Shahs of Sunset Recap: Off To The Races Without a Lick of Horse Sense.


We begin the next morning with cameramen in Mikes bedroom in yet another fake morning scene by Bravo.  The storyline is, Mike wakes up the morning after the Diamond Water launch party feeling rough and embarrassed.  Jessica explains all the parts that Mike doesn’t remember.

Asa invites MJ and GG over to her house in an attempt to get them to reconcile before the trip to Turkey. I am SO excited about the trip but Asa and I may be the only ones actually looking forward to it.  Seriously Asa?  French Feta? Feta is Greek. I also want the recipe for that Apple Cider Vinegar Habanero sauce. But what did it go with?  Asa tells them to just work it out. MJ wants to know what she did wrong.  GG’s anger management techniques must be working for her because I would have gutted her like a fish right there. There is no way in hell she doesn’t know what she did  wrong. Somehow they all calmly agree to squash it.


MJ meets up with Mike at the office and talks with him about his beef with Reza and his behavior at the Diamond Water launch.  MJ want everyone to go to the opening of the Del Mar racetrack.  Sidenote: MJ looks so pretty in her professional office attire. It’s been so long since we have seen her in anything but those crazy bustiers, I had forgotten how pretty she is when she tones things down and wears the proper size. MJ promises to stand up for Mike if Reza does anything stupid. IF? Of course he is going to do something stupid.

Next in the peace and harmony plan, Asa takes Reza to a yoga session. Reza realizes how HARD yoga is, despite how easy it seems when you just observe it. It was a great class. It was all about forgiveness and letting go of rage. Reza really seemed moved. Asa invites Reza to the racetrack with the crew. Reza agrees to go because it is in his contract.

Next up, Asa and Lilly get together so Asa could give her a cooking lesson. It is making me hungry. I neeeeed Asa to make me Persian food.  Asa is talking about not being able to go to Iran because she is a political refugee. Lilly is in a different situation and doesn’t get that Asa can’t go back. Asa gets irritated by Lilly’s naiveté about her political standing in Iran. But the food looked fantastic!

On the morning of the race, Mike goes to buy a bottle of Cristal as a piece offering for Reza. The group will be traveling in a Rolls Royce stretch limo.  They all manage to get on the road by 10am and the drinking begins. MJ is the one who starts the conflicts. Reza kicks it off by saying Mike said he was not MJ when they were fighting the other night. Apparently, that is a big ass deal. Then MJ says GG is walking a thin line with her. They all pull over for a break and dash into Starbucks. Apparently, while inside, Mike tells her not to eat a chocolate croissant. Sage advice, yet MJ took great offense.  So far the problem with this trip is MJ.

Everyone is drunk on arrival and it is not noon yet. MJ  is there at the invitation of a client which means that she should not be drunk. The box owners leave and cast stays behind in the box.  Everyone remained civilized until they left and now, MJ is bringing up the chocolate croissant incident again. MJ is really going in on Mike. You know, Mike the one she MJ personally invited and promised to support.  Reza and Mike are way to drunk to reconcile at this point.  But they are going to keep running their mouths at each other.

Mike and Reza do make up. But MJ and GG get into it big time. Reza removes MJ from the equation, and MJ slurs out “I’m not going to Turkey with that bitch.”  After some regrouping, they all head home.  I’m assuming that the lack of footage of the car ride back, everyone passed out.


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39 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: Off To The Races Without a Lick of Horse Sense.

  1. bunniecarrot

    ASA is the one that’s comfortable in her skin. This season 89% her wardrobe was flawless whether it was casual or not. Gg looked amazing and mj admitted to hating on gg’s body and being so attractive. I still love Mike

    • Andrea

      Asa I would really love your Persian rice recipe looks so delicious… And I want to try and make it and get The recipe from a pure Persian… I would be so grateful…. Thanks again love the show! I love to cook new things for my husband…

    • JrLeaguer

      I would love her recipe, but alas, I have been looking online at various ones for about 2 weeks. and I think that I found the one that I will be using. I will be making Tadig/Tadigh sometime this week. :)

      • Aren’t you in the ATL? What time should I arrive? :)

      • JrLeaguer

        No. I grew up there and have family there. :)

      • Well, I guess it would not mail well. /sad panda

      • JrLeaguer

        I am guessing it would be a mess by the time it got there. The recipe that I found also includes turmeric. A lot of the recipes that I found included saffron, but not turmeric and I remember Asa mentioning turmeric last night. I put it in lots of things…including my morning coffee.

      • ArrBee

        The best Persian cookbook is “Food of Life” by Najmieh Batmanglij. There basically a tutorial on how to make proper Persian rice, and it doesn’t involve turmeric. She was using the turmeric in the chicken. Of course, my first post on this site is food related.

      • Food is good! We like food. Welcome, and thanks for the info!

      • JrLeaguer

        You are correct…it was with the chicken. I have stained a lot of stuff with turmeric over the years and my first thought was that Lily’s white tipped manicure was shot. Thanks for the tip on the cookbook. :)

  2. beth


    “Reza agrees to go because it is in his contract.” … LMAO !!

    MJ said something about hating the dress she was wearing, feeling fat, didn’t she? I didn’t catch all of it – did you ?

    • beth

      never mind my question about MJ … watching a repeat of the show now, and I see that MJ started the day badly when she couldn’t find anything to wear to the track … downhill from there … everyone was punished for it …

  3. beth

    shoe boogers … TMI?

  4. Becstar

    Apple cider vinegar habanero sauce?.. What doesn’t it go with? It’s the best, Jerry. The best!

  5. JoJo

    I can’t imagine being Asa trying to explain sense to GG and especially MJ when they’re cat fighting drunk, but good on her trying. I guess there has to be one in this group that is the peacemaker.
    Asa’s my fav this season, I’ve completely warmed to her bohemian, artsy fartsy Farsi!

  6. Obviously MJ tossed all her mirrors! She is just gross gross grossly dressed and overweight. Does she actually think people want to stare into those casabas? If they haven’t gotten her a man yet, they ain’t gonna. Just dress professionally, in the correct size, and you’re beautiful.

    • Urethra Franklin

      OMG MJ is NOT grossly overweight. She just has big boobs. For the record I think she is also very pretty. Messy, but pretty.

    • SnookumsLynn

      as one with big ass casabas…look or don’t; they live here, so they’re gonna be here…sorry but is your breast envy showing?
      being overweight does not mean you can’t go out and love yourself…the dress she wore at the track was size appropriate, but she knew it wasn’t as flattering as some things she’d worn…starting the day not finding anything to wear can make the day kinda crappy
      I agree MJ is pretty, but messy and does have body issues as many women do, but she loves the tata’s and if u got them, love them

    • well,

      She was wearing a maxi dress, not a mini skirt..Dress professionally? She was at the racetrack, not a job interview. ..

  7. I’m so happy that Lilly and her hairline is slowly but surely bring phased out I hope this mean she want be around next season on another note I really would like to try some of that golden rice it looks so yummy mj boobs are way to big to wear anything strapless i wonder why shes being such a bitch this season

  8. JrLeaguer

    Oh, to wake up looking Bravo beautiful like Jessica and Mike.
    I wish that MJ would dress for her size and shape. You cannot squeeze 10 pounds of flour into a 5 pound bag. I do not think that she is grossly overweight, but her clothing always looks unflattering because she is over forty and dresses like a twenty year old for social events and the “girls” sort of have a mind of their own and do not want to stay put. I will give her credit that she did look great in the office scene. I knew that MJ’s Persian Peace Treaty would not last with Mike or GG.
    Lily looked different in her talking heads…maybe it was less eye make up and the deflated hair. She was really out of line for her remarks to Asa about traveling to Iran. Who did Lily blow to get through law school? I swear that she is about as bright as a 4 watt bulb!
    Asa….my goal this week is to make Tadigh!!!

  9. Xanadude

    Wow. I understand why MJ and Reza are close. No one else would want to be. Hideous people. I cannot get past Reza’s club behavior – it’s literally colored every action of his since – memories of snobbish bullying anger taints even the “cute” moments he exhibit. Everything he does now just comes across as crass.
    When does Mike’s Playgirl issue come out?

  10. JoJo

    Lily is in a world of her own on the show: the “non-friend of the Shahs” – I can only surmise she was contracted, signed, sealed in the show then the rest non-friended her – if they really liked her to begin with.
    I think MJ’s turn as the bitch in too tight clothes, is a result of when she’s drinking too much & of course since she decided to buddy back up w/ Reza who isn’t known for his great advice. OTH, I think before this season, MJ has shown smarts, compassion, and looked fine in her professional and casual attire before the bustier phase.

  11. loriflack

    It is very time consuming to maintain such sculptured manicures, js.

  12. nana

    I loved Asa’s white dress……any ideas where she purchased that dress? so classy….

  13. kym

    You forgot “buttery” – chocolate croissant. Reza said it like 20 times – LOL

  14. DeeDee

    Ok TT, if you get a response to your request, I’ve got some bodacious tatas to sell. Forget silicone, these are all real!

  15. Shay

    After reading all of your recaps on this show, TT, I decided to start recording it & am hooked. I already love Asa. She seems like a real sweetheart.

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