Mob Wives Recap: Who is the Rat Now, Renee?

Mob Wives

Time for Mob Wives!  While you guys get to watch the SAG Awards red carpet on E! I have to recap the Mob Wives or some of my tweeps are gonna whack me. *cough* @cotlyn *cough*

Drita is having bad nightmares. She is worried something bad is going to happen. She dreamt that two people broke into her house and she shot and killed them.  Drita’s dreams usual portend something bad happening in real life.  She call Big Ang to calm her down and that just made Big Ang nervous too.

At Alicia’s house, she is talking with her brother. He is concerned about Alicia possibly going to jail. She is hoping for house arrest which might happen since I don’t think she has that many counts. Her brother is trying to prepare her for sentencing. He wants her to have a plan for the kids and the upkeep of the house. She is trying not to think about it.

Renee goes over to Big Ang’s house to talk with Drita and Ang about the Renee situation. Renee doesn’t believe Renee’s apology. Drita says Renee does not let anything go. Renee is still pissed.

Renee and her son AJ go to play darts. Renee asks AJ for advice. He says she needs to move on. Renee says she has to fire her.

Big Ang and  Drita go to lunch and Ang shows Drita a NY Post Story with a picture of Drita and Alicia in Vegas. The headlines at that time were about her violating her parole on that trip. I believe it turns out that she had permission because it was a work event. The story says that Alicia told the judge she was going to see her son in college but she went to Vegas instead. I believe this is all bullshit. The terms of her parole allowed her to go see her son in college, yes, I in reality, I believe the parole officer gave her permission to go to Vegas for work. You can read the full NY POST story here.  And just for fun, here is a Page Six story about Alicia’s three year affair with a married man.  And finally, Eddie “Tall Guy”  Garofalo  is the reason Karen Gravano is not on Mob Wives this season. According to this Page Six story he can be very persuasive.  Eddie’s phone calls home will air on this season soon.

Alicia is at a hookah bar  in Philly with Natalie looking at the same NY Post story. Alicia explains that it isn’t true and that if it were she would be in jail right now. She should sue the NY Post in my opinion. Alicia says someone has a personal vendetta against her and is trying to smear her in the press.

Drita’s little five year old girl Gizelle is adorable. Drita wants to get her a modeling agent. She explains the idea to Gizelle and tells her that she will get paid. Gizelle says, “I’ve got money already.” Gizelle proceeds to pull 300 dollars or so in tens and twenties out of her piggy bank.

Alicia is in New York to meet with “her attorney” Steve Zissou. She is worried about the lies in the press about her leaving town without permission. Steve tells her that her judge may judge her for partying in Vegas while she is awaiting sentencing.  He tells her to stop posting pictures to her social media that make her look like she is not taking things seriously.  They edit him to say she could get five years. That is not true. She is looking at 4-10 months, probably on house arrest, and up to $250,000 in fines  according to this article. The deal also says the wife of reputed Colombo-family associate Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo Jr. can get no jail time at all, depending on her “acceptance of responsibility” and “subsequent conduct prior to the imposition of sentence.” If you are wondering why her attorney would be talking on a reality show, her REAL attorney is John Wallenstein. Perhaps Steve Zissou is on the team, but he is not her lead attorney. I think he was a lead attorney for a Guantanamo  defendant in a terrorist bombing attack once, so there is that.

Big Ang is now reading another story in the NY tabs about Alicia. It does seem she failed to disclose her income from Mob Wives to the courts. They want to know how much she makes so they can set her fine as high as possible. Failing to disclosure that income may in fact be a brand new charge and or invalidate her plea deal if she is not careful.  This story is not bullshit. Alicia is talking about fact checking and someone feeding stories to the press. I think Alicia is paranoid. She put the Vegas trip on her Instagram that let everyone know she was on Mob Wives. It was not a huge secret.

Mob WIves

Renee and Drita talk about the Vegas trip. Renee apologizes to Drita for ruining the trip. Ang calls and tells them about the new story about Alicia’s money from Mob Wives that she hid from the courts. Of course they don’t say it is money from the show, but it is. To me, Renee looks GUILTY.  Perhaps her sister is selling the stories to promote Mob Wives? The judge called Alicia in immediately to explain herself. Drita thinks Alicia is going to jail. She thinks this is the bad situation Drita saw in her dreams.

Big Ang, Drita and Renee are all out at a bar. All I can do is watch to see if Renee is drinking. They seem to be drinking tall margaritas. Renee says that Alicia has a problem because she is on the wire taps saying she know everything her husband was doing. That’s a problem. The drinks keep changing. now it looks like water with lime.

The girls are all headed for Alicia’s house to support her. Again with the five year crap. If she loses her plea agreement over this her sentence is 4-10 years, yes. But, I think it would be really hard for the Feds to refuse the plea deal after accepting it. This is Mob Wives amping up the drama for TV. Wow, Renee just outed herself with a bit of help from Drita. She is looking guiltier by the second. Renee says there are eight other codefendants on her case and everyone is talking. Renee keeps on putting her foot in her mouth. Now Renee and Alicia are at each other’s throats and it remains that way all season.

Next week, things between Renee and Alicia blow up even more.





























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16 responses to “Mob Wives Recap: Who is the Rat Now, Renee?

  1. beth

    the acting is really bad on this show … this is the first episode I’ve seen. Is Big Ang really a man?

  2. i want to scratch my ears our when she say VAYGAHS like that, its so jack rabbit slim.

  3. Hope That Helps!

    So I just went down a rabbit hole of articles after I clicked on the cheating one and I came across this tidbit in two of the NYPost articles… Natalie is 44? No way. I must be a terrible judge of age now that I’m older because she doesn’t look a day over 30. Or rather, she doesn’t act a day over 30.

  4. Kisha

    Natalie has a little boy named….Giuseppe? I think I’m wrong on that name, though. That dude London isn’t the daddy, though.

  5. sw

    RENEE IS A RAT!!!!

  6. Twilly

    I just watched this for the first time today. I really like Alicia so far but her voice gets on my nerves and for the life of me I cannot understand why she would do this show!!! Money I guess, but still. Seems like a terrible idea.

  7. Rae

    Renee looked so guilty when Ang called her to tell her about Alicia in the news. She’s totally the one leaking the stories. She’s so jealous of Alicia is pathetic.

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