Revenge Recap: Endurance

REVENGE Victoria

This episode begins with a seemingly defeated Emily telling Nolan that it’s over, and she lost.  She asks how Aiden is taking things. Nolan says not well, but he has agreed not to retaliate against Daniel. Aiden and Nico make a deal in the parking lot to spring Emily out of the hospital. But Nico is suspect because she has feelings for Aiden so it is unclear whose side she is really on. Daniel goes to see the suicidal cake baker at Jack’s bar. She’s not happy to see him and neither is Jack who punches him in the face and throws him out of the bar. Victoria is lurking around Emily. Emily’s doctor tells Victoria that she expects a full recover for Emily and that she is about ready for release to out patient therapy. Nico shows up and offers to help Victoria. (Loud Soap Opera Music) Whose side is Nico on? Seconds later we see Emily waking up in Grayson Manor with Victoria and Nico tending to her.

Later, Emily tries to escape but is too weak. Nico comes in and sweeps the room for bugs and then identifies herself as Takeda’s daughter. After exchanges of mutual respect, Emily says she needs to get out of there, but Nico says she is probably safest in the eye of the storm for now. Conrad pays Emily a visit and advises her to come to him first when she regains her memory. He also tells her to watch her back.

Revenge victoria

The Oedipal relationship between Patrick and Victoria continues to be creepy. Victoria wants to steal the infinity box from Nolan.  Patrick discovers that Victoria lied to him about Lydia shooting Emily.  A bizarre lovers quarrel ensues.  Patrick goes crawling back to Nolan. Is he trying to get back with him, or trying to get the infinity box? Two scenes later we see him on the phone with Victoria telling her he is on the way to get the box. Nico overheard part of Victoria’s side of the conversation and tells Emily. Nico starts a plan to save the box. Emily says to let Victoria have it. She has already lost. She says she should be with Aiden and tells Nico they are engaged. BAD MOVE Emily.  Nico is surprised and hurt. Will she flip sides now?  Nico punches Emily in her wounded stomach and tells her that her father would be so disappointed to see her giving up.  Emily says nothing is going to change her mind. Nico says she is done helping her.

Victoria gives Emily the information that she can never have children. Emily is devastated and Victoria is smug.  This bit of news will likely bring her fight back.

Nolan and Patrick are having a few too many drinks. Nolan has been drinking water and Patrick figures it out.  Patrick smashes Nolan in the head with something, steals the box and takes it to his mommy. He asks her for the truth about his past in return.

Emily goes down to see Victoria with her box. Victoria says she is not going to out her as a grifter to the press.  She is going to run her out of town my revealing to all her society friends that she plotted to marry Daniel and she doesn’t have as much money as she claims. Somehow, Victoria is missing all the key information. Did Patrick remove something from the box?

Meanwhile, Daniel has been pressuring Margaux to run a story on Lydia shooting Emily. She finally relents and has the piece ready to go to press. But first she shows it to Jack who tells her not to run it and that Daniel was the shooter. She pulls the piece and Daniel freaks out.

Speaking of the press.  a mob of press enter the mansion. Victoria says that no one summoned them. From the dramatic balcony overlooking the foyer, Emily says, “Actually, I did!” Emily tells the press it was Lydia Davis who shot her and that she and are husband are offering a ten million dollar reward.  Oh Emily, what are you up to now?

Finally, we see Emily and Nolan talking on walkie talkies that he smuggled in via Daniel in a stuffed animal. Nolan switched the boxes at the last minute so the info Victoria has is only what she wanted her to receive. Emily finds a way to meet briefly with Aiden. She tells Aiden she is not going to run off with him. She is going to stay in town and destroy the Graysons. She ends things with Aiden entirely. He is pissed.

Margaux is also pissed at Jack. Because she stopped the article and now Emily has told the press herself that it was Lydia who shot her.  The setback cost her a lot of money.

Conrad is pissed at Emily and has hired a woman to ….?  Not quite sure yet.

Aiden goes back to Nico. Nico wants to avenge her father’s death. Those two make out. Has their partnership resumed?

Emily explains to Victoria and Daniel that she knows the truth. She gave the statement to the press because she loves him and wants to move forward, or she could always recant her story and say she was forced into it. #Blackmail.

What do you think will happen next week?  Will Nico and Aiden align to work against Emily?  What did Conrad hire that woman for? Will Daniel continue his relationship with the suicidal cake baker?


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13 responses to “Revenge Recap: Endurance

  1. Tamara, I always knew there was reason why I adore you as much as I do. Gurrrl, your recap of Revenge is juicier than actually watching the show–at least with your recap, I get to skip all those pesky, annoying commercials!
    Great job Tam, well played!

  2. Bets

    GREAT RECAP! I really hope Maiden doesn’t tell Nico that Emily killed her dad. He was so upset so I see him pulling a sneaky move to get back at Em.

  3. SaraK

    Thanks for the recap. I had to chose between revenge and golden globes and the globes won. Was hoping for something better, this one MAY fall off of rotation in the DVR

  4. Great recap, however Im still confused.
    In the past Emily had Nolan or buddies she was honest with. Now Emily seems to be standing alone. She has pushed all men away and all support people away. Why is she doing that and why would she want to?
    Is it true Emily can’t have children, or another Victoria lie. I missed the doctors conversation.
    Nico does not know Emily killed her father so I doubt she would turn on Emily yet.
    To many players on this show.

    • Bets

      I thought Aiden killed Nico’s dad not Emily.

      • I was wondering how true it was that she could no longer have children. I thought the surgeries were done before the doctor said she wanted to discuss the pregnancy in private with Daniel. I also would have thought more of Aiden, if when on the porch, he would have said, “I don’t need children as long as I have you.” or something like that.
        I’m so over Daniel. He’s a whiny crybaby. I have no sympathy for Sara either. She doesn’t appear to be the dumb Lydia type.
        I find it interesting that Emily and Daniel are becoming Victoria and Conrad. Although, in order to avoid some of the soap opera story lines, I thought they should have let Emily and Aiden go off together and let Daniel or Victoria be the next wronged parties seeking revenge.
        As long as they don’t start repeating storylines or lose Aiden, it will hold my interest.
        Add me to the list who really appreciates your recaps!

      • Calipatti

        I don’t know squat apparently.

      • Calipatti

        Apparently I don’t know squat.

  5. Sometimes I don’t pay attention when watching shows, going to have to stop that. I’m missing too much.

  6. sallyb

    I have been waiting on this recap. I am an avid Revenge fan and a dedicated reader of your blog. This is my first time commenting on of your posts. I like how the writers switched the whole revenge game over to Nico thus leaving Emily to play a whole new hand. Hopefully, she is still able to wreack havoc within the Grayson family.

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