Glee (and Ryan Murphy) Is Finished With Nene Leakes

How Much Does Nene Leakes Make On Glee?

Nene Leakes can officially stop pretending she is just sitting by the phone waiting on Ryan Murphy to call her. She is officially finished with Glee. During the recent  Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, Kevin Reilly, president of Fox, unveiled plans for the remainder of season five and for the finale season of Glee. The bottom line is that the Lima, Ohio set is no more and the show will focus exclusively on the graduates as the make their way in NYC.  I don’t think they will need a synchronized swim coach in the big apple.

Nene, who has had a minor recurring role on the show since 2012 will make her twelfth and final appearance on Glee on their 99th episode on March 11, 2014.  It is a special episode entitled City of Angels  which appears, to me at least, to be a final episode for most of the characters who will not be moving to NYC.

Nene Leakes on Glee, What Happened to Her Hello Kitty?Nene’s other series with Ryan Murphy,  The New Normal  was cancelled after one season. Nene will continue on with the Real Housewives of Atlanta which was after all the only show that paid her a livable wage.  Rumors that Nene is “starting her own production company” are hysterical and unfounded. My guess is that the rumors started when Nene asked for and received an honorary executive producer title on her spinoff show, I Dream of Nene.

Maybe she can do a Celebrity Apprentice Allstars ? Girl needs a trump check. Oh wait, I don’t think you can be an “Allstar” if you quit in your season because you could not hang with the big dogs.


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74 responses to “Glee (and Ryan Murphy) Is Finished With Nene Leakes

  1. lol, you crack me up, go’on gurl

  2. Urethra Franklin

    Shouldn’t title of this post be the other way around?
    “Glee is finished with Nene Leakes”

  3. CityGirl81

    Linethia is a fool! She is NOT an actress and I am so tired of hoodrats amping her up to be more than she is.

  4. Beth

    UF I love you more!!! Your recaps of AHS Coven are stellar and this comment is in the stratosphere!!!

  5. But…but…but….Chuck said she was such a world-famous star!!!!

  6. Tamara

    Is this what Nene would consider a ” read” ?!?! Love this post :)

  7. newjerzeyboy

    I am sure Nene will be fine. The RhOA is doing great in the ratings this year, so I am sure Nene will get a nice raise next season. Does anyone know if Gregg actually works?

  8. Katrina

    I heard they were going to be making changes at Glee and I was hoping that Nene could stay. I guess her last scene will be In March. Nene was given a great oppurtunity and she made the most of it. Nene will find something new! People can say whatever they want to about her, but she is not a lazy women and she will do whatever is necessary to support her family. I wonder what is going going to happen to Jane Lynch, love he her on that show!

    • I read that’s RM loves havIng Jane Lynch on his show too. She will be in the new version in NYC. She will be around for you to enjoy.
      I don’t watch Glee, but I do like Ms Lynch. I remember first taking notice of her on Two and a half Men. She played Charlie’s shrink. Funny, funny role.

      • Have you seen Best In Show? A very fun movie in which Jane Lynch plays a dog trainer. There is another movie (can’t recall the name) also with the same cast about folk singers getting back together for a reunion on television. I think they are from a Canadian acting/comedy show. She is hilarious.

      • Jarlath

        Best in Show is my favorite movie. I’ve watched it so many times and it’s always funny. Jane Lynch is also in For Your Consideration (i.e., home for Purim) and A Mighty Wind. Unfortunately she’s not in Waiting for Guffman

    • Jane is staying and will be worked into the NYC storyline somehow.

  9. Enough Already

    Oh well, when another role opens up for a loud mouth, obnoxious woman, she can apply…

  10. myinfo

    Sorry but watched both shows just to see Nene and she was not a great actress.
    I like Nene less and less each season. I use to love her.
    Her comments about Phaedra being a head doctor was gross.
    Her blonde hairdo has to go.
    Her talking heads are still mostly funny.

    • I cannot stand her stupid faces she makes in her TH’s. I used to be indifferent towards her but after she got a couple of acting roles she just became unbelievably arrogant and “holier and richer than thou” and full of herself and I could go on and on. I will really love it when she is knocked down SEVERAL notches.

  11. The problem with Nene is that she can’t act. She is always herself. without a Ryan Murphy who, rather inexplicably found her compelling, I’m afraid she is shit out of luck. She was super lucky to get those jobs. Now she lives in a house an hour outside of atlanta where it is cheaper to live. She should have put the money away.

    • Katrina

      She been living in the same house in Atlanta since first season. In Hollywood, black actors are lucky to be working period!

      • Joyce

        Actually its not the same house, she was put out of that house cause it was rental and the owners allowed it to go into foreclosure. I also do not think its that hard anymore for Blacks to get into Hollywood, they have to have talent which clearly nene does not.

      • She is not in the same house. She’s renting a different on. I think Bravo still includes her rent in a contract.

      • pfffttt

        Nope. She got evicted from the home from the 1st season because she and Gregg were not paying rent…

      • lilkunta

        QUOTE: tamaratattles January 18, 2014 at 12:18 pm
        She is not in the same house. She’s renting a different on. I think Bravo still includes her rent in a contract.
        ………………….. really? oo please share more details TT!
        do they pay all the ladies or just nene’s?
        what about ladies like kandi and phaedra who are financially solvent and dont need bravo to pay their rent or mortgage? do they jsut get more pay ?

      • um, no? they pay the poor ones so they have homes See:Sheree Whitfield?

        Where is this coming from? You have read here for years, You know how shit works. WTF?

    • Katrina

      Nene moved in season 2, close to Lisa. That is the same house she has been filming in. Porsha moved into the neighborhood. Do you watch any shows on primetime networks? Yes, you do need talent, but you also need an oppurtunity. You may not like how Nene acts, but are you hiring actors? I don’t think there are as many oppurtunities for african american roles in Hollywood. Everyone does not share your opinion. Not all actors you think are great, started out that way. Sitcoms and Tv series are about the writing and the script. You can have a good story and people at the time, do not have an interest and tune you out.

  12. DJ

    Hi TT!!!
    Love you and UF too!! I am shocked to hear NeNe rents. I’ve read she makes a million dollars a year on housewives! She should own a palace. Any truth to the salary?

    I also happen to like NeNe. I think her talking heads are very witty.

    • pfffttt

      The IRS is after Nene… and Gregg got into a financial mess and is known for his shady business dealings. I’m sure she can’t afford to own a home because her credit sucks, and she owes a lot of people, a lot of money.

      Google the Fox 5 Dana Fowle’s report on Nene Leakes. She exposes Nene and Gregg as shady grifters. They are far from rich.

  13. I was going to send you an email and ask you about this Ms. Tamara. I had heard about it on another site that usually has the wrong tea but you get the info and make sure its the right flavir so thanks! Also was wondering if Bryson’s girlfriend ( you know the one he didn’t want anymore or however he phrased that) had another baby for him over the winter holidays. Rumor is the baby looks a lot like Nene- poor kid!

  14. AmberKnows

    Next season on AHSC…Bell rings and LaLaurie opens door to find NeNe at the door… ‘Where Marie at?” “Oh Lord… Not another one… Who are you negress?” NeNe flicks her finger at LaLaurie and she’s slammed against the wall while NeNe saunters in… “Her baby sister Heloise, now get my bags and BE CAREFUL that designer luggage and if you scratch it i’ll make a satchel out your nasty looking ass… MARIE where you at?!”

  15. loriflack

    NeNe’s TH is usually funny :)
    After all, she’s just a moose with a wig on.

  16. gigi

    Success is in her DNA.. when one door closes, another one opens.. bloop!

  17. puppylove

    I don’t care what she said about her ring being real, bet she’s glad it’s not now that her wanabe acting is over.

  18. sara

    No tears for Nene, there are talented actress not being recognized for the talent The producers of RHOA and Glee got what the were looking for big increase to their bottom line now they are moving on, Nene should have saved that money she used on the wedding… Ok rich bitch!

  19. TheWigIsBack

    Oh how the mighty has fallen. She had Ryan Murphy on speed dial, and he helped because he felt obligated to do so. NeNe isn’t an actress. She’s a minstrel show. Long gone are the days when talented African American actresses can only play roles that have been typecast for neck rolling, finger snapping,or eye rolling. We’re articulate, sophisticated and thoroughly capable of playing a crackhead in one scene and an educated professional thin the next. Can Leakes do that? No!

    • good god. lots of hate for nene. gee

      • DJ

        Argh… I’m feeling bad with all the NeNe hate going around. We can’t all be Angela Bassett (arguably the most beautiful, talented actress of all time IMHO). I think NeNe has comedic talent, and I find her entertaining. I don’t like seeing anyone lose their jobs.

    • queenmarie88

      ITA !!!!!! I might have a drop of sympathy for her loss of those roles if she had one ounce of humility and appreciation for them. BUT–she doesn’t so I DON”T !!

  20. Riann

    The HATE is ON !!!!! I remember why I don’t visit this site much, WAAAY too much hate going on, sounds more personal. I’m sure her bank account is still quite blessed.

  21. donna

    “EVERYBODY’S HATING ON NENE!” Nobody is HATING ON SEA BUSCUIT! The bottom line is she did this to herself with her bragging abou”GETTING TRUMP CHECKS!” Then “I’M RICH BITCH!” Then out in Miami looking at $9,000,000.00 homes knowing she couldnt afford it. Then in LA bragging about living down the strret from Tyler Perry. Hell, to be honest, I live down the street from Tyler Perry. Waaayyy down the street. So what goes up, sho comes down. WELCOME BACK TO EARTH. NENE LEAKS

    • TheWigIsBack

      Agreed!!! People tend to get confused about the term “Hatin”. Are we all supposed to like the same exact things in life? NeNe’s head had gotten soo big that she set herself up for failure. She pissed where she got her start and now she has to sleep there. Had she been humble, the responses would’ve been as well. This is the classic case of forgettin where you come from.

      • Katrina

        How could Nene forget where she came from, when she never left? My personal opinion is most people rather say something negative, than positive. We like when bad things happen to other people because it makes our situation seem less. Bad things are going to happen, it’s about how you recover!

  22. TheWigIsBack

    …those Trump Checks were supposed to go towards her charity which we’ve heard nothing else about. They went to the Leakes’ Louboutin fund.

  23. lilkunta

    not surprised. ryan murphy used nene. he looked at her as a ‘funny black sassy thing’ and nene was too stupid to see that.

    • YOU MUST BE WHITE! lol.

      And yes. it was a minstrel show from the start. But far be it from me to say that.

    • Riann

      Yes ! you people are hateful and hating…you guys have been wishing for Nene to fail for years and you want her 15mins of fame to be up so bad …but guess what she’s still here and she’s made a lot of money whether the New Normal or Glee is here or not , Nene is not going anywhere except to kept working, What part of that don’t you people get.
      The New Normal was plan and simple not that good of a show nor was it very funny. Good writers and producers make good shows ask Kelsey Grammer…Nene was the best part of the show. Top Paid Reality Star , HATE ON THAT TOO !

  24. Olive

    This was LOL. Awesome

  25. Sunny in the desert

    Yes, it is hateful to call Nene a moose. Maybe if she was thin, tall and beautiful it would be funny but she’s not, at least to some of you it seems. You could comment on lots of shady things she has done but to make fun of her and call her names says more about you than it does about her. And it’s hurtful to her and anyone else who isn’t your idea of whatever the fuck they should be.

    I really need to smoke more weed before my head explodes.

  26. Katrina

    Are you saying that ‘Glee” is a minstrel show?

  27. Riann

    @tamara, if the shoe fits your trifflin ass, own it, bitch is my middle name :)

  28. Debbie

    Nene is not an actress! She mimics herself and was very lucky to get a part in Glee!

  29. Annette Tyler

    I noticed that when Nene had that lavish wedding, she crossed the altar and proclaim…”I have arrived!” Really Nene…in church! You ain’t that big a deal. Life has a way of humbling us when we thing we’re too much. Learn your lesson and stop being a sideshow.

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