Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: If All Else Fails, Cry

real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-season-4-what-planet-does-brandi-glanville-live-onWe return to the lovely dinner party Lisa has arranged with Brandi still screaming “Shut the Fuck Up!”  Michael is asking her very politely to watch her language. Brandi tries to play the victim card saying she has no husband to speak up for her. Correct, Brandi and there is a reason for that. You have no idea how to behave in public. Brandi continues on telling Micheal and Joyce to shut the fuck up. Joyce says, she thought that Brandi just needed rehab, but that perhaps this is just who Brandi is.  Brandi is highly offended by that simple observation. Joyce rattles off a list of Brandi’s offenses in return.

Brandi is out classed and drunk and unsure of how to proceed. Oh wait, it’s the poor pitiful Brandi card. That always works. Especially if tears are involved. She blurts out “I miss my puppy.”  Oddly, she also throws out “I’m not lying! I am telling the truth!” in a way that makes no sense to the conversation unless something was edited. Lisa and Yolanda and Ken baby her as if none of her hideous behavior before ever happened. Because surely, if one is missing their dog, they have free reign to be as nasty as they want to be to others at a dinner party. Brandi leaves.

RHOBH Yolanda Ken

Yolanda tries make excuses for Brandi.  Yolanda says Brandi put her best foot forward. Michael says, “well I might take issue with that, she put a foot forward.”  Michael and Joyce both suggest that Brandi needs some advisement in the decorum department. No one can dispute this but they continue to attempt to be ride or die with Brandi at the table, but not in their talking heads.

Kim gets Kingsley back.  Carlton and the nanny and her girls attempt to clean the girls playhouse which is covered in… crud.

Kyle and Joyce go to take a golf lesson. Joyce has her own clubs but neither actually know how to play. So instead, it’s a chance for Joyce and Kyle to catch up on what happened at Lisa’s dinner. At the same time Brandi and Yolanda rehash the same events. Yolanda TRIES to get through to Brandi that her behavior is unacceptable. Yolanda tells Brandi her behavior is not charming, and it’s embarrassing.  Joyce tells Brandi that as soon as they sat down, Brandi said  to Joyce that they have mutual friends and none of them have anything nice to say about you.  Yolanda tells Brandi that she loses credibility when she acts the way she does. Brandi says she is not going to change who she is. Yolanda says she needs to change the way she communicates. Brandi once again has no place to go except for “I miss my dog. I am not myself right now.”  Oh Brandi, you are totally yourself, and your self is not very attractive.  Brandi takes no ownership for her bad behavior and definitely has no remorse.

Joyce has Brandi’s number. 1) viciously attack someone (2) Begin cursing like a sailor in response to everything the other person says. (3) Cry and play the victim. YES MAM. That is exactly right, Joyce, and up until you arrived, it has worked like a charm.  And THAT is why she doesn’t like you.  She is classless and ill-bred and lacks every decent quality that Joyce has in spades.

Carlton is getting a tattoo. Her husband goes with her for moral support. I am not warming up to Carlton. I am trying to keep an open mind. I suspect that she is not that intelligent and my American bias to British accents being tied to superior education is causing some major cognitive dissonance.  Or else, I just don’t like her. I feel like my opinion could change, it just hasn’t.  She is getting a pentagram on her neck. That seems like it would be a pretty painful place for a tat, and it’s pretty big. It actually looks nice as far as tattoos go.

Lisa and Ken go to Big Daddy’s Antiques to look for pieces for Pump. I would love to have that job.

Brandi is going to Kyle’s event with “her black friend.” Her friend tells her the black comment was inappropriate and should not have been said to someone she barely knows. All the models arrive with both Brandi and Joyce vowing to ignore each other. I guarantee you Brandi doesn’t have the self control not to say something rude before the event is over.

Kyle’s daughters don’t seem to want to model.  Yep, Sophia just said she doesn’t want to do it. I have a feeling that the blind item floating around about a minor who does not want to be on a reality show, but is being forced to by her mother is Sophia.  Poor girl.

Lisa looks a bit rattled coming in. She doesn’t wait for Ken. Fight in the car?  It’s cool to see Lisa Rinna out and about! Love her and miss her on Days of Our Lives. Kyle and Mauricio donated $100K  to the children’s hospital. How generous of them. See? Some good does come from these folks. Most of the outfits on the runway were quite sleek and sexy and not the usual “hippie chic” we are used to seeing from Kyle. Carlton likes Kyle better now that she knows she was in Halloween, though she denies this in her talking head.

Lisa asks Joyce to meet for a drink just the two of them later in the week. Joyce meets Lisa for tea at her house. Joyce comes right out and says that Lisa makes excuses for Brandi. Lisa denies it.  The Puerto Rican can’t understand Lisa’s British accent. Lisa mispronounces chastise to the point that Joyce has no clue what she is saying. It’s kind of funny.


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140 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: If All Else Fails, Cry

  1. Isabella J.

    Brandi is terrible, just terrible. Spot on with analysis. Bravo better heave ho Brenda soon.

    • Pam

      Thanks for mentioning that Ken, Lisa, and Yolanda were babying Brandi. That was sickening because that coddling is what emboldens Brandi to continue berating whomever she choses for a victim. Lisa later told Joyce she must take a step back and not confront Brandi, but Brandi is the one who always starts the attacks. Why shouldn’t Joyce defend herself? I am glad that Joyce has such a good memory of all the incidents so that Brandi couldn’t get away with blaming it on losing her puppy. She started the attacks long before that.

      What bothers me with Carlton is that either Bravo has told her to be totally self centered or that’s who she really is. In any case all she’s got to talk about is her tattoos and sex toys and that is of no interest to me. I can like the rich and famous if they have some redeeming qualities and care about charity work or something besides their own appearance. Also Carlton seemed very intolerant of Kyle when she asked about the crosses. That question wasn’t an attack on her religion. If Kyle didn’t know about Wicca then why not be a good Wiccan and patiently explain how wonderful and loving it is ….instead of taking her head off with a scowl and daggers in her eyes? I’m done with Carlton. She’s boring.

      • lori

        ITA with you about the way Carlton responded to Kyle’s questions about her religion. What better platform to set the record straight? She just hates Kyle. It seems that Kyle can’t say or do anything right in Carlton’s eyes.

      • Isabella J.

        Carlton is a c u next tuesday. yuck.

  2. Can’t wait to watch. I love Carlton, am still undecided about Joyce. I have to agree with Yo’s statement last week that a man shouldn’t get involved with the women’s arguments. Also, glad Yolanda is telling Brandi what she needs to hear, that her behavior is unacceptable..not what she wants to hear.

    Also, I hope VR this week shows more of the dinner party. I noticed last week that the dinner party bits shown were rougher than the polished bits we saw on RH.

  3. Brandi is a total mess! I know people that have had great losses that have not resorted to this inexcusable behavior simply because they think it is a valid reason. Brandi does need rehab and at this rate she is only making her ex husband looking like a saint for putting up with her for as long as he did. Leanne is probably a walk in the park compared to this lush!

  4. Shirley

    Ok Joyce stfu already!! This girl right here!! She’s so milking this “racist” and “bulling” bs!! I cnt no more!! Can we move on!! Did she just call Brandi a stupid lil bitch!!! Wow, nobody comment on that one? Joyce is riding on this Brandi train bs to much!! Joyce knows damn well Brandi ain’t no racists yet she continues to milk that one comment!! She is annoying!!! She’s trying to paint this perfect picture of herself! And her hubby needs to take a seat!! How you end up in a girl fight?!

    • Vivaladiva

      Nobody commented on “stupid little bitch” bc Brandi was being a stupid little bitch. What was her husband supposed to do, just sit there? I would expect my husband to speak up for me, as I would do the same for him. If he had sat there and did nothing, then everyone would have a problem with THAT.

      • Gingersnap

        I actually laughed out loud when Joyce called Brandi the DREADED b-word. I loved the way she said it so matter of fact.

      • Pam

        It was right that Michael defended Joyce because Brandi had her protectors there who were on her side and have always backed her up in in the past…. (Ken, Lisa, Yolanda). In fact it was a very odd dinner where Lisa would invite Joyce and Brandi saying it was to bridge differences but then Lisa sat idly by while Brandi started telling Joyce that no one likes her, and proceeded to attack more. Any of them…Mohamed, Yolanda, or Lisa could have changed the subject to guide Brandi away from more attacks. That would have been what normal friends do at a nice dinner. But they were either silent or they jumped into the fray seeming to side with Brandi.

        Yes, it was the height of ridiculousness when Brandi said she was attacking Joyce because she missed her puppy. This doesn’t sound like a person fit to be a mother. I was very glad when Yolanda at least told Brandi that saying FU every five seconds doesn’t display intelligence.

    • 1) Brandi is a stupid little bitch B) A real man defends his wife from attack regardless of the gender of the attacker. 3) You are wrong.

      • Kaleesi

        I so agree, Tamara. My husband would have a problem on his hands if
        he did not defend me to anyone, doesn’t matter what sex that person happens to be. Some drunk little tart sitting at the table calling ME stupid??? Oh HELLZ no! If I have to lose my shit…..ok….deep breaths….I’m ok now…….
        Shew!…..Almost lost my cool there for a moment! ;^)
        I also agree with Brillke: Stop being a bitch, Brandi! There is always going
        to be someone prettier than you. Get over it. It’s not important. No one cares but you, Brandi. I really believe Brandi considered herself the skinniest and sexiest on the show, and jolanda put the cabash on
        that shit.

      • Shirley

        I see things differently, no I’m not wrong he could leave the table with his wife!! And Joyce comment shows her true colors! I would expect that from brandi but not from her. Peace ppl :)

    • brillke

      I think you’ve reached your weekly limit on exclamation points.

      I have to disagree with you. Brandi is deserving all the bullshit she’s getting and if she doesn’t like it, she should stop being a stupid lil bitch.

    • Yes I don’t think Joyce wins any points by calling Brandi a racist but if you read her most current blog, she backs it up nicely. Still, Brandi is no racist. Many many things, but not that. Joyce was clearly outnumbered. Her man had every right to step in AFTER Brandi started using f-bombs.

    • puppylove

      I so agree with you Shirley, and if Joyce flips that hair one more time I think I would like to yank it out. OK her hair is pretty. Brush it and leave it alone. Kyle is constantly flipping her hair and it make me crazy. I had very long hair too at one time and you don’t have to keep messing with it. Buy a clip if gets in you face. One other thing Joyce is no longer a beauty contestant, quit acting like you’re still on the runway. She reminds me of Kenya on RHOA. Give them a crown and look out. It’s nice and all that but they are in the real world now act like an adult and not a little girl with a crown and a runway in front of you. You’re right her hubby need to take a seat and stay there. Thanks for listening.

      • I don’t think you ever had hair that long. I do. I am always fiddling with it. I tie mine in a knot all the time subconsciously. It does not look good in a knot! I’ll be out somewhere and realize I tied it up AGAIN and yank it down. When you have a lot of hair, you are always messing with it.

  5. i will admit to being a brandi fan, but i feel her behavior is getting a bit tiresome. she needs to stop with all of the fu’s , anyone who always says that loses credibility for sure. i think brandi is very damaged and has no idea of how to react to many situations and resorts to what she feels is safe behavior. yolanda is trying her best to help her as lisa has and i am hoping they get through. i really do not care for joyce, she puts up this front of class and strength and then cries that she was bullied. my opinion is that the bully crap is bandied about far to much on the housewive shows. seriously, this is not bullying, this is not making joyce want to kill herself. i do like her husband but i think he should has stayed out of the girl fight, that has always made me nuts. carlton has me cracking up, she is such an interesting person. i love her love for her children and showing her with the kids and the garden hose play was fun and another side of her. i may enjoy carlton so much because she cannot stand kyle, i think it would be very difficult to get used to having cameras around you all the time and none of these ladies are perfect every bit of the time. yes they signed up for it but i think it can end up being more than they thought it would be. i really love lisa, it has to be her love of all things girlie.

  6. Vivaladiva

    Brandi is so jealous of Joyce she can’t see straight. And YES Joyce has her number-she was dead on in all of her observations about Brandi. My favorite was when she said Brandi needs to adjust her attitude or she will wind up a lonely, old woman. Does she not realize how unattractive from all standpoints her behavior is? If I saw myself like that on tv, yes I would definitely be changing who I am.

    I can’t stand Carlton-she tries to be edgy and cool and she comes off pathetic and odd. I can’t get over these people who go on tv and act like Brandi and Carlton and have children who will see this. I feel so sorry for their kids, how embarrassing. How very embarrassing.

  7. Gingersnap

    I liked what Michael said about what they witnessed that night was a train wreck. That’s what Brandi is, and we are the rubberneckers. Well, I am anyway. I liked that he and Joyce recommended they, as in The Dream Team, “advise” Brandi how to act in public (I guess). Joyce said something about teaching her “elegance”. LOL. Good luck with that one, Dream Team. Yolanda and Lisa are making excuses for her, they know it, but they can’t exactly admit it, now can they? They will have to distance themselves gradually from Brandi or else they look like bad friends. She’s a fucking bad friend to represent them like she does, if you asked me.

    • I think that is why her an Lisa had a falling out. Lisa probably told her the drinking was getting out of hand and Brandi did not want to hear that. So she tries to hang out with the people that don’t mind dragging her drunken ass through all events that she gets plastered at!

      • Vivaladiva

        That’s true. Instead of actually having some introspection, and maybe growing the fuck up and stop being such a cunt, she continues to whine “I’m just being meeeee!!!!! I’m not changing meeeee!!!! Should I censor myself?” Eddie and Simon Barney are both so smart to keep their kids off tv.

      • LOLOLOLOL I was thinking “Simon Barney” was some dumb name for Leann Rimes and I was thinking RULES VIOLATION! heh. The I remembered who Simon was…

      • vivaladiva831

        and as i reread it i thought it sounded like simon and eddie judge were together. sorryyyyy!!!! i promise, i know the rules by now! :)

      • LOL no prob. I get confused reading in emails. lol it was funny. Imagine me reading all abut JOYCE from RHOA thinking someone is talking about JOYCE from RHOBH… lol it’s weird.

      • vivaladiva831

        and not that anyone cares…but both viva screen name’s are mine. for some reason, when i post from my iPhone it does it differently than when i post from my computer. and the avatar doesn’t show up.

      • I love you under any name. You’re good.

  8. ZenJen53

    Brandi’s one those women who isn’t able to move forward aftr a divorce. Anyone who’s had a friend that’s like that, u know it wears thin. Joyce is stunning and in a good stable place. This is the reason u NEVER get a “tramp stamp” u might end up with a pentagon! The highlight of the show is the lighthearted moments with Kim n Kingsley! That’s not scripted that’s a real bond they have formed. Mayb I’m bias since i got a rescue dog for Christmas. First pet in 10yrs! Such joy.

  9. beth

    Once again you summed it up beautifully. Best line of the show courtesy of Mr. Ohoven “well I might take issue with that, she put a foot forward.”

  10. brillke

    It’s so nice seeing someone not letting Brandi get away with her bad behavior. Joyce has a set on her the size of Toledo.

    Carlton seems like she spends a lot of time hanging out at Hot Topics telling everyone how she’s such a bad ass . She’s just 2edgy4me.

  11. BYW, recently saw Kyle in a lifetime movie. She can act, at least in that type of movie.
    I don’t know if I like Carlton but I do like that she’s not another blonde airhead.
    Poor Brandi. What a stupid mean bi**h. Remember Jon Gosselin, had public support until his true self came out? That’s Brandi.
    Blacklist is on. Spader was on StoopTalk, yummy man.

  12. ViVaLaDiVa

    sometimes i think lisa and yolanda stick up so much for brandi because they have fucked up and told her too many things that could be used against them if they don’t take her side. didn’t she already tell lisa she didn’t want her to strategize anymore?

    • vivaladiva831

      yes that’s what i meant (i don’t see Lisa and Yolanda as women with a “past”) but have told their real feelings or secrets they have told on others – like Adrienne’s surrogacy. I remember when RHBH first came on and there was an article that said as nice as Lisa comes off on screen, she is a big bitch behind the scenes. I love Lisa but I can kinda see that.

  13. Gingersnap

    My perception is Lisa is nothing if not discreet. I can’t imagine her telling Brandi anything too scandal worthy. Brandi would have to cough up some serious documentation :)

    • I really think Pinky doesn’t have that many skeletons. The only thing Brandi could try to fuck her with is something she said about Kyle…. or any of the other HWs.

      • AmberKnows

        Or if they conspired to ‘take down’ Kyle or actually planned the ‘leak’ about Adrienne’s surrogacy and Brandi snitches. Bottom line… Brandi is a dime dropper, snitch and rat. She’ll tell parts of her shit and everyone else better keep their comments to a minimum cause that bitch can’t hold water.

      • I don’t blame Brandi though. Lisa totally used her against the others. If you befriend a snake, don’t complain when it bites you. Brandi revealing Adrienne’s surrogacy was low, but I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same. Brandi is the type that when she’s slapped in the face, she’s going to pull out a bazooka to hit you back. Lisa will be revealed soon enough.

    • Valley View

      I think Brandi may have taken some liberties with Lisa’s displeasure with certain cast mates and gone a bit off the deep end with them in the past. I definitely think Lisa had Kyle in her sights this season and Brandi didn’t follow through as Lisa had hoped. Joyce proved to be too much of a distraction and Brandi lost focus on the intended target.

    • JoJo

      Bingo. Only hard physical evidence/documentation that Brandi could whip out would be a hold over Lisa. If it’s real, but just verbal she said/she said, who’s going to believe Brandi over Lisa after all of the choice (& chosen) behavior we’ve seen from Brandi aired so far?

    • JoJo

      Isabella: on the one hand, her outrageous and off the chart antics & how much she’s hated now is all anyone talks about, but they’re talking and tuning in. On the other hand, if she gets the boot, we’re left with the saints she’s created & will be left behind?:) So who knows what Bravo wants.

      • Isabella J.

        I do not think I would watch her if she is back on. She is so destructive to herself and others and I really think she needs some serious psych help. This could be another Russell Armstrong in the making. She is just cruel and mean and does not seem to get it. Her moods.. ugh. She is either very mentally ill/sociopathic or an addict, either way, I do not think she is good tv.

      • JoJo

        She’s making it difficult if not impossible to keep rooting for her from everything we’ve seen. I always thought she was at least honest and interesting, funny and justifiably defended herself – then. Now all we see is a prickly, foul-mouthed aggressor with nary a sincere apology for anything she’s said or done.
        Especially since in current time she’s still ranting and raving and not giving one reasonable justification for what we’re seeing. It looks like the fame and fandom has consumed her. She forgot or never learned that this kind of popularity is of no substance and fleeting.
        There’s not many episodes left for her to do one hell of a 180 – but when she recently blogged about the upcoming reunion “bring it on bitches” – I fear we’ll see nothing redeeming. Sad.

  14. Ellis Scarlett

    Blacklist was a repeat, no worries.

    • True and I should have made that clear, my mistake. So much happens that I enjoy rewatching shows like this one.
      Spader spoke about how he likes to leave the viewer wondering what Spader’s character is thinking on all his close ups.

  15. Both brandy and Joyce are on my last nerve I wish brandy would articulate herself better but sometimes you just have to tell somebody shut the fuck up Joyce is running this bully/racist thing into the ground as of now I don’t like her or her hair

  16. I hate to bring up Taylor, but have to in order to make point about Brandi.

    I remember during the Colorado trip while Taylor was having her “missing make-up bag meltdown (which turned out to be in Kyle’s possession)” that Taylor said she didn’t want to play the crazy bitch anymore.

    Fast forward to Brandi – perhaps that part was given to Brandi to play and she is starting to crack under the pressure.

    Just a thought.

  17. Urethra Franklin

    I can’t believe NO ONE has mentioned the dress that Joyce was wearing when she arrived at Kyle’s boutique. It looked like 6 different dresses sewn together for a Russian ice skater.

  18. This episode won me over for Joyce!! As Lisa said, she’s a formidable opponent. She’s everything Brandi’s character is “supposed” to be: down to earth, real and honest. I love that after all these seasons, Kyle is finally getting a positive edit. Can’t wait to see sober Kim continue to highlight how fake of a friend Lisa is to everyone for the second season in a row!

    Yolanda is such a loyal friend to Brandi. Brandi was there for her during her sickness (see Yo’s blog from a few weeks ago). I don’t care if Brandi slaughtered 100 people, I respect Yo’s decision to stick by her. Nice to see her give Brandi some constructive criticism though.

    • Real Singleton

      Hi – Just found this site and love it. I am skeptical about Yolanda’s “loyalty” to Brandi. On Yolanda’s first season, she repeatedly chastised the women for drinking too much and said something really harsh like there was nothing she hated more than a drunk woman because they’re so ugly. She seems to have conveniently changed her holier than thou attitude this season to hold the Dream Team together. Then again, it makes you wonder how dark things got for her when she divorced Mohammed. When he was gushing about what a great person Lisa was, right in front of Yolanda and his new girlfriend, Yolanda had this steely expression like she was cool on the surface but seething underneath. Maybe she earned some extra revenge cash in the divorce for his cheating, allegedly with Joana Krupa from RH Miami.

      Other thoughts: Mohammed is on so many cross-over shows on Bravo that I am beginning to think he secretly runs the network. I can’t believe I am not hating Kyle this season. She is getting a positive edit. Kim is bat cray, but she might be the real truth cannon the way she keeps ratting Lisa out for using and pretending to care about people to make herself look good. I wonder if Cedric was locked down with a confidentiality agreement or something. Would have thought he would have shared some real gems after that falling out. Carlton is trashy, is painfully stupid and trying too hard to be cool. I don’t want to like Joyce but she does have a pair the size of Toledo, and her husband is entertaining. Does anyone know what the fallout between Brandi and Lisa is about? It seems like the Dream Team falls apart, and in a preview Yolanda is strangely yelling at Ken to not touch her.

  19. myinfo

    Omg. I hope we don’t have to watch 7 more shows of the Joyce and Brandi fights. I am over this storyline.
    Brandi now looks like a fool. I don’t like Joyce either. I think someone told her to take Brandi down. Joyce is big and bad when her husband is around.

    • No, Joyce isn’t big and bad when her hubby is around. Every time before that was simply her taking the higher road and attempting to be polite. Joyce at that point had had enough, and I simply don’t blame her for treating “The Dream Team” the way she did.

  20. Nicole

    Brandi is a mess. I think she is a DRUNK and is in denial that she is a drunk! I’m starting to like Carlton more, especially after I saw her episode with Andy on WWHL I don’t know why but I don’t really like Joyce. However, I do agree with everything she says about Brandi.
    On the runway, I thought Brandi did great and Joyce did some weird crap but what do I know about runway modeling. Joyce is more of a “pageant”.

    • Real Singleton

      It seems like alcohol is her problem but I wonder if it’s more than just that. recall Adrienne Maloof saying something about her sleeping all day, popping pills and not taking care of her kids. I think she has been numbing herself with whatever is available. Would think the boys would be motivation to get her crap together… Speaking of which, I almost miss the Maloofs. She is hosting rowdy house parties that get shut down by the cops and was dating Rod Stewart’s son. He was dating a beauty queen half his age. That would have been fun to watch!

  21. Watching now and though I usually ffwd through commercials I was distracted and on comes a Jeep commercial featuring…Kyle and Mauricio. Didn’t know they were hard up for money. But it’s also presented as them taking a road trip. I hope Bravo didn’t film a special with just them.

    • Oops, posted too soon. Meant to add we can “see more of Kyle’s journey at”. I’ll pass.

      • puppylove

        Me too. In that commercial Kyle says she likes to get her hands dirty, and then starts talking about the road trip. I must be missing something or maybe I miss understood. What’s a road trip got to do with getting your hands dirty? Another thought maybe that’s where she got the money for the children’s hospital. That donation was a very good thing. But – she certainly made sure everybody knew about it. Most of the time when someone gives a large donation to a cause they don’t want a lot of recognition. But you know that’s not Kyle. The more that know about it the better she looks or so she thinks.

    • That commercial has been running for awhile. It’s sort of a series… Kyle wants it on her resume more than they need the money I think. Plus they both LOVE that sort of thing. It was probably fun to film and it’s good for their PR during the cheating allegations. Win. Win. Win.

  22. Xanadude

    Can we all agree that the phrase “Girl’s Girl” is this year’s “It is what it is” and needs to be banished from conversation?

  23. realityobserver

    Wait….did Joyce compare herself to God? “If God can forgive those who killed his son, I can forgive Brandi”? Or something to that effect?? I haven’t warmed up to her yet, but that takes the cake.

  24. According to Wiki, 20 years ago Brandi was walking runways in Paris for Gucci and Channel. Age 16 she was working for Elite Modeling agency so I guess she does look at Joyce as a pageant girl.
    Im not a fan of Brandi’s but I do hope she pulls herself together. As a woman in her forties she has the opportunity with this Bravo cast for a future. These people could help her set up a permanent life altering career. I just don’t think she can see the opportunities in front of her.

  25. puppylove

    Hi TT
    This is puppy love, yes I actually did have hair that long and for many years. It was all one length so when I put a clip in it, it stayed. My hair was past my waist for many years. It took a lot of care so I cut it several years ago, I had too much to do with family and home to spend to much time on just me. The babies came first.

  26. jelley

    Carlton is so desperate and trashy. I don’t like her even though I’m a vegetarian and understood why she was appalled when Kyle killed the bee that time. I hate that she was basically bragging that she cusses in front of her kids – that doesn’t make her a cool mom. I also cringe at her leathery skin. Why people still visit tanning beds, I will never understand.

    I don’t want to like Joyce because she’s perfect, and I’m not, so I automatically dislike perfect people like Joyce.

    Brandi is starting to remind me of Kelly Killoren Bensimon on her last season of RHONY.

    More Kim & Kingsley scenes, please. #crazydogladyrescuemom

    • Jelley said, “I don’t want to like Joyce because she’s perfect, and I’m not, so I automatically dislike perfect people like Joyce.”

      See I get that. If some of these other folks would just SAY THAT it would make a lot more sense. :)

      On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 2:55 PM, Tamara Tattles

  27. thedisher

    I have always liked Brandi, but she’s losing me. She looks like she’s melting; slurring her words, sweaty & smeared make-up. She takes everything way too far — the choking sex, the sloppy drunk, the FUs. I agree that she’s jealous of Joyce & so went on the offensive, when she said that they had mutual friends who did not speak highly of Joyce. Brandi is the one who should STFU. Then, she couldn’t take it when Joyce dished it back to her. On the other hand, Joyce IS annoying & she does look more like a Jacqueline. She’s gorgeous & elegant, but I hate when ppl invoke the “bully” and “racist” label when it doesn’t apply to garner sympathy. Joyce is too aggressive over b.s. Brandi makes it so damn easy for her. Joyce’s runway/pageant walk was nauseating, as was her invocation of the Jesus card — “if the son of God can forgive, then so can I.” Gag. I like having one tall stick figure with thick hair as a foil to another tall drunk stick figure with bad hair. Pageant girl vs. drunk model. Let’s see how this plays out….

    • Isabella J.

      I am going to disagree with you on the bullying and racism. Brandi is bullying her, making fun of someones name, REPEATEDLY, calling them a big fat pig, that’s bullying. A racism, heck yes! She made the black comment, she didn’t say she wanted to kill Joyce, she said KILL A PUERTO RICAN, etc. etc. You don’t have to like Joyce but my god, Brandi has disgusting behavior toward her. Would this be allowed in a school??? At work? NO. And even her black friend last night did not look too comfortable when Brandi shared that story, it was wrong..I loved Joyce’s Bravo blog this week, she laid it out!

      • thedisher

        First, name calling is not tantamount to bullying. If it were, then lots of folks on this blog would be guilty of bullying. Second, Brandi never called Joyce a bit fat pig; that is a mischaracterization. What she was saying, in her drunken stupor, was that the name “Joyce” is of someone who is a big, fat pig. Because “Joyce” is not a big, fat pig, she is a “Jacqueline.” Even if she did, Brandi calling a beauty pageant, model who is skeleton thin a big, fat pig is NOT bullying. It’s name calling from one adult to another adult who is of equal or even higher social status and power than the one who is doing the name calling. To say that it is bullying, is to diminish the genuine, unempowered victims of bullies–most of whom are minors and other marginalized ppl. When Joyce was at dinner, she had her husband, making it 2 against Brandi’s drunken 1. Third, Brandi is insensitive and not politically correct. Being not politically correct (and even an idiot) is not the same thing as being a racist — Brandi has black friends, boyfriends and a Cuban husband and children. Finally, many ppl, like Joyce, like to label others because it is an easy way to get folks to dismiss them and garner support. The biggest racists I know are politically correct and say things like “African-American.” Is Lisa a racist, too? I think her maid is Puerto Rican. Why not a white lady or an African-American? How dare Lisa have one Hispanic serve another while wearing footies. BTW–what Brandi did does not meet the legal definition of discrimination, so yeah, it would legally be allowed at work — just likely against company policy. Allowed at school — no because there are children there — so, no drinking there either.

      • Isabella J.

        I am the same size as Joyce, except I have breast. I think I have been bullied by people telling me to eat, asking me if I have an eating disorder, etc…etc… how would you like if I said how much do you weigh or do you really need to eat that 4th hamburger???? You don’t like her, that’s fine but find another reason than she touches her hair or is in pageants. You don’t have to be honest with me, just don’t lie to yourself.

      • JoJo

        You responded to me on the WWHL Carlton post about my opinion on the word ‘bullying’ after I expressed hope that we all could disagree on certain things without being disagreeable (in essence). Also you asked why I dislike Joyce and what she’s done.
        First, Joyce has nothing to do with my dislike of using the word bully when referring to grown women who are nasty to one another. Second, I’ve found it very unpopular to express dislike of Joyce here, but I simply don’t care for her from what I’ve seen. Just like I don’t care for Vicki on RHOC, Luann on RHONY, Kenya RHOA, etc. No more, no less, no hate. They’re all just characters on a reality show that I haven’t warmed up to as they’re shown. It’s that simple.
        A couple other commenters have responded on the word bullying and expressed well how I feel about the word bully used in a setting among adult women who are in a setting by choice and being paid, free to leave or not participate and of are equal status. Many of them have been bitches and badgered one another, but that’s not bullying. Even the definition suggests so: “a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person[s]who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.
        In the Brandi v. Joyce situation, Joyce is anything but a smaller or weaker person in the sense it’s meant (not physically). Granted, Brandi could definitely be described as blustering and quarrelsome – though in my opinion, not a bully.
        For e.g., Brandi’s first season & appearance on the show had Kyle and her group in a corner badgering her about her appearance; Kyle had Brandi at a dinner and allowed Faye to badger her about her morals and everything under the sun at a table full of other women who sat by silently; and then the notorious Game Night with Kyle and Kim where she was a slut pig bitch then had her crutches hidden. I don’t remember Brandi complaining about being bullied, but called them crazy bitches. She then eventually started her STFUs and defended herself and we have today’s Brandi.
        What you said in German to a commenter to make your point I called ‘colorful contempt.’ The anonymous person behind the keyboard it was meant for probably thought it was bitchy, and if they were so hurt and insulted because they are smaller and weaker, maybe they disappeared or never responded, but likely ignored the comment.
        Bullying is such a horrible act properly associated with young people who have not fully matured to process the hate, are in a setting where they can’t easily leave, and has often led to suicide.
        That’s why I don’t think the HW are bullies, just hateful bitches at times who think the paycheck or fame is worth the wear and tear.

      • It’s really not a matter of opinion. Bullying programs have very clear outlines of what constitutes bullying and Brandi fits them all. See my comment above.

        On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 3:43 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • samantha

        I agree with you Isabella, Brandi is a vicious bully. She instigates everything with Joyce, even when Joyce was conversing happily at her side of the table at Yolanda’s. Brandi’s jealousy is obvious.

        I like Joyce a lot, she was extremely gracious in the first episodes and was trying to get to know the ladies. I love how she stood up to Brandi. Joyce is well spoken and doesn’t back down. In her conversation with Lisa, she was very direct and I love seeing Joyce and her handsome husband together. He is way more my type than Maugrecio, King David or anything Brandi has dragged in.

        Yolanda keeps throwing shade at Lisa and I think that too is stemming from a sense of rivalry. I think it is more because Mohammed is crazy about Lisa and was singing her praises and not Yolo’s. As for Yolo getting a show now…

        Frankly, Lisa could sacrifice a small animal at this point and I would still side with her over Brandi. She’s been nothing but loyal. Lisa didn’t keep Brandi and Kyle from being friends nooooo Kyle and Kim hated Brandi so for Brandi to talk to Kyle about Lisa is just low. Look how Brandi went after Kyle in Palm Springs, threatening that she could reveal so much about her and Lisa told her to stop. I think Brandi may have brought up bringing the tabloid and Lisa supported that idea or even if Lisa suggested it Brandi is an adult and didn’t have to go along with it. Brandi doesn’t do ANYTHING she doesn’t want to imo.

        I’m also so sick of Brandi’s “wait you’ll see what an evil person ____ is” and the episodes always prove her to be the nutjob and nothing is revealed on the target of her attack. She’s been promising since before the season that we’ll see who Joyce and Lisa really are….I am still waiting, just hear crickets chirping in the background.

        Can’t wait for next week!

    • JoJo

      I agree with being tired of hearing the word ‘bullying’ from Joyce and from any of the HW shows for that matter. The term bullying should only be applied to kids or teenagers or anyone who is forced to associate with others of their age in a setting where they have no choice or ability to leave, i.e, school, a playground, or even at a street corner where they are cornered.
      Grown ass women, being paid handsomely to socialize with one another, by choice aren’t victims of bullying. They can leave at any time. If one says nasty crap to the other, it’s being a bitch, not a bully. IMHO.

      • Isabella J.

        ok, this is to jojo, and yes, it can be a conversation but WHY do you not like joyce? just her character? i really ask purely out of personal reasons. i have a lot of women right off the bat not like me. these are women I might just say hello to or meet at a party, some just do not like me. i have asked a few, excuse me, have i dont something to offend you? like for real, because if i have, i would like to know and correct this about myself. 1 girl out of all i asked said it was my appearance, she said i looked like a threat to her and she did not like me. that i understood and appreciated her honesty more than just about anything else that has ever happened to me. so i can only assume that I DONT LIKE JOYCE that i hear from most women is due to a reason similar to the one i was given, if i am incorrect, i honestly would like to know. now it doesn’t bother me any more, you do not like me, fine, i might not necessarily like you either and my happiness in no way depends on you liking me. i am honestly curious though. i like you jojo and not in that carlton/brandi creep fest way either! and call me retarded but i still think its bullying. i think what kim and kyle did to brandi when she first joined the show was bullying as well.

      • JoJo

        First thanks for responding and asking my opinion after explaining why and where you’re coming from by what you’ve experienced. I’m sorry you’ve dealt with idiots simply because of the way you look (although I’m picturing a thin, beautiful girl that others are jealous of instead of being berated & ostracized because you’re fat and ugly – that’s at least a small upside? :)
        I like people first always before I dislike them or don’t care for them. I’ve never in my life disliked someone who was attractive (or unattractive) just because they were attractive or beautiful and thin – like Joyce.
        I liked her fine, as anyone new on these Housewives shows, when she started. It was just after the first couple episodes, I started being annoyed at what I perceived is an exaggerated pageantry vibe about her. Her talking heads and what she said seemed so rehearsed as if still answering or posing for a crown. Then her beautiful hair – great – until every scene she was flipping and playing with it. That probably wouldn’t have bothered me in the least (since her hair puts Kyle’s to shame) but coupled with this too much pageantry, it just added to my annoyance.
        So, basically, the little of what we’re shown, she annoys me. No hate at all. As I said before, Vicki from OC drives me up a friggin’ wall. Joyce doesn’t drive me up a wall – she’s just come off too too. If that makes sense.
        And, I like you too :)

      • Isabella J.

        Now that makes sense! Thanks for that. I like her bubbly personality, she seems nervous a bit and I would think the hair touch is probably a nervous tic or habit. That is a hard group of women to be thrown in with. Thank you JoJo for answering!

      • The next person who says the reason they don’t like Joyce is because she touches the massive amount of hair on her head is going to get cut.

        I’m just saying.

        BUT SHE TOUCHES HER HAIR TOO MUCH WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Is not a defense for defending an alcoholic bully who parades all over Hollywood drunk and nekkid with her tampon string hanging out because she somehow lost the bottom of her dress. Or her being poor into cars OVER AND OVER on TMZ. Or Publically brawling with the step mother of her children, or any of the other reprehensible shitty parenting, shitty friend, shitty person things she does.

        If you area “fan” of Brandi Glanville and or jumping on her bandwagon to say she is not a bully or a drunk, or a cunt, but Joyce somehow is because her hair is pretty. I think you are a fucktard.

        Plain and simple.

        I have BEEN a Brandi fan for quite some time.But this is not behavior you accept as fine. Some idiot on Twitter says she like Brandi “BECAUSE SHE IS A GOOD MOTHER!” and she doesn’;t like Joyce because she play with her hair too much.

        I just can’t with this stupidity anymore.

        On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 6:20 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • i might fall for that, but she has been dissing joyce since her first post here, almost like it’s her mission in life.

  28. Mike

    Okay, we all know that most of what Brandi says is just BS!
    But why is everyone overlooking the fact that Joyce compared her level of forgiveness(herself) to JESUS! This stupid twit compared herself to God and his ability to forgive people for “what was done to his son”. This is a whole new level of egotism!
    PLEASE get this woman off the show!

    • See, in the Christian faith, one is called upon to be Christlike. Some Christians even wear little plastic bracelets that say WWJD. That stands for What Would Jesus Do. So often when Christians attempt to be Christlike, they pattern their behavior after Jesus, or God, or the teachings of the Bible. Joyce is Christian. See how that works?

      • Mike

        Haha, right…. The rhobh are sooooo Christlike….. First they’d have to shed the riches….. Stop the vanity give back the plastic body parts and stop the Botox…. Look, we LOVE these women but they have to be honest with themselves and the public… Everyone can clearly see that being wealthy, pride and vanity are the basis of the show….. So please Joyce, don’t pull the Jesus card! It’s just insulting to people that actually live their lives attempting to be “Christlike”. Maybe stop wearing to “wwjd” bracelets and start reading The bible…. Lol

    • Gingersnap

      4Mike – She can play her “Jesus card” however she wants to. It was FREE.

      • Mike

        4Gingersnap –
        You can’t play the Jesus card if you selectively pull it! Sorry if you have a life devoted to vanity, greed, pride and VANITY AGAIN, you can’t compare yourself to the one person that’s ever walked the planet, that spoke against all of the aforementioned. WWJD= NOT drive a 300k car… He’d walk and give the money to the poor, sick and those that needed it most. But this is WAY off subject. I’m just saying that it’s inappropriate to compare yourself to any God or Goddess that is based on love, sharing, peace, understanding, acceptance and moral perfection if the things you value most in your life are basically a slap in the face to that God.
        So I say nay, NAY to the Jesus card from a Beverly Hills housewife. As free as it may be, it’s insulting!

      • So, rich people can’t strive to be Christlike? You’ve got a little something in your eye there, dude.

        Matthew 7:1-3

        King James Version (KJV)

        7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

        2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

        3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

        On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 1:33 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Mike

        Are you kidding? Sure they can… However that would involve giving up their abundance and ridding themselves of any useless in-needed possessions.

        No offense intended here but I was raised Catholic and the one thing Incannot stand, above ALL ELSE, is a hypocrite. If your rich own it…. But don’t hide behind Jesus….. Anyway I can think of 20 or so versus off the top of my head but here are some that are most relevant.

        Luke 12:33

        Sell your possessions, and give to the needy. Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old, with a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches and no moth destroys.

        James 5:1-6

        Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days. Behold, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, are crying out against you, and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts. You have lived on the earth in luxury and in self-indulgence. You have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter.

        1 Timothy 6:9

        But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.

        2 Corinthians 8:13-15

        For I do not mean that others should be eased and you burdened, but that as a matter of fairness your abundance at the present time should supply their need, so that their abundance may supply your need, that there may be fairness. As it is written, “Whoever gathered much had nothing left over, and whoever gathered little had no lack.”

        Catholic school kid here….. I know my Bible!

        No disrespect intended but The Bible speaks very poorly of being rich and riches. One can’t live a self indulgent life and slap the basic rules(suggestions) of The Christian faith in the face and thn have the audacity to quote anything to defend their actions or their personal feelings. Either live it and be able to use it or DONT. :)

  29. JoJo

    Maybe Joyce has mastered good hyperbole with the comparison to the Son of God and forgiveness reference. But then again, I’m not sure, no one’s mentioned how many words Lisa had to use to get across to Joyce the concept “tell her off” – chastise, reprimand :)

    • Mike

      Hahahaha! love it!

      • JoJo

        I can’t help myself, especially when I’m going to comment on something you said I think I know is supposed to be serious and it’s about the back & forth on the Bible (too chicken to be involved in more controversy so I’m responding to you here – and that’s my Catholic guilt maybe) :-):
        As a 12-year Catholic school child (admitted heathen since I’ve forgotten what I’ve read in the Bible), I hope this is taken in the spirit of light-heartedness it’s meant. Your Bible quotes in that order reminds me of the basis of the 20th century Democrat party platform – Republican’s would be pissed :)

    • puravidacostarica2

      Yup. This. People are drinking the Joyce koolaid. Let’s see if it tastes as sweet by the time the season ends.

  30. SaraK

    Because I can and I like to stir the pot I am going to stick up for Brandi. Does she cuss like a sailor….yep…me too. Is she trying desperately to fit into a social group that is really above her level..yep. Is she jealous of Joyce for her looks….I don’t know, I think she sees the life she has, man who loves her, kids, home security and is heart hurt that what Brandi thought was all that with Eddie is now gone. I like that Yolanda defended her and then went to her house, with Bravo cameras yes…but no other housewives, and told her that this behavior was unacceptable. Lisa has tried to do this, both in private and in front of the group, Brandi just doesn’t hear her. She didn’t hear Yolanda either…with the…this is how I am and I’m not going to change. I think our girl Brandi has some issues with depression and doesn’t have good coping mechanisms. When I see her misbehavior, I see someone who is desperately trying to fill a hole she has (don’t go there people…her pussy is just too easy…get that pun there) with drinks, brass/crude behavior, whatever she can find that will allow her to feel accepted and loved.

    Does this mean I would want to be around her…nope. Just think she could use a hug. Consider the pot stirred

    • JoJo

      You’re not the only one. She’s fallen through the rabbit hole with cameras in tow. I’m not so sure that she’s jealous of Joyce either – in the sense of how Joyce looks etc. Even, the life Joyce has, husband, kids, money etc., doesn’t make sense for Brandi to be jealous of either since Yolanda has those in spades, and she seems to adore her as she once adored Lisa. Something set Brandi off about Joyce, and it went from annoyance to flat out hatred. Maybe we’ll eventually find out.
      Whatever the outcome, Joyce should send Brandi a bouquet of roses and chocolates for painting her the saint ;-

      • Isabella J.

        i think in addition to all the things joyce has that brandi does not, it was the fact that joyce outed her about her conversation about lisa. she was hoping to play both sides and joyce called her on it.

      • JoJo

        I think you hit the nail on the head.

  31. Mallory

    Did anyone else notice Lisa’s housekeeper at the end was wearing booties on her feet? I LOL’d at that!

  32. Katie March

    Behind the scenes in the 2nd season, Lisa was disliked by her cast members because of her off-screen behavior. Taylor at that tea party, tried to confront her about it asked the ladies for reinforcement and none of them backed her up. Lisa smartly used that opportunity to “embrace Taylor” thereby taking the negative heat away from her and gaining even more sympathy and love from the audience. I mean this woman is really “good”. She has America totally fooled. Then Brandi comes on the show and immediately she sees an opportunity to again “embrace the underdog” The gives her more support and hatred of the Richards sisters and Brandi being flat broke with no options goes along for the game. Brandi knows her “job” with Lisa is to be her “Puppet”, Lisa helps Brandi secure a fulltime deal on Bravo and together they strategize to take down Adrienne Maloof in the worst way possible. Whether you liked or hated Adrienne Maloof not the point. Brandi exposing something so PRIVATE and sacred was below disgusting. None of the other women “need” this job. They want the fame but they don’t need the job. The women who “need” the job in other words are desperate, are the ones who will absolutely bring whatever they need even if it hurts another human beings credibility, reputation, marriage, etc. They go for it!!! It’s job security but in a sense it’s what ruined the franchise particularly Beverly Hills. Look at Tamra she was the poorest so she acted the trashiest. Her targets, Gretchen and Alexis. Bethenny couldn’t even make rent, her target, Kelly Bensimon, she ruined that woman’s prospects and wrecked a lot of things in her life. Brandi was chosen to attack a vulnerable Kim Richards by calling her a Meth Head. Then she set her sights on Adrienne Maloof even faking a lawsuit, but Adrienne didn’t defend herself so the public turned on her. Look at the rich person suing the broke single mom. Lisa was behind all of it. Russell Armstrong once said that in season one when he would see the talking heads of Lisa making fun of him so much, it hurt his business his self esteem. She can be cruel but hides behind her British Accent. I mean she is the ultimate “chess Player”. Yolanda did say that Lisa was Full of it in Paris. Lisa was trying to humiliate Kim Richards because she was an easy target. And what happened was Yolanda showed Brandi that Lisa was getting played….Brandi’s conscious started to get to her, she thought her fan base would support her minus Lisa so she turned on Lisa to expose what the others have tried to do, but have failed. It will be interesting to see what happens when they get to Puerto Rico. Apparently, this is where Brandi completely rats out Lisa’s plan to take down Kyle. Will she ingratiate herself back in time for fans to believe her? Or will her plan be foiled by her behavior the first half of the season. Either way, Brandi sold her soul to the devil with her vicious behavior towards Adrienne, Kim, Joyce, Kyle, Taylor, Mohammed, Joanna Krupa. Even LeAnn Rimes, good God i’s been 5 years. Was LR wrong, of course, but the cyber bullying of LR is so gross and she feeds it does not make it right or justifiable. Hopes this all gets posted and makes sense. There are a lot of Bravolebrities behind the scenes that know Lisa and can’t stand her. They call her Lisa Vander C–T.

  33. homie

    Michael Ohoven produced The Cave, starring Eddie Cibrian. Weird?

    • wow, homie! if that’s true, could be another reason brandi has it in for joyce. still think main reason is jealousy & fear joyce will do better than she on rhobh

  34. Observer2

    I agree with an earlier commenter about the overuse by housewives of the word “bully.”

    When I hear the word “bully” I immediately visualize a defenseless child being verbally assaulted by a classmate and trapped in a world they can’t remove them self from.

    What kind of hardship would ensue in order to remove the child?
    Changing schools?
    Moving away?
    Who would be affected by this sort of chaotic disruption?
    Every member of the family?

    So when I hear Joyce claim to be the victim of bullying, I look at her situation. Anything near that of a child? Not even a little bit!

    Bravo, you need to tell your “poor, little housewives” they need to change their word “bully” to “badger.” Otherwise, they risk people becoming desensitized to the word “bully,” and just think of the negative ramifications that desensitization would have on a child.

    Okay, I just got down from my soapbox.

    • Joyce actually does a lot of charitable work with a bullying program. I have also been trained and taught how to teach bullying. There is no age limit on bullys. Plenty of “grown ass women” are bullys.

      Most bullying in ADULTS is social bullying. The bully feels like she has support and power within her social group and she uses it to humiliate those not in the group. The mere labeling of “the dream team” is part of the social bullying playbook. Social bullying involves attempting to exclude and intimidate “outsider” or “new comer” through REPEATED insults when one feels powerful do to numbers.

      Joyce is using her knowledge of bullying to address the situation. She is confronting the bully, naming the bully and approaching those who support the bully and give the bully social power in order to remove that perceived power from the bully.

      It’s textbook bullying and an excellent example of how to deal with a bully.

      On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 2:38 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Isabella J.


      • JoJo

        I have ZERO education on adult social bullying in circumstances not related to the workforce. I was educated through coursework and seminars on identifying and addressing bullying targeted to children in order to speak to schoolchildren as the crime prevention coordinator for my state.
        Therefore, I can’t refute at all the recognition of adult social bullying in purely social situations, i.e, these Housewives shows. And I take your word for it since my involvement with any bullying issues was in the late ’90’s. Things have changed a lot since then, hell we were just learning to deal with ‘hostile work environment’ as a cause of action at the time.

        I realize it’s my opinion and you say it’s not a matter of opinion any longer.
        But one can’t help how hearing a certain word conjures a feeling. When I hear the word bullying I simply picture a helpless youngster being harassed for just being and so overwrought that suicide seems like an only option. When I read the word being attributed to these Housewives I feel it diminishes the power of the word.
        But, as a result of this controversy, I looked the issue up and Jezebel has some good information. At least thank you for distracting me from these reality shows for a bit!

      • I don’t know where to start with this… but um, I am glad you were able to google?????

        On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 5:52 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • JoJo

        I Bing’d (like I keep doing for AHSCoven to see those top Tamara Tattles).
        As far as you not knowing where to begin with an answer, after I hit “post comment’ I regretted and should have said simply what I was trying to say:
        “I didn’t know adult social bullying was actually part of a curriculum and recognized as part of bullying, thanks for the info, I looked it up.”
        But I rambled. Sorry.

      • Thanks Jo Jo. I have been a part of MANY bullying projects as has Joyce, so I know she doesn’t take this lightly and knows how to deal with it.

        The clear evidence that Brandi has a problem with drinking is only fodder for Leann to get them full time. I’m not sure Leann wants that But that is where it is clearly headed.

        On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 9:12 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • i watched the shows and felt strongly she was being bullied by brandi. it was a horrible feeling. i get the feeling the people who couldnt give a shit about joyce are the ones denying any bullying was going on. i also felt as if lisa and yolanda were trying to hold joyce down while brandi beat the shit out of her. yo and lisa’s attitudes only started to change because of the public outcry against them/brandi.

  35. JoJo

    I just caught something on this episode on a re-run today. It’s been mentioned that Mohammed seemed overly complimentary toward Lisa, defending her to Joyce and her husband, which some thought odd or out of line considering his fiancé and ex-wife were there.
    Considering how often Mohammed has been on this show and his close relationship with Lisa, I’m wondering if Lisa didn’t convince him & his fiance’ prior to this dinner to make sure he mentioned, in a lot of glowing terms, how wonderful Lisa is It did seem an odd, unrelated topic in the conversation and long.
    Knowing how much reality is real on these shows & if Lisa is the master chess player, this would set the stage to distance herself from Brandi’s attacks and convince both Joyce and Michael she was a hostage to Brandi’s friendship in order to maintain her fan base and get even for Brandi’s supposed upcoming betrayal?
    Hell, maybe even Yolanda knew about it and set up her own one-on-one w/ Brandi & cameras to make sure it’s on record she doesn’t approve of Brandi’s behavior and isn’t willing to lose her reputation or any fans over it either?

    • i think in his own way mohamed was trying to be a gracious guest, more than anything else. considering how lisa tried to poison them against joyce before she got there (remember how she tried to portray joyce to martin as extremely petty, making too big a deal over little things), i’m glad joyce & michael would have none of it

      • JoJo

        chriscleo: I can see that too. Bottom line though, imo, there is no ‘dream team’ left after what Brandi pulled at this dinner. Both Lisa and Yolanda have been on camera and written in their blogs that they do not, in any way, support her behavior.
        And Lisa is very smart and clever – she knows how to be interesting and able to be snarky, even demeaning, but she’s never suffered any of Bravo’s edits – she just doesn’t give them the ammo on camera to be able to edit her to look rotten. She always maintains her fan base (I have to say that’s quite a talent – I don’t recall any of the HW shows with an outstanding & interesting character who hasn’t fallen from grace).
        OTH, I don’t see how Brandi can rehabilitate her reputation at all. She’s cooked.

      • jojo i still hope brandi gets it together. originally i wasnt happy she was joining rhobh coz of all the leann twitter /copycat drama but came to like her. i do love an underdog and there’s something positive and likeable when she’s not being falling down drunk or evil. but her stuff is getting old really fast. anyone read her first ghostwritten book? it was so one note. she is also coming across as as manipulative as they come.
        joyce i reserve judgement on. we havent seen enuf to know much about her coz the whole brandi mess has dominated all her showtime. she has my sympathy tho because no newbie to the show should have been subjected to that ugliness. and i do think her race may have been a factor in how she was treated. that and being the new girl when others already formed alliances. when she tweeted she had enuf of brandi and her gang’s shit and was finally fighting back i was worried for her. it could have backfired badly. but i think she has shown class and strength, and she went head to head w lisa on lisa’s turf twice now and held her own. starting to really admire that girl. and it’s sweet to see the dynamic between her & her husband, just as i love lisa & ken’s relationship.

        they all have things in common. if they can all grow up and forget about the jealousy & turf battles, most of them could turn this show around into something fun instead of toxic. i wish bravo would work with that instead of pushing the same BS.


  36. Tweetypie35

    Of everything that went on in this episode all I remember is Jaime Lee Curtis giving me life on that catwalk. Lol Everything else was womp womp. I’m over Brandi and her antics. Still don’t like Joyce. Glad that Yolanda called Brandi on her BS. Although I understand why Lisa takes up for Brandi, I wish she would stop. It pains me to agree with Joyce that they keep making excuses for Brandi and her behavior.

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