Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Too Much Mica and Not Enough Jason

Blood Sweat Heels - Season 1Melyssa and Daisy are out at the park talking about Demetria. Because Demetria is the star and they need something to talk about on TV.  Geneva is talking to Mica about being hurt that Demetria would talk about her recent breakup in her blog. Let me stop right here to direct you to the scandalous blog at the center of all of this nonsense.  No names were used AT ALL. Demetria just refers to the group of women she was having a conversation with about snooping and checking up on your man. Demetria side of the issue is that it wrong and pretty much crazy behavior. And she is right. However, I think everyone in the world (besides Demetria who is apparently perfect in every way) has nosed around a bit on their man at least once in their life. Demetria is not talking about any major scandal. As Brandi Glanville would say, “It’s not like they murdered anybody.”  This drama is unnecessary and ridiculous.

Demetria and Brie are at a restaurant talking about Daisy and Geneva’s reactions.  Demetria acknowledges that Geneva may still be raw from the ending of her relationship. Demetria says that she had no intention of reopening a wound if that is what happened. Brie suggests that Demetria approach Geneva and tell her that she did not have bad intentions when writing the blog.  Demetria acknowledges that Brie is right and says she needs to work through her ego and then reach out to Geneva. What we are witnessing here is two grown women having a conversation, and acknowledging that perhaps some unintentional harm was done, and discussing how to make amends.  I believe this is the first time I have ever seen anything like this on Bravo.


Mica’s boyfriend Terry, who was the waiter at the dinner party at her house last episode, has cheated on her with someone he has been in a relationship with for 20 years. Um, girlfriend, that’s a problem. Mica’s relationship with her father is broken. They do not speak. She hasn’t seen him in a year. And sadly, I recently read an article where Mica said her dad died during filming.  While they are playing basketball, Terry is gently trying to nudge Mica to call her father, who is ill.

Daisy has a book called Never Pay Retail Again that is being rereleased in digital form. And she is looking at photos to choose for the cover. Does this make sense to anyone? Isn’t digital an e-book? Do e-books even have covers?  Do the scenes with Daisy ever make sense?

Mica is working with a model at her agency on her walk.  In her talking head Mica points out that she is black. Both of her parents are black. They show a picture of her parents both of whom are very light skinned.  Clearly, they are mixed. But Mica is adamant that she is black.  So black she shall be.

Demetria and Geneva meet to hash out their issues.  As soon as Geneva sits down they start having a stare down.  It’s odd. The waiter actually apologizes for interrupting the stare down to take their drink order. By the way, does Geneva give anyone else the Sheryl Underwood vibe? They sort of favor each other to me.  Geneva is literally sipping her tea and throwing shade already at Geneva for ordering cappuccino with a shot of Grand Marnier.

Geneva says she felt hurt, like her feelings were dismissed. She talked about how she felt when she found out her man was cheating and Demetria just dismissed it. Part of the problem here, in my opinion is that these women do not know each other. Demetria had never met Mica before and only “knew of” the other women. So they were sort of thrust together to film and they really don’t have any experience with each other to know how the others will react. Meanwhile, Demetria is sitting there sipping on tea while Geneva pours her heart out. She could not be more dismissive in her demeanor.  Geneva was expecting a modicum of compassion, but it doesn’t seem like Demetria worked through her ego like she told Brie she would.

Geneva said that Demetria seemed above reproach and that  when Demetria said she would never do this or that (meaning snooping) it came off as high and mighty. Geneva didn’t say high and mighty, I am paraphrasing here. Demetria says that is the truth. Geneva says, “Lucky you!” and Demetria replys “Indeed.” Which she delivered in such a way that the whole, “Sucks to be you” was unspoken but received nonetheless.

Now Geneva is hurt again. She came for an apology and is getting shade. The shade is being delivered in the most exquisite, subtle way ever. But shade is most definitely being thrown by a professional here.  Those real housewives could learn a thing or three from Demetria.  So Geneva, who is out of her league in many ways, gets desperate. Geneva comes out with, “Well I have heard a lot of things about you.”  and Demetria effortlessly volleys back with, “There are a lot of stories to tell about me.”  Geneva tries, ” I’ve heard a lot of negative things about you.” Demetria says, “There’s a lot of that too.” and keeps right on sipping her tea.

Eventually, Geneva says she doesn’t really give a damn about the blog. She is over it. Demetria says she has never written anything on her blog with the intention of attacking them.  Demetria says, “If I opened a wound, I apologize.” And Geneva accepts the apology. The mood lightens and everyone is satisfied.  No really. Nary a table got flipped or a drink thrown. Just two women having a mature conversation.


Melyssa and Mica are predrinking  before Geneva’s party. They have no idea what her new position is or why she is getting a party. When they arrive they both are pissed there is only one bartender working the party. Clearly, these two are focused on getting drunk.  Geneva is mingling and meeting a lot of people in the brand marketing field. She is very proud of her accomplishments. Brie arrives a bit late and immediately starts sucking down liquor. No wait. She doesn’t do that at all. She hugs Geneva and congratulates her on her new position.  Len, the head of Uptown Magazine where Geneva got the job walks in.  Geneva introduces him to the girls as her boss. Brie says, “This is a good investment right here.” referring to Geneva.  Mica slurs out a plug for her modeling agency. Then there is a montage of Mica drinking a variety of drinks, Vodka, wine, Vodka….

Mica is wasted and crawling on the backs of couches and throwing her legs in the air. Apparently she is drunk in her talking heads too. Geneva points out that this is a work event, but Mica is undeterred.

Demetria arrives late and greets Geneva cordially. It looks like the apology is going to stick. AND JASON ARRIVES. Let us pause for a moment to reflect on his hotness. Maybe a few moments. Why don’t they have this man miked?

We cut to a scene with Daisy and her father who is in town for a visit. All I can think is, can we get back to Jason? Later, Daisy’s father gives her a key necklace because she holds the key to her heart.

Back at Geneva’s party, Melyssa and Mica are acting a fool while the boss is trying to give a toast. making loud noises that sound like a monkey getting raped by a baboon. Geneva moves away from the ladies. Melyssa screams out “he’s keeping us lubricated!”  and Len says, “Yep and don’t overdo it. Get home safely.”  Geneva wants to crawl in a hole and die at this point.  As Demetria told Jason, it’s like they have never been out of the house before. Brie is petrified by the behavior on display by Mica and Melyssa and rightly so.

Geneva says in her talking head, “I thought Melyssa was leaving the video hoeing behind her, but not she is giving me a hoe moment. She’s having flashbacks.”

Security is asking Melyssa to leave and she is screaming like at three year old while jumping on the couch with Mica, “No I don’t want to! ”


Demetria has seen enough and leaves with Jason. Outside the club, Jason finally gets a mike and tells Demetria about the date.  I know Jason is practically family to Demetria and Daisy was a horrific date, but I would have preferred that Jason be a bit more gentlemanly in the telling rather just blurting out, “She has no class.”

Speaking of no class. Mica is flashing her vagina at the Uptown event. Geneva and Brie lure them out of the party with promises of another bar. Then the two idiots literally start to play in traffic. Melyssa stands in the middle of traffic trying to stop a cab. Several slow down, take a quick look at her drunk ass and ride on. Finally, a cab stops but Mica is too drunk to get in the cab and the cabbie starts moving with her hanging out of the door. Brie stops that and they get out of the cab hoping for a better driver.  Brie gets on the phone and calls a cab for the ladies.

Next week some of the girls head for The Hamptons, while Mica goes to say goodbye to her dying father.

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I will just put it here. I heard a rumor that Melyssa Ford did not have a job when Bravo found her so they were not going to hire her despite really liking her. So she worked a deal with the Real Estate company to allow her to “pretend” to work there in exchange for filming at their location and providing them publicity. I am unable to confirm that at this time. However, the streets are talking.  And I’ve always said that Melyssa doesn’t seem to know how the real estate business works, at all, or appear to be licensed.





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45 responses to “Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Too Much Mica and Not Enough Jason

  1. Will someone please start a fund to purchase Daisy a wig that is not so obvious? It appears plastic as if it were made in the 80’s. Who would take any advice from a woman who cannot pick out an appropriate lid? The gentleman she went on the date with read her! I love how he put it out there. If I were him I would have added if you are going to keep me waiting for hours at least show up with your wig brushed and not crooked….

  2. Dolores Slater

    Hoe flashbacks, doncha hate when that happens.

  3. Urethra Franklin

    TT its so funny that you say she looks like Sheryl Underwood cause I think that too…. Sheryl Underwood has always joked that she looks like Wesley Snipe in drag, and then I saw a trailer for Blood, Sweat, & Heals where one of the girls calls Geneva ugly like Wesley Snipes. I DIE that was so shady wrong for another woman to tell another woman. I think it was Daisy who said it.

    Mica is a mess, but she cracks me up boo boo.

  4. beth

    When were these BSH episodes filmed? The date on Demetria’s blog post is April 28, 2013, yet all of the comments in response to that post begin in Jan 2014 ? That does not make sense.

  5. stopandstartover

    I know this is ignorant, but Geneva’s eyebrows? How does one get them that high, even with botox….?

  6. lyn

    Yes, because everyone knows light skinned Black people aren’t really Black. Because light skinned Black people must be mixed. Because it isn’t like the majority of Black people descending from slaves are are mix…. Nope.

    • Kelli

      I concur…I don’t think Tamara realizes how ignorant and demeaning she can be at times. I’m sure she will reply with some snarky comment because she’s behind a computer. I love this blog and I read it every day but comments like that shouldn’t be made unless you know what you’re speaking about. Living in the “ghetto” and being around black people doesn’t make you a scholar on them. I’m a very light-skinned black woman, with light hair and greenish hazel eyes, with two brown-skinned parents. Clearly, I’m mixed. We come in a lot of different shades because of “our past”.

    • is your point light skinned black people aren’t mixed? Because you start off with that argument and end with the opposite.

      • Daph1

        I think the point is that a black person who is of a lighter hue isn’t necessarily the product of mixed race parents. I am one of those black folks, and both my mother and dad are black. Yes, there was some mixing somewhere in our past, but they, and their parents, are black

      • Of course light skinned blacks are the product of racial mixing. What a ridiculous comment!

      • Undine

        I have no dog in this fight, but I will say sometimes light skinned Black folks get called “mixed” or “biracial” which can annoy them if they have two Black parents. In the Black (American) community the terms “mixed” or “biracial” equals one Black parent, non white parent. So I see why Mica is adamant to say she is Black because she has two Black parents, and quick to dismiss the “mixed” label. Black folk tacitly acknowledge white ancestry is somewhere in the mix for all of us, but that is sort of a taboo subject. Anyway,Tamara, I love your site and constantly refresh to see what’s new.

      • Undine

        *Whoops sorry I meant in the Black community biracial means one Black parent, one non-Black parent. Geez.

      • Yep, that is pretty much the definition of biracial. Which no one really mentioned. If you are “mixed” then your children are also, “mixed.” Mica is very mixed and people mistake her for white, and that is why she is so adamant to tell people she is black, and goes so far to bring a picture of her parents to the producers to show her black parents (of mixed heritage). Why is this such an issue for some of you? Y’all are crazy.

  7. Sal

    Query for Tamara: why do you take issue with Mica referring to herself as black, but not Melissa? Melissa is actually mixed (i.e. Her mom is white and her dad is black) – due to our f-ed up history – generations of Black people look like Micawith fair skin and European features – maybe you forget about Melissa b/c she doesn’t have European features? I think the real issue is that Mica clearly feels the need to compensate for her complexion so she behaves like a stereotype.

    • I have no issue with Mica referring to herself as black. Why would you think that? I do find it odd that she is so adamant about it and doesn’t seem to embrace other heritages she clearly has. And she seems like she has had work done which would mask her ethnicity. It all seems very contradictory.

      • Chris

        First of all its not your place to force someone to self-identify with what they don’t self identify with. Second of all Mica is a black woman, get over the fact that she doesn’t have a wider nose, larger lips, or browner skin. Every African-American person that has at least one light-skinned person in their family has white in their gene pool from slavery. Let it go. Mica is a Black, not mixed, not mult-racial, African-American, which is not a race but an ethnicity, woman. And there are others that look like her that feel pressure to claim white because they don’t look black enough, and hopefully she’ll inspire other black women that look like her to claim their blackness.

      • So you acknowledge that she has (a lot of) “white in her gene pool” but she is not multiracial? Seriously? Do you know what the word means? And no one was forcing her to self identify as anything. In fact, I believe I said, she identifies as black, so black she will be. That’s acknowledging her as the race that she chooses to claim. So have a few seats.

  8. Daph1

    Damn, why are you so foul and rude to anyone who posts something you don’t like? YOU are the one who took issue with Mica stating she’s black and not mixed. Why do you care what she considers herself to be?

    • You don'[t seem to know what foul and rude is. I was answering your questions. I can show you what foul and rude is if need be.

      • Undine

        Now now for the sake of the waning hours of MLK Day can’t we just judge these bitches by the content of their character and not their hue? Mica is mess, I think we can all agree on that. Lol.

      • Kelli

        Again Tamara is rude, rude, rude. Why would someone have to acknowledge a part of their heritage that they know nothing about. Although, I look as if I’m mulatto, i Have two brown-skinned parents. Clearly, there are some white people in my family down the line just like Africans. I don’t know the white or the African. I’m black….do u acknowledge your black ancestors? Are u running around waving the mixed flag? One commenter had it right. In the black community, mixed means one black parent and one parent of another race. Don’t make comments about something you have no idea about. You’re white, always will be, so you don’t understand having to constantly state your race or the fact that I’m treated differently from my parents and siblings simply because I’m seen as less of a threat. You’re really towing the line of alienating your black readers. Yes, black, not mixed, not African American, black. Yes, it’s is your blog but you shouldn’t be so rude when someone is trying to explain our heritage to you. But it is easier to talk shit rather than admit you spoke without having the proper knowledge when you are hidden behind a computer monitor and vintage picture. Please find you a wonderful group pf black friends or maybe have a round table discussion about race in a classy manner. I’d be happy to join it, as I’m only right down I20 in Augusta, GA. when you are hidden behind a computer monitor and vintage picture.

      • Again, you don’t seem to know what rude is. You seem incredibly sensitive about this subject. You also seem very confident in you knowledge of my racial background. You make an awful lot of assumptions. And find the most normal and basic conversations about something stated on a television show to be rude. Perhaps you should find a nicer place to post. Clearly this is not a good fit for you. It’s sad that you seem to have so little regard for people you perceive to be “white.” Run along dear, the grown folks are talking.

  9. Daph1

    Undine got it 110% right.

    • Undine

      Thanks Daph1. One of my besties from high school used to get so annoyed when folks would just assume she was biracial (one white parent/one Black parent), just because she was very light skinned. Her response would be a serious eye roll and ” both my parents are black, both sets of my grandparents are black, and so are all my great grandparents”. People would still act all disbelieving and what not.

  10. Daph1

    Telling someone who takes time to read your recaps, and then comments, that their post is ridiculous? Yes, I consider that rude. Your recaps really are good, but it would be nice to feel like it’s safe to post comments here without being attacked.

  11. Undine

    I don’t know why I can’t reply directly but Tamara said: “Yep, that is pretty much the definition of biracial. Which no one really mentioned. If you are “mixed” then your children are also, “mixed.” Mica is very mixed and people mistake her for white, and that is why she is so adamant to tell people she is black, and goes so far to bring a picture of her parents to the producers to show her black parents (of mixed heritage). Why is this such an issue for some of you? Y’all are crazy.”

    Beating a dead horse, but race is a construct and doesn’t actually exist. But within the American confines of this fucked up construct: two Black parents no matter their skin tone equal one Black kid. Yes, after 400 years in the good ol USA we Black folk are all technically “mixed”. Regardless if you’re lovely ebony or light as Lena Horne, there’s likely some white folks in your family tree. It’s obvious that Mica’s dad has a white ancestor of some kind, maybe a grandmother or grandfather but he identifies as a Black man. Like I said, white ancestry is a big taboo and there is a lot of pain associated with it. A lot of black folks don’t go around trumpeting or acknowledging some of their obvious white ancestry because it’s rooted in gut wrenching absolutely horrifying circumstances. Mica is adamant she is Black, because well– that’s what she is.

    • White ancestry is a big taboo? Is it the 1800s where you live? It’s 2014 here in my world and pretty much all the races (and yes races do exist dear) are mixed. It’s not about being raped as a slave. It’s about race mixing. People falling in love with people of a different race. It’s a beautiful thing, and not a taboo. At least here where I live. It seems some of y’all live places where it is “taboo.” That’s sad.

      • Undine

        I love this conversation and this space you’ve given us to talk about the crazy housewives and other nonsense. That being said, I think you’re dismissal of some of the Mica race comments is very maddening. You don’t know what you’re talking about, because you simply don’t have the background or the experience to know what you’re talking about. It’s sort of like a man trying to describe the experience of inserting a tampon up his vagina. Yep, white ancestry is taboo. Instead of processing or understanding that you choose to make a joke out of it, and dismissing the real pain people feel when thinking about some situations their ancestors went through. I’m all for everyone to marry whatever “race” they want, or partners of the same gender. It is a beautiful thing. But don’t shit on the pain of the past, boo. It’s not a good look.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Tamara, I read your blog because it’s well written, entertaining and thought provoking. I also love the fact that you always makes me laugh. Cheers for that!
        All this time, I have always assumed that you are an African American woman. Are you? Makes no difference to me, just that I was surprised to see a comment saying “you are white”. It stopped me in my tracks!!
        FYI, I am an African woman born and raised in the UK. Your readers are international hunty!

    • Angie B

      This is the case for a large group of blacks in Louisiana. The best friend of a guy I dated in college was so light you’d think he was white, but both of his parents were black, as was his entire family (but pretty much all fair skinned from what I saw). He saw himself as black and would have considered dating a white girl as dating outside his race. From talking to him, it was clear that being black is not just about the shade of their skin or whether their blood line also includes whites, but about identity. It did seem from the post that Tamara was insulted that Mica insists she’s black when she could easily “pass” as white and clearly is of mixed heritage, and implied that she’s not an authentic black person. Mica is a hot mess with the drinking, but I really sympathized with the difficult experiences she’s had where her race and identity are concerned.

  12. meindc

    Sorry TT, I missed the large DO NOT POST LINKS!!!! Please forgive me, first time poster.

  13. tobaccorhoda

    What’s amusing is that, in one breath you say that almost everyone is mixed, and yet it’s taboo. Must not be so taboo in practice, just in acknowlegment.

    If acknowledging whites in your family tree is so painful, what does that say to all the people of mixed marriage in the new millennium? Sounds like you think they aren’t black enough? Bigotry is a two way street.

  14. Deborah

    TT , thanks for blogging this show . If I wanted to read racial debates I could switch to the President Obama hating and racist Real Housewives blog (I will not name) .

  15. Does anyone have speculation about why Brie has not had an individual scene? I saw in one episode (1st or 2nd) where she discussed that her Dad is a real estate developer and she grew up privileged, but I’d like to see more on her….

  16. RosaMimosa

    Mica, please. Stop drinking. You are not special. Or that pretty. Stop being a washed out beauty full of yourself. You don’t have the right to misbehave like a drunken mess because of a loss in your family. Who goes to lunch in the Hamptons hours after learning about their parent’s death? Behave like an adult. Observe classy women at your next lunch outing and take some notes.

    Melyssa, put some clothes on. A Video Vixen does have some shame to it. Put that title away and stop talking about. Go to work. Do your job. Live according to your means. If you have to make money tooting your bootie, than do that and keep it separate from your life. Hundreds of “dancers” work and go home to their families without a lot of drama about their present profession because they know that is not who they are, that they are doing what they have to do for a reason. Stop talking about how bad you feel and focus about the job that “has no shame”. Obvious it does.

    Daisy, get away from Mica. How can you be friendly with someone who regularly insults you.

    Demetria is definitely the voice of reason, No drunk people in the kitchen.

  17. Loyce

    My family is not African American, meaning were are not descendants of enslaved Africans. We live in Canada, we’re from West Africa. Ghana, to be specific. My mother is 100% Ghanaian. Her youngest sister shares the same 2 parents, she is very light. Lighter than a lot of people I have seen with one black parent and one white one. So I don’t know what you mean when you say being light means you’re mixed? My aunt lives in Ghana, she is still the light complextion she has always been. Stop generalizing. I have seen faaaaar too many light Africans for that to be anywhere near the truth. I don’t know what “European” features means if someone is black, not Micah as she says, but in general. If there are multiple 100% black people in my family who are light and have what would be considered “European” features, you know what they are? They are black, they’re features are not European, their features are black, because they are black and do not belong to another race. Good try, though!

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