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After a busy day yesterday out in THE WORLD, I am narcoleptic today and slept right through this show this morning after attempting to get up and watch it. I am still half asleep at 3 p.m., yet valiantly, I will try to recap the important parts. As if we expect there to be any important parts.

Porsha says she feels brand new in 2014. She feels like she has a fresh new start as Porsha Williams. Bethenny asks, “So who is Porsha Williams?”  Bethenny say that she felt like Porsha Stewart was Kordell’s plus one and that she was his meek little doll. I am going to try to write down EXACTLY what Porsha says because it’s usually just word salad.  Porsha says, “You know when you are married are one with someone else. (um, noe, Bethenny did not know that, that was part of her whole problem) For me, I am getting back to being independent, I’m getting back to business, um, you know, I had been a child care center back before I was married. People don’t know that. Ima had two successful child care centers and I’m just getting back to what I know, and that builds me up and it fulfills me and it’s that sense of accomplishment. And for me that’s what I need. I need to be focused on business right now, romance  a little, /giggles  but focused on business.”/giggles

Bethenny says she wants to hear about the romance. But she wants to hear about the show, how is it going through something like that on the show? Porsha says, ” Well, I’ll tell you this, filming it wasn’t , um, I didn’t think about filming when I was filming it. I was just living my life. That was a very traumatic time, the cameras were there and they were capturing everything, so I mean, it was very, very real.  So as the season progresses it actually shows all of that, romantically, financially, um,just, independence wise, it shows that growth so I can watch it when it gets to that but, in the beginning it’s like, oh, am I crying every episode? I’m like, oh my God!”

porshaBethenny asked what it was like coming on the show pretending to have it all. “Well, I felt like at the time, what you saw on television was what I wanted my marriage to look like. I wanted it to be successful so I acted like it was successful. So I felt, I had the mindset of fake it till we make it. You know at home behind closed doors this may not be what I’m living. But if we can act happy, maybe one day we will actually be happy.  It just…if I act Fulfilled, maybe one day I will actually be fulfilled.”

Bethenny asked why she didn’t have a happy life. “It was just different things, you know, we were newlyweds, (um aren’t you still supposed to be happy then?) you know, it was just a lot of different things that got in between us. Main thing is  communication. (because Porsha doesn’t have a firm grasp on communicating in English?) On the first episode, last season you see us going to counseling. I’m big on counseling. Because communication, if it’s a break down, that’s almost it. That’s like the death of the relationship right there.”

Bethenny asks about Kordell being controlling. ” Well with me being such and independent woman before (okay that time I was the one giggling) I got married. I made a choice to be that housewife what you saw. And I made a choice to make my family  100% you know (prime?) priority. So I at some point with in that being that I gave up so much to be a wife, I felt like I wasn’t being appreciated the way I should, which most wives do feel, and, that hurt me because I felt like I was giving so much.”

Bethenny asks if she felt like she lost herself in the relationship. She said she did and now getting back to Porsha she is remembering what she is worth, and the next guy that she is with better realize what she is worth.

porsha-bethenny-480x360-1Bethenny asks about Kordell being gay, Porsha says, ” Um the rumors as far as  him being gay or what have you, that was there before we got married. What you see in the show, anything I say on the show, that is me living my truth. That is the way that I felt at the time. And that is what I stated on the show, I didn’t say he was this or that. What I said was I don’t know why. I am just happy and blessed to be in a whole nuther space right now. So whatever it is and however he wants to live, I hope he is happy. And I put so much into him for my happiness that I lost it. When you put so much of yourself into someone you are going to be let down. So I had to love me more than I loved him. And once that happened, I realized  my dreams were more important than anybody else.”

Bethenny asked about the Towanda Braxton rumors. Porsha says that is what she has heard. She says she is “excited” The audience laughs.  She says if she can make him happy, then that’s great.

Bethenny asks if she still loves him. She says she still has love for him. If something happens to him she would definitely be sad. (audience laughs).  But she does not love him that way anymore. She would not take him back.

Bethenny asks about Kenya and who she is friends with and will be friends with in five years. Bethenny says it’s okay to say nobody because that is often the case.  Porsha says she is not friends with Kenya. She doesn’t have time for fake friends. With regard to who Porsha will be friends with in five years she says, “The show is not really set up for you to be close, close friends right now because of  the tension that has to be brought in and all that. I love Kandi, I just love her heart. um, Nene they are great girls so I can definitely see myself wanting to be friends and wanting to know how they are.” Bethenny clarifies about Kenya and Porsha says not Kenya.

Bethenny says that Nene wrote in her blog, “Porsha or Kenya have no clue about parenting, so let’s just let them say in their rooma nd do their fake hug and cry. I love it! Moving on! ” So how did that make you feel. Porsha says she thinks it is harsh to say she did not know anything about parenting. She was a parent to Kordell’s son for two years. So I think we act out when we get on the blog. We say harsh things for entertainment and we really don’t think about who we could be hurting.

Bethenny says you just moved into a new huge house. The audience gasps. Porsha screams out, “Ain’t God Good?” /giggles. Bethenny responds with, so, God gave you that house? Porsha says, “Absolutely.” Bethenny says how are you paying for the house?  Porsha says she doesn’t know any grown woman who would answer how they pay their bills. Bethenny says, I will! Porsha says she has a hair company. She got the house on faith. Oh Lord. Bethenny says that she knows the hair is new, so that is not how she is buying the house. (actually she’s renting, buying would have been cheaper actually) Bethenny says she also knows what she makes on RHOA and that didn’t buy the house. I think Bethenny has no idea how much the MacMansions down here cost. You can buy a house like that for $500K or less if you drive an hour out of the city like Porsha did. Bethenny said, either your family helped you or Kordell helped you or something is going on. Bethenny then says it is none of her business and she doesn’t have to tell her, she just knows she can’t afford that house.  Porsha says it is none of her business. She said she splurged on that house because she likes her family around.  So to review, you move out of your mother’s home out into the hinterlands and buy a big ole empty house because you want to be around family. Porsha invites her over for dinner. Bethenny smooths things over by saying she would love to and RHOA is her favorite.

She asks Porsha if she is dating and she say, “Well, I am uh, there’s someone special. But I am keeping my options open. I’m just having a good time right now. When someone becomes serious enough for me to share him with the public, you know when you are dating someone in the public eye, you really want to make sure it is solid. Especially after what I have been through. ” Bethenny says, “So you are dating someone in the public eye?”  Porsha gets flustered. Did I say that? I meant IF, IF I were dating someone in the public eye.

So do we know who Porsha is dating? Do we care?


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41 responses to “Porsha Stewart On Bethenny

  1. Sorry, don’t care. I did enjoy your recap though. Parts if it were down right funny. Listening to Porsche speak hurts my brain.

  2. So this confirms it, Bethenny is nothing more than a Bravolebrity interviewer. She’s the WWHL of the morning, minus the live aspect.

  3. JoJo

    The best I got out of this is I like Bethenny’s style of interviewing these reality personalities, asking what we all want to know or wonder, and checking them on ridiculous answers. And I don’t see her show.

    Bless Porsha’s heart. I don’t think a soul that watches RHOA believes for one minute she is, was, or will ever be ‘an independent woman’!

    Did Porsha actually say “…I HAD BEEN A CHILD CARE CENTER back before I was married”? Because that makes more sense than anything she’s had to say.

  4. jarlath

    It’s so hard being a woman married to a gay man, I should know. So Porsha had a day care centre, interesting.

  5. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I am one of those who really really likes Bethenny and always has, but I also really really do NOT like her show. However, recently she’s had all these reality stars on (not just Housewives) and she really does ask questions and push on answers that no one else does. Even when Andy tries he let’s them get away with laughing it off, but Bethenny doesn’t. I think her show has gotten much better since she’s had these reality “stars” on.

    That said, Porsha needs to go back to being a child care center, and hopefully she’ll find a caring man soon who will take care of her when she loses that house. Because she obviously can’t take care of herself.

    And you can MAYBE get a ghetto house or a 1000sq ft condo here in Silicon Valley for $500K. WTF.

    • Are you sure there’s even a empty lot $500k in Silicon Valley?

    • Atlanta was CRUSHED by the housing market bubble bursting. We are just starting to recover. There are a few million dollar homes in that neighborhood, but until the recent economic rebound, you could get in for 5 or 6 100K

    • jarlath

      Can you find a house in the ghetto in the Bay Area for under half a million? I’m dubious.

      • SnookumsLynn

        yup in the hood…. 800 sq ft and a basement that’s below the street and will flood everytime the water company has a leak…lol $500K, and people are eating it up and driving hours to work..this ish is DUMB!

    • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

      LOL. Before the dot com crash you could get a single wide in the trailer park for $500K. After the crash, in recent years you could actually get a small house in a nice neighborhood for $500K. But now things are getting impossible again. If you act quickly, you could get a pretty nice but small condo. :)

    • lori

      I didn’t watch Bethany at all after the first episode, but now that she’s having so many housewives on, I have now set my dvr to record her show. She is a million times better than lame ass Andy cohen at interviewing these gals. She goes for it and I love it!

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        I’ve been taping them too, then I just check who is on and delete if it they aren’t interesting. :)

  6. JoJo

    One can’t question how Porsha affords that big ol’ house since God pays the rent – she should’ve gone bigger and closer to ITP :)

  7. myinfo

    Actually Porsha did pretty good by not answering anything or much directly. She is not that dumb.
    I like her. She brings in a younger viewer.

    • jarlath

      Are you saying she’s playing dumb?

    • JoJo

      I can see how one would give her cred for coyly not giving any tea away, and even maybe cred for having some sorts of street smarts. But when saying she’s not that dumb, considering her heritage, her grandfather, a Civil Rights Movement figure who has a foundation for which she’s a spokesperson, then not knowing, really not knowing what the Underground Railroad was all about, that’s kinda’ dumb.

  8. I’m down towards Salinas and Monterey, live between the two towns.
    All homes crashed here but it’s on it’s way back up.
    I was 1.2 but now it’s $600k.

  9. Katrina

    I can see Bethanny as a more hardcore interviewer because that is more her personality. She used to blogging for a site. She has also been on a reality series and has a lot of insight about what goes on behind the scenes. Andy is an executive producer, but he he is not there for the day to day production. Porsha should know her African American history. I don’t think she is dumb, just a little dense.

  10. TheWigIsBack

    It’s apparent why the housewives do Bethenny’s show (because nobody else will); that’s her forte–she knows exactly what to ask because that platform was once her truth. While she sits on top of her high horse she remembers a time when she faked it to make it on HWONY as a “chef to the stars”, going door to door distributing homemade chocolate chip cookies, hoping for a break. She’s full of ih! She can’t keep a man, and the whole “Skinny Girl” concept was stolen from an author. Porsha may be as dumb as a rock, bt she handles herself pretty well during Bethenny’s attempt to make a mockery of craft. I’m counting down the days until her show is canceled.

    • TheWigIsBack

      …sorry for the typos. For some reason I can’t see what I’m typing after the first paragraph. Weird.

      • lilkunta

        who did bethenney steal skinnygirl form? if she stole it wouldnt she have been sued? wouldnt her sale of the company have been blocked?

  11. lilkunta

    how can bethenny say ‘i know how much you earn as a hw’ , had she seen the contract? bravo is paying more since HW franchise is their money maker and Atl HW are the highest rated.

    • um she is BFFs with Andy Cohen?

      • lilkunta

        still the contracts are confidential. for him to be loose lipped like that is very unprofessional. even all us fans are just going off reports but no one knows concretely how much they make until a few season later when real numbers leak, we just have estimates.

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