Taylor Armstrong Responds To Couples Therapy Outburst Episode

Artwork by PrettyontheOutside.com

Artwork by PrettyontheOutside.com

Taylor Armstrong sent out two tweets last night about last night’s Couples Therapy episode and she was NOT pleased.  She was also full of excuses about her behavior. There were zero apologies.  First she says “they” promised her “no editing.”  Because THAT happens on reality shows.  Really? She thought they would just run raw footage of 2 weeks of shooting? Actually, she sent out THREE tweets.  The first one just said “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.” She seems very angry with the show. Did she honestly believe this show would show her in a positive light? Is she THAT STUPID?

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Let’s review her transgressions.

  • She shows up with a do-boy to fold her undies for her and get her settled in. 
  • She appears with a man who may or may not still be married to someone else who marriage and family she destroyed.
  • She is on a television show that her own daughter will eventually see exploiting the suicide of her child’s father and disparaging his reputation and his daughter’s opinion of her father, all for a very small paycheck.
  • Then she gets very drunk on television and slurs her way through talking heads talking about how she has better manners than a 22 year old porn actress with no parental upbringing. #Classy
  • Back in the lovely home she is being provided with as part of her job. She gets drunk and is extremely expensive to the staff who are nothing but kind in response. I guess these are her manners.
  • Three days in, a somewhat more sober Taylor rants ON CAMERA in a talking head about the unsuitable living quarters. Despite having the largest suite, she claims to be unable to survive the unlivable nature of her environment. The accommodations are beneath her, the food sucks, and her needs are not being met.
  • She screams for extended periods of time waking up the whole house over the temperature of her room and says she is calling out her agent and will be leaving in two minutes.
  • She physically attacks a camera person
  • Her fiancé degrades the poor woman assigned to help them.
  • She makes a point on Twitter and in the media in general to refer to herself as  a “Volunteer 1736 Family Crisis Center”  They must be THRILLED with her appearance.

Taylor knew she was being filmed. She has been in the game long enough to know they can’t film what you don’t give them. But with 24hr cameras, the true colors come out. She couldn’t even keep up the façade for TWO DAYS!  Even if they promised her “no editing” whatever that means, they did not Frankenbite her, and they did not hire a stand in to be here. She attacked people verbally and physically. She was extremely rude. She was extremely drunk. She disgraced herself and possibly put the the custody of her daughter in jeopardy. Because despite what some Brandi fans think, putting “great mom” in your twitter description does not a great mom make. And acting this way on national television is a very easy way to lose custody of your children.

So back to her excuses:

     Taylor Armstrong          ‏@TaylorArmstrong                23h

They promised me “no editing” My Mother in Law was diagnosed w cancer & my friend was abused that day. They pressured me to stay. #lostit

     Taylor Armstrong     ‏@TaylorArmstrong                23h 

Fed up at this point. Lid is about to blow off.  Don’t like to be lied to and more family pressure than u can imagine!


She acted that way because her Mother-in-Law has cancer?  Really Taylor?  You are a giant cuntbag on national television because you Mother-in-Law has cancer? YOU.DON’T.EVEN.HAVE.A.MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!!!  And even if you mean John’s mother. Do you expect us to believe she is happy at the prospect welcoming you to the family after you have harmed her grandchildren?  How deranged are you to think this is a good sympathy ploy?  If John’s mom didn’t hate you enough already, she sure does now with you tweeting about her cancer. If she even HAS cancer.

If that doesn’t work then your horrific behavior that embarrasses your entire extended family publically is because you had a friend who was abused that day? REALLY TAYLOR? The domestic violence excuse AGAIN.  This time it’s not even yours but some random friend? Does it seem excusable to you to do all the horrible things you did because someone else got abused? You seemed to behaving a ball out bowling. You had actually  gone to bed until God forbid the heat came on. So you were upset about a friend being abused so you decided to abuse an unsuspecting woman who was being nothing but nice to you? Is that what you tell people as a volunteer 1736 Family Crisis Center? Wow, they must be helpful.

Family  pressures?  What family? You have not spoken to your family in years!

Look, I have had compassion for Taylor in the past and still do.  I think she has serious mental issues. I do not want comments to turn into a bashfest.  Some of you do not always know the difference between calling someone out on BAD BEHAVIOR and trashing them as a human being.  Taylor needs mental help, but Dr. Jenn and a fake TV show is not where she is going to get it. I just hope against hope that her little girl is in therapy a closely monitored. I wish she had a safer environment to grow up in.

Taylor says her lid is about to blow off. I hope someone took her in for rehab. I’m sure it wasn’t John, he seems to need rehab and anger management both. I fear for her child. I really do.

So do you think she is off seeking help? Do you think she will apologize? If she does will she do it in a paid tabloid story?  And please, can we TRY not to attack the person but the HORRIBLE behavior?


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133 responses to “Taylor Armstrong Responds To Couples Therapy Outburst Episode

  1. Isabella J.

    That lime light must be a hard withdrawal, I was surprised to see her on this show. I was in an abusive marriage, it sucks and you are angry and you do not always (ever) know how to safely deal with those emotions. The one person I do feel for though is her daughter, I know how difficult it was for my child to mend after witnessing what he did and I suspect Kennedy has seen or heard much worse.

    • Why would anybody who wants to make a go of a new relationship, ever, ever, EVER appear on this show? Not buying it Taylor. It seems you are not the first Housewife reject to appear on this show. Reality t.v. must be addictive. She is a real piece of work this platypus.

  2. Poor Taylor, what a mess she was.
    Way back I worked a late shift that catered to the hungry bar crowd. Drunk women were the worse. Being young I learned early what to not to do in public.
    Taylor was a mean drunk and seems to be in a worse place emotionally than before. Sad on so many levels. I had visions (not really) of her living a beautiful life finally.
    I had hoped anyway.
    Dr. Jen will handle her, at least she will try.
    BTW, TT you are “sounding” happier.
    Way to go girl!

    • Thanks Cali. I was way luckier than most to have a group of imaginary Internet friends to tell me I didn’t have to go to the old shrink anymore who was NOT HELPING. And find me a whole new team. AND pay my bills. I am now off the happy pills and may soon be on the hormonal pills. But now, on nothing I am WAY better. I will soon have the RIGHT treatment plan (prolly old lady pills, instead of crazy pills, #CrushtoEgo) and be on track to being able to support myself. In fact, I have a great new venture that may happen soon.

      I used to hate the women at work who said in response to “Good Morning, How are you?” … “I am highly blessed.” I took that as “God likes them best” But I am highly blessed by the kindness of a group of people I’ve “known” for over a decade.VERY,very appreciative.

      So glad you noticed. :)

  3. I’m curious what Andy Cohen’s response would be to Taylor saying that reality TV has already killed one person she loves. It’s interesting that she blames his suicide on the show and not the overwhelming debt, secret life and web of lies they BOTH created. Also when they spoke about their worst relationship moment, John was the only one in the room that was not shown sharing. Didn’t she go to rehab at one point?

  4. Somehow she succeeded in the seemingly impossible: She made Farrah Abraham look sane by comparison.

    • Yes that is exactly what I was thinking . Farrah is only 22 and Taylor is 42 yet they seem to be the same age mentally and emotionally.

      • Taylor seemed to have a hard time understanding “writing a trilogy.” I think she thought a trilogy was only a film thing, like Farrah is a screenwriter. Farrah had to explain “it just means three books.” LOL

      • JoJo

        I still haven’t seen the episode, VH1 for some reason doesn’t repeat this show as much, like Mob Wives.
        But, if Farrah said ‘trilogy’ just means writing 3 books, she’s still not that much brighter than Taylor. I believe that ‘trilogy’ refers to 3 complete stories in separate books/films/operas etc., but with the same theme and or in sequence. Just writing 3 books doesn’t mean they’re a trilogy.

    • lori

      I thought the exact same thing and had to chuckle when in her talking head Taylor says the Farah is the most self centered person she’s ever met. Pot, have you met kettle? Did Taylor actually end up leaving? I didn’t see her in the therapy scenes for next week. I find it pretty sad that she is defending her behavior with excuses on Twitter. I don’t know how these people do it. I would be mortified.

    • vivaladiva831


  5. So…they are allowed to drink in this place? I don’t think I’ve watched this show before. Doesn’t seem very healthy to allow them to drink. I want to see this episode now that I’ve read your recap.

  6. Kate

    That was very thoughtful and well written. I agree with you and hope that Kennedy is getting help. I doubt Taylor is although it is possible. You have to admit you have a need for help first.

  7. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Well she’s admitting nothing now and she’s not apologizing, just making excuses and blaming everyone else just like Farrah does. Editing has nothing to do with screaming in the face of that woman. And screaming about everything being “beneath” her. Sounds awfully entitled.
    The entire world has seen how she behaves when she drinks. She’s a nutbar (excuse me, Tamara, her behavior is nutbar-like). :)
    I can’t believe their storyline as a couple is that Taylor is supposedly so timid and scared around John because of her past relationship — that’s all a bunch of bullshit obviously, Taylor is a complete shrew. (or, Taylor’s behavior is shrewish). 😀

  8. Tango

    I hope this doesn’t qualify as “attacking”, but I really do not see just a woman that needs help. You know, some people are motivated only by money and vanity and they don’t care about other people’s feelings, they just want to survive and do it by manipulation. I think Taylor is one of these people. Again I’m not embellishing my opinion with name calling or trash talk, so as to not attack. I’m just saying this plainly, I think she’s a manipulator.

    • I appreciate the way you said that. But I see the vanity and money thing as mental illness.I really do.If you had no love in your life you need a shit load of fake attention and fancy handbags as validation. Not saying you have to agree. I just think these people are lost.

      Thanks for not name calling, I think she is majorly fucked up. And I am not making excuses…..but…. something has to be wrong her, no?

      • Tigerlilly

        It sounds as though she has a lot of narcissistic tendencies. It’s starting to look like it’s approaching a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’m not saying she has it, but her ‘shady’ past, the lack of accountability for her actions, the extreme vanity, the interpersonal manipulation, the sense of entitlement. I mean, she hits at least to some degree pretty much all of the elements for the disorder which is pretty much untreatable. Whether she has the disorder or not, her narcissistic traits will be a HUGE impediment to any type of beneficial therapy.
        I had the utmost empathy for this woman until I started reading about her shady past. Even then, I took that with a grain of salt, but this?? Narcissism at its most vulgar. Really makes me question everything about her and makes it damn near impossible to feel much genuine compassion for her

      • Tango

        Perhaps, but it’s like vivaladiva said, at what point do you stop blaming your past? And I guess it depends on whether or not you see greed and vanity as symptoms of mental illness or just character flaws.

    • vivaladiva831

      Tango said that very well. That’s exactly how I feel. At some poor Taylor had to take accountability for the things she says and does and stop blaming everything that has happened to her. She is too old for that.

  9. Witchy

    This one said it all
    Let me clear this up. #CouplesTherapy was for me to let go of the past, prepare to marry @JohnBluher & guide me in parenting Kennedy w John.

    The replies were everything I was thinking

    @TaylorArmstrong @JohnBluher Why do that on national tv unless it was about the money?

    @TaylorArmstrong He’s not going to stay with you for much longer. NOWAY! Not if he has one ounce of self respect. You’re terrible.

    @TaylorArmstrong your personality doesn’t match someone’s who’s been through hell. You should be humble.. You’re abusive.

    @TaylorArmstrong @JohnBluher But Taylor why were you so disrespectful to the night shift girl? #bekind

    Specifically the one, why do it on T.V. Then?

    • @TaylorArmstrong your personality doesn’t match someone’s who’s been through hell. You should be humble.. You’re abusive.

      Actually this one sticks out to me. I have a tendancy to excuse abusive behavior.

      • spk

        I do too. Often the abusive person has been deeply abused themselves and really don’t know a different language. Thats where it becomes a mental health issue. At least, thats been my experience. However its urgently important that children be protected and that the abused get AWAY.

    • vivaladiva831

      Why wouldn’t John stay with her? He isn’t any nicer than she is it appears!

      • I noticed that too. I didn’t see the show but I did see a video of her “meltdown.” He seemed as drunk as she was and equally as abusive to that poor night manager. Maybe it’s what attracted them to each other? Love of alcohol?

  10. SB

    I’d like to think Taylor would see herself on TV and want to change, but based on what she is tweeting that is not the case! I wish she would just disappear from the spotlight and focus on her daughter and her own mental well being.

  11. Ginger Hensley

    TT, thank you for keeping us informed and entertaining us with your quick wit and spot on opinions/observations. Just about anyone can write a blog but you really add a part of your self in it which makes yours awesome. I think you’re great and wanted to say thanks for sharing.

  12. You said it so well in your previous recap: “The people who gravitate to these sorts of shows can’t help but let their true colors show eventually.” Boy, that didn’t take long did it? kh

  13. vivaladiva831

    Not that it makes any difference, but you could see a reflection of the camera person and it was a woman.

    I can’t think of a way to not bash Taylor. I feel like she has no moral conscience. Every time I see her I hear “I worked too hard for this zip code to go home now.” And I think that sums her up perfectly.

    • I feel the same. All of the HWs are narcissistic so I can’t in all fairness fault Taylor for that character flaw alone. Add on her other “issues” and it is hard not to bash her. I just can’t say anything nice or good about her.

  14. I agree that Taylor could benefit dramatically from quality psychotherapy. I do have some empathy; she acts out because she has never been equipped to handle herself more appropriately. She doesn’t know of any other way to be.

  15. lets look at taylor’s behavior, she is a liar, a cheater, a fraudster, a drunk, and abuser, and fake as all get out. her whole existance is built on schemes and lies and her greed. so sorry for her child. kennedy deserves a far better parent than this.

  16. And from another self professed great mom, on the same subject,

    Farrah Abraham ‏@F1abraham 9 Jan
    I love seeing how limited my house mates seem to be, I know it’s hard to get I’m hot 22 & an amazing mother, thanks Lesbian couple xo

    • therealdeb

      wow, being hot has nothing to do with great mothering… what a sad existance these women have.

    • Well I guess if you are writing a self- description you can tell any lie you want. That seems to be something that @F1abraham and @TaylorArmstrong have in common…inflated egos and narcissism.

      Two things that stood out from this episode, when Taylor said that Farrah was self absorbed, which IMO is the pot calling the kettle black. And, when Taylor said that she had more money then Farrah. She conspired with Russell to rip off millions of dollars from other people, shouldn’t she be paying that money back???

      I hope that the DR puts both John and Taylor in their place next week because he is just a bad as she is. They are there for therapy that are not at a resort where they are to be waited on hand and foot!!

  17. Missy

    Lol @ giant cuntbag !!!

    • terry macon

      Put her in a cannon and shoot her ass back to Ok. Dumb old ugly
      Witch. Her sister in law said on HLN she and her husband would get
      Drunk and fight. I bet anything she lied on Russell. I’m just saying TT.

  18. gertha bit

    naw, she ain’t never gonna apologize no way. she has exploited her late husband even BEFORE he was her late husband, and frankly, it’s my honest opinion, that her twisted lies about him, and the way she shanghaied him and ruined his name, were what drove the poor fella into becoming her late husband in the first place. she’s got an odd pathology of projection and self-aggrandizing, but i think her self-victimization comes from a clear mind, meaning, she intends to manipulate with that. and of course she is a prime example of an A-one liar and flatterer. i’m sure i don’t have to mention the YEARS LONG substance abuse problems, that she refuses to acknowledge. there’s really not a thing nice to say about this person.

  19. Flavor Flav was arrested today in Hempstead, NY in a bizarre bust … triggered by the fact Flav had 16 suspensions on his license — yes, 16.

    According to cops … Flav was driving a black Hyundai when cops spotted him … claiming he was driving 79 in a 55 zone.

    Upon further investigation … troopers discovered Flav had 16 license suspensions. Law enforcement tells TMZ … Flav had a variety of unpaid tickets that resulted in the suspensions. In addition, they found a small amount of marijuana.

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    We don’t know how he got to his mom’s funeral — hoping he didn’t drive.

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    • Isabella J.

      i love me some flav…. missed his gigantic ass fireworks show this year though, my neighbor says that liz is MIA

    • JoJo

      “Felony Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Vehicle”???? That’s got to be the dumbest name of a criminal offense I’ve ever heard! I picture the offender beating DMV over the head with no paper!

      • JoJo, I got a “Sagging Seatbelt” ticket quite a few years ago. The DMV had never seen one before. Took them forever to look up the dollar amount, $200.00. That CHP officer and I had history.
        After that ticket a attorney I knew wrote a letter and I wasn’t stopped by him again.

      • JoJo

        That’s right up there with the ‘felony aggravated unlicensed….’! Those highway patrol troopers’ sole purpose is traffic offenses and they dig real deep into the obscure traffic code offenses to prop their ticket quotas. Obviously, especially if they have a ‘history’ with their prey 😉

    • Tango

      Poor Flav. I can’t help but root for that guy, despite his problems.

    • gertha bit

      sorry about his mama. she loved him very much and he looked EXACTLY like her. i’m glad he got to be there to pay his respects to his mother.

    • vivaladiva831

      Do we know if Liz ever had a baby?

  20. JoJo

    I think Taylor, by choosing to be on this show, has hit rock bottom. No matter how sketchy it was by hooking up with her married lawyer, I did think maybe she was in love and would just take that second chance and run for the hills away from reality TV.
    Reality TV has not only brought out the worst in her, but it led to her husband and the father of her child, dying by suicide.
    I would think anyone who went through that and had a modicum of self-awareness, would be affected so deeply by that alone, they would stay out of the national spotlight. So, perhaps it is mental illness. But it’s also possible she’s just really a narcissist, full of really bad character flaws that can’t be treated. Unfortunately, she’s not even aware today considering her tweets, and maybe most unfortunate, she has hooked up with someone who is no better at all – again.

    • Isabella J.

      what’s wrong with hooking up with married lawyers?? don’t you remember even yo’lemon said whats a girl to do while waiting for divorces to become final?

      • JoJo

        Well, there’s certainly the possibility that John’s marriage was over in spirit if not on paper before Taylor came on the scene! And I will say I’d rather take her on the show than the “hot trilogy maker” – Farrah – anyday :)

      • Tango

        Everything is wrong with hooking up with married men. And it’s just stupid if you are someone like Taylor who really needs a man with no baggage and a clear focus in life.

      • Isabella J.

        Please…. on the married man. The best type of man for Taylor is the married kind, it makes him appreciate whats at home. Sorry, married men make good boy friends.

      • Tango

        That’s a sad point of view. : (

      • Isabella J.

        This is in reply to TANGO who said that was a sad point of view… you and I probably won’t be BFF’s then…

      • Isabella J.

        LOL, oh all these many many months I have been out making millions, sleeping my way around the world, and here I could have just been sitting with my hommies getting crushed on! Long live tater!

      • Find me a trick that likes fat chicks with leg hair and BO. I’m down. :)

      • Isabella J.

        Gee is that all? Done.

      • Isabella J.

        How are you still awake? #westcoastime If all else fails, I will fly your short hairy smelly ass to Vegas and we will go see the Thunder from Down Under, better known as ass pimple parade.

      • I’m 5’9″ not short. Non need to hurl insults. And I may fly out to see you at some point, but no strippers. They get that greasy shit all over you and are too fem for me. High stakes poker is another thing altogether.,,,

      • Isabella J.

        Who was the short fat hairy legged person that wanted to get laid? You are tall! I am only 5’4”. Wow. Yes, come to Vegas, I show you the crying Sister Wives, the silent Teller (Penn’s other half) and we can stalk Flav!!!

      • I’m the hairy legged person who might POSSIBLY shave for the occasion, then I will be A TON OF FUN!

        I will want to spend most of my time in the casinos when I am there. And my bangle will want to go home to Tiffany to visit friends and family. Plus she needs a little sister…

      • Isabella J.

        LOL, don’t be a tater! I got a Tiffany’s right across the street from me! And I guess you want to stay on the Strip of course? Perhaps Adriennes old hotel? I personally think Red Rock or JW Marriott is nicer, a much better view,but I guess we can accommodate you. Let me see who I have fucked that can get me some comps…. Perhaps you want to see Donny and Marie? Oh, I want to go see Ms. Brittany @ Caesars! Ha Ha JoJo, we are neighbors! And I am betting I am just as old as you dahrling….

      • I hope you have fucked someone to get me a penthouse that allows smoking. :) I’ve never been to Red Rock. I keep telling you I am living in the ghetto. Just had a big moment at Tiffany at Belliago? I think that was where when I was there last. I had saved up for one thing and then bought something SUBSTANTIALLY better. I have a good feeling you may have interacted with a not exactly relative of mine. Rich and into whores. :) We should likely have that convo elsewhere. If you haven’t, you should.

        Anyway, perhaps I should come see Britt Britt.

        If I have a good enough room, I can pick my own penis.

      • Isabella J.

        Just messaged you, now I need to know!….Binions is still open, I had a really good steak there a few months ago, I sat with the Goodman’s, ex-Mayor Goodman, now that is a whore hound! Speaking of, their son was recently mysteriously “injured”, the story finally came out there was an incident in a men’s room in a well known gay park….. Mandarin Oriental, I will check with the gay ex-husband and see if he can get you something there. It’s a nice place. Wait, the Mandarin is nice, there are tattoo parlors every 30 feet so that doesn’t rule out much. I am currently sleeping with the married musician that tours at the Hilton, it’s off Strip though. Interested in that place? Other lover just stayed at the Cosmopolitan and he had a beautiful suite for 69$ for the weekend. Let me know when you want to come!

      • Isabella J.

        Cartier and DeBeers are both at the Wynn, I think Caesars has Cariter as well. I like some of Tiffany’s rings and they do have some stunning bracelets as well but Cartier has always been my favorite. You might really like the Wynn, and I definitely slept with a VP there.

      • JoJo

        TT, it’s Vegas, smoking is a recognized sport. You ask for room/penthouse w/ no smoking (if you asking for a smoking room they put you above the laundry room and the whole floor is rancid) so you lie – then open the windows or ask for room w/ patio (I smoke too and leaned hard way). And you definitely want the highest room possible to make that Strip view and trip worthwhile!

      • Isabella J.

        I miss the smoking friendly Vegas. I like a good Camel 99 and the occasional cigar. TT, all the housewives either stay at Palms or Red Rock, find out who and when they are filming next and I can find out when their mandatory Vegas trip will be. OH, YOU CAN FINALLY SPEAK TO MY BROTHEL LADY NEIGHBOR FOR ALL THE DIRT ON M AND B. Can you decipher that???

      • vivaladiva831

        Hahaha…why don’t we ask Tori Spelling what happens when you hook up with a married man)

      • Isabella J.

        You get lots of nice little baubles and wonderful little vacations, excellent sex and at the end of the day you do not have to pick up their dirty laundry or their dry cleaning. #WINNING. I do not know who this Tori Spelling person is so I cannot answer to his/her experience.

      • vivaladiva831

        she is an actress. aaron spelling’s daughter, the creator of dynasty, 90210, the love boat, etc. anyway she fooled around with a married man, and he left his wife, son, and newly adopted newborn daughter to marry tori. they proceeded to have 4 children one after another, and now it is news that he has cheated on her.

      • JoJo

        Isabella, a lot of us will never know of the benefits….like Lisa V said on RHOBH…”when I take my clothes off, I don’t want the guy to feel like he has to shag me before I croak”!

  21. Wait, WHUT? Taylor is trying to say the friend who was abused was CAMILLE GRAMMER? Since when are they friends?

    John Bluher ‏@JohnBluher 9 Jan
    show the real story-dealt w cancer, no phones, hrs of down time, Camille abuse, denial of press interviews, Dr.s, shit conditions-be honest

    Expand Reply



    John Bluher ‏@JohnBluher 9 Jan
    @DrJennBerman:read my thoughts about alcohol- show the whole story Jenn-no phones, hours in a bus, Camille abuse, cancer, shitty food & room

    View conversation Reply



    John Bluher ‏@JohnBluher 9 Jan
    @TaylorArmstrong & I had a stressful day and were ready to party – then Farrah starts. Total bullshit not buying it.

    • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

      Poor poor John and Taylor, had a shitty room that was so much better than where most of their viewers/”fans” live in, shitty food that no one else was complaining about (plus they ate out that night), and too much downtime — yeah, most of us with 40+ hour jobs would hate to have to just sit around and still collect THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. I guess they never heard of books? I honestly don’t know how they managed as long as they did. Maybe they should notify the HRC. I can totally see how all of that torture would make it okay to verbally abuse people who were trying to help them and who weren’t causing the problems in the first place.

      • Or if they are so into each other they could have enjoyed the time alone away from Kennedy. Taylor posted a picture of Kennedy where she looks like a tortured soul talking about how much Kennedy loves Ghost Face Killah. /sigh

    • JoJo

      Wow. It would be interesting to know if this John was a self-centered jerk before Taylor met him and jumped on her to get infamous. Or if being with Taylor taught him to be a jerk. Or if she just wears the pants in the relationship and browbeat him into being her partner in Reality crap.

      It’d be interesting if one of his old friends or even his wife are convinced to spill the beans on who this guy really is.

      • Tango

        I know in the beginning, when Taylor and John were spotted out drunk, he denied the affair, and his wife who knew Taylor as a friend/client of her husband also denied and defended her marriage. He seems pretty scummy to me.

      • Isabella J.

        WHAT???? I thought John had been separated for years before they met, no? Taylor said that during the reunion, hum….. I am the last one to judge the married man thing but I was under the impression he was in the middle or end of a divorce.

      • Tango

        Nope, that’s just how Taylor spun it. In the beginning they were spotted together a lot, but John denied any affair and said he was working pro bono to help her with her legal troubles. His wife called her a friend and a wonderful person and said he just travels a lot for work but his home was still with her. Then when they decided to be together or whatever they came out and said oh, the marriage was rocky for a while, bla bla bla.

      • Isabella J.

        That puts an entirely new spin on this. OK. Jeez, I have zero comment for her defense, on the couples therapy they do not appear to be madly in love, she has so many issues, he, I got nothing. Wow. I have been out of the loop for so long. I do think she needs some rehab for the drinking and who knows what else. God DISAPPOINTED. What ever happened to DISCRETION???

      • NO mam. She was friends with the wife even. She was his client during all the Russell stuff. And one thing lead to a whore.

      • Isabella J.

        She gives a bad name to us legit whores.

      • LOL. How is whoring these days? Shouldn’t you have a date tonight?

      • Isabella J.

        Ugh, I am tired, I have two dates tomorrow and I sold a house today (legit job for cover).Actually “tricks” are good now, got my regular lover and a few new ones on the horizon! I cannot believe Tay Tay is a whore, wait, she does not deserve that title, she shall from now on be called tater, cause I think that is the stupidest American word I know..

      • Fuck you and your foreigness! lol Tater is an AWESOME WORD.

      • Tango

        Makes me think of Ron White “Tater salad” lol.

      • Sweet taters, tater salad, tater tots, fried taters, tater rolls, loaded taters, tater soup,…

      • Tango

        Ok now I’m hungry damn it. So much for that resolution…

      • lol Wolfgang Puck makes a decent organic old fashioned tater soup that is not hard on the diet. Unless you add a tablespoon of Daisy sour cream and eat it with Organic tortillas from Trader Joes, which I highly recommend you do.

      • Tango

        Oh crap that sounds awesome. But tonite I’ll hafta settle for some leftover mashed taters and some Christmas candy…. Maybe I can melt Velveeta on top. It’s still cold and icy here so my kitchen is pretty bare. Damn winter.

      • How could I forget mashed tatters? and twice backed taters, and scattered covered and smothered taters and shoestring taters and boiled taters with cheese, a French fried taters….and….

      • JoJo

        I just saw the last episode and his behavior was really crappy – but wasn’t sure if the drunken Taylor was prompting him to do and say that stuff. After reading his Tweets that TT posted, he’s just as delusional, acting despicable as she is (unless Taylor drunkenly commando’d his Twitter – which I doubt).
        And I don’t care what anyone says, I feel very, very sorry for his wife and children whether they were separated before he met Taylor or not. That’s just shitty what he’s done/doing to them.

      • JoJo

        Isabella, I have just now stopped crying laughing. For as long as Taylor is on our TV screens, I think I’ll have to refer to her as Tater Taylor.
        BTW, what stupid American slang name do you have for a 22 yoa floozy who pays the man to have sex with her? Funken Farrah for example?

    • gertha bit

      this from a lawyer? pfft. he sure ain’t helping much. they pissed the bed, now they sleep in it.

    • Why the hell do they need to do press interviews? Their importance is only in their mind. Who the fuck do the think they are?? THEY ARE THERE FOR THERAPY!!!!!

  22. puravidacostarica2

    Can’t help it — I missed you Isabella!

  23. puravidacostarica2


  24. JoJo

    Trying to respond to one person is getting impossible to following that trail of comments on (tater Taylor) so this is to Isabella (the belle of this ball apparently) regarding being up late:
    I, too on #westcoasttime; more ironic is I think I’m in your neck of the woods, my other nickname is JoVegas……unfortunately I’ve done everything there is to do here and aged-out!!!! But nice to chat with a foreign homie :)

    • Isabella J.

      You live in Vegas too? I am in Summerlin, in Queensridge, are we for real neighbors??? I have been in Scottsdale the last few weeks off and on, homesick so bad. How can you possibly “do” all Vegas???

      • JoJo

        OMG you’re in the that City within the City way far northwest and fancy w/ TPC!. I’m on the very farthest brink of SE Green Valley, 10 minutes to Boulder City – zip code is the correct side of I-95 Henderson!
        I ‘did’ all Vegas as in partake nightlife up until circa 2005 – as I said I aged-out but seen it all, played and knew of the ‘off-the-beaten-path mob hangouts and played almost all until got bored ‘cuz couldn’t stay up that friggin’ late anymore!

      • I think an extended, extended, excluded by divorce familyish not really member lives in Bella’s hood.

      • JoJo

        “Bella’ don’t take TT to Palms – the damn Maloofs and that once hip joint aged out too :) For non-gambling maybe just to not lose her shirt (or onsie) local casinos to win a buck or two: Station Casinos and the ilk. High end and great people/high-end call girl watching: the Wynn, Belllagio, and maybe the M Resort & Redrock. (Excuse me, I’m sure you’re much more aware of the high-end places.
        Although someone did just tell me that the damn computer machines now require and know that you have to put $20 to get a free drink when my last time I could get all the drinks I wanted free by just sitting in the seat and that was only 2 months ago!

      • So put in a 20 play a dollar or two until drink comes and move.#ghettotechnique. always play a hundred. It make me look like I have something. Pai Gow five dollar tables are the best buy in with $100. I used to LOVE Binions.but I think that place is gone.

      • I used to stay at the Oriental?? I forget the whole name. Rundown, cheap, lose slots, fast to comp, and right in the middle of the strip near an all night pizza place and24 hour tattooing steps away. lol.

      • JoJo

        TT give me a bit and I’ll figure out the “Oriental” place you’re referring to.
        BUT my FAVORITE place too was always Binion’s Horseshoe Club – the 70’s when the 5- cent Heinikens were the best drunk in town.
        Then, Benny died, his odd, son, junkie son and OCD daughter took over, the junkie got killed by his ‘tater’ and the whole damn place fell apart, sold and now I forgot what weird name it’s called. But the Horseshoe was the ONE place that never ever got ripped off or robbed and oddly the Sheriff seemed oblivious :)
        See they had a back stairs, legs were broken, people were paralyzed, but no one got a penny out of Benny – until someone taken to the stairs got paralyzed and sued and sued and sued. The End of Binion’s as we knew it. Although it took 10 years for the paralyze guy to get through the system. Think they though he’d die before he’d collect Also think our Mayor of LVs law firm represented Bennie. Sad.
        And what I hear is when playing the poker machines now, you put the $20 in and they wait until it’s gone….then you get the drink! A fake $20 spits back out – or so I was told. Sunset Station hasn’t done that YET.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Are you all talking about the Imperial Palace?

      • Yes! Imperial …Oriental… that’s it. It definitely was NOT a palace but the location was everything.

      • Sorry for the hard right turn these comments took last night. Isabella has been gone for awhile and it turned in to a Girls Night Out there for a bit.

        We now resume our regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

        P.S. After sober consideration, I no longer feel like being a plus sized, high class hooker should be my next career move.

      • Isabella J.

        LOL, pity. you would have done well! xoxoxoxoxoxo I got a date on his way over for bow chicha bow wow so I catch you later tater!

      • Shellbelle

        Loved the left turn… You guys had me giggling. Tater…. Awesome!

  25. i cant follow this thread any more (so glad to see u back, isabella) so just posting here.
    i dont get why farrah is even on if she’s not part of a couple. do get that the group was asked if it was ok but they sure didnt seem to want her.
    taylor is just sad. sloppy drunk but feeling superior to everyone, embarrassing herself. her man seems pathetically desperate to ride her coattails for some reason. he seemed sorta cute til we started to see too much of him. same with her. maybe they joined coz they thought they’d be the stars of the show, but looks like a disastrous miscalculation being on the show. did they even see a prior one before signing on?

  26. As a spectator I loved the left turn this comment section took. Just saying,
    TT glad to see you’re feeling better.

  27. Denise

    She has serious issues that I think stem from alcoholism ✅and serious mental illness✅, including a Personality disorder ✅. She constantly uses the victim role and has entitlement issues. I just can’t stand her anymore and fear for her daughters well being. Please someone punch her!

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