UPDATED! Dance Moms Recap: Break a Leg!

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Leslie comes back with Peyton and Abby has a decent conversation with her. Jill arrives with a gift of silver hoop earrings for Abby to blunt the effects of Kendall getting fifth place with her solo last week. All the moms are nervous about going to Orlando for Open Calls.  Abby is taking Maddie and Mackenzie down early with her to set up. Leslie whines about her not choosing Peyton. Leslie will never learn. Abby is furious that she didn’t have an overall first place solo winner last week.  Pyramid goes as expected. Abby is not happy with Mackenzie’s performance. If Mackenzie doesn’t step up, she is going to find another Asia to dance with ALDC.  Chloe gets the number two spot, but no praise at all.

The group number is “Losing You” a blatant threat that one or more of them could be cut. There are two solos. One for Maddie  her number is called “Down My Spine” and Mackenzie gets the other “Take it To Go.” It’s a jazz/acro  routine.  Mackenzie is not in the group. Brooke is lead on a trio with Chloe and Paige called “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.”

Controversy continues over Chloe going out of order last week. Jill says that Chloe had an advantage in going last. Dance Moms

I’m watching Abby sending dozens of rejects crying to their mommies at the open audition and I’m wondering. What happened to that Thalia girl? Did I miss something last week? Was she a one week wonder? She was good.  Meanwhile, mothers are bawling like they just saw their only child get killed by a freight train. It’s kind of funny.

Backstage before the competition, everyone is talking about Jill being late with Kendall. Abby is not happy.

Maddie’s solo was flawless as usual. She even did a couple new tricks. Mackenzie’s was perfect too. They should both easily take first.  The trio was good too. Could be a sweep.


UPDATE:  Someone ( I would have IDed and told her, but it is clearly a child and I don’t want to encourage them to come here) posted this on twitter.  This shows why the trio came in second, Sadly, it was Chloe. Her spacing was off and she over extended. Let’s hope Abby didn’t notice.

Right before the group number Peyton falls and has a serious injury. Peyton says she tripped over Kendall’s foot.  Abby asks her one to ten about the pain. Peyton says nine. Abby immediately tells the rest of the girls to start reblocking the number. The show must go on.

Chloe gives the girls a pep talk in the wings. YAY! For Chloe stepping up. The group did great and probably will win first. I predict all first places.  The girl who came in second to Maddie’s  dance routine was called, “Lightly Swallow.”  Just putting that out there.

Oh shit. The trio came in second. Abby already hates everyone in the trio (Brooke, Paige, Chloe) this is bad.  The group one first. Apparently, the real name for the group dance was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” not “Losing You.”  The group won by 11 points.

Abby goes in a bit on the trio, but goes harder on Kendall. Next week is a Kendall vs. Chloe rematch. Abby pushes Kendall so far she is seen saying she doesn’t want to do it anymore.


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18 responses to “UPDATED! Dance Moms Recap: Break a Leg!

  1. What was the deal with the episode right before this one? The dance to raise money for cancer. It confused me with teh timeline because Peyton was there but there was some argument with Christie and she and chloe didn’t participate.

    • I had a weird episode on my DVR. It was a conflict with two other programs. I assumed it was not new and didn’t watch it. My DVR wanted to record it for some reason. So um, I dunno?

      Now tell me what happened to Thalia? I’d go back and watch the old episode but I already erased it.

      • She hasn’t been mentioned at all. I don’t know if she will appear now that Peyton can’t dance or what. i don’t even remember seeing her in the auditions.

      • Am I the only one who thought she was on the team last week? Didn’t she go to competitions? God I am getting old. I can’t remember anything.

  2. Shellbelle

    I think the old show was some kind of choreographers cut ( I think that’s what they called it) and it showed a new episode… At least in my DVR.
    I don’t think Thalia comes in until later. Abby introduced her on the “reunion before the show” but I don’t recall it being shown when or where she gets picked up.
    Melissa gets on my last damn nerve. I think Maddie dances beautifully but I believe she could be a spoiled brat, she just hides it really well. I thought the trio was well done, they looked in sync and thought they should have won. As far as Payton goes, I think she saw te writing in the wall and faked that injury .

    • Thanks Shellebelle! I bet you are right about Thalia just being on the reunion thing. Which is another reason to not have a reunion FIRST. Duh.

    • Shellbelle, Maddie is a brat! Did you see the episode when the girls were competing for a spot in the Joffery workshop? The judges chose Chloe and Maddie thre a big nasty tantrum

      • Al

        Yes because it never showed the truth, maddie got a full scholarship to joffery chloe got a partial scholarship, and she is being a brat?! She was obviously just upset because she wasn’t allowed to share her good news which is a horrible thing. What is also a horrible thing is people slagging off 9 year olds am sure nobody at that age ever through a tantrum or was upset.

  3. brillke

    The second picture you have of Abby is really a good one. She looks like she’s lost a little weight.

  4. Ananas103

    The episode before was new…it was about a breast cancer benefit that they did outside of the competition season. It takes place between last season and this season. Christie and Chloe weren’t in the episode.

  5. msthang

    Was Nia not on the show this week?

  6. BravoCueen

    The “choreographer cut” was a re-run of last week but it shortened the drama and showed the dances in their entirety (3 minutes each I think). It was awesome. Pretty much the only reason I watch the show is because I’m so in awe of these girls’ talents. Abby can go scratch.

  7. Don’t know if she lost weight, but she got a better bra. She was on that show about the two chicks with the bra shop in Atlanta.

  8. Sueber

    I think the Cancer Charity show was filmed during the summer and shown out of order (they mentioned doing a special competition during the “off” season). So the fight they referenced was between Christi and Peyton’s mom in New Orleans. Christi apparently didn’t come back to participate in this special episode, instead only returning in the regular season, which is why she was back the week before, but gone during the charity week.

  9. Does anyone have info on Kelly appearing in court for slapping Abby? I caught Abby on the news saying that she pressed charges for the benefit of Brooke and Paige because Kelly is an unfit parent.

  10. I love your interpretation of “Losing You” being a ‘threat’…. ha! This is my song and it was a blast to hear it in this episode! :)

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