Dance Moms Recap: Number Two Tries Harder


Time for Dance Moms!  The girls are going to Ohio. Which means more drama with the Apple Cores. OMG at Peyton’s abs. You could do your laundry on them. She is in great shape.  She is still to tall to be with this group.

Abby is furious that the girls got third place last week. Abby’s hair is a disaster. Peyton in on the bottom of the period because she cried when her skull was pierced with barrettes.  Unacceptable. Your mother may be drilling holes through your skull with bobby pins, but save the tears for your pillow.  Next is Brooke. She fucked up the group routine last week. But at least she didn’t cry.  Then we have,  Nia. Sigh.  Mackenzie is next for acting her age in the dressing room. Then Paige, Kendall and Chloe. The trio that won first.  Abby is still not happy.  Maddie is on top. More talk about Maddie carrying the team. No solo for Maddie.  Solos go to Chloe and Kendall along with intense pressure.  The group dance is called “just another number” to show them they are all replaceable.

Abby says that Peyton stands out like a sore thumb. Um DUH. I have been saying that since last season.

DancemomschloeAt Cathy’s studio, they are doing a lot of cardio. Their group is  doing a lyrical dance which is Abby’s specialty. Her choreographer says that “Abby’s girls do the same six steps over and over.”  Cathy gets a girls hopes up for a solo and then gives it to the ringer, Lucas.  Lucas’s Mom is hanging out with the choreographer.

ALDC moms are pissed that Kendall got a private before her solo was assigned. Chloe is doing a Katy Perry inspired Jazz routine. Kendall’s solo is also Jazz and inspired by Lady Gaga.  Kendall’s practice before hand gave her a big head start on Chloe. In the group rehearsal, Abby calls Peyton out on her size. She is threatening to pull her because the group is supposed to look like clones.  Peyton doesn’t fit the part.

At Candy Apples, Kaya (a dance mom) says that she feels Blake has over choreographed the number. Basically she thinks it is above the skill level of the group.

Time for competition. Chloe is super nervous. Her mom is not helpful. Kendall is nervous and Abby yells at her and tells her if she cries one tear, she is not going the solo. In Cathy’s camp, Lucas is relaxed and ready.

Lucas is up first in solos. He already has the boys advantage. He performs well, but it was nothing special. Very little boy trying to be Rico Suave.  Kendall is up next. She was killing it but has a stumble early on. She recovered well and technically was miles above Lucas. Chloe can beat Kendall if she can get her head on straight.  Meanwhile, Peyton’s mom, Leslie contradicts something Abby said while they sit in the audience right in front of Cathy. Abby is already planning to draw and quarter Leslie in the dressing room and pee on her open wounds. Chloe was very good. I thought her arms were sloppy at times and her face was not good. But she was lovely. It’s going to be close in my opinion.

Abby criticizes Kendall for blowing her turn.  She tells Chloe that after seeing Kendall stumble she played it safe.  I love Chloe but I have to agree. For some reason Chloe danced last when it was supposed to be Kendall. This is a huge point of controversy with the moms. The thing is Chloe’s mom knew Chloe was going last before it happened. Something is fishy. This means Chloe will win but it will forever have an asterisk next to the win with the ALDC moms. Chloe can’t catch a break.

Dance Moms on Lifetime: Why the Outrage?

Meanwhile Leslie has been sobbing in the hallway because Abby told her to shut up in the audience.

Time for the group numbers. The brief glimpses of the other teams prove this competition is no joke. ALDC was up first.  I thought it was great. They flashed over to the judges though and they did not seem to be paying any attention. Seriously. One appeared to be texting. I am nervous. Too edgy and out there for the judges? Oh shit. Candy Apples probably just won. That was good. Really good. Add in the boy bonus x 2? I think they just won. Fuck. This is bad.

Time for solo trophies.  Kendall got FIFTH. I think she was robbed. She would have won it all if not for one stumble.  Lucas gets fourth. Shit Chloe got second.  In groups Candy Apples got second. ALDC got first.

In the dressing room Peyton gets reamed out for her mother’s behavior. Leslie and Abby get into it. But from the previews it looks like Peyton and her incredible abs will be humiliated on one more episode at least.

Did anyone watch?


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27 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Number Two Tries Harder

  1. steve

    never watch the show but the commercials seem that abby really rips into the kids. Way too much pressure for little girls to be in. Does abby always break one or two into tears on each show? All these kids are going to need massive therapy when they grow up. Not a healthy childhood for these kids. :(

    • eastjames

      I don’t feel this way about her. The professional dance world is insanely competitive and that’s what these kids are striving to break in to. My kids both play sports and I get so tired of the happy, rainbow, bubblegum, everyone gets a trophy nonsense. They aren’t training to do any of these sports professionally so its no big deal but if this was what they were doing for their life’s ambition I would want someone like Abby coaching them.

  2. Isabella J.

    omg, i just watched for the first time, holy cow, that woman is so mean to these kids! i had to turn it off after 10 minutes, blame the mothers for putting up with that crap, ugh. great blog TT, i would read your stuff if you wrote about toilet paper or porn. please blog about porn….

    • JoJo

      Isabella, that’s exactly what I did when I saw the show last season, so I don’t comment on it now. I thought it was horrible for the kids being screamed at and demeaned.
      Now I know that it may be exactly the way it happens in real life for dance schools not on TV – to prep these kids for what it’s like to compete in the real world and especially if they plan on making an adult living out of it. But I have no idea. I just get very uncomfortable when kids get screamed at on TV.
      I want to watch it, but just read the recaps so I don’t see the kids crying :(

  3. I really like this show. I haven’t been able to find it here in Guyana on the Lifetime channel. That is the correct channel right? Could you please tell me what night again? Most of my stations come from Mexico and Puerto Rico except the three big stations come from Miami. A&E seems to only show Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars. (Shows I hate.) I love Abby…

    • Hey Sandybo! Hope all is well! Dance Moms comes on Thursday Nights at 9 in the US.On lifetime.

      • Thanks! You sound so upbeat and I am thrilled. I stopped all my meds after moving here seven months ago including anti-depressants. (Couldn’t get them here anyway and scared of the drugs here as they are from places like India and not regulated.) It could be that I am just don’t have anymore stress in my life not sure. But I haven’t felt this happy in a long long time. Mine isn’t hormonal like yours as I had a hysterectomy over twelve years ago and never had any further problems. My door and home is still always open if/when you ever want to come on down!!

    • Jarlath

      Torrent them. That’s what I do with TV shows

      • I do not know what that means.

      • Jarlath

        I download episodes from the Internet as torrents. There’s always a delay since new episodes take a few days to become available. Quite handy if you don’t live in the US

      • We are not all international computer whizzes dear. Could you give a step by step primer?

      • All the girls love Abby, though most are scared to death of her.:) They all want her approval.

      • jarlath

        I can barely type 😛

        So you need a torrent client, I use BitTorrent (add .com and you have their address). Download and install. Then go to Google and put the search term, e.g., Dance Moms S04E05 (which stands for season 4, episodes 05) torrent. This will usually give you a link to piratebay. It it doesn’t appear, then use the term piratebay instead of torrent. That’s how I generally go about getting episodes from the Internet. When you get to the pirate bay page you click on the magnet link not on download because that’s just really a link. Then this torrent file (extension .torrent) downloads. You double click it, it opens the torrent client and then the file downloads. Then you can watch it with whatever video program.

        This might seem like a hassle but it’s great especially if you don’t live in the US or you don’t have cable or want to deal with the commercials. I think Dance Moms is available on the lifetime website. However, it might be restricted to residents of the US.

      • jarlath

        I just went over what I wrote and I apologize for the things that don’t make sense. My brain shut down half an hour ago. Just to clarify, when searching for a specific episode on Google, you specify the season and episode number after the name of the shown (not really sure what season Dance Moms is on at the moment since the last season I watched was 3).

        As for when you are on the pirate bay page, don’t click on Download here because that’s a link to advertisements/spam/popups and crap. Just click on the link that says magnet link. Sounds counterintuitive but that’s how it is. I guess they have to fool people into clicking on ads to make money.

        If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will respond :)

    • sandybo.. Here in Miami Dance Moms is on Tuesday nights, 9pm EST
      LIFETIME channel
      Hope you can find it and enjoy it.

  4. jarlath

    OMG I’ve been so moody lately.

  5. ccma398

    I can not watch this show. Abby Lee makes me so mad! I took ballet from age 3-13 with the same teacher – a former Prima Ballerina. She was strict.. but not an asshole. Parents were only allowed to watch our class on one specific day per month, and had to keep quiet. She had numerous students become professional at the NYC Ballet and Boston Ballet. A few would return to do a solo number at our recitals bi-annually, and would remark at how great it was to see us support one another. We all were aware of how cut throat professional ballet companies were, without being subjected to what Abby puts her girls through, “to prepare them..”

  6. Was the editing off or did I miss something? On the preview it had abby yelling at Leslie to just pay off her contract and leave. But during the show nothing like that happened or did I miss it? i could care less if she leaves. Not a fan of her or Peyton every since that time Peyton smirked and said she was better than everyone else.

    • Yeah, that didn’t actually happen on the show. It was weird. And I am starting to think that Peyton is better than most of those girls. Speaking of the girls they are all very well adjusted and happy on their twitter and instagram. Paige and Brooke are VERY close which doesn’t really come across on the show that much. All the Moms especially Jill and Holly seem very happy and constantly promote the show.

  7. peachteachr

    I’ve watched Dance Moms since it began. Love it. The girls are wonderful, but that Christy is over the top. Why would she be mad at another kid for getting a private? She can have one, too, can’t she? My daughter was a competitive gymnast from the time she turned 5 for 8 years. I should add that she was in competitions in the southeast not nationally. I must say that I NEVER saw a parent act like these people, and we would have never spoken to the coach as these women do. I use to tell my daughter that it is not hard to be gracious when you win, but to lose and still have grace was the best. The big deal that the coach explained to me was to get them to stay interested when they hit 13 and started to like boys. He was right. All these girls are beginning to become teenagers so we’ll see what happens. Is it really reasonable to believe that your child will be a star as a career? It is certain that they will grow up and I think the mothers are despicable roll models. They should be aware that their daughters are learning from them, not Abby, and I can’t see this working out well for most of them.

  8. Xanadude

    Ii’m just anxious to see the Abby/Kelli smack down that TMZ reported this week. I loves me some Kelli.

    • Wow I missed that! Here is the story!

      One of the stars of “*Dance Moms*” was arrested in New York for allegedly attacking the show’s biggest star … *Abby Lee Miller* … TMZ has learned.

      *Kelly Hyland* was booked in November for assault and harassment. Here’s what we’re told … Abby was searching for new talent and Kelly was getting pissed off that her kids were being overlooked. When Abby dared to bring a potential pint-sized star by the studio, our sources say Kelly freaked out.

      Eyewitnesses tell us … Kelly began screaming at Abby and then Kelly allegedly grabbed Abby’s hair and it became a full-on cat fight.

      So far charges have not been filed, but guess what? Three cameras were rolling during the altercation.

      Read more:

    • JoJo

      Now not wanting to see kids screamed at or crying due to adult behavior isn’t the same as 2 grown women having a brawl. I’d watch that. Just wonder if it’ll even be aired even though charges haven’t been filed. Like the infamous “Stilleto-gate” on RHONJ. I really wanted to see that shoe heel to the Greek forehead…..allegedly!.

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