by day. I am starting to believe they are already married.

Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker - 1Andy asks Peter if he is empathetic towards Todd since he went through a similar situation with Cynthia’s family? Peter says he is empathetic to what all of them are going through.  Because all of us work really hard to be the men that we are.

A caller asks Todd what he really thinks of Wendy Williams starting the opportunist issue? Todd says he thinks is it Wendy’s job to kind of judge without knowing the real facts about people. So I get it. I am not even tripping on her. In time she will see who I really am. Peter says she will come around, she used to hate him too. :)

A caller asks Todd and Apollo what they thought about Chuck’s disrespectful comments and if the had said anything to him?  Before the caller is even done with her question, you see both guys kind of tense up.  Apollo says he will have an opportunity to confront Chuck he just hasn’t seen him yet.  Apollo says that when you go into a Boys & Girls club you are supposed to carry yourself in a certain manner. Apollo says for him to say something like that to a mother and is married was inappropriate. Especially, when there are children watching that look up to him.  Todd  says “he’s a lame” I think that is what he said. His entire answer was sort of nonsensical to be honest.

Peter, you seemed to come off as insensitive when your wife was going through what she was going through (fibroids) after watching the footage do you feel like you were insensitive?  When I see the footage, it appears to be that way, but y’all only see what is edited. I was never insensitive to what my wife was going through. It was difficult for my life for the last two years because I didn’t know what she was going through and our marriage was suffering because of it. I could see why you think I was angry, because I was angry most of the time.

The game was Shady Sh-Ayden where baby Ayden would say lines from the show and the husbands had to guess the housewife who said it.

Peter is asked why he was for Porsha last season and now he is not? He said that was at the reunion. He was upset with Kordell for not showing up. Peter says there are two sides to every story and he is rolling with his man.

For all the guys, should Kim Zolciak come back to the show? Peter says, “You’re asking us?” That’s funny.

Peter is asked what it was like dating Nia Long? Peter says that was his girlfriend and he was in love with her when he was with her. And then they became friends.

Gregg is asked if he was not with Nene which of the other girls would he be with? You can hear Nene in the audience saying nobody. And Gregg smartly says the same.

Todd is asked what the whole story was behind Mama Joyce’s accusations about Todd and Carmon?  Todd says “supposedly the people in the streets was saying we were messing around, and he keeps trying to figure out who these people in the streets are.” Nothing ever happened and it is said that Carmon’s son has to be subjected to the rumors.

The poll question was pretty even. Todd won with 29% followed by Gregg and Apollo at 27% (seems like Nene and Phaedra sat in the audience and voted all night, lol) and Peter got 17% of the vote.

That was a fun show, but all the guys seemed like they drank A LOT before the show.


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16 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With The Men of RHOA

  1. Katrina

    I like the fact the men kind of sick together. At first, Apollo and Peter were having problems, but now they are just fine. Kandi is in the play, so she probably came out to support her son and Kandi. I thought Todd was from New York. I bet Phaedra came out to support Kandi in her play. I saw that Riley and Mam Joyce were at the play too.

  2. myinfo

    Great to see the guys. They basically confirmed that Kenya has a fake boyfriend, car and soon a fake child.
    Glad that Todd won the poll.
    Can’t wait for next weeks’ fight.

  3. RealitySux

    I definitely like the solidarity shown with the men …. and even though Todd’s answer to the Chuck question didn’t make any sense – Apollo and Todd’s body language said it all. I believe Apollo is gonna whip Chucks ass!!!

    I think Todd genuinely loves Kandi – and I kinda hope they are already married…they have been put through the ringer on this show.

  4. vivaladiva831

    I hope you are right about Kandi and Todd already being married. When he said they were taking it day by day I thought ruh roh…

    Apollo, just smile and nod. It is better to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt…

  5. donna

    Peter, there are actually 3 sides to every story. Kordell’s, Porsha’s, & the truth! ROLL’WITH THE TRUTH PETEY! HOW ABOUT THAT?

  6. Buck Henry

    Tamara I thought it was funny also everytime that Andy would ask Gregg a question NeNe would answer it for him and dare him to say something different. I don’t see that as cute, I see that as a sick relationship in some ways. If you can’t trust your own spouse to make a statement of opinion on a fictional think, how long will that relationship last.

    • For as long as he lets her keep his balls in her purse I suppose.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Okay let us not devolve into sexist stereotypes. Maybe she is the one in control on some matters and he is the one in control on others. Sometimes those who appear to be pussy-whipped actually wield the whip where it counts. :-)

  7. Urethra Franklin

    I didn’t watch the after show, but did anybody ask Apollo what the hell is his job?

  8. lilkunta

    yea riley(kandi ‘s daughter) was on an ep washing a car with todd’s daughter. they looked to be the same age. but todd said his daughter is 17. so who was that girl ?

  9. JustToni

    Todd’s daughter is his mini-me. Also on her Instagram (kpt_) she has a pic with Kandi who she refers to as her stepmomma … hmmmm

  10. Victoria

    When Andy asked the guys “do any if you have dating advice for Kenya” you can hear Nene in the audience say,” No you do not.”

    Gregg, get back in your cage.

  11. Very surprised that Apollo went to NY for this. And showed his face.

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