Ready For Some Renee Graziano Tea?

mobwivesreneeI moseyed over to Renee Graziano’s twitter feed to see if she has sobered up yet.  My personal assessment is that she is trying but not there yet.  And there was much strangeness to discover there, so I thought I would share some tea I’ve dug up. Deciding  where to begin is  the hard part. I think I want to start with December and then go back to September.  This may be a little confusing, made moreso by my raging case of Mongolian Lung Flu, but there is a lot of ground to cover.

Last Monday, was a big tweeting day for Renee. I am not sure if she fell off the wagon again, or what, but there were many tweets and  Instagrams. But first, he is what she posted today.

 From Instagram:
This should be on everyones resolution list 4 2014,  i wanna share alittle something with you guys..this year i learned the hard way some people will judge (when god knws they shld be begging 4 forgiveness or saying nothing at all) & some r quick 2 point fingers in hopes it’ll deflect the dirt they r doing or have done 2 some 1 else .. well I’m here 2 tell before u do either of the 2 stop & think because u can best believe that dirt your doing or did will come back 2 bite u in the ass so unless u got a big ol butt .. like the size of a horses ass and wont feel it.. I suggest u don’t judge or point a finger 4 something u once did or r doing … & I can say this cause I speak from experience so trust me when I say if u dont work 4 the court system don’t judge !!!!!!

She is really pissed at someone. And she is not interacting with the other wives on twitter. Alicia seems kind of chummy with Drita…. interesting?

Mob Wives ReneeOn December 30th, Renee repeatedly tweeted that her drunken relapse was or 4 or 5 months ago at the end of September.

Renee Graziano     ‏@reneegraziano                30 Dec

time 4 #MobWives please know it was filmed back in sept & I’m very healthy now dnt worry but ur prayers r always welcomed n appreciated xo

Renee Graziano     ‏@reneegraziano                30 Dec

I appreciate all the concern & love but wht ur watching was filmed 5 months ago .. I’m doing amazing in recovery & I’m happy love u all!!

Renee Graziano     ‏@reneegraziano                27 Dec

If ur tunin in2 #MobWivesNewBlood on @12 on @vh1 I knw it was I screwed up bad look 4 me & it was 4 months ago n IM IN RECOVERY since then

Renee Graziano     ‏@reneegraziano                27 Dec

2 all that r concern about me what u seen last n what u’ll c next wk happened in sept I’M GREAT N IM STRONG IN RECOVERY #thanks4caring IM OK

Renee Graziano     ‏@reneegraziano                27 Dec 

Wish ppl realized this was 5 months ago and as mad as I was I no longer am I’ve learned some ppl have to play there positions in the circus

Renee Graziano     ‏@reneegraziano                28 Sep

From Vegas 2 LA!! #hollywoodroosevelt

So it was pretty much EXACTLY three months ago. It’s not so much that she changed the time so much as that all of those  posts were posted on the same day!

Renee's Australian TourOn October 26th Renee was posting that she was just one week away from her Australian Tour. So her plan was to leave for Australian on November 2nd.  She cancelled the tour at the last minute because she “had a car accident.”  There is not a shred of information about this car accident on the internet other than the photo above that was posted  on twitter by Renee.  Nary a tweet about the actual “car accident.”

Then on November 4th This happened:

Renee Graziano had an epic catfight with “Mob Wives” newcomer Alicia  DiMichele during filming for the series. Our spywitness says things got so  nasty and loud during filming at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in the Meatpacking  District, patrons could hear the ruckus even though the shoot was in a private  room behind closed doors. The expletive-laced shouting match was incited by  Graziano’s accusation that DiMichele was having an affair with her husband. We  wonder if they made up after the beef. [SOURCE]

So clearly her show was still filming on November 4th.  This means a few things. One, that she was already booked for the week she was “going on tour in Australia.”  And two, it doesn’t seem like she had time to go to rehab unless she went in October.  Also is Renee accusing Alicia of sleeping with her husband for real or was Confidential’s source misunderstanding the argument.

WAIT WHUT? Renee’s father was released? Did this really happen?

Renee Graziano     ‏@reneegraziano                25 Dec

I got all I want I got 4 xmas MY DAD is home .. My son is happy and I have the most loyal loving family .. THANK U JESUS!

Clearly, the Mob Wives are super fractured in real life!  Except for Big Ang. She loves everyone. Well, except Natalie.

Renee responded on twitter with the following:

Renee Graziano     ‏@reneegraziano                13m

@tamaratattles YES my dads home amen & as far as my recovery it don’t matter if its 1 day 5 wks or 6 months what matters is down 7x up 8

I believe Renee meant to type that she sought help in October. YAY! And that she could not travel (especially all the fucking way to Australia!) due to injuries from car wreck and that was why she had to cancel. Also, he Dad really is out and she is still recovering day by day. So all good news.  We are still chatting so check out my twitter @tamaratattles!


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25 responses to “Ready For Some Renee Graziano Tea?

  1. donna

    However long it, it wasnt long enough. My problem is, she keeps blaiming everyone for it. Dr. Klapper, Carla, Juniah, now Natalie (mini me?) What about her? Blaiming herself? Why dont she try that out for size?

  2. Husband? what husband? they guy who ratted out her father?

  3. Urethra Franklin

    Your honorary dumb fuck is here.
    So cool that she responded & clarified those tweets. It doesn’t seem that she threw any shade or daggers at you. Yay no mob hit on you so far for 2014.

  4. Well that clears some stuff up. But I can’t say I agree with the down 7 times up 8 thing or whatever. It’s bullshit. It sucks that not everyone seems to have her health and best interest in mind. The cameras should have stopped at the first drop of relapse. Sobriety should have been a condition of filming.

    In the end, Carla was right and is still right. The only person with the courage to speak up and say the truth got thrown off the show.

    • RandomBogan

      The saddest part is her sister is the producer on the show,so you’d think theyd Kim Richards her ass but nope!

    • gertha bit

      teecee66 i always thought Carla was right about Renee from day one. they’ve known each other the longest. also, i always thought Carla was the most ‘real’ of the bunch. i always liked Carla. real pity she’s gone. at least i still have good ole Big Ang—

  5. Way to go Tamara on catching up with Renee and getting the info straight from her! Doesn’t get much better than that!!!

  6. I have thrown the cunt out with the trash. This is not a day you want to try my patience with your stupidity. Bitch had an awful lot of comments to memory hole for a dissatisfied customer. I hope she doesn’t get snot on the windows here whilst she spends her time with her nose pressed to my glass unable to be heard from ever again…

    Anyway, back to recapping Dance Moms.

  7. P.S. TeeCee, I trashed your comments too lest someone else think you were talking to them…

    • Lol. What a nutbar. Came in gunning for trouble. Got what she wanted I guess. I bet the RHOA comments section is Incomprehensible. Too bad that was kind of fun.

      • I suspect it was some small potatoes blogger from somewhere. She seemed extremely jealous that I had tweeted with Renee. That seems a very odd position unless you are a jealous blogger. Then she wanted to attack the blog specifically. That is jealous blogger sort of behavior.

        On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 6:25 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • She wished AIDS on TRho too. So…

  8. JoJo

    Really like Mob Wives show, just can never remember when it’s on, but today there’s a marathon right now. The new gal, Alicia’s 18 year old son, Anthony looks almost exactly like Caroline Manzo’s Christopher, but 30 lbs. lighter!
    If Alicia plays her cards right and turns up, without getting on the wrong side of Rene or Drita of course, she should be able to stay on the show as long as it lasts since it seems she has 12 more years of wiretap tapes to get through!! Natalie OTH, seems to be lucky to be alive.

    • Alicia is getting sentenced for federal crimes soon. Unless she gets house arrest, she will likely be unavailable for filming.

      On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 7:43 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • JoJo

        Finally, I caught up with the episodes and read the Mini Mob recap. Did I miss the last episode recap – all hell breaking loose in Vegas and Renee being pulled off Natalie? I love this show!!

  9. Xanadude

    How soon before Renee starts selling “Delicious” Tshirts? :)

  10. Kisha

    Thanks for giving us the 411, Tamara!

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