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Finally have a moment to recap Revenge.  I still have questions about the last episode. My understanding of the plan was for Emily to shoot herself with the gun that Daniel used to shoot her. But I guess the plan was for her to shoot into the air and then spill her blood from the vial.  Y’all know I can’t remember this morning let alone whenever the last episode was so don’t expect a blog of me explaining all of this to you; but rather, a blog full of questions. I am that girl in the movie theater asking her date what just happened. Sorry.  It might help to go read the last recap again.

Emily manages to swim to the buoy but the signal device is not working. She strips naked including her garter. Jack and Aiden are freaking out and don’t seem entirely sure what to do.   Emily got the signal working and starts swimming to shore. If she remembers all the plans then clearly she does not have amnesia. Aiden takes out a small motor boat to go looking for Emily. He tells Jack to go to Nolan and tell him what happened and wait there.

Conrad has choppers everywhere looking for Emily. Charlotte explains to her father that someone close to them shot Emily. Charlotte explains she thinks Victoria killed Emily. Margaux gives the cops all her pictures from the event so they can see who was where at the time shots were fired.  Cops question everyone. They want to know why Lydia was not listed on the manifest.  Conrad lied for Lydia whose whereabouts at the time were unknown.


Victoria is refusing to talk without a lawyer. Aiden finds Emily and wants to take her to the hospital. She doesn’t want to go back. She just wants to be with Aiden and go.  She is near death. They are on a fishing boat and the fisherman wakes up and calls the coast guard after seeing Emily on board.  Aiden slips away. He later reveals he did this on purpose to avoid revealing their connection.

Aiden meets up with Jack and Nolan to tell them Emily has been transported to the hospital. The three guys start a quick game of who has the biggest dick.  They all have a plan and go in separate directions.

Victoria is afraid. She is with Patrick, the only person she actually likes and trusts.  The cops won’t let Victoria near Emily.  The doctor tells Daniel that Emily was never pregnant.  Ross arrives and tries to use Patrick as his family connection to see Emily. Victoria realizes Patrick and Ross were together the previous night and freaks out and no longer trusts him. Patrick is an ass to Ross and tells him to leave. Daniel goes into Emily’s room alone. Emily wakes up and either suddenly has amnesia from the cranial impact injury now, or is faking it.

Nolan and Aiden are back at his place where Nolan has hacked into the hospital system to read her files. (Ssssh just play along) Nolan sees transit global amnesia in her charts. But is it real? Or is Emily just tricking everyone again? Aiden says she is faking it to give them time. He has a safe house where she can get medical attention.

Jack goes to see Margaux.  It seems she withheld the crucial photos at the time of the shooting from police. She has them on her laptop.  Victoria is not in any of the photos. But Jack notices someone else missing.

Revenge victoria

Victoria shows up a Grayson Manor to find Lydia sitting on her throne. Accusations are made and Lydia says that she and Conrad are going to enjoy redecorating the place.  Lydia says she always thought the room could use a splash of color and then proceeds to pour red wine on the chair that Victoria always sat in. (You know, the beige one with the writing on it.) Victoria goes for the jugular. Conrad separates the women and leaves with Victoria.

As Nolan and Aiden are orchestrating the plot to break Emily out of the hospital, Patrick shows up on Nolan’s end and they fight. Nolan seems genuinely attracted to Patrick but he has to get him out of the house to walk Aiden through the hospital breakout on the phone.  Everything is going fine, but it seems that Emily really does have amnesia. She calls for security. Charlotte convinces her it is just a nightmare.

Jack, Nolan and Aiden meet up again to regroup. Nolan says she needs to find an emotional connection.  Aiden blew his chance so Jack needs to do it.  Jack says no. But we all know what will happen.  Emily will remember Jack and be back in love with him.

Daniel confesses to Victoria.  Daniel says he is going to turn himself in tomorrow. Victoria goes to see Margaux who has not yet written her piece on the shooting. She is looking for an ally and may have found one. Margaux gives her copies of the photos. (She sure made a lot of copies of those photos) and points out to her that Lydia was unaccounted for at the time of the shooting. And just like that we have our scapegoat. Poor Lydia, as soon as she gets her hooks into Conrad, she ends up nearly dying or going to jail. When will she ever learn?

CHRISTA B. ALLEN, EMILY VANCAMPCharlotte shows Emily pictures of her wedding trying to jog her memory to no avail. Emily remembers her father.  Emily tells Charlotte she remembers her father. She tells her his name was David Clark. DUN DA DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!

Victoria confronts Conrad with the photos showing that Lydia was not in the room where she claimed to be at the time of the shooting.  Victoria tells Conrad that Daniel shot Emily and they need to frame Lydia for the crime. Conrad goes to see Lydia and tells her he has to revise his statement to the police about her. Conrad leaves knowing that this will be the end for Conrad and Lydia, AGAIN. Lydia bolts and Conrad calls Victoria to tell her that Lydia is gone (as they apparently planned). Conrad and Daniel argue. Conrad is pissed because he had to sacrifice Lydia to save Daniel. Daniel is mad because he lost the one person who ever meant anything to him (the suicidal cake baker).  They are both ready to kill the other.

Charlotte goes to Jack to tell him that Emily said David Clark was her father.  Jack realizes he has to go see her so he gets Charlotte to take him to her. When they arrive, there is a suspicious nurse in the room about to give Emily something through her IV. She bolts before doing so when Charlotte and Jack arrive. Charlotte leaves Jack alone with Emily. Later, the “nurse” approaches Aiden in the parking lot. She is Nico, someone associated with all the training that Aiden and Emily had. She is in love with Aiden it seems and is there uninvited “to help.”  Or is she?

Patrick goes to Victoria and pledges his undying devotion to her in a very creepy, Oedipal, way. He pledges to avenge all of her enemies including Nolan. Poor Nolan. He can’t catch a break on the relationship front no matter which gender he chooses.  Patrick tells Victoria that Nolan keeps a box locked up in a safe behind the painting he took from her with two infinity signs on it. (Why does he blurt that out? Meh. Poor writing mostly). Victoria shows Patrick a picture of Emily’s wrist tattoo of the same infinity signs, which was conveniently framed in her house just steps away despite her loathing Emily.  Patrick confirms that is the symbol on Nolan’s box.

In the final scene Jack takes Emily the necklace.  They make an emotional connection. She squeezes the locket and remembers everything. She tells Jack, “Daniel shot me.” Cue the soap opera music, and CUT!


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5 responses to “Revenge Recap: Homecoming

  1. Good grief, Oh Lordy I missed a good episode. Off to watch it.

  2. bendy

    I think Charlotte was out of character this episode. She was setting Emily up the past several episodes and now she’s her biggest fan? What did I miss?

    I don’t see why Conrad didn’t just continue the set-up of Victoria. He could live happily ever after with Libby if he hadn’t agreed to frame her. Did he think Daniel wouldn’t let dear old mom take the fall for him? I think Daniel would be all over that as long as he could have the suicidal cake baker.

    • Junior

      Charlotte has been confusing me all this season. But it’s not the characters fault, it’s the writers who don’t give her character the opportunity for the potential she has. But my rational guess would be because in the face of death people change their minds. But this is also Charlotte we’re talking about, so it wouldn’t surprise me with all the emotional trauma she has suffered in her short life that she has underlying psychological problems.

      I think despite how much Conrad claims to hate Victoria, I think there is a part of him that can’t let go of her. After everything they have been through after all the years they’ve been together, I think it is just hard for him to let go. Or even think of a peaceful life without her. So in my opinion, he would rather have Hell with Victoria than close to Heaven with Lydia. He has said Victoria has seized to amaze him.

  3. bendy

    Lydia not Libby, I don’t know where that came from.

  4. Nicole

    It was a really good episode!!! Can’t wait to see the next one!

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