Bravo Releases a PR on RHONY With Some Tea


NEW YORK – January 8, 2014 – They’re back! Ready or not, here they come… Bravo Media announces the premiere of season six of “The Real Housewives of New York City” on Tuesday, March 11 at 9pm ET/PT. Back this season are Aviva Drescher, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer, and Heather Thomson, who are joined by model and businesswoman Kristen Taekman as they navigate their hectic lifestyles of jam-packed social calendars, careers, relationships, children and the hustle and bustle of city living. Also returning in a recurring role this season is Countess LuAnn de Lesseps.

To whet fans’ appetites for the uptown/downtown drama, Bravo will be airing a 30-minute extended sneak peek at the new season on Monday, February 24 at 9pm ET/PT. Meet the new housewife…  Kristen Taekman has been a working model since the age of 14, gracing the cover of magazines, walking the runways of Europe and the US, and serving as the face of many high profile commercial campaigns. In addition to modeling full-time, her keen business sense led her to launch her own successful line of high-end greeting card boxes called 2nd Street Press in 2009.

What the fuck are greeting card boxes? NUP_159328_0845_1_.JPG_gallery_main

Born in Connecticut, Kristen is mother to five-year old son Cash and two-year old daughter Kingsley with her husband of 10 years Josh, co-founder of the natural energy supplement EBOOST. She stays in shape by keeping up with her children’s many school, social and extracurricular activities along with her disciplined pursuit of Pilates, JCORE fitness and an EBOOST a day. Kristen has a deep love for Elvis Presley and knows the lyrics to all of his songs.She also shows her admiration with a 4 foot x 5 foot painting of “The King” she displays in the hallway of her TriBeCa apartment. Kristen lives by her philosophy of “telling it like it is” because she has nothing to hide.

Sidebar: Today is actually Elvis’s birthday. I know this because I have three relatives born on January 8th.

This season follows the ladies as they mix business with pleasure, party like rock stars, summer in the Hamptons and allow their emotions to get the best of them any chance they get. Old rivalries will be reignited and new ones born, all while emotional twists and turns, surprise romantic encounters, and passionate arguments keep everyone guessing where people’s true loyalties lie. There is no shortage of outlandish moments and guttural laughs as the ladies find themselves as fish out of water when they leave the safety of Manhattan for more rustic locales like a cabin in the Berkshires and a “glamping” trip to Montana.

Oh lord.

UPDATE:  Check Out this NY POST INTERVIEW WITH KRISTEN for more tea. Spoiler: She’s BFFs with Brandi Glanville.


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36 responses to “Bravo Releases a PR on RHONY With Some Tea

  1. Sandra

    Shouldn’t that be Cash and Carry, or Cash and Credit? Can’t stop laughing at these women. Real housewives? Hardly. Luann should drop the Countess title, I’m fed up with it and her grandiose pronouncements. BTW Luann, your ex-husband’s family did NOT give the Statue of Liberty to the USA. The Lessep family was chosen to do the presentation to America, ON BEHALF OF THE FRENCH CITIZENS AND GOVERNMENT. Get over yourself already.

    PS: Happy New Year Tamara!

  2. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the countess fall off a buffalo in Montana.

  3. Isabella J.

    I just have to ask, are there any real women out here in America that can relate to any of these housewives??? I miss Jersey…

    • eastjames

      Why yes! We all have 4 nannies for our 2 or 3 children (who are all named Cash by the way), a personal assistant even though none of us have jobs, get our hair and makeup done to sit and drink coffee, have ridiculous dinner parties where we scream and yell at our friends, start fashion lines, put out dance singles, produce wine and liquor labels, and drive our husbands out the door or to suicide. That’s just America for ya!

    • eastjames

      In all seriousness, the 1st OC season was relatable. I do think the original intention of the show was to expose the real life problems of women in gated communities and to prove, in a way, that money doesn’t solve everything. Bravo kind of sank its fangs into the fighting and high school drama aspect though.

  4. jarlath

    They need to cut the umbilical cord with the Countess. She can’t even afford to live in NYC.

  5. am I crazy or did each franchise used to be different from one another..?? Now they all have the same cast of characters-just different names. They have all the same DRAMA, hawk similar products and even take the same vacations! I stopped watching them all awhile ago, so maybe it just seems that way to me, but come on! I used to like that each show had the flavor of their different cities, and you could never picture a HW from one franchise being on another franchise. Not true anymore.

    • peachteachr

      I agree, Cammie. I just come here to read about them from TT and y’all. I do sometimes catch reruns of Atlanta. They still have a little flavor.

      • terry macon

        I just loved the first season of the housewives of OC and DC. They had wine every day with me.LMAO just like Ramona and Bethanny.

    • Jarlath

      This is why I chuckle whenever Miss Leakes complains about how the other Housewives are ruining the “girls’ trip” she assiduously prepared. Hello, every show has one of these! This isn’t your idea! The shows, thud casts, they’re all interchangeable at this point … following the same tired formulae

    • pfffttt

      Can you picture Lisa Vanderpump or Yolanda Foster moving to Atlanta and standing there while they pull each other’s wigs and talk about sex toys? Can you picture them going to Jersey and meddling in the family problems of Teresa and Melissa or having dinner while tables are being flipped? or having “turtle time” with Ramona and Sonja in NYC, or drinking and clubbing and drunken catfighting with Lisa Hochstein and JoAnna Krupa in Miami? Or hanging out with Tamra Barney and Vicki and engaging in their bitchy catty behavior in Orange County?

  6. Gingersnap

    After reading all the comments, I’m wondering why I was looking forward to the New York crew. I like New York and I like Sonja the most, but I like something about all of them, even Luann. EXCEPT, I don’t like Aviva and I especially dislike her over-sexed, disgusting daddy-o, George. I remember a time when I even liked Bethanny. Times sure have changed.

    My first impression of the new “housewife” (big eye roll) picture wasn’t good. I’m sure she’s pretty and all that crap, but I don’t like her body language, like she’s big, bad, and boss. Then at the bottom, I read that she’s BFF’s with Brandi Glanville and I thought, STFU! I’ll do my best to stay open minded, but she already has the taint of Brandi on her and it’s hard to get off, kinda like skunk spray. Brandi is definitely on my black list, hell, she’s even on the blacks black list.

    Now I’m wondering how I’ve let Brandi infiltrate my New York world. GAWD.

  7. spk

    I have this sad fear we’ll get to hear the new one say “we named our kids this way because Cash IS King…” followed by a big smirk. If that happens, I’ll hurl.

  8. Sandra, no, I was talking to Jarlath who seems like an entirely different person lately. :)

    Sorry I hate the nested comments but when I turn it off everyone gets pissed.

  9. Vivaladiva

    To be honest, I wouldn’t like Carole nearly as much if she didn’t have the Jackie Onassis connection. She was pretty boring last season. And I ended up really liking Heather.

    Also I completely agree about the first season of RHOC. That was the most real of all franchises.

  10. Shellbelle

    I happened to catch the end of Wendy Williams this morning and she played a clip of RHONY… Did anyone else catch it?! It was insinuated in the clip that Aviva beats Heather with her prosthetic leg. It may possibly be the highlight of my day. Simply hilarious!

  11. lori

    I think greeting card boxes are when you buy a box of mixed greeting cards so you always have them on hand. My father used to buy them. The company probably makes the boxes of blank note cards as well.

  12. Jparker Matthews

    Why didn’t that creepy dad of Avivas not just drop off the check and leave at Ramona’s fundraiser? So he could act insulted at being asked to leave after his girly display of a bully… Something really bizarre about that family dynamic???

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