Couples Therapy Interview Round-Up With Wendy Williams and Bethenny

Taylor on Bethenny

Today we have two interviews with cast from this seasons Couple Therapy. First John Gosselin on Wendy Williams and then,  Taylor and John on Bethenny. This should be good.

John comes out without Liz. Oh. She’s sick. Wendy doesn’t seem to know enough about what is going on with Couples Therapy to ask the right questions. They are rambling on about living in the woods. They talk about Jon firing a weapon when the paparazzi  refused to leave his property. Lots of Kate stuff.  In the first segment we get nary a word about Couples Therapy which is what we need to tea on, Wendy. /sigh

John says he did Couples Therapy for the free therapy and for a chance for him and Liz to get away from everything have some time for themselves.  John reveals that Ghost Face Killah’s name is Dennis. Not a single question about Farrah or Taylor or why he was the last to arrive. Very disappointed in this interview. Bethenny on the other hand goes balls to the wall with Taylor and John. Click through for the tea.


Taylor and John and Dr. Jenn all arrive on the couch together. Taylor says that they went to Couples Therapy because she needed to close the door on her past.  Let me pause for a moment to address a few things.  John looks like Liberace on this show. He appears to be wearing a large full hairpiece atop his head like a hat.  Also, his face looks feminized in some way. Botox perhaps? It’s odd. Taylor seemed to need help up the two steps to the stage and the camera cut away from that. Taylor’s lips and cheeks may even be bigger than usual.

Moving on, Bethenny asked Taylor if she chose to leave RHOBH (the answer is no) and Taylor evades the questions by saying that she moved to Colorado so she was no longer a Beverly Hills housewife.  Dang, Bethenny is good at this.  She asks John, ” So you were Taylor’s attorney and then you hooked up with her presumably after you left your wife (um no) ? Or what happened there. John stutters. Then he rambles out a long answer that says nothing.

Bethenny says that she saw the shit show on Couples Therapy and Taylor laughs and tucks her head and says, “Yeah, that was crazy!”  As if it were something she was watching rather than creating.  Taylor says well moving into a house with a bunch of people is stressful and she has an anxiety disorder and then layer after layer of stress and she felt like she could not do it anymore.

RHOBHTaylorteaBethenny says,” and you were drinking a lot. “Taylor says she was not drinking that much. She doesn’t do shots but she doesn’t normally have dinner in a bowling alley either so she was like…when in Rome.  /eyeroll  She says “somebody” was ordering them so she was drinking them.  Yes, Taylor that someone was you. You were the leader of the shot drinking ladies.  Dr. Jenn  just keeps interjecting things. She says Taylor was not drinking a lot. Bethenny says that Taylor was drinking a lot on RHOBH and asks if she is back there. Taylor is all….oh heavens no.

Bethenny is back and about to rapid fire questions. I am going to paraphrase the responses.

So John, you were married when you met. This is so much controversy. What would make you want to go on reality TV?  John says Taylor was in a constant state of anxiety on a daily basis. John was concerned about her and he thought therapy would help her essentially.

Taylor, did you miss being in the spotlight? Did you want to be back on TV to stay relevant like your castmates on Beverly Hills? Um, I definitely enjoyed having a platform. I do a lot of public speaking now about domestic abuse. I wanted to let people know about anxiety issues.  I did drop off the face of the earth after RHOBH and I wanted to let people know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Bethenny talks about Farrah’s ploy to be on TV despite not having a boyfriend.  Dr. Jenn shifts nervously on the couch. Bethenny says she knows Dr. Jenn believes they were together and Taylor and John did not believe her.  Taylor says there were a lot of things in the house that made he disbelieve Farrah.

Couples Therapy Farrah

This is sort of getting contentious. Dr. Jenn keeps trying to speak and Bethenny is continuing to redirect questions to Taylor.  Taylor said when she met her she did not know anything about her background. Taylor said she saw a girl making poor relationship choices and she really invested herself in trying to be a mentor for her. REALLY? Do these people believe what they are saying?

Taylor said when the sex tape surfaced she felt betrayed. At first Taylor believed that Farrah had this sex tape accidentally released. Then she found out that the “sex tape” had a plot and there was a beginning a middle and an end… Once again Dr. Jenn interrupts and says that she would not call it a plot. Taylor says well when there are multiple camera angles and lighting and  she is looking into the lens taking her clothes off. Dr. Jenn again jumps in to defend Farrah. I guess she has to stick to her story at this point, but really Dr. Jenn?

Dr. Jenn clearly is not fond of Taylor.  Taylor says that in therapy Farrah, who has a sex toy line, cried because she feels objectified when she goes to erotica conferences. John says there were a number of things that happened that just did not add up. He says the whole thing smelled.

Taylor, how do you feel being compared to Farrah Abraham? Um, well.  Knowing what I know now, I guess it is an insult. Taylor says Farrah needs a boyfriend to validate her and that used to be her.  USED TO BE?  Your husband kills himself and five minutes later you are engaged to someone else, Taylor.

An audience member tells Taylor she is putting up a front. Dr. Jenn jumps in again and says if you watch the season all the way through you will see a more vulnerable Taylor.  So there goes our theory that she gets kicked out for John Gosselin.  John did say he had one day’s notice get sitters for the kids and go to LA so clearly he was a backup plan.

Bethenny asks Taylor if she watches RHOBH. She says she does a little bit. It gives her anxiety. She asks her about Brandi’s behavior on the show.  Taylor says she probably could use some therapy.  Bethenny asks who she is still friends with and she says, “I am really good friends with Kyle, and I am friends with Lisa and I am friends…friendly with Camille.”  John suggests Yolanda.  It is interesting to note that she clarified that she is friendly with Camille and yet her twitter excuses for her behavior were all about Camille’s abuse.

Wow. The more I see Dr. Jenn on TV the more credibility she loses. I didn’t expect Taylor and John to be credible, but this is not a good look for Dr. Jenn.  It looks like we will have Taylor and Farrah in the house together all season and for that reason alone, I will be watching. Will you?

Couples Therapy airs Thursday nights at 9 on VH1.


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22 responses to “Couples Therapy Interview Round-Up With Wendy Williams and Bethenny

  1. Why didn’t Bethany ask bluher whether he has a relationship with his own children and why when he has two boys who are still in high school he would humiliate them on tv?

  2. Haze

    I’ve never watched past seasons of Couples Therapy but, when I saw Taylor and Farrah would be on together, I thought, oh yeah! This is must see tee vee.

  3. pfffttt

    Wish Taylor would have been as vocal on RHOBH as she was on Couples Therapy.

  4. The only SECOND I need to see of this show is Alex McCord falling near the pool.

  5. That hissyfit Taylor had when she mimicked her was so ugly.

    I couldn’t quite figure out what it was about John’s face that bugged me, but you described it perfectly…it’s become feminized.

  6. JoJo

    Well, Bethenny gets a lot of crap about this show & not being able to have any real celebrities on. Maybe her reality TV guests should just be her niche. She sounds like she doesn’t tip toe around asking what we all really want to know. And for that, I congratulate her.
    And I am glad that there is Taylor and Farrah on Couples Therapy – that’s why I’ll watch. I have no idea who the other couples are. I look forward to seeing Taylor checking the little deluded floozy Farrah, with the fake story and who has the worse whispering cry I’ve ever seen.

  7. lori

    He thought therapy would help her? Yeah okay… as long as there are cameras there of course. I am bummed that I have lost all respect for Dr. Jenn. It started last year with Joe Francis and the way she didn’t hold him accountable for any of his behavior. I see this is the way she operates now. Either she is afraid to stand up to a celeb, or this is how she is with all of her patients. It drives me nuts to watch. That and now the lying on top of it… She’s kind of a joke at this point.

  8. John was concerned about Taylor’s daily anxiety and thought it would be a good idea to have pretend therapy on national television? Taylor passed some sort of “screening” that revealed she wasn’t drinking to excess? What was it – self response to a question “do you drink to excess in bowling alleys?”

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I know right.
      He should be more honest and say that they BOTH wanted TV exposure maybe so they can end up with a lucrative, Kardashian style TV show.
      Or, he is so “in love with this woman” that he is prepared to abnegate his responsibility to his wife and children. If so, what a moron.
      Taylor is a trainwreck, she should have built a life in Colorado and sought private therapy, behind closed doors, away from any camera crew. Can’t stress this enough.
      The other thing that is highly annoying is that Russell has children too and any time she maligns his memory it affects them. He may have been a wife beating see you next Tuesday, but everyone should have the right of reply. He cannot and Taylor knows this. We only have her version of events ( I believe that she was abused) but Taylor protect your own daughter, protect your former? step children and get the fudge off the show. Or, is the money that good?

  9. Mango

    Dr Jenn is a crap therapist. Then again, not one of the people who are on Couple’s Therapy actually want therapy, so what can you expect?

    Taylor is so off, I don’t know what even a proper therapist could for her, frankly. I find her truly unnerving, she’s not your garden variety famewhore.

  10. Tara C.

    Yea I used to think Dr Jenn was a legit psychologist, but not now! Her constant babying of Farrah, and not holding Farrah accountable for her actions ! This is exactly why Farrah is the train wreck she is! Dr Phil said it best, when Farrah did his show , Farrah is a Spoiled, Entitled little girl , whose parent’s basically didn’t raise her right ! I agree! That Brian Dawe guy showed proof that his relationship with Farrah was a sham! Which anyone with 2 eyes could see! Farrah please go back to Council Bluffs , Iowa! And if I were Stormy Clarke, Derek Underwood’s mother, I would be trying to get Sophia the F away from Farrah!

  11. I am sure this is a dumb question but don’t you think if you go on this show you know who the other cast members are going to be? If so, wouldn’t you have some background on them and not be caught off guard by NOT seeing their sex tape or whatever???

    • I mean I would. But I google search every potential person that my be at luncheon I’m attending. (You can never be too safe!)

      These people don’t care who else is on, as long as they are.

      • lori

        Are we sure that they are even told who else will be in the house with them? They certainly don’t act like they know.

      • lori

        Of course there are people (current and past) who I just can’t imagine going into that house without knowing ahead of time. This question just made me think of “The Surreal Life” for some reason. I wish they would bring that show back. It was always quite entertaining.

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