First Look RHOA and Blood Sweat & Heels

RHOA Peter Season 5

Phaedra stops by to see Kandi who is a bit confused how Phaedra and Nene became on good terms again. Well, Kandi, let me explain it to you, it’s called Nene needs a storyline.  Carry on. Phaedra calls Chuck a light-skinned Frankenstein and they refer to his package as a cocktail weenie and a bite sized brownie. Phaedra throws out a comment about how hot her husband is despite the fact that the two appear to loathe each other.

In the scene with Cynthia, Peter and Mallory , Peter and Cynthia accept ownership for their part in the Mallory debacle, yet Mallory seems to be the one stirring the shit and once again hinting to Peter about martial secrets that Cynthia has shared with her. Mallory seems to be on a mission to get rid of Peter, for good.  Perhaps that is her master plan.

Kenya’s dad arrives for a visit and she picks him up at the airport. The first thing he does is make fun of her  “ugly, ashy, feet.”  This is all before they pull away from the airport.  Kenya says she lives in “The Vinings” which I hope is a subdivision far away on the other side of town and not Vinings which is a lovely town that I could through a rock at from my ghetto. As soon as he gets to her house, he hates everything. He hates her décor, and the hardwood floors and the contents of her refrigerator. Despite her dad being a total jerk, Kenya tries to have a conversation with him about her mother.

Blood Sweat and Heels D

They tag a First Look for Blood Sweat and Heels on the end. This show is getting the ROYAL treatment from Bravo. I wonder why?

Melyssa’s business manager questions some of her expenses. He questions why she has left entertainment totally  to pursue real estate. (Um do you see the camera guys in the room with you , Sir?)  He  says she needs multiple income streams and suggests she do appearances. She doesn’t want to take a boat load of cash to host parties and sign autographs. She wants to be a professional real estate agent at all times.

Geneva is a fashion and entertainment writer and brand consultant, NOT a blogger like Demetria. Oh and her mom is a sex therapist who gave her own mom a vibrator for Christmas. Speaking of Demetria, everyone is pissed that she blogged about a girls’ outing last week.  Brie and Demetria go to lunch to discuss why Demetria felt the need to blog about a conversation, that was filmed for national television,  where Brie said she felt women were too emotional to rule the world. Brie is totally backtracking on her opinion now. Brie says Daisy is pissed because she blogged “a private conversation.” Are these people serious?


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8 responses to “First Look RHOA and Blood Sweat & Heels

  1. Jarlath

    I wonder why Cynthia is still with Peter, he seems like a real …. catch

  2. Isabella J.

    Real Estate is HARD. I think this girl is a moron for turning down paying gigs to sell a house. You do not get paid unless you sell something, duh…. I hope Mal’s plan works.

  3. I liked Kenya’s dad! I saw a short clip of when she picked him up from the airport and made the ashy feet comment. The cowboy hat and cigar reminded me of my dear old departed dad and his snarkiness too. Kenya is about as helpless as a Mac truck. She can handle him just fine.

  4. JoJo

    Chuck absolutely deserved the can of worms – I guess it’s really just a can of a ‘worm’ his ding-a-ling is now being compared to by Phaedra. I have no idea if the couple Chuck & his wife, the odd-lettered but normal pronounced named ‘Mynique are a test couple for future seasons, but they’ve both tanked on making themselves look good.
    I like the Heels show a lot, after only 1 episode and a preview. Think these gals have the potential of being much more interesting than the RHOA, so far. At least if we’re looking for intelligent, maybe sometimes a little flaky, but at least interacting with words vs. threatening, ghetto-chest pumping and some dumb as a box of rocks
    (ps TT, wasn’t there also a First Look on the VP Rules? These all came on one after the other last night and I’m confused – probably because now I can’t really recall if what I saw of VP Rules was different than the last episode!)?

  5. Verra

    What is the main story this Blood Sweat and Heels is supposed to be covering. I see so many women whom I do not really know what they do or what their relationship status is. The Blogger seem to be the only one that makes sense when she speaks but I do not understand if her boyfriend is her servant or a guy who came there to pretend to act as a boyfriend.

    What is going on with the young man who was stood up but waited until his date came. He should either have expressed his disappointment or accept her apology as given. When the girl started crying or pretended to be crying, this man, if he was a gentleman should have played a mans role. To make matters worse, this so called man accepted for the crying lady to pay their bill while he sat there like a kid. He just became so small in my view.

    The not so pretty girl whose mom is a sex therapist need to put some color into her dressing. She dresses too dark. I wonder also what she really does for a living.

    Is any of them happy alone with fulfilling jobs, or happy with some man in their life that is a real man or are they all pretending to have jobs and pretending to have some gigolos in the lives.
    What is this show supposed to portray?
    I will watch one more time and make a decision to quit if it still has no substance.

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