Nene Leakes on WWHL And The Place to Comment on The Golden Globes.


Oh Lord. This should be good. Nene is in a short black and white dress that she claims is Valentino. It looks lovely on her. Two gay comics are the bartenders and the audience is apparently filled with their loud drunken fans.  Andy makes fun of Nene’s weird braided hair headband.

Andy asks Nene about Kenya saying her boyfriend bought her a Bentley. Nene and Andy have a good chuckle over that.  Nene says she loves Mal and how she flies in to stir up trouble and then flies away.  Nice. Nene. Cynthia is your only friend on the show you have and the trouble she is stirring up is her marriage. So glad you love Mal so much.

Oh lord. The poll question is as result of Phaedra’s kid puking. Which of the ATL housewives would you puke on.  Really Andy? REALLY?

Andy is not going to ask Nene too many questions because he is a wuss, so he is going to let callers and tweeters ask the question he has selected so it doesn’t look like it is coming from him.

Nene makes a point to say she is the ONLY guest. There was a montage of Nene calling Porsha a bad friend. Andy asks how she and Porsha are now. She says, “Oh we are fine. I love Porsha. She just have a lot to learn.” And I’m thinking I hope Porsha doesn’t need to learn subject verb agreement because Nene sure as shit can’t help her there.

andy cohen wwhlQuestions for Nene:

Why didn’t you put Chuck in his place when he attacked Phaedra and Kandi? Because she is team Nene and Phaedra can fight for herself. She doesn’t know what their relationship was back then.

How do you think Porsha is dealing with her divorce and any advice you may have for her? (You can tell she is irked the question is not about her.)  She’s had so much advice for Porsha over the whole divorce thing so she doesn’t have any more to give.  Then she says she is going to need someone to give her advice? huh? But she thinks Porsha is doing fine.

Why do you think you are too good to be in Kandi’s play? She doesn’t. When you get to a certain place in your career you don’t have to take every job offered. She is in a place where she can make choices. So in order for Kandi and I to stay in the place we are now it’s best we don’t work together.

Why did you think it was appropriate to bring up high school sex rumors about Phaedra. Tasteless!  Well, That’s what we do on the show. laughs. Keep watching there is more dirt to come.

(From Andy) People are wondering what you think of Mama Joyce this season? Nothing. Really? Well I mean you don’t have an opinion? I really don’t.

Have you been to Kim’s house to see her new twins?  No, but she has texted with her and congratulated and all those things. I’ve been meaning to get over there and drop her off some pampers. I know she needs some.

Kenya has mentioned lately that you two are not friendly anymore. What happened? I have no idea. Honestly, I have no idea. I mean you see every episode Kenya talks about me. But I get why honey, I get why. /hair primp

Longwinded question. Basically, are you and Cynthia good friends off screen and does she confide you about Peter off-screen? Cynthia and I talk several times a day almost everyday. So we are friends on and off screen. Andy asks, “What do you think about her relationship with Peter?  Nene is being very reserved tonight. She is not really answering any questions. She makes comments like “if I have an opinion all Atlanta catches on fire (not a great analogy for us true Atlantans, btw)  but she can’t have one. She says she thinks that is their business and Cynthia can handle Peter. It sounded like she said “I can’t” after that. But maybe it was “I can” but her face made it seem like the former.

When was the last time you have seen or spoken with Sheree? She hasn’t seen her in a couple years or so. They both live in Atlanta but she is no where to be seen.

How is your grandbaby doing?  She is doing great she is running now!  Andy asks if she would ever set her up with Mr. President. Nene says no, she does not want her to date younger men.

How do you feel about Kenya saying you look like a drag queen?  Really, who looks more like a drag queen. I take it as compliment anyway.

How do your feel about Kim coming back to RHOA? Nene says she is fine with it as long as Kim is ready to work.  Andy laughs hard about that. Then he says “reading is fundamental.”

I missed the poll results on my DVR. But Jacqueline Bisset got the Jackhole for her acceptance speech. I need to go find it. lol.

Thought on this episode of WHHL and the Golden Globes Appreciated


GAME TIME!  Andy says he wants to find out how Nene feels about some of her colleagues on the Golden Globes tonight  She chimes in, “Yes, honey the colleagues that some of these girls wish they had. You know the one that needs the deep  peel!” Andy says the deep peel, who is that Kenya? Nene says who do you think. Wow. She is letting her hatred for Kenya out big time.

Andy shows red carpet looks and Nene either gives a read or a bam!

Nene gives Lena Dunham  a read. Which is sad because I just spent all day with a nekkid Lena watching a GIRLS marathon on HBO.  Let’s see you put you out there like that, Neenster.  I love Lena for showing normal sized naked bodies on TV.

Lupita Nyong’o from twelve years a slave in her stunning gown. Nene says she does not care for her hair (while picking nits out of her mop, LITERALLY)  but that dress is everything BAM!

Drew Barrymore is up next I have to say that I ADORED her gown.  It was perfect maternity wear. Her makeup and hair were flawless. I liked her better than any of the few others I saw.  Of course, Nene gives  her a read. That is beyond fucked up, Nene.

OMG WTF did Sandra Bullock wear? And with a side pony It is SO WRONG. Nene says it is too casual. I say it is HIDEOUS.

Julia Roberts. I was disappointed in her choice but I do think she looked fab. Nene says it makes her look older. Andy loved it. I liked it but it was not my favorite.

Jennifer Lawrence. Nene says she is kinda like sad about everything. I didn’t like this one either. I expect it to be on worst dressed. It accentuated her mid section in a bad way.

Emma Watson. OMG I missed this.It is red ball gown in the front yoga pants in the back. WTF?  LOL Nene says, “Girl she has on pants!”  and …yeah. exactly. It’s bad.  Andy says it’s Dior. Business in the front party in the back. See? We both think it is a mullet dress.

Mary Lou Retton. Oh come on guys. You are just making fun of Marylou. at least she is there while you two bitches are in NYC.  Shut it about our Olympic Athletes.

Matthew McConaughey in a green velvet Dolce tux.  Nene practically cums on herself screaming BAM! The fact he is dumber than a box of rocks probably just makes it better for her.

Then I got bored with the game.














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46 responses to “Nene Leakes on WWHL And The Place to Comment on The Golden Globes.

  1. Elle

    1. Who died & made Neigh Neigh….anyone? The opinion here is that just like on RHOA no one wants to film with her. She is too big of a monstrosity. And just big to be clowning and downing people period.
    2. Why is she concerned about friends at her age? At 50…or whatever she claims, wouldn’t she be going through something quite different in life than Porsha?
    3. What work exactly has she done while she says Kim would have to? I think Kim has put in OT considering.
    4. If it weren’t for you TT I’d have nowhere to see how crazy her antics were. She and Kenya (as much as I want to call her a minorette bc she could never be major) must be competing this season.

  2. Nice write up, I’m still watching Revenge, time zone difference. What is Emily up to? So confused.

    Drew Barrymore was lovely as were most of the ladies.

  3. msfoxks

    If Nene is such a BIG Hollywood star, why was she on WWHL instead of the Golden Globes with all of her Fabulous colleagues??

  4. Urethra Franklin

    Gurl you left out the shade that Andy shaded Nene with during the dress game.

    Remember Paula Patton? She sat in the 1st chair last time Nene was on WWHL?

    Andy put her picture up for Nene to critique her dress. Naturally Nene didn’t like it because Paula was at the Golden Globes, and Nene wasn’t. That was some SHADE….BAM….

  5. Probably something wrong with me because I thought NeNe looked nice and was pleasant tonight.
    For an actor that’s not nominated to be at the Globes doesn’t the show/movie they are on need to nominated in order for the show to have a table? I don’t know diddly.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    My best dressed for the night:
    Lupita in that caped drop dead red dress. She killed them all. I just have no other words than Beautiful. Period.

    Cate Blancett was also a best dressed.

    Paula Patton’s dress looked like a life sized ejaculate stain. #Sorry
    There were a lot of WTF was she thinking with that dress and/or hair?

    I love Jacqueline Bissett. Period.

  7. Katrina

    I really liked Kerry Washington’s maternity dress, it was very simple and elegant. I didn’t like Drew Barrymores’ dress as much. It may be the picture they had. A oversized white dress with some red or pink all over it. The dress Nene had on was very nice. I thought the dress was blue, but I am color blind with some colors. Nene definitely held back, but it was a fun episode.

  8. Katrina

    A while back, you put up a picture of Atlanta housewives with Phaedra and Nene smiling in a window – “What’s wrong with this picture”. Now we know they were look at Majorett Bob or Kenya twirling. Kenya can really twirl a batton.

  9. eastjames

    I thought Lena Dunham looked great. She took a risk in that color and pulled it off well. Worst dressed: Sandra Bullock by a landslide…Best dressed: Heidi Klum minus the choker. I don’t think chokers are ever making a comeback. At least not the black velvety ones we wore in the nineties.

    • In the 90’s? I know I am dating myself but I wore one of those velvet chokers in the 70’s with a cameo broach right over my throat. It came with the mini dress.

      • eastjames

        Ya they had a resurgence in the 90’s. I don’t think its gonna come back a 3rd time but I could be wrong. My mom still had hers from the 70’s and I thought I was so cool wearing it. Ha ha!

  10. poll results (re who should baby have barfed on)
    67% kenya
    25% nene

    i like drew but thought the dress did nothing for her.
    pretty much agreed w nene’s dress reviews but thought mcconaghey’s green outfit looked too tight

  11. Bring back Kim! When Nene said work, I think she meant work to integrate with the other cast members. I think Kim and Nene together would be awesome, Kim is Nene’s intellectual equal. How scary is that?

  12. ZenJen53

    Jac Bissett is absolutely beautiful. That’s what natural aging looks like. No botox r fillers. Like you stated TT, bow down bitches. Leo’s face was frozen n he was orange. Yuck

  13. Asia

    Nene was upset when she got upstaged and put in place when Paula was on the show so she had nothing good to say about Paula’s outfit at the Globes. Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, we must agree she tells all the girls how she feels to their face. Asking Kandi about eating and telling Nene she she had time to be in Kandi’s play is to real but funny as hell! No one else let NeNe know she hasn’t flown out to LA lately, lol!

    • Urethra Franklin

      True dat about Kenya.
      She practically was holding an umbrella over Nene’s head providing her with a lot of SHADE. It was hysterical.

    • Katrina

      I thought Kenya was funny. People say that Nene can dish it out, but not take it. I wonder why Kenya did not participate in Kandi’s play? It does not appear that Kenya is doing anything either.

      • I don’t think Kenya was asked. Or perhaps she auditioned but there was no part for her. The play was the real deal with real actresses and not a play by Bravo!

  14. I am completely convinced Nene doesn’t have friends and definely not any Gay friends becasue if she did someone would have stepped up a long tkme ago and told her about that hair!

  15. Asia

    No, she has friends that tell her what she wants to hear. Cynthia where were you for WWHL because her wig was moving backwards every head gesture. Plus her real hair was showing under the wig like eye lashes!

  16. Jennifer Lawrence got my BEST DRESSED and BEST HAIR of the night! She looked A-mazing, midsection and all.

    Julia Roberts’ dress was awwwful.

    Hate the prominent baby bump, slinky dresses. Kerry Washington got it right!

    Sandra Bullock’s dress was a mess. Looked like something my Barbie wore.

    LOVED the deep red dress Tina Fey wore throughout most of the show (with all the red stones). She looked fantastic in it, even from behind!

    Jacqueline Bisset was truly shocked and unprepared. She should have pulled herself together during her marathon walk to the stage, but oh well. That’s what makes the Golden Globes so much fun to watch.

    I wasn’t a fan of that red caped column dress. I thought it took over Lupita Nyong’o.

    Lena Dunham looked awful. And stand up straight when they take your picture.

    I thought Drew Barrymore looked as nice as could be in her sweet maternity frock.

    Did anyone else notice that Leo mispronounced Filomena while listing the nominees for Best Actress? Wow.

    • Victoria

      OMG! THANK YOU! I fully agree with every statement. Jennifer Lawrence looked nice. I’m unsure why everyone is geeking out over that red sack with a superhero cape. Lena looked awful. Her midsection was aaaawful and her boobs looked sad. Kerry Washington looked great.

  17. Cali

    Nene was so funny on WWHL.She looked very nice, loved the dress. Now Andy, I almost didn’t recognize him.

  18. JoJo

    Andy throws little bits of shade at Nene, but he seems like he’s still a little bit afraid of her. Like having just her on the show. After the last appearance with Paula Patton sitting 1st chair and Nene being all sorts of sour pussy, I get the feeling maybe she refused a duet appearance.
    And I was so disappointed that even if Andy’s afraid, he couldn’t have pretended a viewer wants to know “Nene, what is it your so busy at in the acting industry? What have you turned down? Everything? We haven’t seen you in anything but RHOA.”

    • yeah but paula could barely walk in the dress. i sorta liked it, tho

      • damn. reply was to asia, not jojo.
        jojo: wish you’d phoned that question in. but then she prolly wouldnt have shut it w all the self promo stuff…

      • JoJo

        Andy mentioned that Nene got real shady with him before the show….maybe he told her he was going to ask that question and she “Nene’d” him! All those faces she makes, all the ‘honeys’ basically her way of talking in ghetto bites – easily summed up as “Nene’d”

      • Nene really didn’t seem to happy to be there. She wasn’t giving up any real tea.

      • terry macon

        So did I. Paula is a beautiful woman and looks good in anything.

    • JoJo

      No Nene didn’t seem happy at all….AGAIN. I wonder if her appearance on WWHL, although she was the only guest this time, reminds her that this is what her celebrity status has returned to and will forever be: reality TV and talk shows about them?

  19. Does anyone have any thoughts on what Andy thinks of Kim? Nene seems to throw a lot of shade her way in various appearances. I’m wondering if her show will be back on Bravo or if it might be picked up on E!

    • No Kim’s show is coming back for season 3. She may or may not come back for RHOA. Nene has no choice. Her comment about her working was her constantly leaving early because she was pregnant and had a sitter.

      • Besides the amount of time, I think it would be hard for her to be in both shows. DBT is positive and upbeat. RHOA is …..well, I stopped watching after the Kenya/Porsha shoving match last year and only keep up with your recaps.
        This is an off the wall question, but does anyone know the status of DeShawn Snow? I read that he would be talking on the phone to his Cleveland mistress while they were filming. Her storyline might be more interesting now with a divorce, mistress who had a baby, reduced income, etc.

  20. Katrina

    Why do you think Andy is afraid of Nene? Nene had just finished her wedding befor RHOA started filming. She is finishing up Glee. I’m not sure RHOA is completely done.

    • JoJo

      Just a guess, but she is about 6′ 2″ in her heels, built like a linebacker, and has a scream/yell that would power a small city – say Athens, GA :))

  21. kungfoohustle

    The real shade, Nene was sitting on a show talking about the GG’s but wasn’t invited to attend.

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