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kimofqueens_30_spot_HD_768x432-16x9I  was intrigued by the commercials for Kim of Queens as I watched and recapped Dance Moms this week.  I immediately looked for a rerun to DVR and am excited to watch this show that takes place in Atlanta! (Yes, locals, I know her business is in Suwanee.) Kim Gravel is a former  Miss Georgia who runs The Pageant Place, which assists pageant hopefuls with pageant coaching and interviewing skills designed to put the in the finals in pageants and in their personal lives.

The season begins with Kim prepping her pageant girls for moving into the teen level of pageants. This means interviews!  Most of them have not done interviews before. In walks Addison, the ringer.  Kim freaks out over Addison trying to clog. By the way, when Kim won her title she sang opera. Kim struggles to find a talent for Addison for the pageant that is coming up that weekend. Addision says it is either clogging or a comedy routine.

This week is the Sweet Onion Blossom pageant. Clearly, Kim picked the pageant for Addison.  One of the pageant moms quickly points out the obvious.  Kim strikes right back at the mom saying she is taking them to a pageant they are ready for. It is their first time doing an interview and they need to practice.

Kim of Queens Addison

Oh Lawd. Kim is doing that fake sign language interpretation thing with her mother when she doesn’t understand what she is saying. Cue the International Deaf  Association outrage. By the way, I haven’t been able to hear out of my left ear for a week. I’m just saying. I was not outraged.  Kim and her sister and her mother all work for the business and it is hysterical.  Mom and sis are headed downtown for some sort of camo wear for Addison for the pageant.  For those not local to Atlanta, we are divided into two types of people here. The ITPs  and the OTPs.  The ITPs are the arrogant, yet still admittedly cooler than us, hipster types who live inside the perimeter (I-285)  they shun the unfortunate OTPs who live “out in the hinterlands.”  I am an OTP.  Kim’s mom and sis are REALLY OTPs.  In general, us OTPs  do not enjoy driving downtown where everything is a one way street and half of the streets are under construction at all times.  Thus, they are already lost and likely having a panic attack. Hell, I am having one just watching this.

Wait, they went all the way ITP to find an Army/Navy store?

Kim’s sister, Allyson needs so serious help with her eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Kim is trying to get Addison to learn to tap instead of clogging. Kim really hates clogging. Frankly, I expect the winner of Miss Sweet Onion Blossom to clog. I am loving this show. These are my people!  The scenes with Kim, Allyson and their mother are priceless.

Addison looks FABULOUS in full drag. Sadly, her camo dress appears NOT to have made the trip. LOL Allyson purposely forgot the dress. Addison rocked her talent!

Time for interviews.  I am going to TRY not to make fun of these little girls. I will say that there are less than a dozen girls in this “pageant” and 90% of them are Kim’s girls.

I was not even a tiny bit shocked that Addison won. But, if you believe that was Addison’s first pageant? I’ve got some oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you. That girl was super poised, walked like a pageant veteran and totally knew how to tap. Also,  I don’t think that was a real pageant A Tall.  Nine contestants and six are on Kim’s team?

But still, this show made me giggle. I’ll probably watch again. Will you? I think it moves to Tuesday nights at 10 on Lifetime.


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16 responses to “Kim Of Queens Recap

  1. Nicole

    I saw the commercial and will not add another show to watch but I’ll read your blog to keep up. I’m OTP btw. I used to be ITP so the narrow streets doesn’t bother me but I don’t really like to travel past midtown! :)

  2. Shellbelle

    I’m OTP!! 285 makes me break out in hives! I think I will watch it too… Probably for a lazy Sunday afternoon when the boys are watching football.

  3. SaraK

    So if I LOVE the Drag Queen Detox, and I say the photo of Kim reminds me of Detox, I am following the be nice in 2014 rules right? I don’t need my reality TV to be real anymore, I just want it to entertain me which this show did. I have it ready to record next week, we shall see how it goes.

    • I don’t need it to be real either. But if you are going to make up a pageant name, one should bear in mind things like, sweet onions do not have blossoms. And there probably are not any army/navy stores ITP. :)

      On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 6:08 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • willlynn

      Ok I’m mad! I was trying to figure out what drag queen she reminded me of and you all nailed it! LOL!

  4. It’s funny. We were trying to figure out where it was filmed. Sadly and incorrectly, I said: it can’t be ATL. I did not see one black person during the whole show. Mea culpa.

    Did you hear Addison say what her favorite time in her life was? It was a dance competition in NYC. So much for Kim teaching her to dance.

    I like Kim. She reminds me of a woman at work who everyone but me hates. She’s loud and very southern and very opinionated. Yankees don’t take well to that I guess. It works for me!

    • Oh and I meant to mention how striking the difference in Addison was. I figured she’d clean up well. But she was downright gorgeous.

    • Addison claims it was a clogging competition and that she won. Clearly Addison knows how to tap (as many cloggers do) but even more clearly was that she is a HIGHLY trained pageant girl, and the pig sloppin’ shit was all made up.

      I like Kim too… she reminds me of one of my favorite people.

      On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 6:54 PM, Tamara Tattles

  5. Jarlath

    Detox has really let herself go

  6. Yeah I’m going to sound like a stalker but oh well.

    Like all reality tv shows, this one seems to be fake too. I get curious about people and always search them so I searched Kim and a facebook link popped up and I looked at the photos she has, and one of her pageant girls was in one and it linked to her page, and in her photos linked to Addison. Addison has been in AT LEAST two pageants before this Onion Blossom one. Shocker right, I know.

    Not that I wasn’t expecting this to be fake and staged as heck but dang… I had a little bit of hope at least it wasn’t as fake as it seems it is.

  7. Angel

    I enjoyed the first show. I did not expect to like Kim, but I love her. I was expecting her to be mean like that woman on Dance Moms. I am being kind, I refuse to watch that disturbed person. I could do without the sister, Allyson, I would fire her in a minute, sister or not, she grates on me, and I don’t have to work with her. It is good those young girls will learn poise and making a good appearance in front of people. They will not all be beauty queens. I liked that Kim shared her ugly duckling photos. May have been preemptive strike, reality tv brings out us critics looking for dirt.

  8. MsSmitty63848

    I really enjoyed the show and love Kim’s personality. However, I was really disappointed to find out that the whole first episode was based on a lie. Addison has been competing in pageants for a long time. You can even find records online of her winning pageants back to at least 2007. It a entertaining and I’ll probably keep watching it. I just wish they actually could have found someone that need help with pageants, at least for the first episode…

  9. Attention New People wondering why their comments don’t show up here. This is not a place to attack the looks of children. Please find another blog for that behavior. See ya!

  10. Jojo

    I refuse to ever watch Kim of Queens again. Reason being, I hate hypocrisy. After listening to her mock a Tom girl for her “bushy” eyebrows, I lost total respect for Mrs. Gravel. Brooke Shields and Mariah Carey were both quite stunning with their bushy brows before arching became a fad. Why do some women feel they have a right to put other women down for not following a razor trend? Then she expresses the importance of being kind. Mocking someone’s eyebrows before the whole world is not kindness I’m. Please stop. Insults are not honesty, they are just insults!

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