WWHL With Carlton Gebbia


Andy starts throwing the Wiccan shade before introductions are even made.  The other guest is Sophia Bush and Carlton the newbie is in first chair.  That ring on Andy’s gay marriage finger has GOT to mean something and it is driving me crazy.  Andy brings up Joyce’s pageant dress and no one has much nice to say about it. It’s not my favorite style either but I guarantee you it costs more than what most of us make in a month. So there is that. #BackOffMyGirl

Carlton looks very pretty tonight.  She’s wearing a seemingly simple little black dress. I am not sure if she is wearing a leather dominatrix style bra under it, of if those leather straps came with the dress, but I like it.  She seems a bit loosened up and quite… dare I say poised?  Not the show persona at all. Apparently she has done some acting before. Andy plays a clip from a strange movie she was in.  She’s no Kyle Richards.

Andy’s mom hates on the beard in three words, “disheveled, old and unattractive.”  I agree. I think if he trimmed it down a bit and it was all one color it would be okay. I like it in the black and white photo but not on the TV.

andy cohen wwhlQuestions for Carlton:

Andy asks Carlton how she is enjoying being a housewife? She says she has actually been having a really good time.  Though it doesn’t always look like it, I can be a little stern looking.

Andy asks if there is anything she has regretted saying that has been aired so far?  Carlton says,  “No.”

Caller asks what do you believe the other women’s perception about your religion is?  I think aside from two of them I think they are open two it.  Andy asks and she names Kyle and Joyce.

What is the biggest misconception people have about being Wiccan? She says the misconception is there is this evil witchery going on and it’s completely opposite.

Tweeter asks Why it is okay for Brandi to call Carlton a cunt and it’s okay but when Kyle asks about witchcraft, and you’re insulted?  Because with Brandi, I understand it and we have a witchcraft.  And with Kyle there had been many innuendo’s and digs that were toxic and she doesn’t have patience for morons.

I should point out that each time Carlton talks about Kyle or Joyce she pretends to forget their names. /eyeroll

A caller asked if Carlton is fucking the nanny.  Andy says the nanny is her with her (and not home nannying!)  and asks how many beds in the hotel room?  Carlton says she is one of her best girlfriends and not they have not “bumped and grind.”  I don’t believe a word she is saying.

You’re gorgeous but how could you keep a young beautiful nanny around? She is not threatened by beautiful women.

What plastic surgery have you had done?  Boobs.

Poll question is AGAIN whose side are you on and AGAIN Joyce in a 71% Landslide! Carlton was pissed. Too bad Carlton, you picked the wrong team.

That said, I think it was beyond rude to make the entire conversation with Carlton about her religion as if it was some bizarre thing.  Everyone in this day and age knows a Wiccan or three.


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17 responses to “WWHL With Carlton Gebbia

  1. JoJo

    Think Carlton came out of this appearance relatively unscathed (Brandi should take lessons – you can be real and honest and not be tacky doing it – sorry Brandi, but listen to your friends).
    Carlton was composed, seemed comfortable, and didn’t deflect when answering the questions. Except for pretend forgetting the people she obviously doesn’t like. I like her more now that I’ve seen this side, although I didn’t dislike her before, just thought she was oddly stern and stiff for someone who is building a sex dungeon :)

  2. lori

    I totally agree that it was poor taste for Andy to bring to her religion up every two seconds. I couldn’t help but wonder as he continued to do so if she was getting pissed. If so, she did a good job if hiding it from her boss. I don’t think he would even have made that many religious references if a nun was sitting in her seat. As far as her answer to the poll question about brandi calling her the c word… wasn’t that before she was even friends with Brandi?

  3. I love that she wants hot chics around. She’s not one of the stupid people who think if they keep ugly people around the man will stay faithful. If he’s going to cheat he will, hot or not.

    She’s one of my faves this season, replacing Brandi easily.

  4. Bombero129

    I can’t stand Carlton! She was quiet and awkward throughout WWHL and it made me uncomfortable to watch. The only reason she is on Brandi’s team is bc she has the hots for her and is always looking at her with creepy googly eyes. I hope she doesn’t come back next season, I ffwd through all her scenes.

    • Victoria

      I FF them, too. Unnecessary & boring.

    • Isabella J.

      God, I so wanted to like the pagan but she is just so judgmental and obviously biased. Really, call her a cunt and its lovely but ask her if she is Catholic and you are an idiot??? I don’t get it. Is her only story line that she is bi??? Hypocrite with giving Joyce crap about calling her hubby baby and she has a sex dungeon! God, I so want to love her! Ugh,

      • JoJo

        I just want to know you tickled me pink on your response in German to someone else in another post. I didn’t want to respond to you on that post since it was all negative fighting over a damn name.
        But the nosy in me just had to bing and google, to understand what you were saying, and funny the expletives translated perfectly, some others didn’t, but no mistaking what you were saying….!

      • Isabella J.

        Danke! She was getting her panties in a wad over the stupidest thing and since someone pointed out in another blog that apparently it is NOT bullying for adults to call someone names, thought I would give it a try!

      • JoJo

        Oh hell. I guess you may be referring to my opinion on the word bullying agreeing with someone else.
        I hope though difference of opinions on certain things but agreement on others doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the spirit of debate. After all that kind of makes it interesting, even sometimes seeing other’s points of view and changing one’s mind. I know I have changed my mind after reconsidering a well though out opposite point of view.
        Btw I didn’t think you were bullying in another language at all, just colorfully showing contempt :)!

      • Isabella J.

        But I seriously DO think that she is being bullied, I empathize with her because that happens to me as well. People judge me and do not like me sometime because of the way I look. What I wrote to that girl IMO was bullying, it was nasty and name calling and just because I said it in German, doesn’t make it less so. What has Joyce done to make you not like her?? What has she said specifically? I am curious if I missed something, for real.

  5. bunniecarrot

    Gay marriage finger????

  6. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Why doesn’t anyone ask Kyle about that Madonna-religion, Kabbalah, if Andy is making such a huge deal about Carlton being Wiccan?

  7. soccermop59

    To date I can not find one reason or value in why she’s on the show. Every single episode we see this tired ugly vile looking white mop in, its her glorifying some sexual venue with that p**** whipped husband of her’s or her slobbering over some insect. Its boring, its underwhelming and kinda creepy. I think they made a huge mistake casting this woman, she’s disgusting and boring as hell!!

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