Asa and GG From Shahs of Sunset on WWHL


OMG!  Asa has more  bangles than I have ever seen her wear. I die. And must officially withdraw from the bangle war I have in my head with her. And her dress stunning. She looks fantastic!  GG looks great too, but I have a special bond with Asa. She was one of the first people I interviewed on this blog long ago.  Then I decided NOT to use much of the interview and just gush about her, because… I love her.  I still love that blog.  BTW, Asa is first chair, as she should be.

Andy throws some shade at Asa over the whole Persian Flu Mask picture that made it’s way around the Internet.  Asa says it’s a gold statement necklace that she has and wears it many ways, on her neck, on her forehead and on her boot and um…. as a flu mask. lol. I do admit to laughing at the Persian Flu Mask picture, sorry girlfriend.

Conversation moves on to Asa’s new diamond water which is now available for sale at  where you can get a case of 12 1 liter bottles for about $36 bucks. I pay about $15 dollars for a case of 1.5 liter bottles of  Whole Foods Brand Electrolyte water, but a case of Coconut water is about $48 bucks. This falls somewhere in between.  The thing about Asa’s  water is that it is Alkaline water, which some people say is the best thing healthwise since sliced bread and others say that once the water hits your stomach, it loses all the alkaline properties. Anyway, everyone go try some and let me know what you think. Then Andy does the stupid drinking of the diamond water thing with diamond graphics that we have all seen him do at least once before.

By the way, Asa and GG both held hands most of the show. And Andy wore a jacket with elbow patches to further his older look.

Questions for the girls:

For Asa:
How can you afford this diamond water venture? 
Actually, she is so blessed to have investors and partners, who believed in her project and invested the money. (I am guessing that one of those investors is Fiji water who let her bottle her water in exchange for mad publicity on the show. Just keeping it real.)

How’s your love life? My love life is wonderful. “Daddy” (Jermaine Jackson Jr.)  is here in the audience tonight.  Andy seems like he did not realize who JJJr was when he met him earlier. Andy says y’all have been dating for a long time. Asa responds, “We’re not dating we’re soulmates.” They actually do have a beautiful relationship and I found out WAY before  I told y’all but had to keep quiet until Asa gave me the okay.  I actually  broke the story here.  I was thrilled to get the exclusive after waiting for quite a long time!  Jermaine showed up to surprise her in NYC.  #TrueLove

How fake do you think Lilly is? On  a scale of one to ten? 8

For GG:

Not really a question but the caller says she needs to get MJ out of her life. How has she put up with this relationship and her stealing her blood sister? GG says  that has been the most complicated situation all season because MJ is someone she put all of her trust in and confided her about her relationship with her sister. GG says  that MJ really broke her in a place that shouldn’t be touched. She doesn’t know how to feel sad, she goes straight to anger.  Wow. I believed everything GG just said.  So sad.

Would you or have you dated Jax from Vanderpump Rules?  They have dated. They are both big flirts.  GG says he is good in bed.  He’s not a selfish lover. Andy keeps going a back to this.  Later GG makes it seem like Jax is pursuing her because she recently became single again.

Why did you lie to Sean about kissing a guy at Lilly’s party? She says that essentially they were on a break and he had actually moved away for awhile. She also says that when you confide things to your good friend, you don’t expect them to tell on you and cause problems, you hope that he will never find out.

Fill in the blank. The  thought of  MJ’s sex tapes makes me…? GG was kind and said, “Curious?”

Do you ever talk to Omid? I do. I talk to him quite often. We have been friends for a long time. Unfortunately, his mother  got cancer and he moved back to Texas.  So we talk a lot more than ever before.  He is a sweetheart and I will always love him to death.

Say three nice things about MJ.  Beautiful face. The most softest breasts I’ve ever touched in my life, they’re like clouds, and honestly, she has a heart of gold.

Whose side are on? 84% Mike  16% Reza. The girls seem confused. They don’t seem to understand we despise Reza’s behavior in general.


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4 responses to “Asa and GG From Shahs of Sunset on WWHL

  1. I did watch most of WWHL and I found both ladies very likable. Gigi is growing up, seems she is doing some introspection. Looks good on her.
    Asa did look good in all her gold. I buy water at a water store where it’s been filtered and treated for about 25 cents a gallon. I might order a case of her water if shipping isn’t outrageous.
    What’s with Andy’s beard and scholarly professor look? He is too giggly to pull off that look.
    Seems like Andy was way to interested in Jaxs bedroom performance.

  2. Vivaladiva

    I was laughing hysterically at the monster Mike montage-the diamond water thing was stupid, but that was hilarious!!!

  3. eastjames

    Sorry, Asa, I go up in the woods and get spring water for free! I wish you well in your business venture though. I’m kinda liking the idea of GG and Jax. They would certainly be easy for everyone to look at.

  4. Julie White

    You are DEAD ON! I love her, too. She seems like one of the most spiritual, beautiful person I have ever seen on reality television.

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