Dance Moms Returns For New Season

dance-moms-season-4-jill-holly-kidsApparently,  Dance Moms is doing a reunion before the new season airs. That’s rather weird. It also amazes me how much these girl grow up in between seasons! Also, the makeup on the girls and the mothers is miles above the housewives of anywhere on their reunion shows. Mackenzie is apparently giving makeup tips on YouTube, I suggest all the housewives check it out for some lessons.

On the reunion, it was the same old same old.  Brooke sang her cute little song. I am not a huge fan of that. I don’t know why. I think it may have something to do with her sort of aging out of this show. She wants to be a Disney kid it seems to me and that might be a better place for her now.

It looks like Nia may have fallen into favor with Abby since she has been taking a lot of privates.  Abby seemed to struggle to find fault with her on the reunion show.

Chloe’s solo was amazing! I am still pissed that Chloe did not get to defend her national title last year. That was cruel.  Still I wish Christi would keep her head down and stop making things worse for Chloe.  Maddie’s solo had one huge bobble. And it was not her best performance. Kendall’s solo looked rusty. Which is odd because they have likely already filmed everything, right?

Ut oh,  Abby has brought in a ringer to dance on the team. Her name is Thalia and she is quite good.  Chloe and Maddie are going to have to up their game! Now on the premiere!Dance Moms
Of course we open with Abby Lee screaming that everyone is replaceable.  Why is Nia on bottom?  She was the only one who went to everything during the off season when some of the other girls could not be bothered to attend booty camp! I am already pissed at Abby. Which I guess is the point.  When Abby revealed Mackenzie’s head shot, I had no idea who she was. It has her so photoshopped she looks 30! Okay, this is the craziest thing Abby has ever done. When she gets to Kendall who is in the first position on the second tier, she trades her out with Nia. Now Nia can’t even be happy with her position because Abby made it seem like she took it away from Kendall.  Way to mind fuck some 12 year olds, Abby.  Then Abby gives Nia a solo this week and mutters that one would think it was going to Kendall. Jaysus.

Peyton does not fit in with this line up. Oh god. Abby has lost her mind. The group dance is a reenactment of  the fight between Leslie and Christi at nationals last year. The children will be playing their mothers. How humiliating for everyone. But wait. First she has to hold out Maddie as the most favored and makes sure everyone knows it is their job to support the queen bee. This of course makes Abby uncomfortable. Then Abby gives Maddie a cake. Which of course she will never eat.

Abby is being nice to Nia, just to piss off Kendall’s mother and it’s working. Brooke is late and has not called in. I think Abby will get rid of Brooke and Peyton. Peyton can dance, but at 16 she is too old for this group. Both girls need to move in to an older group.

Am I supposed to know who this singer is that Brooke is singing with?  Because I don’t. Brooke doesn’t really have a “dancer’s body” in my opinion.

I really like the trio in rehearsal.  Kendall, Chloe and Paige is a good trio. I hope they win first!  YAY! They were up first and they were great! I did notice that either Kendall was too far to right, or Paige was too far to her left. But I think they have a shot.

Maddie was sheer perfection. That is all. She won regardless of the competition. Breathtaking performance.

COME ON NIA! I hope she didn’t really dance right after Maddie.  Damn. She stumbled coming out of her aerial. She did seem a lot more confident that she has been in seasons past. Definitely saw growth.

I thought the group number was cute by Abby was NOT impressed. Especially with Brooke. She seemed to miss a step or something.

YAY! The trio won first! Maddie won first place in junior solos, as she should. Sadly, Nia did not place.  Oh crap. The group came in third. Someone is going to be slaughtered by Abby. Probably Brooke.

Next week they go to Ohio to Brawl with Kathy. Are y’all watching this?


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23 responses to “Dance Moms Returns For New Season

  1. Shellbelle

    I am!! Love it.

  2. Shoot! I missed it! I can never find the proper channels here. Showtime is really A&E and Biography is SPIKE TV. It’s all f–d up. I love this show!!! I will try and see if I can find Lifetime on E-Networks here. Otherwise I will just have to hear about it…..Ah the joys of living in a third world country!

  3. flygrltpa

    I love it…thanks TT!

  4. jarlath

    I’d forgotten about this scripted mess.

  5. The beauty of the show is that even though it’s scripted to a point, the girls’ performances are what they are. I didn’t watch the pre-union. Or the Christmas special.

    Nia also does not have a dancers body. She’s more like a gymnast. I don’t like Brooke’s song either. It’s over produced and she lip synchs it. It’s pretty close to Friday without the catchiness.

    You’ve never blogged this show. It was kept close as your personal joy.

    Btw, did you catch Kim of Queens afterwards? I’m a fan. Hooked already.

    • No! I saw the commercials and wish I had taped it. I’ll go look for another viewing.

      On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 6:23 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • ZenJen53

      ITA with you TeeCee, the beauty of this show is the performances. Maddie is a dancer with talent. Also thought Kim of Queens was a hoot! An ugly duckling who turned into a Miss Georgia swan. This is NOT Toddlers n Tiaras whom I’m sure it will be compared to.

      • I taped Kim of Queens and it is on the list of things to blog tomorrow. That is if I live to see tomorrow.#MongolianLungFlu is kicking my ass today.

      • Yeah, it was a bit of a set up. The girl let it slip that she had attended a dance competition in New York. So, she isn’t exactly as green as they’d like you to think.

  6. bendy

    I was thinking it was Kendall who doesn’t have a dancers body, and those high waisted outfits didn’t help. I can’t listen to that Brooke song. Nia has grown but she needs to be lighter on her feet. Her jumps and aerial were all labored.

  7. Kaleesi

    TeeCee mentioned Kim of Queens above. I didn’t plan on watching, but couldn’t find the remote right at the beginning. Lazy. I watched and I
    LOVED it. That Kim woman and her facial expressions. Also, she
    seems so encouraging and fun.

  8. jelley

    I sort of stopped watching because it makes me so sad to see the way Abby talks to the girls and their mothers. Everyone is so disrespectful. Poor kids.

    • jarlath

      This show is clearly scripted. It went down hill after season 2 if I recall correctly. I stopped watching it. Abby’s histrionics, the “dance moms” pretending they’re putting up with abuse because only Abby can make their children stars, the fake ringers to create “drama” … it’s all too transparent.

      • If you hate it and you don’t watch it, why are you reading the recap and commenting on the show?

      • jarlath

        For the same reason you responded to my comment.

      • Santoro

        I enjoy watching the dancers, I am so turned off by the “moms”. They act like low class fools. Their kids must be so ashamed of them.

        Please Abby…..less Moms and more dancing. You might be surprise to find that a reality show without the trash can still get high ratings. Enough with the Dumbing Down of America!

  9. willlynn

    I know Nia has been having problems with one of her feet so that walkover or whatever its called shouldn’t have been added to the dance IMO but I’m not a dancer. I do find myself cheering for some of the girls but really can’t stand Peyton every since she made that remark that she was better than everyone else. Brooke does not want to dance and Kelly needs to realize that she has found something new to keep her busy. Just waiting to see exactly how far Melissa will stoop this season. She’s so sad!

  10. I’m glad you’re recapping Dance Moms. I find myself cheering for all the girls, eventhough I feel Maddie receives special treatment from Abby. I have watched since season 1 and still don’t understand if someone feels their children are being mistreated why stay and allow them to continue to be mistreated. Also watchind Kim Queens.

  11. courtandsnark

    I know the show is scripted, but I grew up doing competitive dance and a lot of what happens on the show is accurate. My studio only did a couple competitions a year, and we had months to prepare, so I cannot imagine these girls having DAYS to learn and perform brand new numbers for every competition.

    There were definitely favorites at my studio, and it was always clear who was at the bottom of the pyramid, even if the teacher/choreographer didn’t actually put up a pyramid like Abby does. If I could compare myself to anyone, it would have to be Nia because I was always at the bottom of the pyramid. Twenty years have passed and I am STILL not over this. I bring it up in therapy and my therapist is like “why are you still upset about things
    that happened when you were 10?”

    Fortunately, I quit dance early enough to avoid developing a major eating disorder and/or committing suicide. But to this day I still think about my teacher telling my parents “your daughter doesn’t have a dancer’s body.”

  12. Xanadude

    I have relatives who have danced competitively against ALDS and they have said there are now competitions that will not allow students from ALDS to enter because the filming disrupts the competition. We are seeing a VERY select view of the dance world here, highly edited and mostly scripted.

  13. Xanadude

    TT – are you going to be recapping the Testoreone answer to Dance Moms – Friday Night Tykes? That looks like some scary scary stuff.

  14. Xanadude

    Tuesday January 14 on esquire

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