RHOA First Look: Who Fucked Chuck? And Blood Sweat and Tears Preview!


I don’t normally do these, but since I am STILL under the weather, I thought I would this week so on the off chance I don’t feel up to blogging tonight, we will still have a place to chat.  I still plan to try my best to get tons of blogging done tonight though. It Sunday night and everyone goes back to work tomorrow and you are going to need stuff to read rather than do whatever they pay you to do. :)

We start with Miss Lawrence and Kenya out to lunch.  Well, they are always out to lunch, but this time I mean literally. They are in a restaurant having lunch. They appear to be the only customers.  Kenya just wants something light, so she orders a shrimp po’boy.  Because a huge crusty bread roll stuffed with fired shrimp and lots of mayo based dressing is “something light” on her planet. Kenya does not know how to pronounce Savannah. Kenya is gossiping about all the people in their circle who have fucked Chuck Smith.  Miss Lawrence says he knows Chuck Smith, which prompted Kenya to ask, “Have you fucked Chuck?”  Miss Lawrence says not that one. Kenya is still irked by Phaedra.

RHOAPhaedrabuttermilkNene meets Chuck Smith for lunch wearing…. well I am going to let y’all explain what she is wearing to me. Apparently, Phaedra will be joining them. Late. As Usual.  Nope sorry. I have to address these clothes now while I have all the time in the world.  Ne Ne is wearing a long maxi wrap dress that looks like Diane Von Furstenberg envisioned whilst on an acid trip and then some kid with a black Sharpie drew all over. Chuck is in a plaid shirt and jeans. Phaedra is in a black top with sequence and some sort of reddish blackish disco pants. None of these three people look like they are going to the same place.

Phaedra in her talking head realizes that Mynique has gone home from Savannah and reported back that pretty much everyone has had some a little Chuck in them. Chuck does not look happy to see Phaedra. Nene asks if Chuck is paying before she orders. LOL. Thought you were rich, bitch. Chuck’s actual motive is for all the folks from Athens to give back by speaking at the Boys and Girls Club of  Athens.

Cynthia and Mallory go shopping at a bead store.  Mallory announces that she will be staying with Cynthia and Peter for two months until she goes to Korea where her man plays basketball. Announces mind you. Does not ask.  Despite knowing that Peter does not like her.  Who does that? Mallory says she wants to stay there to fix things with her sister. Cynthia feels a bit betrayed by Mallory. Mallory wants a fresh start.  The sisters chat about how their sex drives are not as high as their man’s.  Mallory says hers wants it two or three times a day!  Cynthia seems shocked that Mallory does it even when she is tired. Cynthia is worried about finances.

The we have a first look at Blood Sweat & Heels. I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look good. Please tell me I am not about to be sucked into another Bravo show.  It’s filmed in NYC. Melyssa is a former video vixen trying to make it in the real estate business in the big apple. She is not good at math or figuring commissions on 4 million dollar sales. Mica is the owner of a modeling agency and former model. She has a pet chinchilla named Barack aka “Rocky.”  Demetria is a blogger/author. She is a bit bitchy to her fiancé but seems to be a lot of fun.  Daisy is a style expert who appears on TV shops and websites to discuss the latest trends. How is this a job?

I hate to say it but I just bumped Sister Wives back to add in Blood Sweat & Tears. This show looks GOOD.  sigh.












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29 responses to “RHOA First Look: Who Fucked Chuck? And Blood Sweat and Tears Preview!

  1. lori

    “Announces mind you. Does not ask.  Despite knowing that Peter does not like her.  Who does that?”

    The sister of someone looking for a storyline is who! Lol

    I set my DVR for Blood, Sweat and Heels too. It does look good! Damn you Bravo!

    • JoJo

      lori: what’s worse to me than that pretentious announcement, is that it probably means the rest of the season we’re going to be stuck with Mallory, she’s boring as hell; all I remember seeing of her is a big old sour puss!

      • lori

        One can only hope that that sour puss starts getting involved with the other ladies this time around. Maybe that could be a little good/interesting.

      • JoJo

        Well I retract my statement now that this episode aired: I hope Mallory terrorizes Peter and in a fit, he comes clean on all his backdoor, Cynthia-financed deals, and Cynthia sees the light calls him out on his shady ass!

    • Katrina

      Mallory probably told Cynthia that she would be there for a couple weeks. Something came up and Malory needs to stay longer. I’m sure Cynthia did not have a problem with a couple of weeks. Peter and Malory will never be close. I feel like this is what will happen between Mama Joyce and Todd, if he marries Kandi.

  2. Rhurhu22

    I’m snowed in Tamera! Snowpocalypse 2014 😉 Please blog tomorrow so I can having some literary fun while drinking cocoa and baileys lol. Pretty please?! It’s ma birfdayyyyy!

    BSH looks really good! Hoping this is an upswing in RHOA…it’s been a bit of a drag thus far! Also hoping your flu goes away soon!

  3. Xanadude

    I’m not feeling SIstervWIves this season. I think I may have reached my tolerance for smug narcissist Cody.

    • Oh but this season is the season of the women really dealing with their issues/relationships with each other. Supposedly. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • eastjames

      I have a friend who just discovered the show on Netflix and she was trying to tell me how cute it was. I told her to keep watching because it doesn’t take long for it to start making you sick to your stomach.

  4. Twilly

    Kenya needs to stop hating on Savannah! I’ve been there and it’s gorgeous! Especially in early spring.

  5. Isabella J.

    I’d fuck Chuck.

  6. Gingersnap

    Blood Sweat & Heels looks good to me too. Maybe it’s the element of different personalities, cause it’s still gonna be bitch eat bitch.

    I may need Bravo rehab.

  7. Urethra Franklin

    Downton Abbey Season 4 begins tonight. YAY….Their English is way different than Nene’s English. Just sayin’.

  8. Isabella J.

    I would bet big money that douchelord Peter has already got that other hottie on the bed, what an asshole he is to Cynthia! Man cave my ass, Cynthia called him out of that bullshit, thank God. She could do so much better.

    • DJ

      I totally agree! I am so ANNOYED that Cynthia is married to him. She is so stunningly beautiful, and he is an undeserving toad. The NERVE on him that he was going to cheat on her. He would be nothing if he did not have her.

      • Linda

        You realize he was a fairly sucessful music promoter and actually does not look half bad withut the white beard. I do not get the disrespect coming at Peter. and that includes Cynthia. She is way out of line letting her psycho sister stay with them. The sister who hid the wedding certificate. Then she trash talks Peter on his business, their sex like etc and says she is “not tryt

      • lori

        The sisters two month “surprise” stay is totally a storyline to try to keep Cynthia relevant. IMO, every Cynthia claimed that she had no idea that Mel would be staying for 2 months she was lying. Cynthia is not a very good liar.

    • lori

      I agree. I think he already has something on the side. Booooo Peter. I wish Cynthia would leave his ass.

  9. Cali

    So did Mynique “F” Peter back in the day? I thought I read that somewhere.

  10. Katrina

    Does it matter? Everyone seems to think that if it happened years ago, it doesn’t matter. That only applies, when it is people you like.

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