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I woke up today with new weather and new symptoms. I am not enjoying 2014 so far. So a long as I am already annoyed I figured, why not watch Reza Farahan  on Bethenny. Bethenny says that Reza has been going through a lot of stuff on the show and when girls do that they often get drastic hair cuts to symbolize the change.  Bethenny says this could be a catharsis for him and a chance to just let everything go. Cleary, Bethenny has never seen the show.  No one lets anything go ever. Reza says he has been having dreams  about this. He had a dream that she shaved his moustache and saved the hair and put it in a snow globe with a mini Bethenny inside and everyone that came to the show would shake the snow globe.

Bethenny  asks Reza if he knew when he said it that he should not have called  Sasha a faggot. He says, “I did but I am not trying to blame editing at all…but” and then he goes on with the textbook “There are things you did not see…”  followed with a side of ” I had been drinking…”  Bethenny says he is street.  Reza says he may be gay on the inside but he is all thug on the outside.  Well, there is that.  He does own his thuggish behavior. Maybe one day he will learn how to sincerely apologize for it. Bethenny wants to do a test shave on his leg. He tells her to be sure and “go with the grain.”  An argument ensues.  Bethenny tries to explain that you shave UP the leg.  Reza says “You’re a sweet white person with calm white hairs, I’m and angry middle eastern man with angry middle eastern hair.” Bethenny agrees to do it his way which takes about 47 swipes as opposed to the 3 it would have taken done the right way.   Bethenny+Frankel+VHCGids4ktim

Reza says this will be the first time in his life he will be completely without facial hair. He’s a bit freaked out by the results. To be fair, it does look better on TV than the picture above makes it appear. Bethenny tells him he looks much younger.

Remington donates $10,000 to the charity of Reza’s choice which is Project Angel Food.  Project Angel Food’s mission is to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Volunteers and staff cook and deliver free and nutritious meals prepared with love throughout Los Angeles County, acting out of a sense of urgency because hunger and illness do not wait. We deliver more than 12,000 meals every week to people in need…for Life, for Love, for as long as it takes. To donate, click here.  

Reza seems really grateful to Bethenny and Remington for the donation. Reza says they used to deliver hot meals and due to budget cuts they now deliver frozen meals once a week instead. Reza says he used to deliver with his friend and fell in love with the recipients. Well, bless his cold, black heart.


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8 responses to “Reza Farahan on Bethenny

  1. Brillke

    I have always liked Reza and still do.

  2. Stacey

    What’s to like about him? He is a nasty cold bitch! Who treats their friends like that and expects the friends to still show loyalty? I like GG, at least she keeps it real.

  3. Lmao TT I love you ” bless his cold black heart” that really gave me a laugh

  4. bunniecarrot

    So is bethanny going to get cancelled or nah?

    • Willow

      I want to know that too , cancelled or not??

      • Not cancelled. But maybe more reality stars or just random people with problems next season. Despite stealing Wendy WIlliams guest booker, she was unable to get any actual celebs this season which help contribute to her shitty ratings.

    • bunniecarrot

      Damnit I NEVER get what I want!!! Hopefully she books Omarosa one more time so she can put her in her place once more. She’s kinda stolen a bit of Ellen’s and Wendy’s format but does it so poorly.

      • I almost like her. HOWEVER. I think the second most off putting thing about the show, after her voice, is she gives RELATIONSHIP advice on every show. Really? Financial advice? Sure. Business advice? Absolutely. Even child rearing advice. But know one wants marital advice or relationship advice from Bethenny Frankel. Nobody.

        So next year will likely be different. And she has so much money she will probably pay for production costs out of her own pocket.

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