American Horror Story Coven Episode 10 Preview: The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks AHS COVEN

By Urethra Franklin

Welcome back scurrdy cats. Here I am re-chained to Tamara’s radiator, but this time I’m closer to the window and waving hello to you all.  At least I have some heat since its cold down here and my iPod so that I can listen to some Fleetwood Mac in anticipation for episode 10, “The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks.”

For a refresher of where we left off, check out my last recap before the break here. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

I am sure everyone is eager as I am to get back to AHS: Coven to see who did and did NOT survive the cliffhanger massacre at Cornrow City. As a balding white man, I lament that this may be the last time I ever use the words Cornrow City Hair Salon again. Dead is indeed DEAD for Hank & Luke. #Sorry.  But I’m not so sure about Queenie’s fate.  I’ve read spoilers, and Queenie will be in upcoming episodes, but I don’t know if she is human, a spirit, or a brainless zombie witch. She did shoot her brains out last time we saw, and it would be poetic irony for Delphine’s racist HEAD to end up magically attached to a black woman’s body.  That is my insanely crazy speculation, but either way Delphine’s head will for sure be attached to a body soon, and she will be trouble for the Coven. I can’t wait to see how the writers handle this.

AHS Coven truce signing

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Open the damn door witcchhh bitcchhh because Marie Laveau has moved into the Academy. Does she bring her voodoo menagerie of snakes & chickens with her? Does she drag along Delphine’s body or head?  After the slaughter at her salon, Marie is taking refuge with Fiona and is ready to join forces with her and the Coven to fight the witch hunting Corporation.  YAY this means more sassy scenes with Jessica & Angela. It will give us LIFE to watch them tear it up together because in these last 4 episodes the Salem & Voodoo witches are on the same side, but will clash because of their different approaches.  Marie spills all her hot tea and confesses to hiring Hank to kill all their white asses and Cordelia is horrified. Fiona is more pissed at her own daughter than Marie for marrying him and letting him turn her against her own mother.  After learning that Hank’s father is the head of The Corporation, they cast a spell to make his corporation lose money. Hit “The Man” where it hurts. I sense some sort of allegory here against big business.


We get more back story on Marie and learn about her secret for eternal youth. She has sold her soul to her dark master Papa Legba, and the Devil is ready to collect the annual dues but what is the price for her beauty & immortality?  Papa Legba really is part of the supernatural world of voodoo spiritual culture.  According to Wikipedia, Papa Legba is a spiritual intermediary between humans and the spiritual Gods.  He is always the first and last spirit invoked in any ceremony, because his permission is needed for any communication between mortals and the Gods. He opens and closes the doorway.  Another fictional use of a real figure is woven into AHS to give some authenticity to the voodoo story lines. Papa Legba will be played “Fringe” alum actor Lance Reddick, but there is no way you would recognize him because of the makeup effects, and he is truly the scariest looking character so far this season….  Fiona is getting sicker, and since they are almost besties now she asks Marie for the secret of her eternal youth, and Marie tells her the terrible price.  Then later on Fiona & Marie make a terrible deal that results in a shocking unexpected betrayal.  I have a feeling that one of the witches will be in danger. But who?

The Axeman and his magic ghost dick are around, and Fiona gives him a proposition that results in her finding out a startling truth about herself.  Oh my God, Is he going to tell her that he helped her become the Supreme? That is something we have speculated about in our discussions. We’ll find out soon if that is the case.

Also Nan is grieving over Luke, and her powers are growing, and she does confront Joan about Luke’s death.  I am shocked that he was killed off.  He had maybe 20 lines & even more dumb looks the entire show, but his ass got whooped a lot by zombies, his mother, and a witch hunter. I am somewhat disappointed in his story line, but maybe his death is the catalyst to fire Nan up. And when are we going to get a back story on Nan?

Misty and Stevie Nicks American Horror Story Coven aSince episode 2 we all have been fan freaking out over Stevie Nicks who has been the most popular, but unseen, AHS character so far this season. Sorry Fiona & Marie. This series has been dominated by female powerhouse actors & characters, and the diva factor just got TURNED UP thanks to the iconic legendary White Witch herself.  Stevie Nicks’ music, style, vibe, and essence have been brilliantly written into AHS…and THANK YOU Stevie for agreeing to be the spiritual inspiration to the swamp witch necromancer Misty Day. Bow down witches, grab your shawl and get ready for some singing and twirling.  What song/songs will she sing?  #Dreams please.  Is it wrong that I labeled all my Fleetwood Mac as Stevie Nicks on my iPod?

Stevie will be playing a fictionalized version of herself where Fiona is using her to out Misty as the next Supreme even though she is uninterested in the position.  All the girls are enraptured by Stevie, except Madison, who is upset that Misty may be the new Supreme-apparent. Driven by jealousy, Madison goes to extreme lengths.  Knowing how impulsive & dangerous Madison is, I hope Misty doesn’t have to use resurgence powers on herself again.

Since I spoiled a few things, you can cuss me out below; and let’s start the discussion now and do come back during and after the show with all of your thoughts & comments. You can stalk me on twitter @Urethra_F

American Horror Story: Coven airs on Wed, January 8, at 10 EST. 


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44 responses to “American Horror Story Coven Episode 10 Preview: The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks

  1. SaraK

    Such a good Tuesday! Oh how I have missed you UF and even more, my supply of AHS tea.

  2. steve

    been a LONG three weeks but now we are here. The pic makes Stevie look like Mistys mom. Last we saw Luke wasnt dead yet but his mama was trying to solve that. Is Joan drawing a witch hunter corp paycheck? Delphines head on Queenies body would be justice but Delphines body is still swatting flies so they dont need to use Queenies. UF you are not the only balding white guy around here so dont feel lonely. Glad TTs got the chains back on did she break out the whip too? :)

    • Urethra Franklin

      LOL no whips.
      I hear your point about Delphine’s head and body, but I just have a feeling something really crazy stupid is gonna happen with her head.

  3. JoJo

    OMG. Popping in and out of here today, and so many blog posts and making comments of no consequence and I MISSED THIS?
    I’m ashamed and will go to sleep and re-read. Been waiting forever I guess I was getting used to no AHSCoven. Damnnit. Welcome back UF.

  4. Smidge

    I don’t want to post spoilers here, but the latest rumour about the finale (and who’s in it) is BLOWING MY MIND.

  5. Smidge

    Also, I LOVE Lance Reddick. Ever since he was Cedric in The Wire.

  6. Kaleesi

    Missed you, UF.
    “On Wednesdays, we wear black!”
    Can’t wait!

  7. UF I’ve got my bottle of wine chilling and ready for the episode. Debating on snacks because this show sometimes displays the gross and i don’t want to lose my nachos! LOL!

  8. A spot of AHS COVEN Tea from TMZ

    News of Emma Roberts engagement clearly blindsided some of the people closest to her … kin without a clue.

    Emma’s stepmom, Eliza Roberts and grandma, Lila Garrett were at Il Buco in Beverly Hills Tuesday night when we offered our congratulations.

    You gotta see their reactions … because clearly Eliza had kept the engagement from her own mom.

    As you know … before getting engaged Emma was arrested after allegedly beating up her now fiance, her “American Horror Story” co-star Evan Peters.

    Read more:

  9. steve

    was hoping FX would replay an older episode or two to refresh us but just saw a commercial that saying they are going to show the same movie as last night instead. #disapointed

    • Urethra Franklin

      Yes FX has been very STINGY with the repeats for this season.

      The FX website forum for Season 3 Coven is nearly dead compared to the high forum activity of season 1 & 2 where the fans were rabid with every detail about the shows …Now FX does not seem to give a shit about the online community on their own website…….FX did something that made it more annoying & harder & more intrusive to sign up to leave comments. Even for older registered users such as myself, it wanted more private info about me just to be able to continue to leave comments. So I decided the hell with them… Then I started writing about Coven here, and I HAVE MORE FUN HERE WITH ALL OF YOU GUYS.

      For those that do leave comments on the FX site many are critical at FX because not every cable provider has the FX channel, and FX does not stream the show online or have a video on demand service for the show. Though they have record ratings, FX really is not doing everything possible to make it easy for everyone to watch this series..

  10. steve

    season 2 gave us last weeks show then the new one and I liked that. This year we get the new one then last week and two more of the new one. I like the replays of the new episode to catch things missed the first time thru but having the older episode helped me with continuity. TTs is THE place to have a good discussion of the show..Thanx to you UF

    • JoJo

      steve: I have no access to the previous episodes, it’s been 3 weeks and I have 15 minutes to go to see this & fear I’ll fall asleep before. It’s like being 5 yrs old & waiting for XMAS morning. I can’t wait to read the recap and everyone else’ comments :(

  11. Beth

    UF missed you something bad. So glad that you are back and so is AHS Coven. I wonder if the writers are smart enough to tie the Delphi corp to Delphi Greece, where it is said that the center of earth is located and the goddess Gia (sp) resides??? Would make it something cool. None the less this is a great show and so excited For tonight. Hope you are staying warm! Thanks again for all you do for us.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Usually every detail by the writers is deliberate with a purpose and meaning whether we realize it or not…. But yes I think the name Delphi does have some mythological relevance. …. and Thank you for reading here.

  12. Urethra Franklin

    OMG I just watched a sneek peek of the clip of when Misty meets Stevie Nicks… Hilarious & exactly as I expected…. That’s all I’m sayin’

  13. steve

    can the Delphi corp be tied to Delphine somehow?

  14. OMG It is soooo good already!

  15. Urethra Franklin

    OH MY GOD…
    I think this was my favorite episode so far. It had EVERYTHING.

    • Smidge

      Nan? WTF? Although at least we can be pretty sure Queenie’s not dead. And obviously Nan has the potential to be an evil ghost now, so that’s kind of cool. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Misty. I have a feeling she’ll resurrect herself. Ryan Murphy said everyone with the power of resurgence will, by the end, be gone. He didn’t say dead. Perhaps she is able to recognise the shitshow and get the hell out of dodge, and stay hidden.

  16. Smidge

    Angela was BRINGING IT. As always. She and JL have incredible screen chemistry. And Lance did not disappoint. He’s normally so hot. Here? Not so much… I predict a huge, power-filled meltdown on Cordelia’s part. And Myrtle was on fire. Pun intended.

  17. Urethra Franklin

    Hey all — I’m still writing my blog & recap about this episode. But please feel free to share what you loved and hated about the show.

    Maybe you all noticed something I overlooked or interpreted a scene differently and I want to know all your random thoughts.

    To be fair I loved loved loved this episode, but as I write the recap, the plot holes are driving me crazy.

    • JoJo

      Couple things stood out: the episode to me seemed comletely different in almost every way from the tone and storylines of everything prior. Can’t put my finger on it exactly why at this , but almost seemed a different show.

      Second, love Marie of course, and seeing this version of a sympathetic, vulnerable Marie threw me for a loop. But still loved the closest thing I think a witch and a voodoo queen can get as far as a friendship and helping one another. That was very different.

      Waiting on pins and needles for the glorious Stevie was a little of a letdown, most likely because of the hype though: the acting, interaction with Misty and even the choice of how she sung the songs – unplugged w/ piano only – I have to see this again to probably appreciate more.

      Still, that different side of Marie was genius as was her vengeful wiiiiiiiitchhhh in the beginning.
      Was Fiona’s feigning her outright hatred & blaming Delia calling her hopeless, worthless etc.? Seemed Delia did the legwork to track the down th Corporation after Fiona’s belittling her. Maybe that was a ruse on Fiona’s part.
      Best was Fiona having no soul to even make a deal; Nan going darky dark; Madison tricking Misty for the shawl and a shove into the coffin to be cremated (remember Misty said she had prepared her plan to come back but in relation to thinking Fiona would try to off her – still there’s a plan – waiting to see that resurrection hopefully and getting even with Mdison.
      Madison can be whacked as far as I’m concerned – hook her up w/ Eminem on the other side. Don’t like her anymore. Missed Queenie, Madame, and even the new FrakenKyle as a talking guard dog – guess he’ll be back next episode when they track down and plan the Corporation destruction or protect them at the house..
      Paga Legba – one scary dude. Think Fiona and Marie will find a trick to get even with him.

    • Beth

      I was bummed that Kathy Bates was missing from this episode. Oh well guess I can’t have it all. 😉

      • JoJo

        I couldn’t agree more – It really says something about an actress & her character when so much goes on in an episode you’re head is spinning, but you still recognize that Kathy Bates/Madame LaLaurie is missing! I couldn’t stop waiting for her to appear even in the midst of Stevie Nicks being there!

    • JoJo

      I SOOOO hope that there’s a Misty revenge on Madison. She clearly said to Fiona she was expecting Fiona to kill her off or get rid of her but she planned for that. Just hoping whatever the plan is it’ll be workable under any circumstance, i.e. permanently ridding Madison of this world & a bonus would be the netherworld with Eminmen (although I have no particular dislike for Motor City white-boy rapper – but he’s certainly no Stevie Nicks!

  18. steve

    Since Fiona has no soul and tells the Axeman that she will just kill all the up and coming witches to find the new supreme will she try very hard to stop the Delphi hunters? Even if Queenie survived the headshot she inflicted there is still the gutshot Hank gave her to get over. Fiona and Marie as bestys..look out world. Those actressses seem to enjoy playing off each other and their chemistry is great. I wanted to see Stevie do some witch stuff but just seemed she was there to serve her supremes wishes. But Fiona said Stevie dont wanna play in the shadows with her and its not all over yet. Lets just not hope she is taking a FrankenKyle ride like so many others have

    • JoJo

      That’s it! Initially I was let down about the part Stevie was playing and it being just unplugged singing and a little twirl. Now I think it’s because I wanted her to be witchy, do something witchy. Since she’s slated to return in the finale, maybe it’ll all come together and we’ll get some witchy magic from Steve!

  19. steve

    can Nan come back as a ghost if Papa took her soul with him? Somebody needs to figure out what the police found at Cornrow City..other than Hank. The Oracles at Delphi is where i remember hearing that name so is the corp named from them? I think they are tied to Delphines family somehow instead.

  20. Mango

    The end had me wondering whether Stevie was actually there or Fiona conjured her up. Because it looked like Stevie had been at the house for hours, playing away. No one even offered her drank! What if she had to pee? LOL

    • Ryano

      On my gawd, I wondered about that too. Did she spend the night? Did she sit at the piano all day? Where were here people? Can somebody get Stevie a drink and a snack please!?

    • JoJo

      It also crossed my mind about Stevie’s appearance there being a trick pulled by Fiona to get to Misty. Then going to sleep I ‘conjured’ all sorts scenarios that would be clever use of Stevie Nicks special guest appearance on AHSCoven:
      Could it be Stevie is seriously beholden to Fiona for maybe starting her career in the rock n’ roll world? Fiona referenced her wild Woodstock days and the love of drummer of the Band, hanging out with the popular rock bands etc. And Stevie and Fiona are approximately same age too, so could easily have old-time connections.
      Maybe Stevie owes her big time getting her on the map and super popular through some well-placed witchcraft.
      Got Fleetwood Mac to agree to accept her in the band when they only wanted Lindsey Buckingham? Now Stevie is paying the piper aka Fiona?
      Or a more sinister witch-reversal: Stevie too is a witch and/or learned the tricks of the trade from Fiona. Maybe she’s playing Fiona now by acting as she’s doing her a favor to bring Misty down. Maybe because Fiona pissing her off for something associated with Fleetwood Mac – like breaking up Lindsey Buckingham and running off with him – the love of Stevie’s life?

      Ok, most likely way convoluted reasons for what I’d love to be the Stevie/Fiona connection. But it’d be fun for Stevie to be something more than just acting herself, a real rock star, playing a couple of her tunes, being adored by Misty. A real meaty, devious role and a real witchy Stevie being a substantive part of the end of the Coven story who turns out to be more than just a buddy owing Fiona a favor and ends up being a devious foil to her who helps Misty come back and get even.
      Wishful thinking – but as she’s in the finale Seven Wonders, that would be a delightful reason other than her just singing the song!.

  21. Urethra Franklin

    Sorry AHSCoven friends, by recap/blog will be posted Friday here. Sorry for the delay, but my day was a freaking MESS. xoxo UF.

  22. steve

    thats ok UF but if you wait too long TT will hafta get the whips out so be careful :) I finally had a day that was above zero tempwise

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