Blood Sweat and Heels Recap: Demetria Is ERRYTHANG!

Blood Sweat and Heels D

Bravo tricked me.  It was SUPPOSED TO BE A FIRST LOOK FOR RHOA but then they threw in a first look for Blood Sweat & Heels and I watched it just like they knew I would. I was hooked from the damn get go. So here we are back on the Bravo teat that I am so trying to break you all away from.  Dammit.

The  first look at Blood Sweat & Heels. I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look good. Please tell me I am not about to be sucked into another Bravo show.  It’s filmed in NYC. Melyssa is a former video vixen trying to make it in the real estate business in the big apple. She is not good at math or figuring commissions on 4 million dollar sales. Mica is the owner of a modeling agency and former model. She has a pet chinchilla named Barack aka “Rocky.”  Demetria is a blogger/author. She is a bit bitchy to her fiancé but seems to be a lot of fun.  Daisy is a style expert who appears on TV shops and websites to discuss the latest trends. How is this a job?

Daisy has a Brooklyn Brunch Series on the first Sunday of every month. This is a great excuse to get the cast together every month. Mica already looks different. I already don’t like her showing up with dildos and shit. Oh wait, that was not Mica, Mica is the potentially white chick.  I dunno. Daisy is also annoying me already. Lol.

imagesCARPTMFT Is the late girl a white girl?  I am so confused. Which one is the mathematically challenged real estate girl, Melyssa. I think I will like her. Oh I think she just showed up in the polka dot dress. Bravo needs to take a page from VH1 and label the chicks each and every time they show up like they do on Mob Wives. Y’all know I am the blogger with NO FACIAL RECOGNITION SKILLS.  Forgive me this blog could go left at any moment.

Anyway. one of them has crooked boobs in her talking head. There is no excuse for not getting the girls situated properly in a talking head, girl. That shit is multi-episodic!  Anyway, this Daisy character is wandering around the brunch with a mike. I kinda get the whole bridge and tunnel classism now.  I’ve changed my mind.  I just want a show for Demetria. I  am not sure I can with these other yankee bitches.

Don’t tell my favorite girl, Demetria, but OH HELL YEAH you have to snoop. Why is everyone ganging up on my girl?  Demetria’s hair is TO DIE FOR. Everyone else has a driver but since Demetria lives in Brooklyn, she just walks home.  In the car home these bitches bitch about the cheese grits and shit. Really? You expected some decent grits there? Bitching about no collard greens? Stop trying to pretend you know about things you do NOT know about.

Okay so Mica is the modeling agency girl. We are at her place. Everyone is talking about my girl, Demetria.  Is Mica a white girl trying to act black? It seems yes.  I still don’t know the name of the black chick in the gold lame….(pretend an accent came in there).  Is it the former video vixen Melyssa or  whatever? I thought I liked her. I don’t like gold lame (pretend there is an accent there) girl.

BSHI love Demetria. Is that obvious yet? She makes fun of her man Greg for having a Jamaican accent despite being from Brooklyn.   Demetria is an ALPHA female.  I hate that.  But I LOVE her. Did I mention that?  Demetria is going to blog about it.

Daisy goes to get her first Brazillian.  She is scared. Okay. I am kind of liking her now. She meets up with…I still don’t know who that  flat haired chick is.  But she is annoying as fuck. Clearly, Demetria is the HBIC.  I chose well.  As Usual.

Okay, Mica is a white chick tryna act black.  Geneva. I have no idea who she is, but I don’t like her.

So did you watch?


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40 responses to “Blood Sweat and Heels Recap: Demetria Is ERRYTHANG!

  1. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I watched it but I didn’t like it and don’t think I’ll watch again. LOVED Demetria, but hated everyone else, especially Mica. And what kind of idiots are we supposed to be that these women think Demetria shouldn’t blog about their “personal opinions” that they just stated while being filmed for a national TV show? Are we supposed to say, “How dare Demetria publicly blog about statements we made publicly on film for Bravo television!!”??

    It just seemed like everyone was fake and turning it up for the cameras, Mica especially. Demetria not at all, that is why she rules over them all. I just can’t take any more of these shows with the fake drama!!!!! Give me a show with just Demetria and I’ll watch it.

    • Gingersnap

      I watched it and I didn’t like it either. Bummer.
      Andy is on WWHL sporting a salt and pepper beard and mustache. I think he looks pretty dang cute.

  2. Didn’t watch, but this recap is funny. I love how you went back and forth from liking/hating certain characters! I totally know the feeling! haha

  3. Best blog so far! #teamdemetria

  4. beth

    I was bored …

  5. bunniecarrot

    I liked mica. Other than that the only scene without her that I cared for was the Brazilian wax scene…. I’m deathly afraid of the pain but want to make the switch . Glad to know I’m not the only fraidy cat

  6. lori

    I liked it, and I am so happy to have a new group of women to talk about! Fresh blood… yummy!

    I agree with the majority here… LOVE Dimitra, and Mica is irking the shit out of me already. Can’t stand the way she talks and the facial expressions she makes while doing so.

    What is you with all if these women getting Brazilian waxes with camera crew in the room? Are they truly even getting one at the time or is it a reenactment, or just fake filler altogether? I am with Mica on this one when she was doing the whole butt in the air “make sure you get those two hairs right there” thing. I cringe at just having to go to the gynecologist. I can’t imagine having my “stuff” exposed like that. No way could I do it. I have other ways to get that result in the comforts of my own home thank you very much.

    Unlike you Tamara, I DO agree with the whole not snooping thing. I used to do it in my 20’s and always regretted it afterwards. And then you’re in a pickle, because you either have to hold that shit in, or you have to admit that you were snooping, st which time the guy turns things around on you. Now I would rather just have the stuff come out in due time. If there’s something there, it always does.

    Anyway, I am super excited that a lot of the filming takes place in Brooklyn, even though I totally agree about the ride from the city to BK being a total pita. I used to do it a few times a week going from the NYC animal shelter to the one in Brooklyn. I dreaded it every single time.

    I will definitely continue to watch for now. I think it looks like it’s going to be a fun show. Thanks for blogging it TT. I have to give you lots of props for the many shows you deal with on Sundays, and I am totally impressed at how fast you banged them out tonight.

  7. Melissa

    I love this show! Completely hooked from the minute the conversation around the table started. Women can’t be leaders because they’re too emotional from their periods? Shoot, then they shouldn’t own businesses either, or have jobs…and they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

    I think Demitria’s outrage is based on thinking these women are strong leaders already in their own right but don’t believe they or women like them could lead a country. I loved Daisy acting outraged as if the blog didn’t quote her word for word.

    Can’t wait to watch the dinner so they can “settle their differences”, which never seems to settle anything. Awesome!

  8. Omg I watched, and I’m actually pretty impressed. Unlike some other shows, it seemed ~real~ and not so contrived. The cast seems very natural, which is always a good sign. I like Mica, because she seems unapologetically wacky! Demetria is obvious the most real and down to earth person with a brain. Looking forward to those two the most.

    All the way Team Demetria as of right now!

  9. Cierra

    LOL. .. you hit the head on the nail. Only insecure bitches snoop. Demetria is a BITCH, but she is the only one that makes sense and I can totally relate to her. Melyssia ..I will give her a chance. The other chicks are WACK as hell. The chick in the gold is really BANTHY! I doubt that I will get past episode two.

  10. I loved Demetria but the other woman are like idiot bots (My new term fro robots). And whats up with the girl Mica? I don’t understand how these woman can commit to a relationship with a man who was seeing someone for 20 damn years…what the hell! I was watching the Steve Harvey show late last night and he made some valid points.. if a man cheats his clearly not for you! A man only changes for the woman he’s meant to be with.

  11. SnookumsLynn

    I’m a little confused by them also…Mica is the white girl, acting black and she’s seemingly annoying as of right now..not even for the snooping thing, just her in general seems to bug,
    I like Demetria too…her hair is FABULOUS!!! and she seems like a real & cool chick
    Daisy…she might be alright, she’s obviously got something going for her and we all have off days 😉
    Flat haired girl made only the impression that I might not like her.

  12. Kelli

    I’m not sure if you were being facetious or not, but Mica isn’t white. You’ve been around black people enough to know we come in shades as light as whites to as dark as the midnight sky. Both my parents are brown skin, brown hair and brown eyes, yet I’m very light skinned, with dirty blonde hair and blue-grayish eyes. Go figure! I look just like my dad though in case you’re wondering.

  13. Kelli

    Oh and gold lame is name Geneva

  14. Brewhaha

    I did not find any of these chicks likeable. Mica and Gold Lame were super extra. Daisy had bad hair & makeup but is supposed to be a style expert. Melyssa is trying to rebrand herself and Demetria is very much an alpha. I will not watch again!

  15. Kisha

    I wasn’t thrilled with the premiere, but sometimes the first episodes can be hit or miss. But it was a bit boring. Mica seems crazy as all hell, but the funniest part of the show was her describing a Brazilian Wax. Lol.

    But…I will watch it again and give it 2 more episodes.
    I think Bravo has been falling off, “quality” wise. It’s like they’re just churning out new shows to fill space and they’re not that good. I’d rather watch repeats of the Housewives than mediocre new shows.

  16. Tonnee

    I loved the show. I look forward to seeing the rest of the shows. I grew up in NYC/Harlem and I understand their interactions. In my generation they would be called “yuppies/buppies” meaning educated upwardly mobile women/men. Some may even call them bourgeois. I don’t hear these terms used anymore. I love their interactions. Mostly, because they act different from the other cast members of the various Bravo shows.

  17. RahRah

    someone tell me why this show aired? what is the purpose? people are so willing to sign on to these shows that portray them as beasts.

  18. Katrina

    I really enjoyed the show. There are going to be a lot of juicy topics!

  19. carling5

    I liked Mica and Melyssa the best by far. Demetria is a know-it-all b!tch who condescends to and talks over people because she believes HER OPINIONS are right. Newsflash Demetria: Reality shows featuring all female casts, including YOURS, are exactly why women will NEVER rule the world.

    Women are not kind to other women. We are often jealous and petty, and if you happen to be attractive, many women will resent you for it on sight. Not ALL women, of course, but far, far too many you all know it. The Real Housewives, Bad Girls Club, and Basketball Wives franchises are worth billions having been established purely on conflict between women. The formulas for these shows are all the same whether filmed in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Miami, or New York: Put a bunch of women together and watch ’em go! Sorry, but that’s just a sad fact of life. Why do you think there are no reality shows of this nature featuring all male casts? Girl, bye.

    I’m going to keep watching for now, but Daisy, Daisy, Daisy…that cheap synthetic wig has got to go! I love my chocolate sisters, but Daisy’s colorful wardrobe, barbie doll pink lipstick, and orange nail polish were hurting my eyes. I’m NOT trying to be negative or catty, but she looked like a broke-down Gayle King. Dang.

    • Well, for someone NOT trying to be negative and catty, you sure hit negative and catty right out of the park!

      • carling5

        How have I “hit negative and catty right out of the park”? Because I don’t care for Demetria like YOU do? If my post was “negative and catty”, what the hell do you call referring to women as “yankee bitches” and calling Mica (who is black) “white girl trying to act black”, and referring to “the one with the crooked boobs” just to name a few??? There are those who might find the comments you made negative, catty, racist, and deeply offensive. But YOU can say whatever you like about whomever you like, however you like, and I can’t?

        For the record, I don’t need you or anyone else to co-sign my comments. I wrote what I meant; meant what I wrote and stand by every word. How you feel about it is your problem. But how the hell do you call yourself running a blog open to the public at large for comments then be so bitchy and disrespectful? It’s laughable! “Negative and catty”? Nope. Just calling it the way I saw it and you are classless and ignorant for trying to come for me.

        By the way, that was my very first post and your reply proved my point on how badly women often treat women. If you’re this intolerant of different viewpoints, you need to get another gig, boo. You really embarrassed yourself.

      • I’m well aware it was your first post. I thought it was HILARIOUS that your first post was a long catty negative rant and then at the end you said, “I’m not trying to be negative and catty.” You could have just as easily typed, “Hi, I’m new, delusional and not self-aware.”

        You can rant all you want (until I decide I can’t be bothered with you anymore) but if you are not going to own your evil, you are probably at the wrong place.

        Also, I own this place, and I have never promised to be nice to anyone here. Clearly, you are new. I think it is best that you just run along.

        On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 8:45 PM, Tamara Tattles

  20. @KaylaWildflower

    I thought it was pretty boring. Demetria was the best because she expressed modern feminist ideals compared to the other women! Mica was annoying and incomprehensible – why would anyone let a guy they’ve been seeing move into their place when they call his house and another woman answers who he’s been living with for 20 years?! And frankly, I’m disgusted by the Brazilian wax trend. Why can’t women be natural instead of having to look prepubescent? I think it’s based on men watching too much porn and pedophilic fantasies.

  21. JoJo

    Just finished watching this for the 1st time. Missed original airing since also didn’t want to be consumed more than I already am with Bravo’s shows.
    BUT, this 1st episode was interesting and I’m now going to give it a go.

    With the Daisy having the Brooklyn Brunch, and Demetria having the Belle of Brooklyn blog (I think those are the names), it reminds me of a Chocolate Sex & the City – so far, and I think that’s a good foundation for the girls to interact and respond.

    PS, as a West Coast Desert Rat, what does “bridge and tunnel” refer to?

    • Mobaychic

      “Bridge & tunnel ” – often used in a condescending manner by people who live in manhattan in reference to those who live in the outer NYC boroughs – queens, Brooklyn etc also New Jersey. Connected to NYC via bridges & tunnels…

  22. Lesley D.

    Watching this show was quiet entertaining. Demetria’s man has been cheating on her yet she sits and acts like she’s above everyone else. Come on now. That’s why I can’t take reality TV serious anymore….But maybe it comes to light in other episodes. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  23. Ellea

    Loving Demetria…..Maybe she is a little strong but I prefer that to weak women

  24. Lola

    uh Mica IS black. she said herself that both of her parents are black and she is black. she even was sent to do an essence model shoot and they sent her back for not looking “black enough” even though she’s a black girl. I thought she was mixed but apparently she’s black

  25. Mobaychic

    They are all annoying me… What’s up with Daisy’s makeup? I’m not even sure why I’m watching it… Mildly entertaining, but more annoying. Perked up because of Demetria, loved her columns in Essence mag. On show she is very condescending and snarky… But the other ladies .. Eww Lawd…. Her BF does not deserve the snarkiness…

    • Only_Me

      LOL, ITA with them all being annoying! And yes, it is just for entertainment for me too. I guess that Bravo has pulled us all in with the fights that they stage on shows like this and the RHOA etc. It’s like a train wreck, you don’t want to look, but you just can’t help it ! And Bravo realizes that too. Fights bring ‘mo’ ratings, and ‘mo’ ratings brings ‘mo’ money for Bravo!

  26. Margaret

    I just started watching it and came here after Googling “Is Mica black?” Now I feel like an idiot for asking! Guess I’m too sheltered as I didn’t realize that a woman with two black parents could be that light skinned. I grew up around so many blacks kids/families, too.
    I kind of like Daisy. I bet Demetria’s bf is cheating like mad. Well, on to episode 2.
    Great blog!

  27. Only_Me

    Those are really some petty catty chicks, don’t like any of them. Is Mica half White? Because she sure looks like she is, and she does look like a drunk all the time. This show will not last long, you can bet on it. They are supposed to be these professional women but they still act like the common hood rats basically. Didn’t say they were, but they sure do act like it.

    • um. despite Mica being whiter than pretty much every white woman I know, we are not allowed to address that. That would be “racist”, or so I hear. I get it, she goes beyond the paper sack debate and directly to copy paper white… but apparently we should not notice. or question. because um “clearly” she is black. That said, “Why is that white woman on BSH is my most frequent question.”

  28. Tasha

    I found Demetria to be the coldest person on the whole show. I started of liking her but by the end I wish so would go away

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