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Mob Wives

Renee Graziano, Drita D’Avanzo and Alicia DiMichele Garofalo all shared the couch with Bethenny today.  Bethenny asks who is the toughest and they all agree it is Drita. Renee says she is not a fighter. No lightning falls from the sky.  Drita says she gives her daughter a very edited version of Mobwives to watch with only the happy scenes. That must be about a five minute show!  Drita daughter said the other day that a kid in her class thinks she is tough. The daughter was incredulous and says my mother cries if I read her a poem. you got the wrong one.

Bethenny questions how they can do a show where they talk about things when in the mob no one talks. Renee says they only talk about things that are public knowledge, they are not ratting anyone out. It seems a lot of their mob friends dumped them because of the show.

Alicia says she fights with her words. Drita says that words are more hurtful. Your nose will heal, you’ll get another tooth, but the words stick with you. Drita basically says she wishes she had the skills to verbally assault someone.

Mob Wives Bethenny reads a bunch of mean tweets from twitter talking about them profiting from their husband’s criminal activity. Bethenny asks if Renee just thinks of it as entertainment. Renee said this year was not that entertaining to her. Renee says this season took a difficult turn for her. Alicia pats her on the back. Drita says they are not making money off their husbands crimes and that no one has to watch, no one has a gun to their head. Bethenny says, “Well you might.”

Bethenny addresses the situation between Karen and Alicia. She wants to know if Alicia is the reason she is not on the show.  Alicia said that she would not be on the show with Karen because there is too much family history there. (Karen’s father killed Alicia’s Father in Law) Alicia said that is not something to air out on TV, somebody died here.

Bethenny asks Alicia about her legal problems. Alicia says she has been on the floor devastated but she has to pick herself up for her three boys. She is all that they have. She cries and says she just has to be strong for them.

Alicia says she was naïve. Drita said she had a sense of what was going on but did not know the specifics. Renee says her ex was cooperating with the Feds in her house and she was totally unaware and blindsided.

Bethenny wants to know about Big Ang. Everyone loves her. So they play a game to determine if their partners are “just a rat.”

Bethenny asks if they think Teresa will do time. They all say they hope not and wish the best for her.

Not a single mention of Natalie.  Renee looked clean and sober like she is back to working her program which is great.

As for Bethenny, I had Wendy Williams on and just happened to catch that she had the Mob Wives on today.  When Bethenny first started she did NOT want to do Reality TV interviews.  It looks like, that is all she does now. Tomorrow she has Reza on to shave off his porn stache.


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3 responses to “Mob Wives on Bethenny

  1. michelle

    She knows that reality stars are all she can get so she’s milking it. I can’t believe she’s still on. Her interview style sucks. She’s a trainwreck but I have only tuned in for a few episodes to check on my reality faves but she never gets any new stuff out of them, far less than you provide here, that’s for sure.

  2. You going to blog last night’s show? It was kinda horrible. So many douche-chill moments. Cringeworthy.

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