Mob Wives Recap: The Point Where the Rubber Meets The Road


It’s billed as Las Vegas Part III but I swear  I feel like I just recapped part two yesterday.  Why do I have the feeling this episode is going to be like The Godfather III and not nearly as exciting as the first two? Hopefully, I am wrong.

We start with the girls still in Vegas.  All the girls are at a race track getting ready to drive race cars. Real race cars. When Big Ang and Renee join Drita, Alicia and Natalie at the track, things are tense but workable for a hot minute. Then Renee sees all the other girls laughing and getting along with Natalie and she is pissed off. She refuses to drive the cars with the other girls and says she will watch. It is interesting to note that Renee is the only one wearing shorts and open-toed shoes.  To me this is a clear indication that everyone knew Renee was not going to drive anyway.

Renee is getting furious with everyone. She feels like the girls are being two-faced by hanging with Natalie.  She confronts Big Ang and Alicia for not standing up for her. Renee tries to say that Natalie brought up Alicia’s husband; but, they point out it was Renee who brought up Alicia’s husband.  Both of them push back at Renee and tell her that she was at fault as well. Renee says that she sees where their loyalty lies. Big Ang is not too pleased with Renee questioning  her loyalty in talking heads.  Renee gets pissed at everyone and leaves. She probably has some plans with her sister in the casino and wanted the afternoon off.

Mob Wives Big Ang as Marilyn Monroe!Now, if you don’t mind, I need to push pause to talk about Big Ang’s  ginormous tits. It’s the weirdest thing I have even seen. She has on a very sheer T-Shirt.  It looks like a flat-chested person wearing a fake pair of boobs, or some sort of bra contraption in there.  None of this fits with reality. We know Big Ang has huge implants, we’ve seen the side, top and under boobs. But it looks like she is wear a bra on a hot summer day in Vegas and you can see too huge circles that are the end of breasts, and then despite the heat, her nipples are protruding.  Both nipples are precisely lined up with the other. I swear it looks like a prosthesis and I know it is not but it is very distracting and …odd.

Back at the hotel the other girls go on without Renee.  Big Ang, Drita, and Alicia are getting their hair and makeup done.  Natalie went to nap.  The girls keep rehashing the fights and the hair and make-up guys are trying to ignore them and not laugh.  The three ladies head out for dinner at an Al Capone themed restaurant.  Yet all they do is talk about Renee and Natalie. The topic moves on to Renee’s sobriety. Big Ang says if this keeps up they are going to find her dead somewhere.

Up in the penthouse suite, Renee is seems high again and calls her son AJ. She is crying and not making much sense and telling him that she is very disappointed in herself for raising her hand to Natalie. AJ listens as much as a young male can and basically tells her to get over herself. Renee goes to get Natalie and the two sit down to talk. I hope, just to be safe, that Natalie is packing.  Renee says that she can’t remember a lot of yesterday. Renee says she knows that they both escalated the situation. Then she brings up Delicious Gate AGAIN. For the love of God. Let it go!  A lot of back and forth goes on and Renee gives a good apology and asks for forgiveness.  Natalie forgives her and accepts her apology and says they can move on.  It was all very civil and weird.

Later, all five girls go to a strip club. Renee says she flushed all of her pills. Natalie is looking hot in a beige bodysuit.  The other ladies make their little comments.  At the strip club, the girls get and some even give lap dances. While this was all kinds of fun in my twenties (allegedly) I do not get the appeal to grown women.  I suppose that since Renee is the only real single one  in the bunch this was their best alternative.  Frankly, I’d rather sit at a Pai Gow  table losing money very slowly, drinking bottom shelf free liquor and watching the crowd go by.  Clearly, I am on the downward spiral toward penny slots. But  Renee is literally on the pole in a strip club in Vegas, so I still win.

The next morning they are all hungover as shit. No sleep and too much booze. Renee isn’t hungover to hear her tell it. It’s possible she did not get wasted.  At breakfast Renee is in a good mood and says she is off alcohol again. Natalie is enjoying a tasty piece of pineapple and Renee says, “It’s good isn’t it?” and Natalie replies, “It’s delicious. Oh FUCK!.”  Hilarity ensues.

They all feel sort of like I do when I go to Vegas and leave tired, hungover and even more broke than when I started. Never again. Until the memory fades and it seems like a really fun idea again.

Back at home, Natalie is back to work at the funeral home. She is doing make-up  touch-ups  on a body in the casket in the funeral home before a service. She is also taking calls for um, pressing new business. Her talking head basically says, you better respect me bitches, and that includes your Renee!

Mob Wives I love how they show a street sign close up and then a big arrow pointing to Alicia’s house. She must get a lot of drive-bys. Alicia is packing her son off for college. Alicia reads a letter from 2010 to her son from Eddie.  Is nothing sacred? Her oldest son asks if Alicia has a plan for the kids if she does time. She is like Teresa. She says she is not even allowing herself to think that way. Great plan.  Speaking of which, Eddie is getting sentenced tomorrow and Alicia feels the need to tell her small boys. Why?  Alicia is on the phone trying to find out why she has not heard about a court time for the next day. She is using a phone with a fake Louis Vuitton cover. I read somewhere recently that she has lawsuits against her from that company and Gucci for selling products in her store with their logos that are not their product.

Big Ang and Renee go out to lunch and Renee says it is sad that poor naïve Alicia married into the mob without even know it.  Big Ang is not having that! She says that everyone knew that her father-in-law got whacked. It was not a big secret. She knew. Renee says Alicia was living in a bubble half her life and had no idea.

The next day Renee meets Alicia for lunch and finds out that Eddie’s sentencing was pushed back. Sidenote: Everyone and their sister is wearing those giant faced Micheal Kors watches these days. In this case it is Alicia. Alicia is crying and talking to Renee about how hard it is and how she feels like she has lost her go-to person with Eddie in jail.  She needs Eddie to help her deal with not having Eddie, if that makes sense to anyone else. Plus she has her own sentencing coming up.  I can’t believe she even agreed to film during all this. The Feds tried to stop her. She did it I am sure for the money, and now they are trying to take her Mob Wives earnings in fines for her crimes. Maybe the money/fines will lessen her sentence.  Renee is very supportive and says she is extended family and she is not alone. Until next week.

Next time: Natalie tells Big Ang and Drita that she does not think Renee’s apology was really sincere. The Mob Wives trip to Vegas hits the tabloids causing many writers to wonder why the courts allowed her to go, or if they even did. (My understanding is they allowed it because it was a business trip according to her attorney.) And Alicia more or less accuses all of the girls of snitching her out to the tabloids. That does NOT go over well and all the support for Alicia is about to suffer a huge blow.


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8 responses to “Mob Wives Recap: The Point Where the Rubber Meets The Road

  1. These women turn on each other back and forth more than the Shahs. Renee is their Reza. Narcissistic nutbar with no self awareness.

    I kind of have to say that I think they are all horrible mothers. It makes me sick to see Renee trying to force her kid to be her husband because she is alone and lonely. It’s just fucking unfair. And Alicia telling those little boys about sentencing and getting time…just so disturbing. I guess I’d have to think about how I’d handle that. I’d probably be truthful because I don’t like parents who are dishonest with their kids. I hated lying about Santa Claus. I think it was the matter of fact way she told them. That sends a message that it’s not such a big deal. I don’t know.

    Ang’s nips? I tweeted that they are bigger than my nose! You’re right. They were distracting.

    I’d love to do the race car thing. That’s got to feel great.

    The conversation in the makeup chairs was funny but I bet Drita got in big trouble. She was pretty raw in her assessment of Renee. Totally correct but raw.

    • I agree with everything you said about what you said about Drita. She realized Renee had lost her mind and did not enable bad behavior. MUCH DIFFERENT FROM REZA who is just a fairweather acquaintance.

      • Xanadude

        Agreeing with Tamara here. No one compares to the awfulness that is Reza. Granted, we’re dealing with degrees of awfulness here, but I’d take a sober Renee over a sober Reza at any time. At least I could TRUST what Renee said and did. May not like it, agree with it, or agree with the manner in which it was delivered, but she’s not a liar.

  2. Urethra Franklin

    How about the way Drita’s husband talks to her?
    He calls her a dick, a jerk off, douche bag, & degenerate….And it doesn’t even piss her off.

  3. lori

    I must say, a lot of these reality tv people could take a lesson from Drita. She actually saw her bad behavior on this show and did something to change it (anger management). She is so much more likable now, and has become my favorite mob wife. Before this season I guess I didn’t really have a favorite before because they were all so crazy, except Big Ang who wasn’t a full on “mob wife” until this season. Natalie is now my second favorite. She doesn’t take any shit and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

  4. Xanadude

    I had to call my partner in to the room to marvel BIg Ang’s chest. He’s never seen the show and I may have traumatized him.

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