American Horror Story Coven Recap: Did Stevie Nicks Delight You?


By: Urethra Franklin

Marie Laveau is a 300 year old voodoo witch that has just lost everything, except for her fabulous 1970’s inspired wardrobe. She turns to Fiona, her sworn enemy, for refuge & protection from the witch hunters that used to be on her payroll. Fiona has a great bedside manner with some spiked tea and a magic spell for a good night’s sleep. She’s better than Ambien.  Marie is ashamed to show weakness and is humbled by Fiona’s kindness that has has touched her soul. Soul? This is where I start to smell some witch bullshit.  She continues by confessing that she has always felt alone, but is relieved to have found an equal in her enemy. At first I thought that Marie had got knocked in the head and developed some instant personality change. But after seeing her serve her trademark ‘bitch face’ with nostrils flaring at Fiona as she left room was when I realized she was still suspicious of Fiona and just in survival mode for the time being. #SideEye

Marie is awakened in the night by the supernatural presence of her dark master, Papa Legba. He has a thick Caribbean-Haitian accent, and I had to enable my close caption to be able to understand him. He was doing bumps of cocaine off his talon tipped fingernails, and he wanted to collect his annual dues.   Marie wants the extended payment plan option and pleads “It’s been a hard day. You drink my torment like wine.” He sinisterly laughs at her and reminds her of the deal that she has made with the Dark MasterCard. With a series of flashbacks we learn that Marie has sold her soul to the Voodoo Satan. She pays an annual fee of an innocent life for her immortality, and Marie’s very first payment was her own newborn child. She was a powerful witch in her youthful prime, and during child birth she unintentionally conjured Papa Legba. When she accepted his offer of immortality she thought the annual dues were the Devils innuendo for sexual services, not innocent babies.


Marie slips out of the Academy and is stalking the newborn nursery at a hospital and blows voodoo dust at the nurse to enchant her so that she can kidnap a baby. Does it have to be a black baby? …I paused the TV on the close-up of the baby’s medical id bracelet, and the date was 1/07/14. That’s an interesting detail that is going to drive me crazy considering that it seems like the time frame is just a couple of weeks after Halloween at most… Marie is cornered by hospital security guards who have their guns aimed at her. “Mama’s had a hard day. Don’t mess with me. I need this baby,” and Marie’s eyes turn white and she screeches out a high pitched ululation with her tongue rolled out & wildly flickering like Gene Simmons that result in the guards shooting each other. I admit I watched this scene 10 times because I found it so damn funny. Marie’s ruthlessness is apparent as she tells the crying baby to shut up or she’ll give it something to cry about.

The following morning Marie is sitting around waiting for her free continental breakfast at the Coven’s Inn with Cordelia & Fiona as they watch the news report of Hank’s killing spree at the salon. Cordelia is whining that this was all her fault, but Marie takes responsibility for it and confesses that she hired him to kill them all.  Fiona is LIVID that Cordelia married a witch hunter and brought him into the sacred Coven house. She charged at her daughter and went all Mommie Dearest on her and slapped the pity out of her knocking her to the ground. Fiona insists that as witches, black or white, they have a common enemy, and she compares the witch hunters as worker bees, but they need to find the hive.

Doorbell Rings. She’s here. #WhiteWitch

Misty Day is wearing a beautiful purple-lavender-smoky gray shawl and twirling around in her room, and Fiona walks in. Misty is suspicious and non-trusting of Fiona. She also has another resurgence planned incase Fiona tries to kill her like she did Madison.  Fiona assures her that she would never harm the Supreme in waiting, but Misty does not want the title. Fiona has invited Stevie Nicks over as an offering of what the benefits would be for Misty if she accepted being the Supreme. And just as I expected Misty drop faints to the floor upon being introduced to her idol in the living room. LOL at the way Fiona hiked up her skirt and stepped over Misty to air kiss Stevie as they giggled about Misty’s reaction.

Madison, Zoe, & Nan walk into the Academy to find Stevie Nicks playing the piano and singing “Rhiannon.”  Everyone is star struck and lost in the song except a jealous Madison who says “I’m a huge Eminem fan. When does he get here?” Hilariously it seems Fiona knows him too and says, “Marshall? You’re not his type. And you’re NOT the next Supreme.”  Misty is enraptured and twirling & twirling.  “Did I get the shawl twirl right? I want to get it right,” Misty asks before getting a firsthand demonstration from Stevie. Then she gifted Misty a black embroidered shawl, one of her own that she has worn on stages all over the world, and wished her luck on the Seven Wonders. Misty hugged Stevie for DEAR LIFE…. I wasn’t sure if we were going to get a full musical song or just some stripped down version. Though I was thrilled to hear “Rhiannon”, I did not think it would be used again on the show, but it is Misty’s personal anthem so it did make sense in the context.

Madison is feeling self-entitled just like a younger Fiona was. She is pissed about Misty being at the top of the Supreme list. She thinks she is the Supreme because she is powerful enough, and she came back from the dead (because of Misty). Nan says she could be the next Supreme. Madison insults her clairvoyance as a party trick and calls her Mumbles the Clown. #LowBlow. Nan insists that her powers are growing and she can do mind control too, and she by proves it by almost getting Madison to put her cigarette between a different pair of “lips”.  Zoe reminds Madison of her heart murmur, but Madison said post resurrection she is cured of that. She even compared herself to Jesus Christ. #OhLawd….. Nan assures Zoe that she would use the Supreme title for only good things. I love how Nan is getting more confident, assertive & confrontational. , but I would have LMAO if I had heard her use the P word instead of vagina. #Meow

Cordelia finds the “hive” by using GOOGLE of all things. This is a plot hole that’s been driving me crazy all season. Hank lived with a Coven of witches, a supreme witch and a clairvoyant. Why haven’t they found this out before? Cordelia’s one click search nets the name of Delphi Trust and Hank’s father, Harrison Renard, and renard is the French word for fox. Cordelia’s married name is Foxx for those that forgot. The clues were there all along. Hank’s family empire originated back to the Salem days as furniture builders that has grown into a multi-billion dollar equity firm.

Due to Cordelia marrying a witch hunter, Fiona has switched gears again from being a loving mother to a disdainful one. Fiona calls Cordelia worthless & hopeless and practically disowns her by banishing her from helping with the spell to attack Delphi Trust. In their first co-witch act of solidarity Fiona & Marie use a rat maze, rat traps, & stacks of cash as their first line of defense against The Corporation as they performed a spell to cause the FBI to swarm the hive’s corporate headquarters with a swift raid. The spell was exhausting work for the sick Supreme as she fell into Marie’s arms and then onto the floor.  But the result was Delphi Trust has lost half their net worth on the stock exchange in a matter of minutes, and Harrison deduces that this “unnatural” circumstance must be because of the witches.

Marie is returning the kindness by giving some bedside manner to an ailing Fiona by cleansing the evil spirits to slow down her cancer with some rattle viper sperm incense.  Fiona tells her it’s the rising power of one of the young witches that is accelerating her cancer. She wants to know Marie’s secret for immortality. She pleads with her to help her live; after all she gave it to Delphine, a despicable torturing racist. Marie tells Fiona that she gave Delphine a vial of her own tears, but refuses to give the same to Fiona because she will only relive her sick days of suffering over and over for eternity.  Since Marie won’t give it to Fiona, she wants to know “Who gave it to you?”  Marie warns her “You’re not ready for that. I sold my soul to Papa Legba.” It seems Fiona is well informed on the voodoo supernatural because she knew about him.  Marie tells Fiona the whole story about how she conjured Papa Legba during childbirth and that she sold her baby to him for immortality. Marie warns her that playing with Papa Legba is dangerous, but Fiona is not afraid of anyone or anything, except death.

AHS Coven Funeral Procession

Sensing that Misty is her biggest competition, Madison takes her on a stroll & chat while following a jazzy funeral procession to a cemetery. Madison is schooling Misty about the stream of gift’s she’ll receive as the next Supreme. She also is playing mind games to create self-doubt by telling her that everyone is just playing her to use her if and when she becomes Supreme. They enchant the cemetery works so they can have “privacy”. Madison is trying to convince Misty that she is her friend and not using her for anything since they are almost equals because she can give life to the dead too, and she proves it by resurrecting the corpse in the coffin.  WOW Madison can do that too? #Surprise.  Madison tells her that she is just a powerful as she is and therefore she should be trusted. And just to be a hater bitch, Madison adds that Stevie’s shawl is ugly & worthless.  Misty turns her back on Madison, and she hits her on the head with a brick and knocks her into the just vacated casket…and steals Stevie’s shawl too. Madison re-enchanted the cemetery workers so that they could resume putting the casket inside the above ground crypt and entombing Misty….  So we learn that both Misty & Madison can enchant people to “freeze” in time and can resurrect the dead. WTF? #RedHerrings

Nan & Zoe find out that Luke is dead, and Nan has hope that he can be brought back from the dead. They visit his mother to express condolences and to find out where his body is. When Joan shows Nan the urn containing his cremated ashes, Nan calls her a bitch for smothering her son with a pillow, and swiftly brings Joan down to her knees using telekinesis. Zoe tries to stop Nan, but Nan sends her sliding across floor to the other end of the room. Nan reaches for a bottle of bleach and using her mind control powers on Joan saying,”You have to be cleansed” as Joan guzzles it down and dies.

At this point I have to give Nan my best Witch of the Week award because I have been waiting for BAD ASS NAN all season and her level of bitter fury was a welcome surprise.  I’m just not satisfied that Joan & Luke’s entire lame ass storyline was just to be the catalyst for Nan’s dark side to emerge. All the weeks of speculation we had about Joan was a waste of our brain. Apparently the writers aren’t as creative & obsessed with details as the AHS fans,  that or it’s only a creative sacrifice since it’s a limited 13 episode show.

Then we get the most oddball kooky scene and of course Myrtle is in it. She is playing celestial tones on an instrument called a theremin. It sounds like music from a 1950’s sci-fi alien flick. Cordelia complains about it and Myrtle says in a very raspy voice, “Don’t be a hater dear.” Myrtle finds it soothing, and oddly I think I do too. Cordelia is whining that she is useless to the Coven and that her life is empty, so Myrtle blurts out “Salad Dressing” as way to inspire Cordelia to do something else with her life by suggesting she bottle and sell Cordelia’s Conjured Coriander Condiment. Then she tells her to get a job as a hostess on a cruise ship, and made some flippant comparison of Hilary Clinton & Fiona, however I think it was a shady dig at Chelsea Clinton.  Though well intentioned she is not making Cordelia feel any better as she throws a hissy fit by smashing things all while #Insane Myrtle just ignores her and continues to play her spooky otherworldly music.

AHS COVEN MYrtle gif

Fiona conjures Papa Legba by offering him the finest cocaine. He appears and they broker terms for her immortality. The price?  Shockingly Fiona is willing to betray & cripple her own daughter as the first payment to Papa Legba, and she accepted to murder innocents for eternity. As per devil policy to seal a deal with a kiss and to take her soul at the same time Papa Legba tells her the deal is off, “You have nothing to sell. You have NO soul.”  As soon as he vanishes, the Axeman appears to Fiona.  He tells her to find the young witch that is taking her down. Since she has no soul, she plans to kill them all, but first she has to snort up all of Papa Legba’s leftover cocaine.

Is having no soul a caveat to being the Supreme Witch? Or is she some evil person to her core? AND how does Fiona not grasp that is she doing the witch hunters job? #Delusional.  If she does it her way there will NO witches left in her Coven? It’s ok for her to wipe them out for her selfishness? Even harm her own daughter? Fiona is one fucked up mother witch.

Zoe is telling Nan that maybe she is the next Supreme since she was able to mind control Joan to drink the bleach, “I’ve only ever seen Fiona be able to do that.” Nan calls Fiona a bitch and again says she is going to be a nice Supreme. Nan hears something in the other room and discovers the baby that Marie kidnapped stashed inside the armoire. Marie confronts a very sassy Nan, and she knows that the baby will be killed.  She tells Marie she is going to keep the baby and tells her to eat shit and WARNS her that she already killed the neighbor & as the Supreme she will kill her too. Marie has this WHAT THE HELL look on her face. Voodoo queen is not used to being talked to like that.

Fiona walks in and makes Nan give the baby back to Marie. Both witches realize that Nan is dangerous more ways than one. With a hint of compassion Marie feels sorry for the baby that she has to give to Papa Legba. So Fiona wants to kill two birds with one stone. And with NO WARNING it was coming the Thelma & Louise of AHS snatch Nan and viciously drowned her in the bathtub as she struggled. It was swift & savage. I hate you #SoullessWitchBitches. Marie has satisfied her debt to the Devil, and Fiona has eliminated one of the contending Supremes.

Papa Legba appears to collect Marie’s baby or an innocent, but Nan is neither. Fiona explains Nan is slightly tainted for killing the neighbor “but the bitch had it coming.” LOL.  Papa tells both witches that together they are big trouble then Nan’s spirit appears, and she complains her eternity outfit.  Papa Legba takes Nan, and she willingly goes with him to the otherside, the DARK SIDE. #NOOOO.

Fiona is tearful & pensively lost while Stevie Nicks is playing the piano and singing the haunting & somber perfect ending to Fiona’s long day. “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?”

Has anyone ever written anything for you In all your darkest hours?
Did you ever hear me sing?
Listen to me now.
You know I’d rather be alone than be without you, don’t you know?
Has anyone given anything to you In all your darkest sorrows?
Did you ever just give it back?
Well, I have I have given that to you.
And if that’s all All I ever do.
I want you to remember me

The lyrics were slightly different than the original, but it was an odd choice considering what a soulless cunt Fiona is. Fiona’s anthem should be Jennifer Holliday’s “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”

Cordelia deserves the Whiny Wussy Witch of the Week award though this is a setup to her storyline to do something drastic just to be useful to the Coven and to get back in Fiona’s good graces.

This episode felt like a different show, and I actually LOVED it, but I have my complaints. It was fast paced, and some things just hit you in the face without warning. Marie’s tribal banshee yell was the funniest scene the entire season for a reason only that I understand.

Does the desire to be Supreme drive young witches to murder and go to the dark side? There’s a darkly comedic funeral next week, and I bet Misty is going to break free during that. It seems that everyone has changed their personality over night? I guess Kyle was under command to sit until Fiona snaps her fingers. What the hell happened to Queenie & Delphine? I’m curious to see more scenes with Papa Legba. Why is Fiona soulless? Is she more dangerous now because of that fact? Was Stevie in the house this whole time with all the craziness & killing?

Though I love Stevie’s integration into AHS and I wanted more of her actual presence, I won’t complain about how underused she was in this episode.  But she graciously devoted time to delight us all, and she has.  Stevie will be back again for the finale episode….. Let’s continue our ongoing AHS: Coven discussion, and please stalk me on twitter  @Urethra_F


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89 responses to “American Horror Story Coven Recap: Did Stevie Nicks Delight You?

  1. RealChicagoHousewife

    When Myrtle and Cordelia were speaking, Cordelia says she’s lost her powers. Is that a result of Fiona’s rage? Did I miss something?

    • Urethra Franklin

      When Cordelia was blinded after her acid attack she gain the other power of “sight”. When Myrtle helped Cordelia get her vision back, she LOST that other gifted power of “sight”. I don’t know that she had any other powers really.

      Does anybody remember if she used any other powers?

      • JoJo

        Cordelia’s power is Potion Making (although that snaky, lusty sexfest with Hank – her potion making failed her). Guess without the temporary power of second sight, that’s why she didn’t get a read on what Hank was. I don’t get how Nan missed that though unless he avoided her like the plague?

  2. Mango

    Thank you, Urethra! Especially since you must have to type with one hand, being changed to TT’s radiator and all.

    Oh how I love Sassy Nan.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Yeah typing all chained up with one hand and a raging headache for 2 days kind of slowed me down a bit.

      And YES sassy Nan is everything. Season 1 I was really shocked when she died. I kind of expected it this time. But I am thrilled she was around longer than she was in Season 1.

      I still can’t find any information on Jamie Brewer’s age. I know she is an adult woman. I suspect she’s maybe in her 30’s. Does anyone know?

      • JoJo

        Odd that with the Internet these days, Jamie’s birthdate and exact age hasn’t been uncovered. However it does say she started acting in 1999 while in middle school – making her around 26 perhaps.
        What I did find that floored me is that Gabourey Sidibe is 30! Never would have guessed that.

  3. penhavanessa

    I have been waiting on this recap all day. You never disappoint. I don’t think Papa Legba is necessarily the devil but more of an entity that has the power to open the gates of the afterlife that likes to snort the finest booger sugar. I thought Marie summoned Papa before she got pregnant not during childbirth, that’s how I interpret it. I really wanted Nan to be the supreme and the way they killed her was too sloppy. I do love when Angela and Jessica are on screen together though.

    Every season of AHS I realize that there are a lot of questions that will never get answered. Some things are just there for no reason.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I’m rather confused at the way the writers have fictionalized Papa Legba.

      My understanding after reading WIKI is that In Haitian culture Papa Legba is more of a Saintly spiritual intermediary to the Gods, but on AHS he is the intermediary to something more evil or maybe even portrayed as a voodoo satan.

      And yes I maybe off in my explanation of how Papa Legba first came to Marie all those years ago. Honestly the show gave a very sloppy lazy explanation.

      • Isabella J.

        Now I am very interested in this PapaL, so I went to Kiwi Mojo and it turns out he is compared to St. Peter? And benevolent apparently. Hum.

  4. Isabella J.

    That was perfect!

  5. steve

    every episode so far has had a different feel than the others and thats part of why i like it. The biggest plothole for me is..if so many of these witches can bring the dead back or have been brought back WHY arent there witches from way back still around? Only this crop has the resurgence abilities? Stevie played her part well..the celebrity who serves the supreme. If papa took Nans soul with him can she return as a ghost or be ressurected? Marie and Fiona play so well together and seem to enjoy it so much. Nan or Madison cant be supreme because Fiona still has health problems after they died. Another fine recap UF :)

  6. Chris Terrian

    Loved the scene with the white eyes and tongue. I watched it about 5 times myself and laughed my assistant off. Angela Bassett is AMAZING. Great recap as always.

  7. Chris Terrian

    Also. I thought Fiona said that Stevie was also a witch. Am I wrong about that?

    • JoJo

      I thought I heard Fiona call her the ‘original White Witch’ too.

      • Urethra Franklin

        In real life Stevie has had to defend herself against accusations of being a witch, a White Witch.

        Fiona did call her a White Witch but just as the writers have fictionalized Delphine, Marie, the Axeman, & Papa Legba, they took liberty to give us a slightly fictionalized version of the real Stevie Nicks. IMHO

      • JoJo

        I read that Stevie was so rattled by being called a witch (white or otherwise) and because she even received letters and death threats, that she changed her wardrobe in an attempt to distance herself from that association – started wearing all white outfits instead of her usual black (which she said was only because black made her look thinner :)

  8. eastjames

    I think this is partly autobiographical for Stevie. She’s probably spent her fair share of time in a coven house doing mounds of coke. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Misty looked like a total pussy in this episode. She better come with it if she’s gonna be the new supreme.

    • Urethra Franklin

      The writers have pigeon holed Misty to be some naive gentle swamp country girl…. but all the other young witches are not so naive. That is what sets Misty apart, but I still don’t think any of them will be the Supreme.

      • eastjames

        I want my Supreme conniving, bitchy, and soulless. I’m not gonna be able to stand Misty’s goofy bumpkinness. I vote Madison. She’s horrible and I like it.

      • Urethra Franklin

        LOL I kinda agree EastJames. Madison does act alike a lot like a self entitled bitch just as Fiona was when she was young. If have to chose from the young witches at the Academy, it would be Madison for Supreme.

  9. steve

    Chris Terrian – Stevie is a white witch that wont play in the shadows with Fiona

  10. SaraK

    I am sitting in a corner having a pity party since Nan is not the supreme…feel free to join if you would like. She has been my girl from the start, brought goodies for the boy she liked, read people’s minds, made that bitch mom drink bleach to be “cleansed” and even in death she did not disapoint…asking Papa L…will I wear this outfit for eternity? So go on with your bad self Nan…you will be missed.

    Totally disgusted with Cordelia…girl needs to grow a pair. That whining and moaning got on my nerves. I was cheering when Fiona slapped her down.

    Papa L was right….Marie and Fiona together…..them young witch bitches better watch out!

    Total squirrel comment here….that theremin thing that Myrtle was playing was actually also what Sheldon played once on the Big Bang Theory.

    • eastjames

      I liked Nan too. Still not sure I understand what’s happened to her now. She goes with the creepy Papa guy? To do what? The Papa guy reminds me of the shadow man from The Princess and the Frog except he doesn’t blatantly snort coke in the Disney film.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Due to her naivete and her “anyplace is better than here” comment her spirit said after she was drowned, she went with Papa Legba not really realizing she was going to the Dark Side…. Too bad she didn’t have a chance to go into the light.

  11. Urethra Franklin

    The whole Luke & Joan storyline was a fucking WASTE OF TIME. The end result had me feeling that this was just filler and tacked on. All it served was some brief commentary about the hypocrisy of religious fanatics and for the purpose of being a catalyst for Nan’s growing powers. Otherwise it brought NOTHING to the show.

    I really was hoping for a more intelligent & integrated storyline woven together with Ajax Luke. FAIL Instead that screen time could have been devoted to more deliciously wicked scenarios. What is so impossible about doing more than 13 episodes? The ratings and money are there. I wouldn’t complain if the season produced 20 episode. That’s a good number to flesh out some real stories and weave things together intelligently.

    • medicated fan

      I totally agree. I think Ryan Murphy must have ADD. He has trouble following through on some storylines. I thought Luke and his mom would be more significant.

  12. JoJo

    Thank you so much UF for another excellent recap; you always explain what we saw, but add observations I totally miss when I see it for the first time. Glad you too thought the episode seemed so different compared to all the others.
    One thing I will add is that I think that the SHAWL of Stevie’s may be more special than a simple gift to Misty. It was meant for Misty but stolen by Madison. Wonder if there’s a special power or curse in this shawl meant for Misty, but now in the hands of Madison?

  13. medicated fan

    I must have checked the blog twenty times since AHS aired! Great recap. The show did have a very different feeling this week. I think Marie and Fiona are totally trying to fool the other. I simply don’t believe this sudden change of heart on either side. I am also wondering if Fiona’ s abuse of Cordelia is all an act for Maria’s benefit. I think Fiona and Cordelia are working together. Lots of plot holes, but I don’t care! Love the show AND this blog.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Thanks for your patience, and Sorry for the delay. I maybe late because real life gets in the way, but I will not let you all down. I am going to be sad that there are only 3 more episodes left.

  14. JoJo

    Did I miss what happened to the baby Marie stole? I don’t remember anything about the baby after Nan (a semi-innocent) was drowned and recruited into Papa’s lair?.

  15. Urethra Franklin

    What did you all think of the date on the baby’s medical braclet? Don’t you all read my shit or what? It showed 1/07/14….Thoughts???????

    • JoJo

      Well I for one was so discombobulated about the different tone of the episode and Stevie being there in the flesh, I didn’t even think about your mentioning the events occurred a little after Halloween.
      I can only come up with it’s the date they filmed the scene? Now brighter minds with knowledge of numerology maybe (or history) etc., can probably come up with a more interesting association.

      • JoJo

        FFS, retraction, it just dawned on me that 1/7/14 is the day before the episode aired – can that theory of being filmed that day -:

    • Katrina

      Is it possible for Marie to be connected to being a supreme? Is it possible for Marie to get her soul back. She said that she was a powerful witch, but traded her soul for immortality. Why did Fiona know rhat she did not have soul? Nan may find Luke in her new form.

    • Katrina

      It is the day before the episode aired. Production humor? Marie was talking about her past, but she said the baby looked like hers.

    • I didn’t get how 1/04/14 was just a couple weeks after Halloween and what that had to do with anything.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Take the time frame of the show into consideration. There was an episode about Halloween night. Now according the medical ID bracelet shows the date in the story as Jan 2014…. The spacing & timing of events on the show does NOT feel like a 2 months. It all feels like just a matter of days or a couple of weeks after Halloween. It just went right past Christmas with no reference. I told you all I have OCD and obsess over details. But that closeup on that date was on purpose.

  16. Victoria

    Let’s talk about a huge story that truly serves no purpose:


    Were we supposed to root for Zoe and Kyle simply because they were Violet and Tate? I personally can’t stand to watch the actress who plays Zoe. It’s painful for me. She cursed a lot and wears boots with dresses. She’s still Violet. I don’t care about her character, either. Also— she met Kyle ONE TIME for about 30 seconds. Suddenly, she needs to resurrect him and love him for eternity? Then, he slept with Madison (his real life Fiancée) then back to Zoe Violet… Then disappeared.

    Ugh. Spare me. That whole storyline annoyed the crap out of me. I’d take the lame neighbor story any day.

  17. steve

    Fiona is going to get Marie to cry another vial of tears so then when she kills the young up and coming supreme she will have health and power back drink the tears and be supreme forever

    • Urethra Franklin

      That is an interesting thought. Marie doesn’t cry for the dead so what will make her cry?

      • JoJo

        Isn’t the source of Marie’s tears that she gave in a vial to Madame from what happened to Bastien – his death and/or what she had to do to restore him because of Madame?

  18. Katrina

    I thought it was ironic that Queenie sacrificed herself for Marie, who already has immortality. It seemed like Myrtle was loosing her mind, while playing. Maybe Misty was the key to her balance, since her rebirth. I don’t think Cordelia can read Myrtle because she always wears gloves.

  19. JoJo

    Marie and the vial of tears she gave to Madame to drink – gave her immortality in the state that she was in at the moment, age etc.
    How can Fiona gain immortality in a state of health and youth? The tears wouldn’t seem to work, even if she had a soul, would Papa Legba be able to restore her to a state other than ill and full of cancer?

  20. Katrina

    Fiona would have to die and resurged. Madison died and when she came back, no heart murmur.

    • JoJo

      Ah ha. That makes sense. Now just wondering who in their right mind would want to bring Fiona back that had that power? Maybe Nan got a couple extra powers she’s still able to use or gained in her new form – to get even with everyone else belittling her and sic’ing Fiona on them forever?

      • Urethra Franklin

        We won’t see Nan anymore. She is gone completely from the story. #Sorry

        But where the hell is that ghostly Spalding?

      • JoJo

        BTW, co-sign about Spaulding. He’s been a creepy treasure on this season. Fiona seems to be losing allies left and right (even Marie befriending her, I’m not sold that it’s genuine).
        Fiona is the love of Spaulding’s life and now ghost life. Two ghosts (a murdererous Jazz fanatic and a necrophiliac) are better than no allies, even if they don’t have traditional witchy powers.
        How ironic it’d end up being Fiona’s saviors are Love Ghosts :)

    • Urethra Franklin

      OMG I never thought of that….. Interesting…..

      • JoJo

        Do you think if Fiona died she could ‘resurge’ herself?
        Just remembered the scene of Fiona wandering through the hospital in a stupor after Delia was blinded. She did touch that stillborn baby and brought it back to life?

  21. JoJo

    All I really wish for is during the finale, Stevie Nicks turns up with some badass witch powers – or even a simple hand up making someone fly across the room while singing “Stand Back”!

    • Urethra Franklin

      I think her musical performance on the finale will be more musical and more substantial to the story. Seven Wonders?

      • JoJo

        Undoubtedly, her singing “Seven Wonders” will be sung during the finale – I was thinking a montage as the prospects go through the 7 tests. That’s got to take up a lot of the episode time, one would think, no? I don’t even know if we’ve been told what all 7 powers are yet.
        I’d just settle for maybe a Stevie witchy move of any kind during the finale – if a snippet of “Stand Back” is playing in the background, that’d be a bonus :)

      • Urethra Franklin

        I think Ryan Murphy said in one of his EW interviews that the all of the Seven Wonders will be revealed in the finale.

  22. Barbara R.

    Maybe Stevie will be revealed as the new Supreme.

  23. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    i just want to thank you for all this hard work, Urethra. I just watched the episode now, and could hardly follow the Papa L story as I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying. I could hardly wait to read your recap before the episode was done! Your work is really appreciated.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I had to enable the closed caption feature just to know what the F he was saying. Another commenter here told me that I still got some of what he said wrong. It was a thick accent ….MAMBO…. That’s a word he used in the show in case you think Im cray cray.

      And Thank You for being such a loyal reader too MAMBO. LOL….

    • fine, he is a good boy, I’ll throw him a donut. :)

  24. lori

    I am devastated over our sweet Nan being taken away by Papa Legba. Seriously left me feeling sick. Where is she going? To Hell? Ugh.

    Maybe they just made the date 1/7/14 as an unneeded “cute” reference to the 7 wonders?

    • lori

      I mean 7 powers.

    • Isabella J.

      From what I read, the Papa L guy is the Voodoo equivalent to St. Peter with keys to the pearly gates, he decides your fate. If Nan hadn’t murdered the neighbor lady then she would be a shoe in for heaven.
      The 7 wonders, so far we have regenerating life, mind reading, mind control, and I don’t remember the other, so that leaves 3 or 4 yet to be determined right?

      • JoJo

        Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Resurgence, Spells, Mind Control, and if Queenie’s power counts Human Voodoo-kinesis :)
        There’s my guesses at the 7 Wonders?

    • Urethra Franklin

      I know I’m belaboring my point about the date but I am driven to madness over it.

      Episode 3 story took place the day before Halloween. In this episode Fiona revealed she had cancer and wouldn’t live out the year.

      Episode 4, 5, & 6 took place on Halloween and the day after.

      Fast forward to episode 10, and the baby bracelet showed the baby’s birth date as 1/7/14. So that means the stories told in episode 7, 8, 9, & 10 spanned a period of over 2 months. It just seems like a big jump in time for what has happening on the show.

      And the result of the writers showing us the date would indicate that Fiona is indeed on death’s door which is why she is willing to sell her soul, cripple her daughter, kill Nan & innocent babies.

      • Yo, dude. Go to the dictionary, look up OVERTHINKINGIT and check out your picture and make sure you like it.


      • Urethra Franklin

        U F initials backwards are F U
        Coincidence? LOL

      • lori

        Lol. I know how you feel, because as I have mentioned before, I am the number one person to ruin a movie with any holes or inconsistencies for everyone around me. I had to make a decision (based on seasons one and two) that I was going to have to let these sorts of things roll off of me or I would drive myself nuts, because as much as I love AHS, I think by now we all know that Ryan Murphy is going to mess with people like us in that regard. I didn’t even catch that detail when I watched it, so if it does pan out to be if some importance, thanks for noticing. While I was watching this episode, I was thinking… someone needs to make a YouTube video of Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates and Frances Conroy’s best lines of this season. There are so many goodies. Some of my favorites are from the episode before this one. Of course there was AB’s “Shiiiii-it”, and “Uh! What the head said!” but I also loved when Myrtle had poisoned the council and she says “It’s supposed to be quite terrifying, is it? Are you terrified you should be” (I don’t know why I love that one so much, but I do), and I LOVED when Madame’s head is on the table and she says to Queenie “I want to diiie, I’m ready”. I had to watch it a bunch of times. Thanks again for your recaps UF. I absolutely love the way you write. You’re just so funny. I would read any recap that you wrote, even if I hated the show. In answer the the title of this week’s blog, I must confess that I was disappointed with Stevie Nicks. Besides that it wasn’t much of a role, she seemed very uncomfortable. I noticed that they emphasized “white witch” whenever they spoke of her. Never just “witch”. Lastly, I am SUPER disappointed that with the whole neighbors situation. I was so hopeful after the whole bees in the car scene that she was indeed a witch. I mean it went from no bees to a whole bunch. I mean, where were they all when he first got in the car? Anyway, I hope that you get the answer to the white 1/7/14 thing since it’s obviously bugging the shit out of you. Only 3 episodes to go. Don’t let us down RM!

      • lori

        *whole , not white.

      • Urethra Franklin

        I agree Lori about the dialogue & the one liners. They are hysterically funny and weird and dark and memorable. Hard to chose my top 3 favorites.

      • Urethra Franklin

        I wish there was union for chained up interns.

      • Reina

        OmGoodness Finally catching up to this recap, before this weeks episode!! And I love everything/everyone here! You all make my work day go by fast… laughing out loud (really) reading TT and UF comments to eachother. Thanks for your hard work

  25. willlynn

    I had to actually check my clock. That episode had so much going on that it made it seem very short. Wish they would do 2 hours if they have so much to cram into each episode.

  26. Raven Beauty

    So I guess I am the only one who thinks the Supreme is the one that is over looked and out of sight. Yep my guess is Queenie. I think for what ever sick reason she has saved Delphine and they are roughing it until its safe. Nan and Misty are both out of the way yet Fiona is still dying. Never though of Zoe that was just to obvious, that leaves Queenie. Besides nobody said the next supreme had to actually be in the house. Just my two cents.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Earlier this season around episode 3 or 4 I said the same thing here that it would be poetic irony for Queenie to be Supreme because of the strong racial story lines of black vs white. The very first episode was about slaves and the last episode could be Queenie as Supreme, as some sort of allegory about the progression of black people.

      I still think we are going to get hit with something out of left field with the reveal of the Supreme.

  27. JoJo

    So Murphy says that Cordelia has no belief in her powers, things get worse before they get better for her, and I think he’s said this more than once: the next episode has Sarah Paulson doing something that is the most upsetting she has had to do.
    I’m going to guess that in order to prove herself to Fiona or because of what evil Fiona may do, in desperation, Cordelia wants that power of the second sight back so badly that she blinds herself to regain it (after all, bottled salad dressing or cruise ship director isn’t all that appealing :)
    It’s been mentioned that Cordelia is based loosely on King Lear’s Cordelia. That character refused to be fake and superfluous with her words of love for Lear in order to get 1/3 of his land, was banished, her 2 wicked sisters betray Lear and Cordelia comes back as his truly loved favorite.
    Maybe all this stoic, whiny, fraidy cat Cordelia we’ve seen ends up the Supreme.

  28. JoJo

    I love this show, the recaps here and think about it for at least until the next episode airs.
    I was expecting/hoping for 300 comments or so considering how much steam this recap’s been getting lately. And this blog at the top of searches when searching Bing or Google for AHSCoven – which I always do just in case it helps to get it to the top hopefully.
    I guess I’m on planet “who cares – not interested in extraneous questions & responses.” I must learn not to take it so seriously & move on. I get it.

    But, for the damn Golden Globes to diss Jessica Lange and AHSCoven, that’s just unacceptable. Funken Foreign Press :(

  29. Urethra Franklin

    I never see my recaps anywhere on google, unless i specifically put UF in the search. I think everyone’s google searches yield different results.

    • JoJo

      My default search engine is Bing. Your last 3 recaps before the break came up as #1 when I typed in a question about the episode. The one I remember “What was the original Tribe Queenie from AHSCoven is from?” And oddly, the latest recap before the break of yours didn’t even answer the question, but heck if it wasn’t the top search!

      • Urethra Franklin

        Tituba is a descendant of the Arawak tribe? Is that the right answer?

      • JoJo

        YES! It was driving me crazy – kinda’ like the date on that baby’s ID bracelet has you consumed :)

      • Both google and bing will bring up sites you frequent first on searches. If I want to know my actual search engine, I have to go to a computer display and type in a search. LOL.

      • JoJo

        Ok, I think I’m slow on the uptake on computer searches. I thought you told me if go to this blog by going through the search engine, it helps the blog come up at the top of searches on that engine?
        Of course I have the site as a favorite on IE9, but I make a point when I remember to go to the search and type in TT and enter that way. Am I wasting my time?

      • No honey. That does help me. But YOUR PERSONAL search results will always show me at the top because you frequently enter that way. Does that make sense? So yes you are helping but I am not number one for random Joe from Albuquerque . But I might be soon if you keep googling and or binging me! Thanks for your support!

      • JoJo

        Ok, I get it now. And Joe from Albuquerque should get with it, he’s missing a lot of good tea :)

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