Adorable New Pic of Kim Biermann’s Twins

Kim Twins

Kim posts some cute pics from a photo shoot with the twins today on Twitter. Click through  for more.

Kim Twins (2)

SO ADORBS! Thanks for sharing, Kim!


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17 responses to “Adorable New Pic of Kim Biermann’s Twins

  1. Shellbelle

    Beautiful babies!! Say what you want about Kim but you can’t deny she makes some gorgeous children.

  2. Katrina

    They are so cute. Those will be some awesome photos and great memories.

  3. puppylove

    Kim makes beautiful babies and she is a great mom too.

  4. Kisha

    They are beautiful. So teeny! <3

  5. Can you imagine when those two are toddlers? Little blonde stumblers helping each other ?

  6. thedisher

    She and Kroy do make the cutest kids….damn they are fertile.

  7. Are they in a mismatched pair of mens socks? They are darling and have beautiful faces. I thought the sock look was weird. Reminded me of larva or is it cocoon? Those little things right before they turn into butterflies.

  8. They are swaddled. The most natural and comforting thing for a newborn to be.

  9. ZenJen53

    Those babies are delish! Congrats to the Biermann Family. Kims is one busy mama even with a nanny.

  10. ViVaLaDiVa

    sorry if i am behind the times, but what ever happened with the court case of kim’s mom suing for visitation privileges?

    • Katrina

      The case was dropped! I don’t know if there was actual ruling.

    • Kroy adopted the kids. That meant they were a two parent family and the court appointed grandparents rights no longer applied. The law in GA is basically for grandparents where their biological child does not have custody and the kids are with the other parent. By adopting the kids, both mother and father were in the home and the she no longer had legal standing to demand visitation.

  11. Very happy to hear Kim is going to be on WWHL in March. Hopefully, DBT or whatever they are going to call it won’t be far behind.

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