Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Luaus and Lies


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Welp, Boys and Squirrels,  I have some bad news about tonight’s episode. I completely fast forwarded through the whole first look.  It was all Brandi and Carlton pole dancing and leering at each other.  I’m just so not interested in hearing Carlton talk about how much she loves female bodies. We get it. We got it three episodes ago. These two need to either film some scenes “eating at the Y”  or STFU.  Seriously.  So my expectation for tonight’s show is very low. I just hope Joyce tosses her hair around a lot tonight because it seems to infuriate the haters.

Oh I forgot about the embarrassing waxing scene with the Richards family. I am upset I have been reminded of this again. Moving on.

Kim is throwing graduation party for Kimberly. It was supposed to be at Kathy’s and be outdoors with a Coachella theme, and the Kathy decided to go and visit the Queen of England instead. Or something similar to that.  So Kimberly is scrambling to throw a luau at her place.  Carlton and Brandi get burgers from a food truck and sit on Kim’s steps to chow down.  Kyle and Mauricio arrive to that situation and in her talking head Kyle calls it a Fat Burger. I suppose it could have been a Fat Burger truck, I was not paying attention. It probably was since Kim’s eldest daughter is marrying into the family that owns Fat Burger.  
Why don’t we ever see Brooke on this show?


Brandi is already excusing her behavior in her talking heads before we even see what she does. Joyce arrives happy, upbeat and dress for a luau and Carlton is already throwing shade.  Carlton is pissed there is no alcohol at Kim’s house. Brandi is puking. She wants to leave. Carlton is drunk. So those two called a cab and left. YAY! They everyone had fun at the party so they didn’t show much.

After the commercial we come back to some boutique store…no wait. That is Lisa’s CLOSET. Seriously, I thought we were in a store as they panned past miles of racks of clothes. She is getting together clothes to donate to a foster home girls for prom. Lisa calls all the girls for help with donations. Lisa is worried about Joyce and Brandi crossing paths.

Joyce is a spokesperson for an anti-bullying campaign, Friend Movement.  Lisa has also worked with them in the past. Joyce was doing the photo shoot where they flip off the bullies. She looked great!

All the ladies are having breakfast at Lisa’s to donate prom dresses. They all want to take the other dresses home.  Kim is made at Lisa for not attending the graduation party. Lisa was out of town in Missouri at an event to support alopecia research. Kim says her hairdresser saw her at SUR. Lisa admits she did get back Saturday night. Kim will not let the subject drop. Yolanda was out of town too but Kim keeps saying everyone but Lisa was there. When in fact the only one who was really there was Joyce.  Ken says, “I’m sure the are a lot of things Kim hasn’t turned up for.” Lisa says she didn’t just not turn up, she told her ahead of time she could not make it. Kim tells Ken that his comment was uncalled for and not very nice. She keeps repeating herself.

Lisa goes to greet Brandi leaving Ken alone with Kim and Joyce for the uncomfortable conversation above. Lisa downloads Brandi about the Kim situation. Ken tries to make a break for it but Lisa catches him and tells him he has to stay to keep Brandi occupied and out of trouble. Ken doesn’t look well in this scene.

Brandi walks out back and greets Kim and Joyce. She even uses Joyce’s actual name. Wow. Maybe Lisa is right and breakfast is a civilized part of the day!  Kyle comes in with a scruffy dog that has a history of eating rabbits. Lisa puts Giggy in another room.

Time for Brandi and Joyce to talk.  Brandi says first of all she may say stupid things but she is not a racist.  Secondly, she may have been a bitch to her but she is not bully. Finally, she is not an alcoholic just because she got drunk on vacation. She says all this in a snotty manner with her pissy face on as Joyce tosses her long luxurious hair in silence.

In reply Joyce says, first of all, I am not calling you a racist, I said that was a racist comment and you have to admit that. Brandi interjects to say it was a stupid comment. Everyone that knows her knows she says stupid stuff all the time. Joyce says she let the comment go because she was still getting to know her. Brandi keeps talking over her despite asking Joyce to just listen to her speak without comment. Joyce did that. Brandi cannot return that courtesy in kind.  Eventually Brandi says “I am sorry if I offended you.” which is a non-apology that Joyce graciously accepts anyway.  She says we don’t have to discuss that anymore. Next subject. Joyce gives examples of Brandi’s constant bullying behavior. Brandi says “If I was a bully I would have knocked your fucking teeth out by now.”

Lisa and Kyle are very chummy this episode and are eavesdropping on the conversation between Brandi and Joyce together.

Some how Kim arrives back at the site of the catfight. Kim asks Brandi if she has apologized. Brandi says no. She has not received and apology so she doesn’t feel like she has go give one .  Oh Lord, Carlton has arrived. With backup, Brandi’s bullying will only escalate at this point.  Sure, it is not long until Carlton confronts Joyce for using labels to describe Brandi’s behavior. Suddenly, it is a crime to label something for what it is?

Meanwhile, Lisa gets through to Brandi and Brandi gives a pissy apology to Joyce. She promises that moving forward she will be kind to her and not call her any other name but Joyce.  Joyce apologies too, basically because Brandi seems to feel she is entitled to one. Joyce offers a hug.  Brandi bitches about the hug in her talking head.

Somehow I miss the previews for next week. Didn’t tape on the RHOBH version or at the beginning of the Vanderpump Rules episode. How is that possible?


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73 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Luaus and Lies

  1. Timeflies

    Why did Kyle bring her dog to Lisa’s breakfast? A dog who ate a bunny once?

  2. ericzku

    Yes, it indeed was a Fatburger truck at Kim’s party.

    While Brandi is making it impossible to like her this season, Joyce isn’t doing herself any favors either. She needs to stop with the Brandi is “bullying” me crap…someone being mean and nasty to you does not amount to bullying. Inherent in bullying is an imbalance of power; Joyce and Brandi seem to be pretty evenly matched adversaries.

    Oh, and Joyce? Stop saying that you are black. You are not black. That is ridiculous. Just stop.

    • Brillke

      I seem to remember Kyle having a FatBurger station at least 2 of her white parties.

    • terry macon

      Just because her skin is not black do not mean a thing.

      • AmberKnows

        Exactly. Some people are proud of their lineage and just because you don’t appear to be something they shouldn’t be disparaged because they claim it.

    • Mary

      Someone being mean and nasty to you while filming footage for a national Television show is bullying at it’s worst for an adult.. Can you even imagine that? ( sorry, but someone being mean and nasty to you is bullying even in real life. Especially If that person isn’t fighting back! And Joyce didn’t fight back for how long…? She is now! Thank God! ) This is the first season Brandi has not been a fan-fav so Brandi knew exactly what she was doing picking on Joyce.. A) new victim for this seasons storyline! B) fans will hate Joyce if I do; they side with me every season! She was setting up a target for US, like she has every season. First the Richards sisters, then Adrienne, and now Joyce. Brandi’s storyline is the same every year… A fight with a cast member. Look up bullying.. Social bullying is trying to embarrass someone in public.. How much more public could this situation have been? Verbal bullying is name calling and teasing. Adults can be bullied, they do commit suicide too. And I think it would be terrible to be filming and have to monitor what you say in anger, as some bratty socially inept “mom” is teasing me while cameras are rolling. Brandi wanted Joyce to lose control, but instead, she did. Not everyone wants to come off as a nut on TV – like Brandi. Brandi is now what you call being real. That is called lack of insight, which is a characteristic of many mental disorders. She is a bully, she is cruel. And I’ve never seen anyone so self-absorbed in my life time. Just because she prefers bi*ch to bully …. well, what does that say about her? Is there a difference? Most older women bullies are both! She’s just proud of being a bi*ch, which says a lot of a mother of two. She thinks she’s in high school.

      • Tango

        I agree with your post Mary. I’m sick of people using “being real” as an excuse to act classless. And it’s true these women are on tv as a “job”, so technically constantly picking at one woman is like workplace bullying. Can you imagine what would happen if you even mentioned knocking someone’s teeth out at the office?

  3. Good Grief. I will give these Ladies that their everyday lives OFF camera is useful and pleasant. On camera … I have nothing. I just can’t anymore, I’m sorry. I’m done.

  4. re carlton crouching & showing off her “fuck you” boy shorts, man, her cellulite was awful. she clearly works out too much and has had a lot of fat sucked out but ew!

    re her pole dancing segment, if a man groped a woman like that everyone would scream about what a pig he was. so why should she get away with it? she is gross, way too full of herself, and way too serious. didn’t we already get the pole dancing crap from brandi anyway? so i guess carlton is just a copycat and hanger on. so far she’s been boring and predictable.

    did you catch what while lisa was prepping for her prom dress thingy, giggy (in the blue shirt then) actually had lisa’s expression on his face. cameraman NAILED it!

    just last episode wasn’t ken intimating that if michael were a gentlemen he’d stay out of women’s arguments? so what was ken doing getting involved anyway when kim was calling lisa out for not showing up to the grad party when she was actually in town? lisa was handling her. poor guy looked wiped out after that. lol

    doesn’t brandi even realize that everything she says about joyce applies to herself instead? brandi wants to talk at joyce and tells joyce to keep quiet, then when it is joyce’s turn to speak brandi keeps interrupting her. so clearly this was not meant to be a two-way conversation. brandi just wanted to defend herself on camera with joyce mute in the background. such a hypocrite. bringing carlton along to start things with joyce and insult her was just another aspect to that bully campaign.

    did think it funny that joyce is flipping off bullies for an antibully campaign, but the bullies (brandi et famille) flipped her off first.

    usually i’m a little miffed at bravo’s editing but i think they caught some good ones tonight.

    • Gingersnap

      Yeah, Ken is being a total hypocrite on this one. If the same rules apply to him that applied to Michael, Ken would have stayed out of this disagreement between Lisa and Kim. He did looked pretty wiped out…lol!

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      good call! that’s right ken, i thought real men don’t involve themselves in women’s fights. even though he did with brandi and adrienne when they were suing brandi.

      • But was it really “women’s fights”? Ken and Lisa were both invited to the graduation party, both were included in the RSVP noting they would not be able to attend, they were both in St. Louis that day, and they were both catching dinner at SUR that night. Kim calling Lisa a liar was in essence calling Ken a liar as well. I think he had every right to address Kim’s repeated accusations that they (Lisa and Kim) lied.

    • lori

      I was thinking the exact same thing about Ken being a hypocrite. As a matter of fact, I was thinking it last week when he said it, as my mind went through the rolodex of all the times he has gotten involved, standing up for either Lisa or Brandi in the past. So many times! Ken really didn’t look well in this episode. It looks like maybe he wasn’t feeling well or something.

      I kind of feel sorry for jiggy constantly being put in those outfits. Half the time he can’t even walk in them. I wonder if that cutie pie ever gets any exercise.

      • vivaladiva831

        I don’t think his feet ever hit the ground…but I will say as far as the clothes-I’m sure they are the best of the best-and he does have huge patches of missing hair. She gave him a bath once and you could see it. I know my dog, before I got her turned around with good food and doggy shampo, would get “hot spots” and scratch so much she would bleed. Giggy prob does this too and hence the clothes.

      • Diva

        (I agree about poor Giggy. I personally think he would benefit by using extra-virgin coconut oil. Both eating a little and having it rubbed into his skin).

  5. Tango

    I think Brandi is exhibiting bully behavior. She can’t just apologize and stop, and comments about knocking teeth out are uncalled for. She thinks she can say what she wants then sit back and say, oh that’s just me. Of course it’s not a bully in the classic sense like picking on a defenseless nerdy kid at school. But I think it’s still behavior intended to harm others and make them uncomfortable.

  6. Gingersnap

    Basically Brandi said she was a stupid bitch. I was hoping for something I didn’t know, like taking total responsibility for her lousy behavior. I hoped in vain AND she is a stupid bitch. I have serious doubts as to whether she was really throwing up. Methinks she wanted to scram the graduation soiree. BTW, where did the lisp come from?

    Carlton and her besotted lust for Brandi is so unfortunate to watch, and for the love of all that’s holy, somebody buy her a tongue scraper, or at least a stiff bristled brush. Her tongue on that germ laden pole was too much. She is SO trashy.

    • Tango

      As far as lisp do you mean Brandi? I too noticed she’s talking funny. Could be too much botox, or maybe she really is an alcoholic. Remember Kim sounding odd when she was still denying she had a problem? They talk just a bit off when they’re just a couple sheets to the wind and they think nobody notices.

      • Gingersnap

        Yes, I was asking about Brandi. If I had to venture a guess it would be injections since her face gets tighter and her lips bigger. One side of her upper lips just kinda hangs. Ewww :)

    • she tweeted about the funny ways she was talking a few days ago and then again a few hrs ago. claims disks slipped in her jaw, moving her lower jaw forward

      • Gingersnap

        Wonder how one gets slipped jaw discs? How ironic that Brandi’s mouth would be all fucked up.

      • she said it was stress related TMJ.

      • I am going to be Isabella blunt cause I think Brandi and I probably have a little bit in common in this dept.. my jaw slips like that when I give extended oral pleasure, just saying.

      • Tango

        Idk, but if it’s from bj’s that’s just gross..

      • lol, you can also get that from too much filler or tox. but mostly its bj’s.

      • Tango

        Good Lord I detest bjs. I think they should be categorized as cruel. Idk how broads can give them to men they don’t love, I can barely give one to my husband. Lol. I saw one of those real ER stories the other night where an Asian girl got her jaw popped outta the socket and her mouth was stuck wide open. Oh the horror. It takes a special kinda woman to enjoy bjs, a real trooper.

      • LOL, are you kidding? I am like the queen of the bj’s, I LOVE THEM! Giving a good bj has gotten me further in life than anything else and I happen to think they are fabulously fun! It’s my specialty :)

      • Tango

        Ya you are a trooper. I hear women say that and I’m like, no way. I blame it on a small mouth and a gag reflex…..

      • Hum, shoes, house, car, trips, new boobs, yeah, I think I can handle a little gagging. I really do like them though, its kind of powerful, you have total control. And if you are good, they are happy and you are happy!

      • Gingersnap

        I’m far more prone to buy the blowjob theory than stress related TMJ. Brandi is so full of shit.

  7. Rhurhu22

    I think Brandi was faking her illness at the party because she didn’t want to stay. I doubt she or Carlton wanted to be there in the first place. And did anyone notice the violins playing in the background music the entire time Brandi was puke/coughing in the bathroom?

    Carlton bothers me a lot. She’s trying way too hard and blindly to be friends with a lunatic named Brandi. Use better judgement girlfriend.

    One other thing that stuck out this episode was when Ken told Roscio (?) that she was “very privileged”. Just an odd comment to make to an employee while they’re holding your wife’s million dollar wardrobe.

    • Gingersnap

      I noticed that too. I was like, yeah, says the millionaire to the housemaid. Privileged? I dunno, but it’s a hard sell coming from Ken. I really didn’t like that comment for some reason.

  8. vivaladiva831

    Brandi…where to start where to start…if the things you say can affect the custody of your children, then SHUT YOUR BIG FUCKING MOUTH. I looooved Joyce’s face so much when she “let Brandi speak” and was just waiting her turn to show how idiotic the things were coming out if Brandi’s mouth.

    • This is so true. I heard an interview with Joyce about a lot of back story that never aired, had it and if it is true, the Brandi we see on tv would look a billion times worse.

      • vivaladiva831

        i didn’t act like brandi as a single 20 year old college student at one of the biggest party schools in my state. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again GROW UP! does she not value her children enough to get a grip on herself? i wish there was a way to know if she read this. brandi if you really love your children, you will straighten up! when i had my two, you cease to become known only as yourself – you are known as “so – and – so’s mother.” i don’t mean that to sound like you lose your identity as a person, but what you do reflects on them. when you have kids it is not about you anymore, it is about them. for the first 18 years anyway.

      • isabella was that joyce’s interview with gina? it’s on youtube. i thought it was very informative too.

      • Yes it was. I thought it made perfect sense and was honest. TT, interview her if you can!

      • lori

        I am interested in hearing that interview Isabella. Where/how can I find it? Thanks.

      • I do not remember to be honest, I listened a few nights ago. I bet if you google it something will come up. It was a long interview and totally coherent and MADE SENSE, wait, that is same as coherent. whatever, lol.

      • lori

        Okay, I will see if I can find it. I don’t know who finds its, but hopefully that name will also help me it. Thanks Isabelle! Oh, and I hope your jaw is feeling okay today (or actually, maybe better if it IS out of alignment?). 😉

      • lol, talk to me tomorrow after 5, i’ll be drooling as well.

      • JoJo

        I listened to the interview. Joyce sounds believable and if her version is true, it’s all very petty, but heavy-handed behavior by Yo and Brandi. I still take all this with grain of salt, meaning I’m not sure I believe any of these housewives 100%. The interview is Gina with Real Housewife Joyce Giraud on youtube.

      • lori

        Just saw your comment. Thanks JoJo!

      • JoJo

        lori, you’re welcome, hope you found it. It’s and hour but just FF to Joyce calling in lasts about 15 min. about.

  9. vivaladiva831

    the beginning, carlton and her blonde friend…i hope that is not that woman’s real voice.

    sorry, but it must be said – carlton is hideous. she looks like an ugly tranny.

  10. BH28

    Sorry, have to defend Ken hahaha. I think he was entitled to argue with Kim in that situation, because he was in the event with Lisa too, so if Kim was calling Lisa a liar, then automatically she would be calling Ken a liar too.
    When Michael stepped in to defend Joyce he was doing that by only hearing his wife’s side of the situation, he was not present on the Palm Springs trip, so he doesn’t know how things went down.

    Seeing Lisa and Kyle’s scenes together joking around really made me miss their friendship and how it was in season 1. I love Lisa dearly, but I’m sure she did some things to hurt Kyle as a way to get back at her for trashing Lisa in season 2. Kyle knows she did shit too, but just won’t admit it. Neither of them will probably. But too me that doesn’t make Lisa a bad person as Brandi was trying to paint her in the press for months now, she was just mad and hurt, I can understand that.

    I was listening to Brandi’s podcast yesterday, and Kim said that Lisa started calling Kathy Hilton when she was having problems with Kyle. Maybe that’s what Kyle says that Lisa did to hurt her, but won’t discuss because she wants to move forward (Quote from Season 3 hahaha).

    To me, Kim is fishing for a motive to fight with Lisa, now that she doesn’t have Taylor anymore to play (and probably bcause she needs a storyline too other than Kingley) hahahaha.
    And Brandi is playing victim as always. She trashed Lisa even before the show started in the press, talked shit about her and said “oh I love her, but she is manipulative, play games, chess player, blablabla”. And now that Lisa isn’t quiet anymore and is taking shots at Brandi, all of the sudden she wants us to believe that Lisa is the real bad guy here. I’m not down with that. Not to mention she did the same to Joyce, even though she can be a bit annoying sometimes, they say they ended the season on a positive note, and what did Brandi do? Trashed her in the press too and then goes on to say that everyone wants to take her down. Really? She started.

    Love your blog and recaps Tamara, I’mma everyday reader here hahahaha :)

  11. vivaladiva831

    ok last comment for the night – kim’s baby daddy for kimberly HUBBA HUBBA!

  12. ZenJen53

    I like S1 n S2 of most of the RHW franchises, then they start changing the cast and the dynamics and as S3 n S4 comes along the drama is over the top. Id hoped BH would be different sadly not the case. I do not like Carlton. Yolanda can’t quite put my finger on it but doesn’t sit well, something about her disease. Brandi being a model is quite aware of how to make herself puke, the coughing gave it away. Excuse to leave. Good riddance. Kim was a proud mom.

  13. Hannah King

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that when you are already nauseated that wolfing down a greasy cheeseburger isn’t the best idea? Anybody with half a brain would see that as what it was…putting something in her stomach so she could throw up and use it as an excuse to leave. Thank God Brandi took Carlton with her. Carlton was so drunk, she couldn’t figure out (even with all the wretching) which door was the bathroom. I thought Brandi was the one with the drinking problem, but damn Carlton couldn’t get over the fact that there were no cocktails at a party for a teenage girl who’s mother is an alcoholic. She should have brought a flask. Then she could have joined Brandi while she pretend barfed and spiked her drink. Jeez.

  14. I wish I could see every square foot of Lisa and Yolanda’s homes i can barely pay attention to the ladies when they film in one

  15. Skeeter

    “eating at the Y” LMAO!!!! I spit my coffee out over that comment. Love it lolol.

  16. LoriNYC

    I think Kim was way out of line. Lisa and Ken RSVP’d no and sent a gift which was totally appropriate. If their plans changed and they arrived in LA earlier than expected, Kim has no business being offended because they had already said no. She was holding onto that like Kingsley with a bone. They RSVP’d no……get over it. I’m sure they got Kimberly a lovely gift…..Move on. She was being incredibly rude and I think Ken had every right to say something to her. She was ridiculous.

    • Kim attacked BOTH Lisa and Ken for not attending a simple high school graduation party. Did she forget she was a no show to Pandora’s elegant wedding (empty seat at vows and dinner). What a stupid selfish twit.

  17. JrLeaguer

    Kim needed to drop the issue about Lisa and Ken not attending her daughter’s graduation. They had RSVP’d their regrets and had sent a gift…that is all that is required. It is poor form to grill someone as to why they did not attend. Kim should be grateful that they acknowledged the event with a gift and move on!
    Carlton, take Brandi and the nanny to your sex chamber and be done with it. #wegetit
    Loved that Lisa was collecting prom dresses for less fortunate young ladies. It is a magical yet very expensive event in a young lady’s life. I imagine that with the ages of Kyle and Kim’s daughters that they contributed some amazing dresses.
    Joyce….build a bridge and get over it. You are not being bullied. Someone saying incredibly stupid things is not bullying. Physically attacking or saying and doing vicious things to you on a regular basis and driving you to the point where you cannot function and want to harm yourself to make the pain go away is being bullied.
    Brandi…drunk and clueless is not a good look when you are over 40…or any age really. Try not dropping the f-bomb every other word and people might actually listen to you on occasion. Not calling people names might help too. I have no problem with a well place swear word, but when anyone that I am speaking to swears constantly and name calls…I tend to tune out what they are saying. I expect that behavior from teens and not from adults trying to make a case.

    • Tango

      I think there’s an element of bullying in Brandi’s tactics. You don’t have to cause severe distress to be a bully, you just have to repeatedly make someone uncomfortable. And the knocking teeth out thing was a threat, even if we all know she couldn’t do it. Brandi is a very sad little girl taking her problems out on others to get noticed.

  18. JoJo

    I don’t doubt that Brandi or Carlton didn’t want to be at Kim’s daughter’s graduation party. I wouldn’t either. It’s a teen girl’s party and they’re not related to her or Kim. And I don’t think Ken was out of line in the least by finally answering Kim’s constant blather about them not being at that graduation after they rsvp’d and sent a gift. I felt so bad that Lisa didn’t let him slip the hell out of there.
    If Brandi faked throwing up to leave, she was very good at setting it up all day; mentioning how being upside down on the pole makes her dizzy, nauseous etc. That’s good planning if it’s true.
    But, I think she failed at those pink, paisley baby bloomers with strings she was wearing at the pole dance studio!

  19. Watching Kim on this show just makes me sad. She really doesn’t belong on “reality” TV. Brandi’s Lisa bashing in her blog seemed out of context and didn’t make any sense to me. I guess the producers have given Kim, Kyle, and Brandi “stage direction” to continue with the anti-Lisa comments to stir up so called drama.

  20. Mango

    The thing is, these women are all pretty awful.

  21. vivaladiva831

    in the beginning i really did like yolanda. now i’m on the fence-i can see her in real life being a big stuck up bitch. her attitude and her fierce “love me love my dog” feelings for brandi are very strange. she is bff with a woman who continues to be drunk and foolish, when one of her first statements on this show was “there’s nothing uglier or more unattractive than a drunk woman” re. Taylor.

  22. Kris10leigh

    Everyone seemed so shocked that Carlton was asking for alcohol, yet there is what could pass as a bartender behind something that looks like a tiki bar, mixing up piña coladas and strawberry daqueries. Yes she should have dropped it after someone said there was no alcohol, but for once she wasn’t as out of line as every one made her out to be. (Yes she was already wasted, I know) I’m just saying- easy mistake. And they said something abt how the party was for someone underage- I’m pretty sure Kyle offered it at Portia’s bday party.

    • You make a good point Kris. I think that an adult showing up wasted at a high school graduation party was her big faux pas. I can understand her thinking alcohol was being served, since she was drunk and there were “bartenders.” And yes, alcohol is available at the other ladies parties, kids or no kids. In Kim’s blog, she said that she actually sent someone out to get alcohol for Carlton.

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