Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

real-housewives-beverly-hills-joyce-husband (2)I really, really think Joyce’s husband is hot as hell. He reminds me of my one great love. Only he was not that big yet, and  just a bartender at the Wind of Change… sigh. Oh how I fucked THAT up. But moving on. Oh look. Carlton is taking her submissive and his mother fetish shopping. I’m sorry. I just can’t recap this.  I am WAY right of traditional gender roles and while I want everyone to do what they enjoy, this skeeves me out. #TMI

I love pretentious Yolanda. I can’t help myself. Yo has adult acne issues. Brandi calls to tell her to put Visine on it. lol. Crushed aspirin or toothpaste would have been better options. ? Seriously, if we have time for a Yolanda has zits scene, I have lost all hope for an interesting show. Isn’t Yo supposed to be the health expert?

Okay Lisa already had swans, and Mohammed gave her another pair for Christmas? Or did something “happen” to these? Where they prop swans? What? Anyway, Lisa and Ken are outside deadheading roses.  I love that Ken realizes that Brandi needs a man to look after her. Ken is the new voice of reason on this show. We all need a man to look after us, and when we don’t have that, things become very difficult. Lisa decides to sort of back off of trying to “mother” Brandi.  She decides to have a dinner with Mo and Martin because they know Joyce. Maybe they can sort out their differences.

imagesCARK4I67LOVE the scene with Kim and her son watching the Kingsley video. I totally get Kim’s attachment. I have my first dog too and OMG when his time comes, I will be beside myself.  Banjo is my best friend too. Oh wait, I don’t think he is my baby and there are no pacifiers. Perhaps she is going too far. LOL.  Banjo and I are two creatures in our own space who move separately. There is not a lot of affection. We are really good roommates.

It looks like David or Bravo has rented out Nobu. In this case it is probably David. David is a musical composer extraordinaire.  Despite his pretentiousness, he really is a musical genius.  So I moved by him writing a poem for his wife. Yolanda, who is also comes across as pretentious, is all about shaping him.  Truth be told neither of these two are pretentious.  They are the people that pretentious people try to emulate.  They actually are both HUGELY successful at their crafts.  I love that David loves Yo and Yo is still worried about her zits. I know y’all are going to tear this scene apart. But I love these two together. I am infinitely jealous. It’s a magical relationship. I love she gave him a book of nudes just for him. If I looked like her I would do the same. Keeping her man happy is a smart move.

I’m bored.  Kyle is having a fashion show using Joyce’s models.  Brandi shows up and is pissed that Joyce is “going into her Spanish” to exclude her. Um, hi Brandi. In other countries peoples speak many other languages. These people all speak Spanish as their first language. So they are merely talking to each other in their first language. Just like you speak Valley Girl amongst your friends.  Get over yourself. This is not something being done to you. If you want to know what they are saying, learn Spanish. Her friend Jennifer Gomez another reality whore that Brandi is BFF’s with, who oddly is a  recovering alcoholic,  is greeted in Spanish. IT’S A CONSPIRICY of Latina speaking Spanish to her BFF!  Fuck you, Brandi.   You are the ONLY PERSON THERE that does not know Spanish. Your ignorance is not  Joyce’s problem.

ROFLMAO. Joyce is smaller than Brandi. Apparently THAT is what is killing Brandi.

Mo and Brenda and  Lisa and Ken are preparing for dinner at SUR where Joyce will be. Yo arrives looking STUNNING. Shiva, Mo’s 2903820938th finance arrives. Joyce and Michael are “late” which  means Bravo his hold them from arriving for storyline.  We are not NEW Brandi, we know how this “reality” works.  Brandi tries to rework the storyline to make it look not like Joyce was being empathic “I’ve lost a dog too, I know how sad it is…” into making it all about Joyce. What kind of cuntbag doesn’t understand empathy?  The same thing happened to me, I know what you are going through… suddenly becomes “a competition.”  Makes me think she let her own dog go loose.

If you look up PROJECTING in the dictionary, you will find a lovely picture of Brandi Glanville with the quote “She has to make everything about her all the time and it is exhausting!” What a vile woman she turned out to be. I apologize for liking her previously.

Now Joyce and Michael are arriving “late” and I so want them to say, “Sorry, we were making love in the limo and in no hurry to see you biatches.”

LOLOLOLOLOLOL  Joyce just skips right over Brandi in the greetings. And why shouldn’t she? Brandi is a cunt to her.

Not sure but I think we are moving into Vanderpump Rules territory.  And everyone is ordering weird shit. EVERYONE  suddenly wants to give my man  Michael shit for saying that all the women are beautiful but “not easy.”  That is the understatement of the century!  Why is this a bad thing to say? His wife likely comes home from filming crying at the hand of fuckup Brandi Glanville?  He is trying so hard to be a good husband. Mo says Lisa is the nicest woman in the world. Michael says if these women have a problem with my wife, they have a problem with me. YAY! I KNEW I LOVED THIS MAN!  #TraditionalGenderRoles  My man is not going to like you if you treat me like shit.

Brandi says her two mutual friends with Joyce do not speak highly of Joyce. I would like someone to hit Brandi in the face with a brick, softly, but just to get her attention.  She’s a single mom with nothing besides this show talking to an actress, and former Miss Universe who is married to a successful man.  KEEP. TALKING. BITCH.

Brandi is a cunt. That is all.

And I will deal with Pump Rules tomorrow. Got the Mongolian Lung Flu. Sorry.  This is such Bulllshit.  Brandi  needs rehab and it really is not funny anymore.  So for not editing.





















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89 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

  1. Kennedy

    It’s funny how when Brandi first came on this show and called out Kim Richards for presenting with addict behavior but no one is calling Brandi out. Her behavior is offensive and truly sad that she hides behind alcohol to be so damm mean. Remember alcohol just lowers your inhibitions which allows one to speak their sober mind!

  2. When i saw the preview of Brandi saying Joyce was making the lost dog thing about her, I too wanted to strangle her. Joyce was trying to reach out and be kind even though Brandi was a twat to her.

    Can’t wait to watch this tomorrow. Also, I love Kim and Kingsley and absolutely love Yo and David.

  3. Did you catch Brandi saying she was going to “murder a Puerto Rican”?

    And why out of the blue, do you bring up that you know two people who don’t like Joyce?

    Lisa actually said in so many words that she thinks Brandi is wrong but she stayed quiet because she doesn’t want her to get mad. That is so wriong and disrespectful to Joyce.

    I’m not a big fan of Michael. But I don’t need to be, I suppose.

    • kisha

      Good lord, Brandi is getting messier every episode. She seriously needs therapy, rehab, with a touch of Jesus. She is so ridiculously jealous of Joyce. And I really love how her husband stands up for her.
      The scene with Kingsley was adorable. I think he really just needed socialization with other dogs. I’m sure Kim is fun and all, but nothing beats playing with another dog. Lol.
      Carlton and dungeon/burlesque room/whatever. Funny how in the beginning she thought it was so crass to talk about sex, and now that’s all she does. And going shopping with her MIL at a lingerie store? Giving MIL a wack lap dance? NOPE. NOPE. AND NOPE AGAIN.

      • MIL reminded me of Dame Edna somehow.. Brandi seriously appears to need an intervention. Rehab is needed. She needs to hit rock bottom for her to even admit she needs it though. One would think just watching herself on tv would make her cringe with embarrassment. I was rooting for her the first couple of seasons but this season she just makes me uncomfortable with her awful drunken behavior. She is so jealous of Joyce. Not a fan of hers but I do like her not backing down and dishing it right back at Brandi. Her husband seems like a sweet guy and obviously adores her.

  4. Iwannano

    Brandi’s reaction to Joyce’s empathy was awful. Brandi’s comment to Joyce in the pool was ignorant and certainly a poor joke, but I don’t believe she is racist. I don’t think she is a bully either. Just an ignorant drunk. Btw, all her drunken behavior is just fodder for Eddie to use against her. I kind of feel sorry for her. She is very insecure and alone.

  5. Iwannano

    I missed this part about Joyce speaking Spanish to the models. If they didn’t speak English, then conversing in Spanish was okay. If the they were able to speak English, then they should have. I have observed this many many times and it is very off putting. Jmho.

    • So when we are all hanging out in Paris, we should speak French so as not to hurt the locals feelings?

    • It was Jennifer that asked Joyce in Spanish if she spoke Spanish and then proceeded to converse with her. Brandi can’t even get that straight.

    • JoJo

      You know I agree that in our real plebian world, that I’ve been in situations when working that I was the only non-Latina in a group of Latinas who spoke only in Spanish with one another until the meeting came to order. It was uncomfortable because one always thinks maybe they’re talking about you.
      BUT, in this scene, Jennifer was introduced and she was the one that started speaking in Spanish and Joyce obliged. That was a ridiculous thing to even mention by Brandi in her TH, especially because it was her BF who was involved and started it.
      Brandi supposedly modeled in Europe for a number of years, I’m sure she was in the ‘model room’ with people speaking all sorts of languages.
      Yeh, this one was on Brandi.

  6. Brandi is losing it. I am a fan and continue to shake my head at her poor behaviors and ignorant comments. She needs to take responsibility for her actions and she won’t ever to that. Now, I don’t love Joyce. In fact, I find her rather annoying, but good for her for standing up for herself and her husband doing that, as well. Brandi needs to stop dropping the bombs when there is an issue. Grow up and have an adult conversation. Although, I wonder if she is able to achieve that.

    • i am in total agreement with you that brandy is losing it. she is not very good at coping with things and her first response is always anger. i do find joyce annoying, can’t help that, but i don’t think she is a one upper. i do think husbands need to stay out of the fray, they are only hearing one side of things and i have seen husbands go off and it was their wife really in the wrong. i don’t think brandy is a racist nor a bully, but she has a crazy sense of humor and thinks things most wouldn’t are funny. i do believe the race and bully card are played far to often. i think brandy needs to have an intervention and maybe charm school.

      • Gingersnap

        If she enrolled in charm school right now, she might graduate in 2041, give or take a year or two :)

      • Kaleesi

        Don’t let Andy hear that! I smell a spinoff!
        Wasn’t there a charm school reality show spinoff
        from Rock O’ Luv, or some bs?

    • Skeeter

      Brandi needs to remember how shitty she was treated when she first came on this show. It’s sad that she’s treating Joyce this way for no apparent reason at all!!!

  7. Xanadude

    Yep, I’ve officially flipped and am diggin’ Joyce, mostly because of her husband. to me the highlight and f the ep was when Jax didn’t realize the camera was on him and stood with his mouth agape for several loooooooong seconds. I somehow think this may just be his default setting.

  8. Xanadude

    Damn auto correct. HIGHLIGHT OF THE EP

  9. Xanadude

    Wow. I just realized how Richards free this episode was. NICE

  10. Gingersnap

    How NICE that a man stands up for his wife. YAY! There’s hope for the human race after all. I was glad Michael put his foot down to Yolanda’s suggestion that he “not get involved” and really why should he? Who made Yolanda Speaker of the House? Finally, someone that will call Brandi out on her bullshit and stand her ground and not fold. Finally, someone that will throw down and get their hands dirty, without going into the gutter. Brandi underestimated this little Black, Indian, Spanish spitfire, and her BABY! Brandi will be crying before the night is over. Too bad, so sad.

    Actually, Joyce came in the room ready to take them ALL on, and more or less did. A+

  11. i watch these shows and the ugliness that comes out and i’m literally shaking afterward. it finished 15 minutes ago and i’m still shaking. so horrible, so unnecessary, so mean. so so clear that money does not buy class. wish brandi understood that really and cared. does she even remember that was part of her tag line last season?

    this is what i thought as i read your recap:
    Brandi’s friend jennifer spoke to joyce FIRST in spanish. joyce then spoke spanish with her. that was actually polite, tho if i were doing that and a friend cut in who didn’t understand i would have reverted to english but there was nothing wrong with speaking spanish for a little while and totally unfair to act as if joyce were being a bitch by doing that.
    Brandi tells Joyce that they have mutual friends and that neither of them speak (sic) highly of her. how do you respond to that besides being hurt and upset? was that calculated to get a happy oh i love you response from joyce? so joyce gets upset and brandi tries to turn it on her?
    i agree with everything you say re brandi. you totally get it. i don’t agree that she isn’t a racist. i think she’s a racist when it’s useful to her (if she doesn’t like someone and runs out of STFU type things to say she’ll start throwing out some race bombs. some consider that rhetoric, i say it’s racist and shows what she really is).
    i LOVE michael. nothing like a man who sticks up for his woman. mine would stay out of it but mainly because he is a slow thinker and wouldn’t know what to say besides STOP IT (LOL). bravo bravo bravo, michael. yeah a smart man prolly would have stayed out of it but i’m glad when a man doesn’t care to be smart and is right out front supporting his woman and showing that he loves her. she was outmanned at that table by women who didn’t like her and poisoned the well trying to get the others to dislike her before she even showed up. at least someone was on her side.
    not cool that joyce said she was there for mohamed and martin. she should have apologized and explained but as far as i’m concerned that was her only misstep besides not walking out the instant it got ugly.
    guess this is just a bravo thing but you’d think an adult woman (lisa) would know to let the two fighting women decide when they want to get together and work things out rather than trying to set that up before they’re ready. guessing bravo’s producers thought this would be good tv, tho.

    • lori

      Thank you for making the comment that it was Jennifer who started the whole speaking Spanish thing. Brandi is ridiculous. Jennifer asked Joyce if she speaks Spanish in Spanish, so Joyce answered her in Spanish and that’s how it started, and lasted all of 5 seconds. I have no other comments about this episode. Nada.

    • Carmen

      ITA with your entire post! Loved it!!!!

  12. AmberKnows

    Brandi may have bi-racial children, and friends of every nationality but when she gets angry she reverts to what she knows and that is to make racist jabs to her enemy. She can fuck a million black and hispanic men AND women but she’ll always feel above them because she is white. She makes sterotypical and racially insensitive comments but gets angry when they are interpreted as racist. Tonight she didn’t want to murder ‘that bitch’ ‘Whore’ or ‘beauty queen skank’ or even ‘Miss Puerto Rico’. She wanted to murder a Puerto Rican. IT’s a RACIST comment.. like if she said ‘ murder an African American, Mexican, Italian, Arab or Haitian.

    • Brandi’s children are Caucasian last time I saw a picture. And the above commenter is correct. Come to Miami and say I want to kill a Puerto Rican. We will meet you at the airport.

      • JrLeaguer

        I am really hoping that her “killing” statement is part of the famous Bravo editing and that next week, we will see that the statement was no where close to the snippet that was played….I HOPE. I have seen it done with a lot of the commercials for their shows to drum up outrage and viewer ship.Then again with Brandi, it may be exactly what was said in it’s entirety.

      • She cops to saying it in her Bravo blog. But “she didn’t mean it.”

      • JrLeaguer

        Oh dear!! I do not read their blogs anymore, so I did not know that she owned up to it. Even though I am appalled by her behavior, I was hoping that she was not stupid enough to say that….guess I was wrong! She is starting to make LeAnn almost look rational.
        I can take a person becoming completely unhinged, but when the “F” word is 95% of a sentence, the person’s argument sort of loses credibility with me. I think that most people tune out a great deal of what she is saying because of her language…she just sounds like an irrational person with no real thought pattern and is dismissed.
        Wishing you and Banjo and Happy and HEALTHY New Year!!

      • I went over there to see what she would say but it was just more of the same. Nothing interesting.

      • Oh and thanks and Happy New Year to you too!

      • Brandi’s kids are mixed as their father is Cuban.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        That’s funny. My nephews are going to Miami next summer. Can you give them a ride to their hotel? Pretty please!
        Brandi is putting maximum effort into being ‘controversial’ this season: She’s earning her Bravo cheque. I don’t like her antics in this episode. Being antagonistic to Joyce is downright stupid. She’ll probably feel embarrassed when RHBH is cancelled, but for now, she is very entertaining.

    • Eddie’s heritage is Cuban. Cuban is not a race, the race of a Cuban is Caucasian, therefore her kids are not bi-racial but Caucasian. Perhaps multi-cultural would have been a better word choice, but then again Brandii doesn’t have the education to understand the difference.

      • Good Lord. Will there ever come day where we stop worrying about what race other people are? Cubans, like most other nationalities, come in many races. There are black Cubans, White Cubans, Mulatto, Cubans…Shrimp creole, Shrimp gumbo,fried shimp, shrimp cocktail, butterfly shrimp, GUMP.

        On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Tamara Tattles

  13. justjenn

    I’m strangely relieved that people are seeing Brandi for who she really is. I was starting to question my own sanity (no, not really).

    Every time I see her all I can think is “huge crap-weasel”

    • Tweetypie35

      First season i was team Brandi.I loved that she defended herself against Kyle and Kim.They treated her badly for no reason. Second season , she started to work my nerves. Now she’s acting the same way as they did . I don’t like Joyce, but i can’t stand by Brandi attacking her for no reason at all.

  14. Brandi is stupid. She might be keeping herself in the show by causing problems but the other women would have made great ally’s or friends. They could have really helped her. Stupid!
    With all the business’s these people own they would have helped in the buiness world had she not alienated them.
    I’ve never been a fan of Brandi’s but I hoped she would played the game better.
    Off topic – ck out Chular crop circles.
    A few miles from me. I wanted a little green man, might be better than earthly ones.

  15. ps we are one of the few countries that speak only one language. Many people from other nations think we are ignorant for not being bi – lingual.

    • Mango

      Yeah, I have to take exception to that one — yes, it is true Europeans tend to be better educated, but bear in mind also that Europe is smaller with more traffic now among countries (and that was not always the case). The US is gigantic by comparison and having one primary language for a hugely diverse population to communicate in make sense. Finaly, yes some Europeans in large cities speak multiple languages, but most focus on the primary language of their country with usually French, English or German (note: the languages of most tourists) as a second and third

    • Considering we are the melting pot of the world I have to disagree with our country speaking only one language. Sure we are only taught English primarily in school but typically there are other options. Also the US doesn’t have an official language though many states claim English as their official language.

  16. Tweetypie35

    I have absolutely no idea what happened that entire episode. I fast forwarded so much . lol As much as i long Carlton, that scene with her mother in law was creepy and disrespectful . I skipped Kim and her dog.I understand how she feels about her pet, but Kim annoys me. I skipped oer Kyle and whatever she was doing as well. I’m glad that LIsa is done mothering Brandi . Brandi is an adult and she needs to be responsible for herself.I know Lisa cares for her , but Brandi clearly doesn’t appreciate that Lisa has her best interest at heart. I didn’t get that whole fight . Nothing was solved at all. I do love that Joyce’s husband will defend her , but i agree with Yolanda.He should have just let the women deal with it .

  17. brillke

    It’s seemed like everyone kept telling Joyce to drop it, move on, let’s move past this but nobody would say boo to Brandi. As the hostess, Lisa should have taken control of the situation and let Brandi know her behavior was unacceptable. I’m not a big fan of Joyce but the bitch has brass ones and I like that.

    I just can’t with Carlton. Everything she does is for shock value. When something is said or asked about it, she gets pissed. That skank makes my skin crawl.

    I’m so glad Kim is doing the right thing with Kingsley and being a responsible pitbull owner. Love pits and wish more people were as responsible as she is being.

    • Tweetypie35

      I agree Lisa should have taken better control of the situation. I don’t like Joyce either , but i can appreciate that she will fight back when she needs to.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Great comment. Well said. Yes indeed, as the host, Lisa should have stepped in much earlier.
      I’m very glad that Joyce stood up to Brandi. This is the strength and character that I hoped to see. She has been too beauty queen/pageanty so far.

      Brandi needs to be “checked.” Wish Nene Leakes or Caroline Manzo could make a guest appearance.

      I have no words for Carlton. It’s a little sad that Kim’s whole storyline revolves around her dog.

  18. JrLeaguer

    I tuned out for most of this episode because I am actually a “Real Housewife” and I was folding laundry while I halfway paid attention to the screen.
    Carlton’s field trip to the sex shop was weird. I felt bad for her mother in law.
    Kyle’s obligatory store scene was a snooze fest. We get it…you all live on Tic Tacs and cocktails.
    While watching these idiots order dinner, I could not help but think that they have all consumed at least twice their bodyweight in spit. As much as I loathe Vanderpump Rules….I did pity the staff having to serve them.

  19. bunniecarrot

    Remember last year when everyone was bashing Mauricio but applauding ken? Fuckin morons. This is the shit that’s been going on since Brandi came on the scene but when Joyce’s husband gets fed up with Brandi’s shit it’s fine (which I applaud him for) but when M did it last year he was the villain. Like M said Brandi spits out hurtful damaging statements true or false and calls it “keeping it real “. We keep hearing this sob story of how her husband left her like what 5 years ago. He left for a REASON, I mean can you blame him? What man would want till death do us part with that trashy shit of a woman. Lisa and Yo are used to getting their way and are just now realizing fans aren’t too smitten with them lately.

  20. Becky White

    I have a question – is Joyce bi-racial? – are ALL Puerto Ricans also black because of their lineage?
    Really now I am being serious.
    I mean for example Ricky Martin is PR but he does not for example say he is black but he may have black roots according to Joyce.
    So I am confused when Joyce says she is black.
    She says all PR’s are black, Spanish and native American.

    For example, my husband is 1/8th Native American but he does not say he is Native American – he does not identify with that – he says he is Irish – that is what he most identifies with, That does not make him any less NA.

    Carlton – No- just no – I can’t stand her.
    Yolanda and David seem so sweet together but they don’t seem to really get to spend much time together
    Ken – I ADORE HIM
    Brandi – I don’t know why I ever liked her – she needs rehab
    Kim was so cute watching a video of her doggie

    • JrLeaguer

      This may help. Since I do not want to break the rules and post a link, here is a cut and paste of what I found on a website for Puerto Rico….

      “The people of Puerto Rico represent a cultural and racial mix. When the Spanish forced the **Taíno people into slavery, the entire indigenous population was virtually decimated, except for a few Amerindians who escaped into the remote mountains. Eventually they inter-married with the poor Spanish farmers and became known as jíbaros. Because of industrialization and migration to the cities, few jíbaros remain.

      Besides the slaves imported from Africa (Sudan, Kongo, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leona, and the Gold, Ivory, and Grain coasts), other ethnic groups brought to work on the plantations joined the island’s racial mix.”

      **The Taíno were seafaring indigenous peoples of the Bahamas, Greater Antilles, and the northern Lesser Antilles.
      i think that Joyce was firing back at Brandi for shock value when she made her statement and incorrectly thought that stating that she was black would make Brandi shut up. As we all know….nothing makes Brandi shut up. Hope this helps and have a great New Year! :)

      • jasmine

        You cannot speak for Joyce and her family. If she expresses she is BLACK, the she is. How do you know her ancestry does not include African ancestry? Too many people exclude their BLACK ancestry and I applaud Joyce for embracing hers.

      • JrLeaguer

        Jasmine~ Are you responding to Becky White’s post, or my response to her? From my layout, I am unable to tell. Thanks.

      • AmberKnows

        Her grandmother is black… she is a mix, like many Puerto Ricans of African, Indian and European. Ricky Martin as fair as he is, albeit constantly tanned, could also have Indian and African ancestry as well.

      • Becky White

        Thank you for the replies – I did not want to start anything I just wanted to understand.

      • JrLeaguer

        Becky~ You are not starting anything. You asked an honest question and I attempted to answer it. :)
        I hope that Jasmine did not think that I was speaking for Joyce and her family…because I was not. I simply cut and pasted from a Puerto Rico website that gave the background on the people of the island which DOES include a reference to African ancestry due to imported slaves as well as Spanish and Taíno. I learned something from the site that I went to as well. I knew that Puerto Rico was a blending of cultures and ethnic groups, but never knew which specific ones,

  21. jasmine

    Correction: “then”

  22. gertha bit


  23. I don’t get to watch until maybe later tonight but am interested now in the Carlton/MIL scene. I have a funny Korean MIL (hubs stepmom) who, the morning after the wedding, asked me “how many times?!” Yes, she was asking THAT question. She’s not a pryer, just funny in her own way.

    • JrLeaguer

      Okay, coffee just went everywhere…that was too funny! One of my sons is dating a young lady who is Korean and Vietnamese. We adore her and her family adores my son.

  24. DeeDee

    More and more this season, I’m reminded of Adrienne’s comment about Brandi in her first season: “she doesn’t have a filter.” It would appear that not only does she not have a filter, but the plumbing needs fixing altogether. As others have posted, I’m not a fan of Joyce, but she stood her ground and stood well; and applause to her husband for his support. Looks like next week Yo is gonna take a stab at calming the storm – perhaps a better move than to have Lisa make the attempt …. something tells me that Lisa has made the attempt on several occasions.

  25. Belinda

    Yo and David….what a beautiful couple/ beautiful life. They represent what we would all like to be whether we admit it or not. Kim an Alpha ? Kim can’t even spell it never mind be it. Brandi is a mess but why does she have such awful, unhealthy looking hair ? There is pretty much nothing I haven’t tried but Carlton creeps me out, too. Hideous face, hideous body and way, way TMI.

    • Diva

      I agree 100%!!! And I love Yolanda and David.

    • I’m a crazy dog lady myself, but Kim’s Cesar Milan-wannabe trainer annoys me. All that Dominance Theory/Alpha Dog stuff is total bullshit. She didn’t need to send Kingsley away to the wilderness; a boarding school/day care like K9s Only in LA would have been just fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim isn’t able to keep up with the training, and Kingsley reverts to being spoiled and aggressive.

  26. It’s weird that Brandi’s BFF Jennifer Gimenez was on Dr. Drew’s Sober House (she was the house manager for the sober living facility). Brandi’s drama is a huge waste of energy and storyline. Joyce is way too polite/classy/sensitive/human to be on RHOBH.

    The SUR scene reminded me of my days working as a hostess in an upscale bar/lounge. Lots of rich and wannabe rich people getting drunk and behaving badly.

    Carlton’s burlesque room segment came off as really desperate. Burlesque dancing and sex toys are NOT shock-worthy in 2013/2014.

    • I hate to keep chiming in about people’s looks, but I find myself wondering why all of y’all who do comment so harshly on looks have said nary a word about Carlton’s husband. And his teeth.

      I, of course would NEVER say such a thing about someone’s appearance, but what is wrong with you people for not acknowledging the lurch in the dungeon room?

      • Gingersnap

        I DID notice his teeth, but wondered if it was just me being weird. This is gonna sound even weirder, because at one angle, for a split second he looked like he had fangs. YES, FANGS. Then it all became clear. A witch married a vampire and that is why those two are so fucking bizarro. No telling what’s gonna be in that dungeon. Maybe a full sized coffin? I dunno, just sayin :)

      • LOL yes he IS a lurch. I’m just trying to not think about Carlton and her hubby using the dungeon room. They are so awkward and un-sexy with their TMI sex talk.

      • i think carlton’s husband is sorta handsome. but omg when they inserted his talking head i had to laugh. that voice, ugh. between that, and her lapses into a sort of cockney or manchester accent, they come across as working class rather than beverly hills. not dissing the lower classes but finding it ironic considering how pretentious she can be.

        her nasty post saying joyce promotes anorexia really pissed me off (the factions get together and plot what they’ll say to take someone down?). carlton looks to be the most anorexic of the bunch. can’t tell whether she’s a bodybuilder or just had all the fat sucked out of her. leaves the muscles looking strange like they have nothing to hang on to.

  27. eastjames

    I’ve got this lung flu too. I think its the beginning of the Apocalypse. Plus its my anniversary and I just wanted to feel sexy and have fun but I have buckets of snot running out my nose! Happy new year! Haha!

  28. JoJo

    As not a fan of Joyce, from just what we’ve seen so far, and reassessing that maybe, in fact, it was because I was rooting for Brandi, I am at a crossroad.
    Brandi said a couple blogs and video ago, pre-apologizing for ‘inappropriateness’ in the next 3 episodes, it’s now at least 4 episodes, a horrendously juvenile Christmas blog and social media that just won’t drop the issue of Joyce. It’s one thing to blog on what happened 6 months ago what she felt during filming, but a totally different thing spewing stupid shit today.
    Unless Joyce has done more than flip her hair, called her husband ‘baby’ or even outed her about Lisa, I just do not get this seemingly blind hatred.

    If she’s been prodded to keep the fireworks going during filming, we still have NO clear idea what the hell Joyce has done, and we’re about 2/3 or more before the end. Right now all it seems is that she had an off-camera one-on-one with Joyce and told her Lisa can give criticism but can’t take it and Joyce outed her.
    If that’s the case, she could easily just be pissed off and ignore Joyce and come clean with Lisa and wouldn’t be worse for the wear. If there’s nothing more than that, all she’s done is to come across as a complete drunken meanie and continues to perpetuate it making Joyce the sympathetic character, relevant, more popular and now Brandi’s hated more than she’s liked.
    I had a high tolerance for Brandi’s STFUs and other foul-mouthed retorts when being attacked. Well, it’s now getting old and WTF does that constantly, consistently at high-end restuarants, formal dinner parties, basically anywhere.
    At 41, on national TV, and in social media, and yeh, with 2 small kids just old enough to be aware of this, at risk of being bullied (the real sense of the word) about it, and probably already aware if not Googling it or being told by the ex, she’s just too damn old for this crap.
    Anger management and back to school to learn how many words are in the English language to express oneself, even when throwing shade or defending yourself, would probably behoove her more than rehab for her drunken behavior. I don’t think she’s an everyday drunk, just an insecure soul who gets drunk to mingle with these gals on national TV that she feels inferior to due to wealth and to party so hard to mask the loneliness when her boys are with their dad.

  29. stevod

    Is anyone else suddenly wondering if Eddie cheated on Brandi with a Latina at some point.

    • JoJo

      Who knows, apparently his pecker isn’t picky when picking. BUT, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, had he strayed in that direction, would have definitely given him much more cred that his final choice. But then again, they both are SO A-List, they probably never ran in his circle or saw him on auditions:))

  30. I just wanna say I agree with your thoughts on Brandi..I always liked her really tried hard to keep liking her and I just can’t…hope you feel better and Happy New Year!

  31. You know, the whole thing about Brandi being grated badly for no reason when she was new is not so true. Her debut was in a cast, a five inch heel and a skirt that bordered on twattown. She immediately said inappropriate things. So, when they gave her a hard time, it was not for nothing.

  32. Xanadude

    Slightly off topic, but was there any particular reason Bravo didn’t really celebrate NYE? Is it due to Andy’s diminished position in programming? Or just not wanting to compete with whatever NBC was running?

    • Bravo never does NYE. They don’t have the….mass appeal for that. I love Anderson and Kathy Griffin on CNN but fell asleep WAY before midnight this year.

      • lori

        Bravo has done New Year’s Eve. Definitely one, maybe two. The year before last year or the year before that. They had a few housewives there and some other people. It was extremely lame.

  33. Xanadude

    Yes they have done it — usually punctuated with the wig drop at midnight.

  34. Shannon

    I just found your blog and I love it! Perfect recap!

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