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shahsdiamond water party

Chiiiiile, this here is one CRAZY Tuesday night at the home offices of Tamara Tattles. Busy Busy, BUSY. And then this Brandi Glanville shit starts right when I am tryna recap Shahs.  Let me try and focus as my emails go batshit crazy.

MJ has a lot of sex tapes. She is trying to get them all erased.  Reza goes with her to the computer shop for this to happen. The guy finds all of her sex tapes. He tells her to password protect her computer and they leave.  I love that MJ is so comfortable with her body. May well all get there someday. MJ says she doesn’t know how long she will look that good and she wants to keep some memorabilia.  YOU GO GIRL! Love you MJ!

Mike is back with his big balls… er I mean big baller friends from Vegas to talk shop. Random bimbos abound. It’s weird and likely Made by Bravo. Or VERY shady.


Asa is  planning a Diamond Water launch. Sunny is a great event planner so she is in charge. Asa is looking for GOLD  Yellow GOLD. I get it Asa. I do. You need a Lebanese boyfriend, but I suppose in the US a Jermaine Jackson will do.

Asa is planning a family reunion to Turkey. So she can hook up with her family in Iran. Because she sought political asylum,  she can likely never return to Iran. Same for  the rest of them.  That is why people like Reza are so very RUDE and UNITERESTED about what is going on  in Iran. I am fine with  him saying he is American and that is all. But when Reza still liked me, he had no interest in Iran at all and no interest in world  politics.  It  was quite sad.

MJ takes Leila to look at rentals. Leila is being a diva. MJ and GG are still at odds. MJ and Leila being friends is problematic.

Mike’s  family ADORES  Jessica. She is learning Farsi, she cooks Iranian food, she is converting to Judaism.  She is rich. Mike is NERVOUS. lol.  Now what Mike? Can’t afford a ring?

GG is out on a date  with Shayon. I can’t recap this anymore. GG is giddy because she can jump from one hot guy to another and MJ can’t.  That’s just mean.

Asa Diamons WaterIt’s Asa’s diamond water event. Sorry, I have not been paying attention.  The fact that these  people are stumbling in and presumably out over stars on the walk of fame is sad. Very  very sad.

That said,  LILY is rocking one of the hottest dresses I have ever seen and Reza is questioning her photo op? OF COURSE she is not interested in you!  She is inter ested in the hot backshot of her dress!  You say that as if you are brand new and woke up in Beverly Hills yesterday, Mr  Attentionwhoremonger!  Of course  she is using her, just like you used her  last season.

Can’t ANYONE help MJ with her styling? ANYONE?  Because I love her and corsets should  NOT I repeat NOT be her signature look. Who told MJ to go the corset route? THEY MUST BE FIRED!

MJ is very rude to  GG and her date.

LOVING MJ’s imitation of  Lily,  but she keeps fucking it up by using the right word ‘exudes” instead of ‘eludes” which is what  Lily said. And was DEAD ON. lolololol.

Adam hugs the enemy Mike and says  ” don’t let the asshole come between us.” Mike is drunk and  shit is  about to go down.

But it is not Mike who starts it .  It is Reza who takes the mic and bullshits on Mic PUBLICALLY.  WHAT A DOUCHEBAG! Mike wins.



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41 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap

  1. Xanadude

    Mike is not just drunk. Mike is coked out. Trust me. I know the signs. The grinding of the teeth. The wild mood swings in a very short period of time. The sweat. Seriously – drunk and coked up. By the time he left he was feeling the crash.
    That all being said, Reza is still an asshole and I’m siding with Mike.

    • That is a shitty thing to say about someone when you really have no idea if it’s true or not. I know the signs too. And he did not seem coked up at all.

    • I don’t think mike was on coke maybe Molly or ex it sometimes make you grind your teeth (i hear) I can’t stand Lilly and her hairline I think that dress was a bit much to wear to an event shr wasnt hosting I teared up at the nice things mikes dad said to Jessica mike need to marry her ASAP mj need to do something with them boobs Ive had a reduction its one of the best things I’ve ever done mj is wrong for the way she’s treating gg and the sister just want camera time my fingers froze writing this its 52 degrees in Cali

    • Katie

      I also thought he looked coked out. It wasn’t really the grinding of the teeth, it was the stiffness of his jaw and the aggressive behavior.

    • So so true, not just alcohol, this girl will regret marrying this guy

  2. I know you like her. But I think MJ is a sad overgrown child. The sex tape bullshit was a device so she could tell everyone she has made sex tapes. To make herself seem…hot? …and…edgy?? But it failed miserably and she just seems even more pathetic. That whole thing with her and gg’s sister is sad. They do not like each other. They are both just trying to be mean to gg. And the way MJ spoke to gg’s guy? She needed a really good face slapping for that. Or punching. Punching might penetrate better. I don’t think gg was gloating over being attractive to men while MJ seems to repel them. She was stating a fact. And the reason why MJ treated her like shit.

    Oh and MJ trying to explain something as simple as file transfer on a thumb drive? Don’t you just want to hire her as your realtor after that display of professional prowess??

    There sure was a lot of Fiji water in tonight’s ep. I wonder if they own the bottling plant where Asa’s water is bottled.

    I liked Mike ‘s family and his girlfriend together. It was sweet and seemed real. Except when she kept excusing herself so he could hint for ring money. I wonder where her apt is. It seemed like there was a major highway right outside the window where they were eating. Weird.

    • Chris

      I believe Mike’s girlfriend’s family owns the POM brand and they own Fiji water now.

    • bunniecarrot

      It’s currently 32* here in Florida ( Orlando suburbs) so I guess hell has truly frozen over because I’m agreeing with you. Mj is the oldest one but extremely childish. Had gg punched her , mj would’ve played the victim and everyone would be scolding gig.

    • spk

      it looked like they had Mikes parents over to a ground floor motel/hotel room. there was one of those hard plastic “no smoking” symbol placards screwed onto the interior of the door, just like at any Howard Johnson.

    • Sofonda

      Jessica’s family owns Fiji water

    • Kisha

      I’ve noticed on a few reality shows, the apartments are furnished short/longterm rentals, like Korman. They basically live there for the show.

      • spk

        that makes sense because that apartment wasn’t a private residence. it was totally a hotel/pre furnished set-up. i think i even saw takeout plastic spoons at one point, which seemed odd, given the big deal they made about the food.

        i’d guess certain family members didn’t sign the model & property release forms and don’t want their homes filmed.

  3. bunniecarrot

    Mj is delusional not comfortable in her skin. She’s a cow stuffing herself into a size 2!!! Her breasts don’t look attractive, they’re painful looking in the corset. God I just gave birth by c section and my body isn’t that bad! Even so I dress my size when I lose the baby weight then I can go back to wearing the clothes on my “happy” side of my closet. The petty game mj is playing with gg sister is shady. Mike I love him!!! But the baller friend seems like another bad idea of his. Were those white end tables IKEA tables. OK moving on. ASA? Shallow just like all of them she just plays “deep” so over the diamond water. Lilly? I got nothing but amazing dress. Teecee already covered how I feel about the way mj spoke to gg date. Mike is so hurt, must be something really big that screwed mike . I think rrza is a shark and poor mike didn’t see it coming.

  4. justjenn

    Coupla things-poor Adam and there’s just something about Asa that I don’t like about myself…

  5. lori

    IDK, but when MJ went into that computer guy to get her sex tapes found (which were apparently right under her movies folder on her Mac. Damn she doesn’t know a thing about computers. As TT days, it’s scary that she is a realtor and has no clue about computers which are such an important thing to know as a realtor. Anyway, the first thing that popped into my head is that this is just a set up for some self released sex tapes, which she now has an excuse to say that that guy must have made copies of, and later we will hear how she just can’t believe that the “stolen” tapes are now out there. God I hope that I am wrong!

  6. Xanadude


  7. ZenJen53

    TT, ur commenters are the best! I had no idea Jessicas parents own Fiji Water. That bit of info puts a lot in perspective. So, thanks you guys. That’s why I come to this blog. I know a lot of ppl like Mike but he lacks ambition and drive IMO. He depends on friends n contacts to succeed instead of pounding the sidewalk. FREE JESSICA

    • bunniecarrot

      Free Jessica! I love mike but I was thinking why is she going thru all these hoops for Mike? SHE’S RIIIICH! and Mike can’t seem to get it together. Right now he doesn’t seem good enough. Money isn’t the point, she’s changing her religion, jumping thru hoops to impress his family. She’s trying hard to get that ring . I completely agree with catering to your man but I don’t get it! I’m starting to think Mike is lazy but I don’t want to fully admit it. And he could possibly blow thru that Fiji water with his eyes closed.

      • Kisha

        Jessica is working HARD for that ring. I dunno if I would be changing religions, learning Hebrew and Farsi languages for someone who may/may not propose. But it’s her life!

  8. kym

    Ok, here is what I see with Mike. He is REALLY upset with Reza because he is not holding his hand with his residentals sales. He is sitting in the office waiting for training from Reza. That is just ridiculous, but its exposing him as a “leach”. His friends w/the bimbo staff, seem to be the go-getters – even if their offices look like a Miami Vice episode. Mike’s brother just graduated medical school and now he is a dentist, his girlfriend’s family has money he needs to impress them also, so the pressure is closing in on him.

    Now MJ, doesn’t anyone on that show see that she is acting just like her mother? She is cold and has no regard for the feelings of others – spotlight GiGi. Now that MJ has Reva back, she doesn’t “need” Gigi on her side and thats why Gigi is upset with her.

    Why is Lily on the show this season? She was Reva’s friend, and he was “intriqued”with her,bought her around his friends, did he ever sell her a house? Lily thought that she could continue to bash MJ because Reva was doing it, but that backfired because they made up and now she is a “option”.

    • Buck Henry

      Remember they said they haven’t seen each other for months, something real big must have happened behind the scenes for him to keep away from Reza.

  9. susie-rae

    GG’s plan to parade Shaya in front of MJ at the party in order to make MJ feel bad was TOTALLY trumped by MJ showing up with GG’s sister ! Bwahaha !

  10. paul

    Does Reza remind you of a certain middle east dictator that we went to war with….not so fashionable… just saying

  11. paul

    Mike’s condo is some kind of furnished extented stay pad…it wierd that Bravo stages these shoots that way instead of reality.

  12. paul

    Some LA Persians like to roll in cars with dealer plates years after they are purchased…I thinks Mike’s is five years old now. Bravo should tell the real story it’s more interesting.

  13. Mango

    Did anyone notice how hard Jessica pinched Mike’s face while telling him to stop it? Before I’d had this idea Jessica was a little bit of sap for campaigning so hard to win a proposal from Mike.

    GG may have anger issues but she’s correct in assessment of MJ and her friendship with Leila. MJ’s buddied up to Leila to stick it to GG. Bitch move.

    On the other hand, I love that MJ’s such a vamp with the sex tapes. Most of the men I know (those who admit to watching that is) would be with her in a second if they could.

  14. poochie129

    Loved drunk, coked up ,mollyed Mike!!!
    Don’t know what he was was on but he was hilarious
    Mike regarding Reza: “he can suck on my diamond water”

  15. Xanadude

    Reza —You know you’re a horrible person when everyone clearly sees Mike did wrong and yet STILL everyone is on Mike’s side.

  16. soccermop59

    I wish someone would explain to ASA that 36 bucks for 12 bottles of water is a bit of a stretch. I mean, we’re talking water here. Unless it comes with a real diamond floating on it and promises of ever lasting beauty and life…I don’t see sells in the millions any time soon….as a matter of fact, I get angry having to spend over a buck for water, so this thirsty creature will stick with the tap.

  17. soccermop59

    No amount of loyalty to any of my friends would have me sacrifice my dignity and honor when I know and they know they’re wrong. I’m gonna call you out, we can either discuss or just move on, but I be damned if I’m gonna co sign on crap that I know clearly ain’t right. Mike did the right thing, he saw his dear friend hurt someone and instead of leaving this kid to alone to lick his wounds, Mike gave comfort, where comfort was needed. Reza needed no comfort, he simply needed to cool off and think. I wish Reza would realize just how bad this all would have looked had they all followed him out the door. The gay community buy houses, they purchase goods and the back lash from all these cast members would have been devastating from a PR point of view and Mike saw this.

    Reza its time you get over this back lash of nonsense and tell Mike he was right….no one, save for that mindless tit fest MJ is on your side, pal!!

  18. soccermop59

    I have to say this, MJ’s tits make her look like she’s always neck up sitting at someone’s table. I mean all you see is a fat f**** head and these huge meat balls of flesh, with her constantly a having to adjust them. Its starting to look disgusting. I don’t know what planet this broad lives on but those mountains make her look stupid, slutty and rather lost. God help this mindless b**** if she ever sneezes…..I can see her head pushing forward and getting stuck between them two mountains….LOLOL

    • Jaded

      Does it feel good to be that cruel? There was not one comment on MJ as a person but a stream of vile invective on her physical appearance. To make things worse it wasn’t even on something like her dress sense which would then be something she chose, but rather her physiology – which btw some people think is fabulous.

  19. Super She-Ro!!!

    Jessica Parido’s Dad is Scott Parido and he is the current Senior Vice President of North America Sales for FIJI Water/Justin Wines/Landmark Wines. He does NOT own FIJI water, but as you see he holds an executive title for the company.

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