Mob Mives Recap: Renee Went From Mentor to Mental

Mob Wives

Finally ready to recap Mob Wives and the second half of the Vegas trip.  I have a feeling this one is going to be long.  At least we know in advance nobody died.  Wait! They are picking this up on the next morning? I thought they literally left us hanging off the 34th floor last episode? Did we see some resolution?

At breakfast, Renee is already gunning for Natalie. As soon as Natalie arrives to breakfast, Renee goes in. She tries to drag Natalie from the breakfast table, she slings a metal cloche  ice bucket across the table send glass flying all over Alicia.  Natalie dares Renee to touch her. OMG. Natalie is standing her ground.  She tells Renee to stick her tacky Mob Candy up her ass. This is girl is going toe to toe with Renee and the other girls are just watching the show with their mouths hanging open.  Then Renee runs at Natalie sling an arm bar to her throat! And it’s awn like popcawn!


Natalie gets a good right hook in to the back of Renee’s head before production carts Renee out of the suite. I can imagine the bill VH1 will get for damages to their free room. Meanwhile, all the girls rush Natalie and ask her if she is okay. Natalie preen her hair and says, “Oh, I’m good. Did I get her in the face?”  God help me I am starting to like this girl.

Alicia tries to calm down Natalie. while Drita tries to calm down Renee. For some dumb reason,  production lets them all back in the same room. Drita says, “No more physical altercations.”  Renee says, “I’m not done.”  Drita tries to say in between Renee and Natalie to keep Renee off her.  Renee retreats briefly to smoke. She says to Natalie, ” So you feel brave because they are here?”  and laughs manically. Clearly, she is still high on something.  Natalie says,” I would have done the same without them here. You don’t know me, I’ll murder somebody. You better be glad they are here.” Annnnd  Renee jumps up again. Staff intervenes immediately.  The girls, even Drita, do little if anything.  Renee threatens the staff for putting their hands on her and she is carted off again.

Big Ang and Drita are impressed with Natalie. Natalie goes to her room to call her boyfriend to calm down and get advice.  Except the retelling seems to have worked her up.

tumblr_lxima3FruQ1rn0qt1o1_1280Big Ang , Drita, and Alicia decide to divide and conquer. Drita will talk to Natalie, and the other two are stuck with Renee. Drita seems like she is keeping some distance from Renee. She probably just does not want to draw Renee’s ire. By the way, Big Ang says she tried to buy the pink couches from The Palm but they would not sell.  Anyway, Big Ang goes to talk to Renee but she is finally down for the count, probably  with some help from a lot of Xanax.

For the record, I like Alicia’s freckles.

Drita and Natalie go to the bar and bond.  Drita really respects  Natalie.  Natalie says she can be cordial with Renee, she does that for a living, but Renee can’t because she is an animal.

Renee finally wakes up the next day. She seems sober. All the girls except Natalie take Renee to the Mob Museum.  Looks like Natalie gets a peaceful day by the pool. Win. Win.  The museum looks supper cool. It’s called Mob Attraction and you interact with actual people and to mobster things.  Cheesy, sure. But it still looks like fun. The girls seemed to  love it.

Drita and Renee talk about Natalie at the museum. Drita talked to Renee honestly without having Renee’s back 100%. Renee is not happy about that.

Drita is losing a ton at the tables, allegedly. All the girls except Renee are at the pool together. Renee calls  Natalie on cue (from production.)  Renee summons Natalie to her room. Natalie says she is not in the mood.

Later, everyone is in the suite together. Renee is pissed that Natalie blew her off. She is also pissed because she sees Natalie and Alicia yukking it up in the pool.

In real time, after this Renee flew to LA. Perhaps that is where she “sought help.”  If you missed my post that Renee responded to about this trip, you can read it here.

On the next episode everyone is back in Jersey but the catfight is not over.

P.S. This episode was way better than this lame recap. Honestly, I was so enthralled it was hard to ‘cap it.



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32 responses to “Mob Mives Recap: Renee Went From Mentor to Mental

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Renee is such a mess. She acts like a mad woman when she zones out in her crazy mode. Her mob princess mentality is deeply ingrained, and she is not changing. Production blacked out a lot of that fight. I think it was more violent than what we saw.

    Alicia is giving me shades of Teresa Giudice in the looks department, but she is far more prettier and with a less annoying voice.

    I am liking this season a lot of more than last year. How do they keeping finding these mob ladies willing go on tv? They are gonna need a replacement for Alicia because she certainly will get jail time.

    So glad that Karen the hood rat is gone. I still tease my sister for spending her money on that gangsta chick’s book.

  2. Renee will admit no wrong. She somehow thinks that to be her friend, you must tell her she’s right even when she’s clearly 100% wrong. She said it was not about delicious. It was about some later faux pas on Natalie’s part. Huh? Why the fuck did you melt down at delicious then?

    And it’s true. Natalie or Alicia needed to be her designated target.

    On twitter she has pretty much denounced all her friends for not following her blindly like retarded sheep. Carla is tweeting like a maniac about the whole thing. In between hawking soap or some such. And all the ladies are mocking delicious for what it was. Totally ridiculous.

    • Oh and that strapless romper Renee had on the morning of the fight? Bwahaha. No. Jesus just no.

      • well this is the least controversial thing you had ever said.

        On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 7:57 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Lol. I had forgotten it with all the battlaxing. Then I looked at the recap and there she is looking like a humdinger. You know what a humdinger is? It’s when your boobs hang so low you can throw them over your own shoulder. My mom told me that like 40 years ago and it just popped into my head this minute.

      • Bitch, post your tits before you make fun of others!

        /flops mine over my shoulders in a huff!

        On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 8:54 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Shellbelle

        I couldn’t take my eyes off that romper!! Didn’t she have a total body facelift or some shit a few years back and almost died? I might consider asking for some money back…

  3. Iwannano

    Renee is pathetic and desperate. Natalie’s comment that Renee’s date looked like a turtle while moving her head like one was hilarious as was Drita’s comment calling Renee -Superfly Jimmy Snooka!

  4. Deborah

    Not a lame recap.

  5. Isabella J.

    I have never seen this show until this season, WOW, makes the housewives look like they are girl scouts! The Mob Museum is a BIG deal in Vegas, if you are ever in town ask your concierge to get you some comp tickets. And if you really want that tacky red couch that’s in the Palms suite, it can be found in Hotel Furniture Liquidation, off Pecos. Great recap TT!

    • Skeeter

      Imagine that!!!! A tacky red couch in the Palms suite – owned by the Queen of Tacky – Adrienne Maloof! (And wanted by Big Ang because it’s loud lol)

  6. Kaleesi

    TT, reading this recap has actually made me want to watch this show, where before I had no desire. Now I can’t wait! I don’t even know what network it’s on. Late to the game as usual.
    I hope you’re feeling better, Tamara. I love your recaps!


    • Twilly

      You do realize these women are grown adults, right? Most grown adults don’t blindly follow their friends that are way in the wrong just because they are friends. Some can step back, be a friend to their friend without slicing someone’s face just because their friend said to That’s high school you’re thinking of.

      • Twilly

        and not even high school should be that stupid btw 😉 I realize these women act ridiculous sometimes, but Drita acted like a mature adult in this episode. Take notes.

    • Skeeter

      *passing Xanax*

  8. JoJo

    That reference to ‘Superfly Jimmy Snuka’ – who I never heard of – and that video posted of what he looked like with the wild eyes was perfection. That’s exactly what Renee looked like in her hillbilly muumuu (I didn’t think those could be found after the ’70s)!
    Like the rest of the cast with their mouths hanging open during Renee’s WWE match, I watched the show like that. I love this damn show, this episode the best. Better than any HW show to date – maybe because these broads are expected to talk and act batshit crazy or maybe since they aren’t as bad actresses as the HW?
    Oh Renee. Even giving her slack because she was totally f’d up, admits it, & claims recovery, she still is a HAM as a friend. She demands 100% loyalty, no matter the circumstances, but that only applies to her.
    Anyway, that hillbilly muumuu and that superfly side slide up to Natalie to give her a neck brace, reminded me of a “I Love Lucy” episode and Natalie was Ethel.
    And I like Drita and as irritating as the little Philly tough gal act can be, I respect Natalie and thank her for the entertainment standing up to Xanax Zyyxx Road (and that Road is real and just outside of Vegas – the road to hell they say!).

  9. Shellbelle

    This episode was delicious!! Loved how Drita and Big Ang stood there shocked and speechless! Alicia claims that she doesn’t act like that, but I bet if she didn’t have a sentencing coming up,she might at differently.

  10. JoJo

    I forgot if this was in this episode or not: Alicia telling Drita and Big Ang that Sammy the Bull was responsible for the hit on her FIL. Then she went in on how Karen acts so proud of who her father is and even bragging that he killed (or was responsible) 19 people. I like Alicia so far and I agree with her on Karen 100% and glad Karen’s gone.
    I hope Alicia avoids prison time. House arrest or probation would be good so she can continue on the show – she does have kids to take care of after all. Similar to Teresa G. I just can’t see her doing prison time since her husband will most likely be and she has 4 small kids. From what I used to know, a Husband/Wife, white-collar criminal team – with kids at home – rarely if ever do both do prison time concurrently. Depending on the crime, the publicity, and the message a prosecutor wants to send, if both of the team are sentenced to prison, they stagger the sentences.

  11. Renee and her sister were hanging out with Karen last night according to twitter. How sad is your existence when you banish fair minded people from your life in exchange for someone with no integrity whatsoever who licks your ass. I guess they have a rat connection.

    • JoJo

      FFS, that figures. When TT mentioned Renee seemed to have nothing to do with the cast on Twitter – “friends” – I was thinking she meant everyone including those not on the show anymore. I can see though blind loyalty is still Renee’s strong suit.
      I’ve forgotten even why Karen is no longer on the show, just happy she’s not.

  12. Bri

    That “delicious” comment was very disrespectful. I know Natalie probably didn’t mean any harm by it. I’m with Renee on this one. Renee doesn’t have to act like that though. I just would’ve told the girl about herself and let it go afterwards!!

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