Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Welcome to the Neighborhood

RHOA Kenya

I’ve already discussed the first few scenes of this episode, here.  Phaedra and Kandi snark on Chuck. And Mallory seems to have an ulterior motive for showing up. It is not “mending fences”  as she says, it’s more like running Peter out of Cynthia’s life.

Mostly, I actually feel sorry for Kenya. Whether her dad really is this critical or just doing it on national TV because it is in the script, he is just awful. I’m no Kenya fan, but I am starting to feel some compassion for her based on the crappy hand she was dealt in the parents department.

Porsha met with her divorce lawyer to discuss the fact that they were unable to mediate and will be letting the judge decide the settlement. I thought it was funny that the attorney actually pointed out to her that she would need to pay them from her settlement.

RHOA Kandi Jemimah

Kandi and Todd are working on the play and talking about logistics. Todd points out that no one in their crew has done a play before.  Todd brings up he has a job offer with an international traveling show that would start in January (as in now) that would be shot in five different countries. He seems pretty excited about it.  Kandi wants to know how he can work on the play with her if he is doing the other show.  Which is a ridiculous question because his new gig doesn’t start until after the play is over. It sounds like the job would be from January to June.  Kandi has to realize, this is what Todd does for a living, in my opinion.

Nene and Cynthia go over to Kenya’s to discover a white Bentley in the driveway with the top down at night. I can’t wait to hear Kenya’s lie about this product placement by Bravo. She tries to claim it is a gift from her imaginary prince. Ain’t nobody buying what she is selling. Kenya refers to Kandi’s  play as the “Chitlin Circuit.”  Kenya’s father was in this scene briefly, just long enough to spout off about his sexist believes before making his exit.

Porsha and Kandi drop by Porsha’s McMansion in Duluth. Porsha says she is leasing to purchase. Phaedra and Kandi both tell her she is making a huge mistake with this house. She can’t afford it, it’s WAY too far outside the perimeter, and you don’t need the upkeep on 8,000 square feet.  I mean this is not rocket science. After a bit of strawberry shortcake, the girls say they need to leave because they have a long drive to get home. They really aren’t kidding they live an hour away if there is no traffic.  Porsha says something about them spending the night and the make a sex toy joke that goes straight over Porsha’s head. She asks,”Kandi brought her toys?”  Phadrea says no, we left all the good ones with Kordell, he’s sitting pretty. Then Phaedra does an impression of Kordell sitting on a vibrator. #southernbelle

The ladies are all eating outside at a sidewalk café when Baton Bob strolls by.  Baton Bob is a well-known character in Atlanta that likes to twirl his baton and run around drawing attention to himself. I assure you this was not a set up by Bravo moment that Bob knew about in advance or he would have been wearing his full wedding gown. It looks like it was hot that day so Bob went for something a bit more comfortable. Bob is known for having a bit of a temper if his attention seeking is interrupted, especially if the police are the ones doing the interrupting. If there is a camera filming in Atlanta, Baton Bob will surely arrive soon.  Not surprisingly Kenya fell in love with Baton Bob. Two Twirlers Together Forever.

Cynthia has a trunk show for  Mallory’s bracelets at her studio and invites all the girls. Wow,  the show is spelling Mallory’s name Malorie. I am not going back to change all the past instances. #sorrynotsorry   However you spell it, Mal seems to trying to come for Kenya. Everyone is talking about how it is out of line to show up anywhere unannounced for two months, but Mal has decided to make Kenya the example. Let’s see how that works out.  Cynthia pulls Mal aside to remind her that she invited her friends there to buy her bracelets and they are not going to do that if she gets up in everyone’s face. Kenya and Phaedra immediately spill to Nene that Porsha moved into her neighborhood. Nene calls Porsha a bad friend. Porsha has a breakdown. Kenya literally runs out to play in traffic in a full length gown. That is not a safe place for Kenya to have a freakout.  In fact it is full tranny prostitutes. She better be sure she is not mistaken for one. I’m serious!

This episode was pretty uneventful over all in my opinion. What did y’all think? We haven’t seen Apollo or Gregg in ages…


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62 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Welcome to the Neighborhood

  1. Isabella J.

    What is up with Nene? She seems extra crabby for someone that just got married. I am betting Kim is back next season.

    • pfffttt

      I think Nene would actually want Kim back. Kim said in an interview recently that she likes Nene and Cynthia but the rest are “useless.” Plus they’ve been friendly on twitter. Having them film together would be fun, I actually like Nene when she was with Kim.

      I would like to see Cynthia demoted to a “friend.”

    • vivaladiva831

      i hope so, kim and nene were always fun to watch. i really don’t like this new pompous nene. she’s a bitch and comes off like she thinks she is some hot shit.

  2. pfffttt

    The return of Marlo next week!!!! LMAO! Mugshot Marlo!

  3. eastjames

    T, thanks for another great recap. I feel the same way about Kenya. I was so disgusted with her when she first came on the show but watching her deal with her father and hearing about her relationship with her mom is making me see her in a new light. In an unrelated topic, I was curious if you saw the story about Vicki’s daughter, Briana, being pregnant again. Wondering what ya thought about that?

  4. Nene thinks she is to big to be in Kandi’s play. SMH at that. Nene is not Meryl Streep I know she thinks she is but she is not. Nene thinks way too much of herself and I am so sick of her big blond head. She has let her little bit of fame go to her head. Kenya lives in a fantasy world fake boyfriends fake cars fake face – sometimes her makeup is dark other times it is not. I am so over Nene and Kenya.

  5. Kate

    Not sure what I thought of that episode just feel kinda bad for all of them. I also think porsha lives in that house for free. They must exchange her living there with exposure for the house to sell it or something. It just seems like a fake storyline again.

  6. ViVaLaDiVa

    kandi is not a good actress! it was pretty obvious she already knew what phaedra was going to tell her when she started about chuck. and although phaedra gets on my nerves sometimes, i love the way she talks. the words and phrases she uses, and she does have some good one liners. i could listen to her tell stories all day.

    one of the FEW times i am on peter’s side tonight! mal would not be thinking “the more the merrier” if peter showed up unannounced for two months. and i am with him. one of my biggest pet peeves is people coming over without calling or letting me know, so i get where peter is coming from on that one.

    • bunniecarrot

      I had to end my 13 year long middle school friendship because I refused to let said friend know where I live because she ALWAYS DROPPED BY UNANNOUNCED! I cannot stand people dropping by without a courtesy call!!!!!

      • vivaladiva831

        when my husband and i got married, his family was the worst. who does that anyway? i would never just pop up at someone’s house. i quit answering the door. didn’t matter if my car was outside or not. they finally got the hint. i just think that is so so rude.

      • bunniecarrot

        ***everybody loves Raymond * * * ring a bell???

      • Katrina

        I think it depends on the family or how you are raised. My family would be welcomed to stay as long as it wasn’t permanent. I don’t care for my brother-in-law, but I would never let that stop her from visiting me or me going and staying for a while. I had a relationship with my sister before he did. I think Cynthia and Malorie still work together. Even though Peter does not really want Mal to stay there, he is going to let her stay to keep the peace. This is how Cynthia and Mal functioned before Peter.

  7. bunniecarrot

    Lol at Kenya almost getting hit by the car. She has absolutely NO SENSE!!!! Chuck is hilarious…. I read elsewhere that bravo did not air that chuck also during the Athens trip claimed Tamar Braxton & Tboz was apart of his “team”. That Vince Huebert Hollywood connection is STRONG if bravo production left his wife’s name out. Or does bravo not name names on air outside bravo family???

    • perhaps the best place to comment on things you “read elsewhere” is THERE. See how that works?

      • bunniecarrot

        Tamara I didn’t mention the name of the site so it’s not like I’ve started a coup to steer your commenters there or anything. I was just spilling/sharing some tea…isn’t that why we’re all here? To GOSSIP??? and I’ve seen some others share tea with you and everyone else but you don’t get sensitive over that? Kinda like others have broken your golden rule and refer to Taylor as tator but I guess you have your fav’s and double standards. No need to get on my ass about it.

      • bunniecarrot

        Like really cut the bullshit. Being rude to your commenters for one thing and kee kee kee with your favs for the same thing is not how you build your blog or brand. And the nasty ass Trojan I caught from trying to be NICE and click your ads doesn’t help either.

      • Bless your heart, you seemed so sweet.

      • I haven’t gone anywhere near your ass yet. I simply said if you have a comment about something you read elsewhere to comment about it at that blog.

        But now I am telling you to kindly go fuck yourself and not return. My blog, my rules. Surely you have been around long enough to know I do not take direction from commenters. Don’t let the door hit you in your ample ass on the way out.

      • bunniecarrot

        Eh it’s been like 2 months, not that long. But gladly will leave. Watching you attack your target audience and asking for their support is exhausting.

    • SnookumsLynn

      girl, I read that too and I think that’s pretty good Tea!!! C’mon Tam, it’s just adding to the conversation…we can’t never know too much!

      I believe he probably did have a team of ghetto all stars, but Bravo won’t reveal because it’s just a he said she said situation, but the Vincent Herbert thing is pretty strong, I believe he has slowed down many a rumor about his wife…

  8. bunniecarrot

    Lol at Kenya almost getting hit by the car. She has absolutely NO SENSE!!!! Chuck is hilarious…. I read elsewhere that bravo did not air that chuck also during the Athens trip claimed Tamar Braxton & Tboz was apart of his “team”. That Vince Huebert Hollywood connection is STRONG if bravo production left his wife’s name out. Or does bravo not :name names on air outside bravo family??? Next week Marlo’s back….not sure if I stomach her and Kenya at the same time

  9. Cami

    This episode was all over the place. Yes I felt bad for Kenya but I see where she gets her annoying ass ways from. I hate that whole Peter and Cnythia situation. I felt like they should have had those conversations off camera but anything to keep your peach Cyn. I really want Porsha to wake up and listen to Kandi and Phadera. Nene really got on my last nerves. Sometimes it’s nice to have some humble pie. Porsha is not being a bad friend, she’s just living in the real world and not walking around like she’s a wanna be A list actress. And Nene known damn well her and all those girls don’t talk to each other all day everyday. I can only say that for Kandi and Phadera. One question. Does it mean something when Andy has only one guess on WWHL cause Nene is acting like she the bomb cause she is the only guess tonight? I understand SJP and Mariah Carey but Nene? Yeah ok.

  10. ZenJen53

    After watching WWHL, I think Isabella is right. NeNe was asked about working with Kim n Andy had a sly grin. Id bet its in the works. Let’s hope! So this show gets back on track. I was quite entertained by Baton Bob. And Mr. President puking on Porche was the highlight for me.

    • Jarlath

      I would not be able to stomach Kim. I found her boring after she became bed ridden. Bring her back only if she’s back with Big Poppa

      • JoJo

        I have same opinion. At this point can this show really handle TWO very entitled women who have to spend thousands on their front doors to get their heads through?

  11. Katrina

    Yes, he did say work. We know kim did not show up for most group events.

  12. Katrina

    I was thinking the same thing. We know Kenya is not above it. Also, Nene saying they don’t look alike, but their personalities are similar. Her dad is from Texas and she was raised in Detroit. Kenya favors her aunt. Kenya’s grandmother (dads side) raised her.

  13. myinfo

    How about Kenya’s father talking about her ashy feet? He also said nothing nice about her home. Did he even hug her? Those scenes were hard to watch.

  14. I think Bravo setup Mallory visit knowing it would start drama.

  15. I am in the minority here. I liked Kenyas dad as I could relate. I am nothing like Kenya however but having super critical demeaning parents was my childhood. Kenya was lucky she had her grandmother and her aunts. My dad did however mellow the last year of his life and finally told me he was proud of me. By then I already figured out I was worthwhile years before. Kenya didn’t seem like his opinions mattered in the least to her. The only time she was hurt was when she brought her mother up with him. I felt sad for her during that part of the scene. I didn’t however understand or buy into the statement Kenya made about the “stigma” of being born in the 70’s and not being married. As a teen in the 70’s I knew many young women in that situation. They either raised the child or gave it up for adoption. I did not see a huge stigma where I grew up anyway. Maybe in the 50’s or 60’s but by the 70’s we had progressed to the hippie generation, free love and all that. I was raised on the west coast so maybe it was more liberal?

  16. Katrina

    I read or heard somewhere that Porsha owned a daycare at one time. It’s possible that could be her mother. Anyway, Porsha seemsto be very comfortable around babies. I bet Porsha made an impression on Kordell’s son. This is probably why Kordell chose Porsha. I know the house that Porsha got is way too big, but it is a very nice house. She is definitely a woman of faith!

  17. Haze

    I was a teen in the 70’s and there was still a huge stigma attached to unwed pregnacys. Sadly, a lot of girls had abortions that scared them for life, for others it was a fantastic solution. However, too many girls just never got over it. And, sadly I knew some girls that used abortion like birth control. There w

  18. willlynn

    Didn’t watch the whole show. Went to bed early with a headache but I want to know are they 100% sure that man is really Kenya’s father? I question everything about that girl because her lies pop often

    • NO we are not sure. Like you said it is Kenya. And Nene walks in and says they look nothing alike. It was the same as the car. Nene knew both were props.

      I think the Texas shirt and cigar were Bravo wardrobe decisions for another hired gun. First stunt boyfriend, then stunt Daddy.

      What’s even sadder is having to have a stunt Daddy in the first place.

  19. Asia

    I think Kenya has some issues she is dealing with as she admitted last season but please give her credit for being honest with the other ladies in a way noone else has! Nene-you know you have time to be in Kandi’s play
    Mal-why would you show up to a married womans home unannounced Kandi-you didn’t stop to get something to eat. She appears to be getting along with Phaedra better. Peter is the only husband on the show the last three airs, probably because Nene can’t show Gregg cleaning every episode.

    • I think you confuse being honest with the girls, with calling them out on their stuff to detract attention from her own mess.

      • Asia

        I’m not confusing anything, I view the show for what is presented and what is presented is Kenya busting or throwing shade all over the place with the story lines currently. Also, her dad stated the mom didn’t want anything to do with her (Kenya) that scene was horrible to watch or make up so if I’m watching something different Kenya’s mess is wide open, from the Apollo text to her made up boyfriend not wanting to have sex. Can I get a amen for her checking the hell out of Mal atleast for the team!

  20. JoJo

    Kenya made up for crapload of her off-the-charts theatrics in past episodes by just saying “Nene I see BS written all over your face….girl you ain’t got nothin’ else goin’ on, you just don’t wanna’ do Kandi’s play!”

    Kandi not mentioning Kenya’s ‘chitlin circus’ in a talking head was odd.

    I can’t help it, but Phaedra cracks me up, her faces, one-liners, just her whole attitude toward all the mess going on around her. No matter her faults or faux ‘Southern Belle’ proclamations when she has many non-Southern Belle moments, she at least comes across as the same person as when she started.

  21. lori

    I am one of the very few who actually like Kenya. I think that people just hate her so much (maybe part of that was the ridiculous and nasty first impression she made on the show) that they pounce all over her for everything she does. It’s like she can’t win. The other girls can do the exact same things and it is fine. I like that she often calls people on their shit right to their faces. Again, if the other ladies did that we would love it! I felt really bad for her with scenes with her father. Not so much even the putting her down from the moment he stepped into her car, but more their conversation about her upbringing. I would imagine that his role in her life was more of a brotherly role since he was only 16 when she was born, and that would more explain his razzing her when he got in the car and when she was trying to give him the tour of her house. Also, unlike Nene, I did see a resemblance between them.

    • Katrina

      I like Kenya. I like the fact that she will ask people questions directly. Nene does the same thing but she is considered loud, ghetto, and rude. I noticed Kenya’s dad said they were 15 and 16. I am wondering which grandmother (mom or dad side) who raised Kenya? I think Kenya favors her aunt. She has more of her dads’ personality. Kenya and Nene had similar upbringings. I like that they are having more group discussions and activities.

    • Lord knows I am TRYING to like Kenya this season. But I can’t believe anything she says. Including whether or not that is her or an actor she hired to play him on TV.

  22. Marcos

    I found this site when looking for blogs about Porsha’s new 8,000 square foot house and it being a total mistake. She really called it a “motivator”. This is by far the best site about the subject and I enjoy Tamara’s outlook on all the reality shows. RHOA is my guilty pleasure (Love of Hip Hop is up there too) and I’m glad that I now have a place to cast my shade. By the way, I think Kenya is beautiful…crazy as all outside…but beautiful.

  23. joejoe

    Why does Kenya have something to say about Porsha crying over an actual marriage when she fake cries over an eviction an babies she doesn’t have. At least Porsha is crying over a real loss and a true fear.

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