Tamara Tattles Top Five Posts of 2013

2013lookbackWell my feral readers, we have made it through another year.  And as usual I, and sometimes a select few of you, have sent some folks into a frenzy that required them to post that  they we leaving us, and that we would never, ever, EVER be getting back together. And yet, I can’t remember a single one of them.  Can you?  I can’t remember much of last week at this point, to be honest. So I decided to take a look at my stats and see what our top five posts of 2013 were.  It’s kind of a strange bag. Are you ready for a walk down memory lane?

NUMBER 5: Kenya Moore Bids Farewell to RHOA. 
Yeah, okay so I was wrong about that one.  I prefer to think of it as wishful thinking. But you have to admit that Kenya Moore bid a fond farewell to every cast member, pet, cameraman, member of the press, and each and every one of us by name in her final blog last season.  What was the point of all of that if she wasn’t really leaving? To be honest, Kenya is starting to grow on me this season. Just a touch.

ChateauSheree21813-5Number 4: Work Resumes on Chateau Sheree
I know what you are thinking, “Only number four?” Yes, the post I made on a lark after driving home from the head shrinker and seeing actual construction going on, the post that led to a billion other posts from a variety of courtrooms is only number four.  I haven’t talked to any of the neighbors since the holiday season started, but last I heard it was still a Tyveck covered monstrosity of incompleteness.  So sadly, no Christmas at Chateau Sheree again this year.

Number 3: Shane Gandee Confirmed Dead After 3 Bodies Found in Search
This one pretty much fell in my lap. In the world of blogging, it’s usually feast or famine. That is, there are either a ton of things to blog about or nothing. This was a nothing day so I was combing new sites looking for anything and was one of the first people to cover this story. I was also live updating it frequently as the information unfolded.  So all the Buckwild fans found the site and ran up the page views.  And some were OUTRAGED by this comment I made about the accident. “The lesson here is, if you drink in a bar until 3 am, perhaps four wheelin’ in yer truck is not the best thing to do afterward. Go to the waffle house like normal people.”  Whatever. It IS the lesson.

Number 2: Will Alyce Laviolette Be Charged With Perjury? 
Ah, 2013  was the year of the Jodi Arias Trial.  The month of April brought significantly more traffic than any other month this year as I put on my lawyer hat and tweeted about the trial. A lot.  It got to the point that all the regular reality TV people were yelling at me to please stop posting about Jodi and post about our shows! I still try to do a trial post here and there when something interesting is happening and am thrilled that so many trial watchers decided to stick around.

Number 1: Finally, the Truth is Out About Why Adrienne Wanted to Sue Brandi Glanville
This post was MILES above all the others.  On the night of the Ojai Dinner on RHOBH where Brandi blurts out that Adrienne used a surrogate for her kids,  I honestly thought someone was trying to crash my site. When you blog on WordPress there is a little bar chart at the top of your site that shows you how you are doing. It’s not super accurate but for the most part it is a short little group of peaks and valleys.  That night I notice that while I was still working on the recap as the show was going, that instead of that, it was a flatline to the end with one huge bar at the end. That’s weird, I thought. I finished the blog and checked my stats and I had hundreds of thousands of views in the past hour! Seems by some miracle I had strung together the correct string of words to lead Google users here.  I believe it was something like “What Brandi said about Adrienne.”  I had said it in a previous post before I started the recap post and just like that, I was super famous for a day. You never know what Google will decide is just the right string of words to link users to your site, but that night I hit it exactly right!

Thank you all for spending another year with me. It’s been a wild one full of courtroom drama on TV and in real life. I don’t know about y’all but I would be fine with a calmer, gentler, 2014.  Perhaps it will be the year that Chateau Sheree finally gets completed. But I doubt it. :)

What was your favorite post on Tamara Tattles in 2013?



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47 responses to “Tamara Tattles Top Five Posts of 2013

  1. eastjames

    Aw! RIP Shane Gandee….still makes me sad! I liked that Dukes of Hazard reality show!

  2. Urethra Franklin

    I laughed out loud at your blog about your return trip through Miami customs from that island which name I can’t remember.

  3. Nicole

    Happy New Year!

  4. Ellis Scarlett

    What about Kandi getting married? I still think you are right about that one.

      • Katrina

        Kandi says that she will get married without Mama Joyce’s approval, but I just cannot see it. I hope 2014, Mama Joyce comes around. I can’t wait to see what happened in Mexico.

      • Me too. It seemed like a very credible source. I didn’t seek it out. The person seemed confused about why I would care and was on her honeymoon there….. I believe her. She did NOT say that Kandi got married. She said she had drinking in a bar on camera the night before because the ladies were there because someone was getting married. And then Kandi and Todd both tweeted pics of the wedding site with comments like “New Beginnings” Maybe Kandi and Todd were just fucking with us, but if so, why would Kandi then tweet she was not married…. Maybe the storyline is they run off to get married and then decide to wait until Mama Joyce comes around?

  5. Sonya

    I loved all your post regarding the Jodi Arias trial.

  6. I have no favorites, I just love when you’re extra snarky or witty. Also recently I was thinking about what you said above about the non returners. Couldn’t remember a single screen name, just their humorous outrage. I mostly remember the one who tried claiming to be one of your CI’s just because she was able to repost info you’d already posted. She was also a devout NeNe hater.

    • My all time favorite was the chick who emailed me a copy of her degree from some agricultural college to prove she was educated when I suggested otherwise. But That might not have been during 2013.

    • I probably hurt their big fat feelers at some point. Just saying. :)

    • If they’re truly a regular then they’d return even if you hurt their feelings or put them in their place. It’s happened to all of us at some point yet here we are. If anyone hasn’t returned that was previously a regular I’d have to say they’re probably like Isabella and out having a good time and will return eventually to tell us about it 😛 Either that or they got over their reality tv kick.

    • JoJo

      Karma Grant:
      Ditto to that! One blurts, spits, jumps a shark, asses, reassesses and returns!!!

    • brillke

      I think I left the blog once this year. Hehe, I was just kidding!

      This blog is like crack and TT is my hook-up.

  7. Katrina

    I’m surprised the Zimmerman trial or side bar didn’t make it. I have enjoyed your posts. I wish Sheree would prove all of us wrong and get that house built! I also liked the detailed breakdown of the Fed charges for Joe and Teresa. Have a happy New year!

  8. Gingersnap

    There is no way I could pick a favorite blog, although I can pick a favorite blog site!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

  9. JoJo

    Of the tops listed, it was the Jodi Arias trial and I wasn’t even a commenter then. The breakdown was spot on and I even read all the comments, which took days on end.
    And, one of the more fascinating Arias blog posts I remember was one involving the commenters: someone who you eventually considered insane and booted after giving the poster many chances. Someone who was constantly back and forthing with one of your fav’s Lauren Bacall:))
    The breakdown details on the Giudice trial also spot on.
    Too many of the reality grub to search for a tops.
    But not listed, an honorable mention to your invitation of special guest recapper Urethra (of course) because, in the last 3 episodes when I put in search words for AHSCoven, off the wall ones in fact, YOUR blog comes out as the first one, at least on Bing!

    • YAY! Spread the word on Bing! Now THAT is something helpful you can do. Come here through Bing or Google. ! Let’s get me moved up the list in the new year!

      Here are all of UF’s posts. I was very lucky he agreed to blog with me in 2013 http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/?s=Urethra+franklin

      • JoJo

        Bing is my default search engine, I have to type in Google but do at times. Will do. The search that amazed me is I put in “Who was the original black tribe mentioned in AHSCoven Tituba?” Swear to God and your blog comes up, I was like wtf? then 3 more times on a long ass search question…..kinda’ weird I thought, but was happy to see that other’s must be doing long string searches or whatever got you to tops!

      • bing searches REALLY HELP ME. so keep up the good work!

  10. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I can’t choose one, I just love the site as a whole. I did love all the Jodi Arias coverage, and I loved all the Sheree drama (but was sorry about the cost to you, Tamara). And I love that I can come here to read what everyone thinks as soon as a Real Housewives show is over – something I have no one in real life to do with! It’s the only site I’ve found with pretty reliable tea on the shows too.

    And I love everyone who comments as well, even though I don’t always join in. Perhaps this year will be when I get called a cunt!!! I’m crossing my fingers… then I’ll know I’m actually a part of this group. 😀

  11. LOL. One day. But not today. You are not Cunt calling worthy. But you can read the whole Jodi Arias stuff here,

  12. Even though I’ve only started reading your site since the later part of this year, I really love your site as a whole and I just want to say that you are an awesome blogger. Keep up the good work and continue to get better Tamara! Have a happy new year and I expect more of the best on your site in 2014!

  13. I personally don’t care for the name calling and snark in the comments section.

  14. Tracie

    Hi, Tamara.

    I don’t have a favorite. I really love reading your blog. I am working really hard trying to get my business off the ground. My goal is to create jobs for more Americans. Unfortunately, that does not leave me with much TV time. When I read your blog, I feel like I watched the show.

    I will say that the Sheree stories were really interesting. I still cannot believe you were pulled into court that many times over something like that.

    Thank you for the blog and providing your insight! Happy 2014 & I look forward to reading more.

  15. Wishing us all health and wealth for the new year. My favorites was of course Chateau Sheree. I remember being worried for you because of her stalkerish friends, amazed at her audacity and lies, and the lengths she went to for attention. If she put half that $$ and attention on completing it, it would be done. BUT, was still hoping it would become Chateau Tamara. With all that room we could have all met for RH viewings in the Libery, wearing our finest jury for the occasion. My 2d favorite was our attempt at saying things nice! Your new years rule last year was we had to spin things (my interpretation) and say something positive about whoever we were dissing. Probably the most internal fun I’ve had all year, chuckling over making my snark sound complimentary. xoxo

  16. steve

    I found TTs around the end of jodi on the stand. Stuck around through the sidebars and UFs AHS and the Blacklist shows. But the return trip through the airport was a classic..had to share that with my old grandmother. Thanx TTand UF for doing this :)

  17. brillke

    I really liked all the Sheree post. It was crazy stuff, like something you’d see on a bad tv show, and it was hard. to believe it was actually happening to you. It was great seeing your devoted readers rally around you and offer support, both financially and emotionally. The fact that you didn’t let that ignorant bitch stop you from blogging and went to court with guns blazing says a lot about your character. I like that.

  18. Bren

    Thanks for all of the great posts in 2013. I love your HW recaps because you are so very talented at noticing the small, seemingly insignificant wtf moments of these shows that, to me, reveal so much about the cast. I watch and crack up at these moments then visit your blog and laugh all over again at your comments regarding that moment.

  19. Ok, so here is my admission, TT. When I first visited your site, I stumbled on it during one season of RHOA (can’t remember which). I was instantly hooked. I followed you until you got into it with a poster about autism (during RHONJ). Just being honest, I couldn’t believe how rude you were to her, and you deleted her innocent opinion on the matter. I actually decided that this wasn’t the site for me because you weren’t open to opposing views.

    I declared I wasn’t coming back.

    And then another season of RHOA came on, and I couldn’t find another “fix” as good as yours. I was ashamed that I went back on my word, but I’m glad I did.

    You are awesome at what you do, an amazing, insightful writer, and I appreciate the honesty and openness about your personal struggles cuz God knows we all got ’em.

    I got a soft spot for ya now, and I look forward to supporting you as best I can.

    I sincerely pray 2014 will be a breakout year for you.

    • Wow! Thanks.

      And I do have strong feeling on autism. And vaccines. That are not inline with the mass media.

      In my defense, I have been saying hand sanitizers are not safe for kids in particular in humans in general for years, and gotten a lot of flack for that too. Now, it seems I was right about that.

      Anyway, glad you came back! Thanks again for the kind words.

  20. TT: I’m a Long time reader, first time poster. Love your blog and your updates, especially as they relate to Real Housewives. Hard to pick 5 faves for 2013, but here are mine:
    January: Ask Tamara the Tea (Limited Edition). I adore Q&As.
    March: Guest Blog about the Great Meltdown of Sheree Whitfield. Loved all of the Chateau Sheree Updates, but this post was my fave.
    June: Paula Deen – Should She Have Lost Her Career. Interesting situation and interesting question.
    July: All The Tea and Documents on Giudice Lawsuit – Including RHONJ Salaries. Loved having all of the facts in one place.
    September: Andy Cohen’s Interview with Teresa and Joe Giudice. Can”t. Even. Comment.


    • Thanks so much! I added in the links to your post. That Paula Deen post REALLY pissed people off. Everyone wanted her hung in effigy! Then the judge dismissed the case against her.

      • TT: You replied to my first ever post on your site! Thanks! I will do my best to demonstrate adult behavior (but I can’t make any promises). Hope you feel better soon!

      • It was a great comment! I had forgotten about some of those posts. Thanks for taking the time to think of your favorites! And I hope you comment often.

        And that thing about adult behavior… I should probably change that. What I really meant was adult language, no made up stupid names, reasonable adult grasp of the English language, etc. I certainly didn’t mean to imply you had to behave. :)

        On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 9:53 PM, Tamara Tattles

  21. Came home for lunch and turned on Phoenix news, Ms. Arias has about a week before the judge determines her sentence??? I have tried to find this on Fox10 Phoenix, the story was just on so it may not have updated yet. She looked like CRAP.

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