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Brandi’s blog is full of rants and incoherent reasons why she hates Joyce. So I thought I would share some highlights with you as she tries to explain the Joyce confrontation.  She starts right away going in on Joyce, the only housewife who actually stayed for Kim’s graduation party. She says this about the her absence from the party, “It was better that  we didn’t stay anyhow because Joyce was there in some ridiculous get up and I didn’t want to have a confrontation with Miss Attention Seeker a high school graduation party.”

I also thought this could be a good time to hash it out with Joyce and move forward.  It is really hard to explain my issues with Joyce to all of you — but I’m going to try now. Ages ago at Carlton’s luncheon Lisa snapped at Joyce, but only because I had just told Lisa that I felt bad for talking about her faint on Dancing With the Stars on the car ride over. Lisa was upset with me and I understood why, but unfortunately she took it out on Joyce when Joyce went to fix Lisa’s hair. Lisa was snappy, and Joyce gave me a look as though she were appalled.

It’s really hard to explain, yet for the last month of shows you just say that there is stuff we have not seen. Now it is all Lisa’s fault for snapping at Joyce?RHOBHBrandi7

Joyce is quite the exaggerator. I thought I was being nice to Joyce by giving her a call and a heads up about the situation. I told her I saw Lisa snap at her but explained it wasn’t about her at all but that it was about what I had just told Lisa. I said Lisa is very sensitive, and it’s better if you don’t make a big deal out of this but maybe just have a quick one-on-one conversation so that it doesn’t get blown out of proportion. Then Joyce decided to make a huge deal out of it anyway on the rooftop of the Thompson, exaggerates the entire thing, and then tries to throw me under the bus with Lisa when all I was trying to do is help Joyce understand that Lisa was mad at me and not her. So now your up to date on why I have an issue with Joyce. I think they should change Joyce’s title to drama queen not beauty queen.

Joyce made a huge deal out of it by confronting Lisa calmly one on one exactly as you suggested ? That is why you chose to bully here. Okay. That makes sense. Not.

OK now back to Lisa’s house. I decide to have a conversation with Joyce. I did apologize for offending her, but I wasn’t ready to completely apologize about everything — not when this woman is calling me the names she is calling me (racist, bully, alcoholic, and bipolar). Those are really exaggerated and extreme labels when the fact is I wasn’t bullying her — just being a bitch because of what she pulled at the Thompson. The definition of bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. Did I harm her with my powerful ways? Does she really think she is weaker then me?

You really need to brush up on the definition of a bully. Social bullying involves humiliating and attempting to get others to ostracize a person on the outside of a group. The “power” is having the members of a group, or say a Dream Team, that back up the bully when they insult and exclude someone from the group. You are a bully AND a bitch. The terms are not mutually exclusive.

She claims I play the victim but it’s the other way around. The rest is all bulls— so I’m not going to write too much about it. I was made fun of for being flat-chested, skinny, and having a funny name when I was younger — but that’s just juvenile name-calling. Stick and stones you know? I wasn’t bullied, and I have not bullied Joyce. Our conversation goes on and on. We both finally apologize. She hugs me, which I didn’t like because you can’t label me those horrible things and then expect me to hug you.

Brandi, every time you get called out on your behavior you cry and say your dog died, or you are depressed, or you miss your kids, or you are having a rough year. Victim should be your middle name by now.

It’s over and at this point I am happy to be cordial. Clearly Joyce was just putting a band-aid on the situation, though. Even though it was over that day, months and months later she is giving interview after interview about it. Maybe she should have put that band-aid over her mouth.

Yep, more poor victim Brandi, followed by a rude comment.


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22 responses to “Brandi’s Blog About Her Non-Apology

  1. pfffttt

    I’m with Brandi. I can’t stand Joyce… But for no real reason other than she is just annoying as heck. She annoys me and I can’t put my finger on why.

    • I agree with you about Joyce there is something about her that I just do not like. I do not agree with Brandi’s actions this season – she needs to take it down a few notches.

      • pfffttt

        I actually like Joyce on “Siberia” but as soon as she came on the scene with her husband talking about his penis and her tight vagina and all that, she just annoyed the heck out of me.

        Now Brandi is getting on my nerves with the crying and shit. Tired of her excuses. Just own it, just say Joyce annoys the shit out of you and keep it moving. No more apologizing, no more crying.

        Also, if Brandi turns on Lisa how silly will that be. Lisa has been her most vocal defender. Yolanda sit their quietly when Joyce laid into her, while Lisa did try to diffuse and stick up for her.

      • pfffttt

        *Oh gosh, my grammar is horrible today. Apologies. I’m starting to type like a Tard Nene fan.

    • she is annoying you because she is defending herself rather than let brandi take her down.
      a lot of people start out not liking the new girl. they get territorial about their show. but this is getting ridiculous. judge everyone by the same criteria rather than looking only for the ammo to take down the one you dislike.

    • Tara C.

      I can’t stand Joyce [Edited to remove offense name.] either! Too fake or something! And I’m sorry but I feel her marriage is not authentic either. She’s way too good looking for that man ! Sorry , not trying to be critical. Please someone else tell me u feel same !

      • For not trying to be critical, you did a fantastic job without even trying. I am sure you will find some support from some people here. They take pleasure in “not being critical” of Joyce everytime her name is mentioned, like good little airheaded drones.

      • Skeeter

        ehhhhh – is that a ‘sorry not sorry’?

  2. Tamara

    Brandi is just upset that Joyce told Lisa what she said. And I do think Brandi really did say that “Lisa can give criticism but she can’t take it. Plus, I think there is a little bit of jealousy there( on Brandi’s part) I liked Brandi previously but this season I don’t. Her behavior is atrocious and juvenile. It’s not a good look on her.

    Ps. Was Brandi claiming that kids picked one her for having a “funny name”

    • Yes, she said somewhere that she was picked on for the name Brandi and that folks called her “Vodka” and other such names. Dirty martini might have been more appropriate.

  3. Shirley

    She dnt like her that’s it! Done.

  4. Jarlath

    Im over Brandi and Joyce gets on my nerves. I hope they axe her or someone takes her down a peg or two

    • myinfo

      I do not like Joyce and I don’t condone Brandi’s behavior but Joyce’s reactions to everything Brandi’ throws at her is so over the top.

      Something about Joyce seems fake to me.

      Brandi was drunk as a skunk and saying stupid stuff like “Joyce is a big fat pig”. Joyce needs to eat a sandwich and is beautiful so she should have just ignored drunken Brandi because what she was saying was just stupid words from a drunken person.

      If Joyce had any real confidence in herself she would have just acted like Brandi was a fool and ignored her. I think Joyce thinks she is above everyone and knows she is beautiful and she is not use to anyone saying anything negative about her so she goes off the deep end.

      Is Brandi wrong? Yes her actions and words are ridiculous and over the top.

      If I hear the word bully one more time I will scream. Brandi is just saying things to Joyce to piss her off and Joyce is letting Brandi know she is getting to her so Brandi continues saying more and more crazy things.

      Again, this storyline is really really really being drawn out.

  5. jarlath

    By the way, I love the Brandi photo. It made me laugh. Not to mention that it captures her whole victim complex.

  6. thedisher

    I agree that Brandi got upset because Joyce relayed to Lisa what Brandi told her about criticism. Brandi’s blog about her excuses doesn’t help her cause at all. I find Joyce annoying, but Brandi’s behavior is worse. She should listen to Yolanda’s advice. She’s losing popularity as a result.

  7. interesting to note that brandi says lisa can’t take criticism yet when joyce told lisa all she was doing was making excuses for brandi lisa admitted it. at that point lisa did not like joyce so all her sympathies were with brandi. i do think when people let lisa know she has hurt their feelings her typical response is “whatever”, which is unfeeling and rude. to then trivialize their feelings is not kosher in my book, and brandi’s attempt to warn joyce was a nice thing that sadly backfired on her. still no reason to take it out on joyce. she was new and didnt know everybody personally yet. she explained she wasnt trying to rat brandi out but wanted to be say to lisa personally anything she may have said behind her back. she comes across as real a straight shooter whereas brandi only pretends to be one.

  8. Joyce fucking rocks, she is beautiful and married to a man that loves her, her children seem to be happy, they are in a stable home, she is sober, she stands up for herself. She is and has everything that Brandi does not. Bravo on the blog TT, the stupid Joyce is annoying or touches her hair bullshit is a cop out. I think you should interview her. #teamskinygirlswithbeautifulhair
    Enough of being hated on because of your appearance. Brandi blames everyone for her issues when in fact if she just kept her mouth shut she would have no issues.

    • Yep, even Joyce went down that path when she referenced all Brandi has – looks, best selling author, beautiful children, home, etc.). Does Brandi really think playing the victim card and continually blaming others is attractive? Maybe that’s the character she is supposed to play this season…

  9. Mango

    These shows are a game and all the ladies play it as best they can. I can totally hear Brandi saying those things, and probably more, about Lisa. On the other hand, Joyce running to tell Lisa what Brandi said was a way to ingratiate herself with the top hen.

  10. Twilly

    Um, since when is Brandi a funny name for a woman her age? My oldest sister is around Brandi’s age and there were about 10 Brandi/Brandys in her class. And we grew up in small town New England. GTFOH with THAT. She’ll find any excuse, but that one made me laugh. She is a joke..

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