Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap:

Carlos King posted this on his instagram to tease tonight's episode

Carlos King posted this on his instagram to tease tonight’s episode

It’s time for another episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta!  I’ve been doing some technical blog maintenance on the all day today and I’m excited to get another recap going!  Let’s see what the ladies have in store for us tonight! I haven’t even watched the first looks yet, so I am looking forward to every bit of tonight’s episode!

Can you believe it has been three years since Cynthia and Peter got married? Lord, we waste a lot of our lives watching this shit. I am so glad to know you guys are doing it with me. It makes me feel less ridiculous about my television view habits.  But really, Cynthia and Peter have been married longer than I’ve had this blog! #holdme

Cynthia and Peter are at Bar One. It will be interesting to see if they follow the extensive (23!!!)  list of rules for customers of  Bar One.  So far they don’t even have a table and had to ask for a server. Cynthia orders a Vodka pineapple (no top shelf vodka mentioned on camera) and Peter orders a Ketel One and tonic with two limes.  As the reviews state, the server barely seems interested in fetching a drink despite being miced  and serving the owners.  They are meeting their friends Christopher Williams and his wife Natalie.  Jeez it’s another Cynthia and Peter do not have sex story.  They are setting this up for Natalie being a friend of the housewives.

Natalie claims to have known Todd and says her good friend dated him. She says her good friend dated him and he broke her heart by cheating on her. She says, “Todd had a straight hustle, don’t ever get that twisted.” I wonder how Todd feels about Bravo production, his FRIENDS selling his ass out for storyline. This is so fabricated it is not even the slightest bit amusing.  Natalie claims Todd is an opportunist.Peter and Cynthia go across the street to her modeling agency and Peter has candles burning everywhere and Christopher Williams sings a special song just for Cynthia. It was sweet. Then Peter and Cynthia have a romantic dinner alone at the modeling agency.

RHOA Kandi JemimahDon Juan ( who hates me personally btw. Because I once suggested that Kandi doing appearances as sushi bars in middle America was beneath her) and her choreographer Victor are preparing for the play. Todd quit the production last week for reasons I do not understand. If he is doing a six month stint somewhere else, it didn’t start until this month. And Todd’s name was ALL OVER the production. This season, Kandi seems to be throwing Don Juan under the bus saying he does not know what he is doing. Which is kind of the reason he doesn’t like me. I said something similar when Kandi flew to Kansas or wherever to appear at a Chinese restaurant or whatever it was in Milwaukee  or wherever it was. I love that Kandi has Tyler Perry dreams. I really think she could get there.  Kandi wants Porsha in the show and Don Juan does not.  Don Juan does not want anyone from RHOA in the play.  Trust Kandi she knows what she is doing.

Time for Porsha and Nene they talk about Kenya living in Vinings.  If I throw a rock across the tracks I too live in Vinings. lol.  When I still had an income, I looked at a really cool Vinings house  but despite the fact that I could “afford it” on a school teacher salary, I somehow knew  I could not stay in “the system” and did not need a mortgage. But yes, Vinings is quite a lovely area about 2 miles from my ghetto.  What?  I can throw a rock two miles! lol.

Nene and Porsha talk about  Kenya’s imaginary boyfriend. Not so fast Nene. Kenya has a Saudi trick. She actually does have an imaginary boyfriend this time. She is putting out to some man for money. That said, she does not have a Bentley, lol. Though I am sure she told him she needed one for the show and he rented it for her.  Meanwhile, I don’t know who bout Porsha’s  furniture and decorated her fake house but. NO. Honey. JUST NO.

Kenya is trying to show she has a family. Do I really need to recap this crap? Kenya claims she wants a baby. This is all bullshit and I refuse to recap it. None of this is real.

Kandi and Todd agree to do the play together.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6


Finally the vineyard scene.  Kenya wants  to start trouble with Natalie. For inexplicable reasons, Marlo is there. Phaedra,  Porsha and Kandi  are late. Where the fuck are they? At Wolf family vineyards? They have no vineyards here, WTF? They have to be at Chateau Elan. Why are they not saying so?  Marlo is there WHY?  Did I miss the reason that the convicted felon is back? Oh WAIT, I am giving more faith to that tip I got a year ago. Somehow she got  back on for legal dispute I am not supposed to be talking about.  OMG. I did not believe it at the time but girlfriend is on a because her criminal record was outed by Bravo.  Very interesting.  Note that no current housewife wants to claim her.

Kenya tries to go in on Natalie. No one bites. Kandi says she just wants to o to the courthouse.  Natalie says she knows Todd’s ex girlfriend whose heart she broke.  Kenya and Natalie go in on each other. Kenya is being EXTRA.  Cynthia says Natalie did claim Todd was an opportunist. Frankly I think this is  Bravo storyline.  Kandi compares things to Peter and Cynthia.  Cynthia is not amused.  Kandi SHUTS IT DOWN.


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54 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap:

  1. omg, this looks like it was good ;(, i picked a bad time to boycott bravo. god i hate brandi glanville, damn her! excellent blog tt

  2. beth

    I’m such a dumbass … when Cynthia said “we’re going to the vineyard” I thought she meant Martha’s Vineyard (I live in MA), and I thought What, they’re going on another trip? oh, er, okay, *not* Martha’s Vineyard … sheesh

  3. pffftttt

    Next week looks OFF THE CHAIN…

    I really like Kenya this season. She is stirring the shit pot and keeping it moving.

  4. I actually liked Christopher Williams on this episode. I thought he was going to be a tool like Chuck. He wasn’t. Guess next week will tell.

    His wife messed things up trying to stir drama too early. Why lie about a Las Vegas marriage when it is searchable online??

    • Oh what’s their names? I can look it up online at Clark County, I need both their names, but I can find a marriage license

    • Buck Henry

      There must be a reason why Williams never married her, probably didn’t trust her for some reason. Also Kenya was trying to stir crap, she knew what she was doing. And then threw Cynthia under the bus with Natalie, that was amazing. But in Kenya’s mind, you can’t really have her in confidence you really can’t. Because at the first sign of her thinking you aren’t her friend she will use everything she knows against you.

  5. brillke

    Kenya needs her ass put in its place ASAP. She was rude Natalie about her marriage and when Natalie wasn’t having it, Kenya threw the Todd thing out there to deflect attention. The way she sits back and smiles while everyone around her is fighting because of the drama she created really gets on my last damn nerve. If I had to be around Kenya, is be sure to keep bail money on me.

    I really am kinda annoyed with Kandi. I don’t think its fair of her to put so much pressure on Todd about the play and IMO, she’s acting like a spoiled child. Todd is taking so much shit from so many people and he’s trying to prove he isnt just after Kandis money and her acting this way only puts more stress on him. Kandi is one of my favorite housewives of all the franchises and I hate seeing her act this way but I’m sure the stress is under isn’t helping her think straight.

    I thought it was so sweet of Peter to plan such a romantic evening for his and Cynthia’s anniversary. I actually have liked Peter since the start and I’m happy they’ve made it to their third anniversary.

    Porscha and that damn house…whatever.

    WTF was with those boots Marlo was wearing?

    • Katrina

      If Kenya really has a boyfriend, that is the reason why she is not bringing them around. Kenya is not going to get married and she is not going to have any babies!

  6. Seriously....

    Todd quit the play because he said they were not organized and didn’t have it together. Seems like he agrees with you about Don Juan.
    Cynthia, Cynthia… She is a master in shit stirring. Throws it out there on the bus knowing damn well Kenya was going to run her mouth, then sits back innocently all “don’t get me involved”.
    I actually believe Natalie didnt mean Todd was a gold digger.I do think she was saying he was a player when she knew him. It wasn’t until Cynthia and Peter’s reply that I heard it that way. Guess I know too many hustlers and “entrepreneurs” to think all of them are shady. (They all have no real jobs and are usually broke, though).
    Kenya…sigh… I must say, her family sure does love her. They keep gamely trotting out for these bs “revelations” and “heart-to-hearts” and for free too!

  7. lori

    Great recap Tamara. Here’s your hug (((((Tamara)))))), and you have one hell of an arm girl! At first when Natalie was talking about Tod being an opportunist, I thought to myself that Kandi probably set this up herself, and begged Bravo to add it in recently so people would stop hating on her Mom. Then when I saw the vineyard scene I knew that wasn’t the case. I don’t know if Bravo would do something like that anyway. If Bravo paid these ladies “per pot stirred”, Kenya would be rich, bitch. This is why I love her. She makes this show, love her or hate her.

  8. jarlath

    I won’t be able to see his until I go home next week. Thanks for the recap! The whole Todd opportunist storyline seems so fake.

  9. ViVaLaDiVa

    cynthia! what is the deal with poking at kandi about being fat (don’t come for her food). all of these women were big bitches tonight – kenya being the queen bitch, but of course we already expect her to be an idiot – exceptions being kandi and phaedra. kandi shut it DOWN at the end and i loved it! whatever happened to bringing the drama about in a subtle way? now they just blurt out “oh guess who i know?” it was pretty obvious kandi already knew that was coming by the face she made. #tiredofscripting

    next week’s episode is the one i can’t wait to see! you know they will split it into two parts, and cut it off right when it gets good. every week i say the same thing: “oh i can’t WAIT for next week, it looks like the best episode yet!”

  10. Seriously....

    watching WWHL with the RHOA husbands and dang, All of them can get it… twice, lol. Todd is stealing Appolo’s spot in the line, though. Kandi better hold on to all that chocolate.

  11. Xanadude

    I don’t care for Kenya or Marlo, but I have to admit I am looking forward to seeing how they interact.

  12. Great recap – Kandi shut all them biotches down. I was wondering the same thing as you Tamara why is Bravo throwing Todd under the bus and then driving over him. This is the first time I liked Kenya she called this new Bravo friend out on her BS. Cynthia was throwing much shade and who is more of an opportunist then old man Peter.

  13. this ep was amusing all around and I wish time God someone would punch Kenyas teeth down her throat! I wish Bravo would put her twirly trashy ass at the curb…and now we gotta suffer through her I wanna baby bullshit…God I would give just about anything for Kim to come back..I miss her on this show!

  14. brillke

    Hey TeeCee, I was worried about you tonight. When Phaedra started talking about pumping, I was like please Jesus, dont show da boobies. TeeCee can’t handle anymore boobies! Looks like my prayers were answered and you were spared.

    You’re welcome!

  15. Todd should be an opportunist if your around famous and or rich people why not become famous and rich also as long as he’s not doing it in a malicious way I don’t see the problem with him bettering his financial situation its better then him sitting around asking for handouts from kandi and arent all of these ladies the bread winners in their families

  16. myinfo

    I liked that Kandi pointed out to Cynthia that Peter has a past too. Cynthia looked like oh SH*T.
    Kandi does not play, love her.
    I’m glad Kenya let Kandi know Cynthia was gossiping about Todd.

  17. vivaladiva831

    I was waiting for a wwhl blog to make some comments, but doesn’t look like there will be one and I have to discuss lol!

    Todd said he and Kandi were taking it day by day-Todd please don’t let mama Joyce be right, I beg you! There are going to be bumps and hurdles no matter how good your relationship is, and you and Kandi go together so well. Just do it.

    I want a show where we just ask Peter questions. I could call Peter many things but a liar does not look like one of them. The reunion ought to be good, like Andy said, bc we now know who Peter’s Charlotte Bar One investor is and he says he is behind kordell 100%.

    • Katrina

      It is going to be hard for Todd to recover after this storyline. Todd really did not want to be in front of the camera anyway. It’s one thing if a complete stranger is labeling your man an oppurtunist, but quite another for your mom to do it. This does deflect attention from Mama Joyce. I hope it works out for them. Todd seemed a little sad!

  18. Katrina

    I thought he had to go work for another company because Kandi made their reationship public?

  19. TheWigIsBack

    Kandi is annoying but she handled herself well at the vineyard. Regardless of what Todd or Kandi says, there is some validity to the rumors about his “come up”, and Joyce’s concerns. Keep in mind that Joyce knows her child better than we would having only watched her on tv. Marlo said it best “Kandi is known for being taking care of guys.” A prostitute would know; that’s her demographic.

    • TheWigIsBack

      ooops…. meant Kandi is known around the ATL for “taking care of guys”. Just because they’re well to do, it doesn’t mean they’re good for you. And when they’re broke, they blow smoke.

  20. TheWigIsBack

    Furthermore, why would a mother who knows her child’s struggle sit back and watch while her child squanders away her fortune? Kandi is an adult, but there is something about her heart that allows her to be taken advantage of. I’m sure that if Terry McMillan, Anita Baker and Melba Moore knew then what they know now, they would’ve been smarter when choosing their mates too. They probably wish they had mama Joyce.

  21. RealitySux

    Todd knows how to play the BRAVO game – of course he is going to give an evasive answer…and I am glad he didn’t feed into Andy’s messiness. I don’t think Todd is an opportunist and I love him and Kandi together. I think he definitely must love her to put up with all this RHOA crap – this entire season seems to be dedicated to going after Kandi and Todd.

    Kandi – 2 Newbies – 0

    Cynthia is such a crap starter – she started that entire mess last night. She and Peter are such hypocrites, entertaining that conversation with Natalie. It was PETER who uttered the opportunist word – and has the nerve to get mad at Kandi for putting Cyn in her place? Yes Kandi took a shot at Peter – but at least it was to Cynthia’s face and not behind her back, like Cynthia does to Kandi.

    Nene – nothing positive about her – nothing.

    Kenya – she wouldn’t have had any ammunition, if Cynthia hadn’t handed it to her on the bus….and for once…I am glad she opened her mouth and busted out Natalie AND Cynthia.

    Porsha – she is a ditz – but she at least stood her ground at the vineyard and told Natalie she was wrong.

    Next week looks like it is going to be a mess – I slo-mo’d my DVR and it looks like all the camera people and producers are out on the floor braking up that fight between Apollo and Brandon.

  22. Urethra Franklin

    I was waiting for a caller to call in and ask Apollo:

    ” Now in simple English and speak slowly so that we can understand you…What is your job?”

  23. Haze

    I thought when Todd said, “the day by day thing”, TT is right about them already being married.

  24. JrLeaguer

    Says a lot when Peter cannot even get decent service in his own bar WITH cameras rolling. So, I guess his idea of a romantic evening is to take her to his bar, make her walk across the street and into her business that he has gone all Dollar Tree and decorated and have her serenaded with a song about how she bailed out his broke ass.
    Poor Kenya trying to act like she has a storyline…come to think of it none of them really do this year…by flouting her “Prince”..I am thinking that a Nigerian Prince contacted her by e-mail needing help with an important financial transaction and now she thinks that they have a relationship!
    Has anyone else noticed that Kandi has not had her ring on during her “talking heads” segments on the last few episodes?


    As much as Kenya lies with her fake storylines, I laughed out loud when Natalie was backpedaling and Kenya was digging the grave. Cracked me up. Natalie looked like she didn’t want to make Kandi mad…..did you see her face? She was clearly trying to back her way out of that one. Kenya was wrong to bring up Natalie’s marriage but she does bring the pot to a boil all the time. I like that about her. That being said…..The name of the show is the “Real” housewives and I find it truly insulting that these women continue to try and fool us with these fake storylines. Kenya’s African Prince……she watched “Coming to America” too many times plus we also had to deal with the fake boyfriend, Walter last season. Enough already Kenya, give us something real or get out already. I’m also over Porsha and her fake rental. That house is ridiculous for someone without a steady income. Do we have stupid written on our foreheads?

  26. theoriginalamanda

    The vineyard was Wolf Mountain. It’s in Dahlonega.

    I had no idea we used to be practically neighbors, TT! I used to live behind Home Depot on Cumberland. I got tired of being afraid of walking from my door to my car though, so I moved to Kennesaw.

  27. Kenya is so messy. I’m more interested in why Marlo is back as well. I’m not entirely sure if I understand it. So are you saying Marlo basically forced her way back on camera through a legal dispute with Bravo?

    It’ll be interesting to see Marlo’s relationship with Nene deteriorate. Kenya and Marlo need one another considering none of the other housewives are checking for them at the moment.

  28. CaliSteve

    I love they way Kenya stirs up shit which it makes entertaining. Can’t wait to see her and Marlo “bond.”

  29. D-Town Beauties

    Hello 2 all……having lurked on this here blog for a minute, I must say I’m very much entertained. Not only r u hilarious tt, but your tamaratattleregime is throwed as well…. my new favorite. Salute!!!!

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