Vanderpump Rules Recap: Rich People Annoy Me

Vanderpump Rules - Season 1Sorry I didn’t stick around for this last night. I just feel like hell and finally just went to bed.  I am giving it another try now and it seems like this episode is more separate from RHOBH than I thought. Tom is pissed at Jax for spreading rumors about him. Really? Because isn’t this show all about rumors? Ariana (Is that her name?) is pissed at Jax too. All three will be tending bar together. Jax is denying everything.  Meanwhile, Kristen is still drilling down Tom looking for proof of his infidelities.  Why is Kristen drunk on the job? And confronting Tom on the job?

Katie has decided she is a tarot card reader. She says things like, “You feel good, but you don’t feel the way good feels.”  Stassi has decided to hone her private detective skills by delving into the Tom and Kristen relationship looking for signs that he is with Ariana.  I have decided coughing my lungs out may be more fun than watching this show.  Kristen is sobbing in the alley and unable to work because…???  Well pretty much for no reason at all.

VPjax2Are Mohamed and Martin related? Or is it just that all old men look alike? Brandi is hitting on Jax.  Now that is a match made in IQ heaven! Why have we not thought of this before? They are perfect for each other!  She is already conspiring to murder Joyce with him. He would probably agree to do the shooting.

Why is Michael ordering for Yolanda? And everyone has special requests. I find people who do that to be highly annoying.  A simple “no tomatoes” is fine. But deconstructing the entire entrée and making into something else is ridiculous. It doesn’t take long for Brandi and Michael and Joyce to get into it.

Kirsten treats Tom the same way Stassi treats Jax.  None of these guys are in possession of their own nut sacks it would seem. Lisa sends Kristen home. I think she should fire her on the spot. Who is allowed to behave this way at work?  Wait, Kristen doesn’t go home. She sits out in the alley and drinks.  Then she confronts Adriana who carefully explains that she and Tom went to Vegas to play poker three years ago. Kristen is still suspicious. Tom needs to cut that bitch loose.

Next time, it’s Stassi’s birthday trip. This year it is Cabo. Everyone gets along great and acts like the adults that they are. Wait. That will never happen.


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28 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Recap: Rich People Annoy Me

  1. fpf1

    I was LMAO at Tom and Jax’s comments about the RHBH ladies. Joyce looking like LaToya Jackson, Jax not knowing was ‘race’ Yo is, a drunk United Nations dinner party, a lot of yelling with emotionless faces which can’t move, etc. Wait kids til you’re their age! Let’s see if you look any better with the pressures of trying to look youthful forever.

  2. Normally I don’t find Stassi interesting at all, but the comments from all of them about the BH ladies were hilarious! I felt for Stassi, waiting on the table from Hell couldn’t have been much fun.

    • eastjames

      Stassi deserved every second of it. What you do in real life will come back and bite you in the ass in the restaurant world.

  3. thedisher

    I also LMAO at Tom and Jax’s comments and even Stassi’s. Joyce & LaToya do look alike — one natural/one surgical – too funny! The RHBH ladies were being ridiculous and making the Vanderpump kids look more mature – except for Kristen. Loved Lisa’s line – “Go on, get us some dinner or something, and stop staring at us like we’re teaching you something.” Also LMAO at Schaena’s ridiculous “Gold”/I want to be Keisha (sp?), idiot song, she “talked/sang” while wearing gold studded wedge sneakers. BTW– who in the hell would ever trust Katie to read their cards? Worst..reading…ever.

    • Um, I think the Joy in your life is lost. And BTW your future card represents death and pestilence and eternal suffering. But that probably doesn’t mean you need to break up with Tom.

      It was priceless.

      • thedisher

        Enjoy your blog so much TT! Hope you have a great New Year. Glad to read that you are making strides with the anxiety/depression. 2014 is your year!

  4. thedisher

    BTW, TT — I click on the ads everyday. Hope you make money for the clicks and not the downloads ’cause both say they aren’t compatible with Mac.

  5. Diva

    Most of those girls on VR look pretty rough. And those glasses Scheana was wearing!! Stupidest look, ever.

    • jelley

      What was up with everyone wearing ridiculous glasses this episode? so. awful. they looked like they were in costume. jax is way too old to b trying so hard.

      i can say that if i’m slightly younger than him, right?

  6. Did anyone else catch at the very end, Kristen said Tom has cheated on her 3 other times?! No wonder she has trust issues (still not liking her). They both need to cut ties and move on.

    • JoJo

      I caught that and whoa, 3X???? No wonder she has trust issues, but for crying out loud, she’s still there. I can possibly see once and her going crazy and hypersensitive, but after 3 freaking times? You either get used to it or get the hell out…he’s not changing if that’s the case.
      And if Tom was in Vegas with Ariana 3 years ago, that’s called hanging out. If all this is true, does he stay with Kristen for 1/2 the rent? Or because he can continue to screw around and test the waters and is immune to the Sherlock abuse.
      I don’t get this.

      • JoJo

        And why did Kristen just blurt this little ditty out just now?

        I always wondered too why when she never misses a chance to explainTO THE WORLD that Tom cheated with a ‘skank’ in Vegas, she never leaves out the part ‘and unprotected, in the shower! You’d think she’d at least leave the shower out – I mean that’s clean sex at least:)

    • Yes, I caught that. My immediate reaction was, “With females?”

    • Felina

      I caught that also, but remember Lisa said Ariana worked for her for 2 1/2 years, Ariana said it was 3 years and Tom said it was 4. I think it may be a mathematical issue with this bunch!!

      • Yeah they have a problem keeping the timeline/amount of time straight. Lisa has said anywhere from 4 yrs to 2.5. She also said Sheana worked for her 3yrs and on the most recent episode she said 6yrs.

      • therealdeb

        i think what lisa may have been referring to was his time at villa blanca, maybe he has worked for her for 4 years, and 2 1/2 of those at villa blanca then on to sur. not sure but that makes more sense to me. tom and ariana seem like best friends. i have a male friend like that and he is not gay, he is in his mid 20’s and i am in my 40’s. there is nothing beyond friendship with him and that is how i see those 2, best firends. it is possible to be friends with the opposite sex and it not be sexual.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      When I heard that I thought, how stupid is this woman? Is she waiting for a 4th time? I don’t understand how she can bring her whiny, emotional self to the workplace, take up valuable time, CRY interrupt her colleagues while they are working, CRY SOME MORE and not get sacked.

      She needed to be fired LAST WEEK/LAST YEAR/YESTERDAY.

  7. JoJo

    IMO, this was one of the better VRs, and especially when the STFU dining event was shown through these wait staff’s perspective. For all these VR staff’s issues, their personal observations and their TH on the dinner were almost LOL hilarious.
    No matter my personal opinion of Jax, his observations on the RHOBH dinner, thinking maybe Joyce was LaToya Jackson and the United Nations of Rich Drunks to mention a few, and even the others including Stassi’s were the best part of the VR show.
    I’d think Bravo could have had a real hit by force-feeding us VR with at least a chaser of Lisa’s dinner parties from the staff’s view!

  8. JoJo

    The math re how long cast staff & stuff happened has always puzzled me. Not only have we all heard these different lengths of time about various events, but I always wondered about the math re their actual employment at the joint (even taking into account transfers from Villa Blanca).

    If Scheana has worked for Lisa only 3 years, heck she had already had her affair w/ Eddie Cibrian before Lisa hired her, as Brandi was a newbie on RHOBH, and the whole fiasco still in the media. Scheana went to the rags after the lid blew on Eddie & LeAnn too, which was ’08 or early ’09 I believe, so it wasn’t like Lisa wouldn’t know who she was or heard at least through that grapevine. Would Lisa hire her knowing this and as Brandi debuted on RHOBH?

    And it’d be interesting how long any of these people really worked for Lisa before VR. Maybe some hired in anticipation of the show? (I’m glad Peter is there whether he was hired the day before production on VR:)…there’s just not enough of him on the show!

  9. Kristin drunken bitch..Tom and Jax need to grow balls…Stassi still a bitch..she don’t like rich people I don’t like her..Katie…*rolls eyes*! Blondie and Tom just need to get it over with..

    • JoJo

      Imo, Tom has all the balls he was born with, maybe even spares, since he seems to be able to spread them around at will. My theory is his ‘sure thing’ GF won’t leave him even after 3 times of ‘sexual distraction’ – and that’s only the times she knows about. It might be that he did the risk/reward analysis, and being on the show, $$ & tuning out or off Kristen’s nagginess & phone investigation addiction didn’t outweigh the rewards in his case.
      I doubt Stassi hates rich people, she was born with a bronze spoon in her mouth and I think she’s just biding her time until some fool’s bank acct. and resume is acceptable. Think she was sarcastically bitching about the HW and their fortunes:))

  10. JoJo

    Undoubtedly, and at Jax’s age and from what we’ve seen of his drive, ambition. goals and dedication, he’ll have to settle for being her side piece – until he ages out of that:))

  11. I loved the “Upstairs, Downstairs” element of RHOBH/Vanderpump Rules this week. It almost made the SUR crew look like sympathetic characters.

    Kristen and Tom are so codependent. Tom just needs to let Kristen go and be his authentic Gay Tom self. I love Arianna because she’s the only hipster LA chick in the bunch, and because Tom is her gay BFF/shopping buddy. Arianna even makes Scheana seem likeable!

    The only highlight of Kristen’s meltdown was Hot Peter getting more screen time. I feel sorry for Peter because he puts up with so much cray, and he appears to be the only one doing his job. I don’t know how any of these SUR wenches could complain about working if they get to stare at Peter every day.

  12. jelley

    I’m so glad you haven’t given up on VR, Tamara. This show is my crack (along with the housewives franchise). I’m from New Orleans and am so glad Stassi stopped reminding everyone that she’s from NOLA and went to an all girl private school this season (our public schools are pretty much detention centers so everyone goes to private high schools – most of which are single sex).

    Anyway, this episode was the best. i loved their comments about the BH cast. Stassi can be very funny. I’m trying not to say anything [else] super ugly about the cast so… i like ariana. i can’t believe she’s so close with scheana. i can’t type her name without picturing her ridic glasses. ugh.

  13. There TAROT READING by KATIE to KRISTEN was completely INACCURATE .. First of all the initial card she chose ast the signifier is that of many choices — so many you become almost confused — some choices are illusion and others are true happiness.. The obstacle that is placed over that card is the 10 of cups — that is about the most pleasant card in the deck.. Kristens own obstacle is her own happiness and choosing and trusting to just be happy. ANNND not only that the 10 of cups in a love reading represents that there is nothing to worry about.. So really the obstacle is in Kristens mind and she can potentially have a very happy home life.. Katie said about contentment with a false heart and I apologize but I would have to disagree? What is behind you is the 8 of cups… It absolutely does not represent feasting and happiness.. ? In the past you severely pondered ending a long term relationship -needed time alone – felt bored at your current job or had a true “gut” feeling that everything was indeed going to be ok. The 10 of swords means that you are really not quit believing your loved one and questioning everything. You must trust yourself and the universerse.. THe most important card at the end that was never mentions was the 4 of wands.. This is the card of possible marriage and blessings. In love the relationship is about to get alot stronger or signifies a special event where in which you will be so proud of yourself. Brings a light a positivity to the entire reading… Kristen will probably never read this but I just thought if she did it would make her feel a lot better. Unless this is a made for tv relationship then your friend was way off. No bad energies to the reader but she needs more practice.

  14. CK

    ZOMG Katie CANNOT read the tarot. She is horrible at it. She is wrong and she let her friend toward conclusions that are merely only Katie’s own opinion. The tarot cards they pulled – in a pretty damned haphazard way, no spread I’ve ever seen – and their interpretation seemed to be straight out of Katie’s ass.

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