Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Midnight in The Garden of Tea and Shade

Carlos King posted this on his instagram to tease tonight's episode

Carlos King posted this on his instagram to tease tonight’s episode

We are back in Savannah and the bitching continues.  Nene talks funny. I am not just talking about her atrocious grammar. She mispronounces words like “bonding.”  I think she thinks she is putting on some sort of airs but really she just sounds stupid.  For some reason, everyone is bringing up their sensitive subjects. Porsha brings up her miscarriage, her clit ring, and a tattoo above her lady bits.  Now Cynthia is talking about Noelle and her “dating.” Nene chimes in to say  she thinks Cynthia is not parenting Noelle well. Nene makes Cynthia cry. Phaedra points out in her talking head that Nene has had her share of issues with her kids and is far from the perfect parent.  Meanwhile, Cynthia leaves the room sobbing and Nene doesn’t care. Porsha and Kenya comfort Cynthia.   Kenya takes the opportunity to relate that her mother doesn’t acknowledge her existence.

Kenya and Porsha bond over not having children. Pretty much everyone is crying.

Mynique  posted this photo on Twitter

Mynique posted this photo on Twitter

Nene tries to make up with Cynthia by making fun of her. Cynthia allows it. Porsha goes to her room to cry. Nene tries to comfort Porsha. Porsha is missing Syre and her family with Kordell.

The girls are headed out to a drag show. Lady Chablis is in town. In case you are unaware Lady Chablis is a big deal in Savannah and tickets are always hard to get. Kenya’s assistant arrives with Velvet because what these girls need is one more bitch in the house. Kenya and Velvet go to talk to Phaedra. Kenya says she has apologized and wants to put things behind them. Phaedra says she is over it, she doesn’t want to rehash it. And Phaedra starts pumping her breasts. This pisses Kenya off.

I hate to say it, but Kenya’s talking heads are hysterical this season. Nene is drunk. She asks Lady Chablis to teach Mynique how to read. Lady Chablis looks older than her  56 years.

Oh Lord, Porsha is texting Kordell trying to get him back. No, girl. No. Also, I need y’all to stop cooking in aluminum. Aluminum causes cancer. It’s also in deodorant so you need to buy the Trader Joes kind or the Tom’s brand. I should warn you in advance they do not work well, but would you rather be a little stinky or get breast cancer? /end PSA

Kandi is inviting the ladies to audition for her play, and  they are interrupted by a Palmetto Bug.  You may think they are over reacting, but they are not. Trust me. Those things will fly and land right on you and they are gross. Also, when you kill them they crunch and their guts ooze out.  They are horrible. Porsha ends up killing it. I could have done without that scene.

All the girls were getting along and then Nene decides to go in on Porsha. Nene says  Porsha want to receive support but she doesn’t give back support.

Next week: Peter and Cynthia fight, Mama Joyce is going to play a health card and Porsha calls Kordell.


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118 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Midnight in The Garden of Tea and Shade

  1. a little birdie

    All of that crying irritated me. Cynthia should have taken that opportunity to read Nene and show Mynique how it’s done. But it jus5 proves like has been previously said, she is scared of Nene. Everyone parents differently and unless she is already stripping at 14, Cynthia is doing ok.

    Phaedra wasn’t buying anything Kenya was selling. It was not sincere and I would have done what Phaedra did.

    Is it my or does Phaedra’s boobs always look like they are holding on for dear life? And who made the shapewear Kandi was wearing? I need it

    • Gingersnap

      I’m not sure what it means for boobs to hold on for dear life, but I do think Phaedra’s boobs always look all bunched and scrunched up…jeeze, she keeps those puppies bound up tight. No wonder she has to milk herself every five minutes.

      Lady Chablis is definitely not aging like fine wine. She’s looking a little stringy and leathery, and she made some disgusting remark about her pu$$y. I don’t get it.

      I’m not having much fun on their girl’s trip. They’re all a bunch of downers.

    • JrLeaguer

      Kandi did have an amazing shape, right? I would bet that it may be a corset…I have recently seen a few shows (I think that 20/20 did one a few months ago) that has done stories that they are making a comeback.

  2. Really!!!

    I don’t know why any of these HWs(from all franchises) are always trying to “bond” or settle their silly disagreements over lunch, dinner or a getaway. Noting is ever solved but that’s another way to bring drama to these various shows.

    I haven’t had a kind word to say about Nene since Season 2 and I still think she’s ridiculous. Let’s just say I agree with your assessment of her comments on her website which I never plan on visiting.

  3. Angie B

    Man, Nene is a bad friend. Cynthia may be a little boring, but she is a decent human being. Karma is coming. That is all.

  4. Phaedra is a classless pig. Whipping out that breast pump every chance she gets and acting like she is oh so important.

    • Readingthebeads

      Phaedra is repulsive, classless and clueless. Someone commented on her habit of trussing up her boobs, that’s actually back fat that she squeezes into the cups.

      her face in every scene….I’d pay thou

  5. brillke

    I do feel bad for Cynthia. I’m going through something similar with my 12 yr old. Everyone wants to give advice but they sure as hell can’t take any.

    Cynthia should have reminded Nene that she’s already given her her opinion, now please back the fuck off.

  6. BillDe

    What an F ing idiot Kenya is flying in her sick dog. That is the LAST thing a sick dog needs. That dog should be taken away from her. Velvet is a prop to that C. She’s obviously just using Velvet to “show off” and probably spends about 4 minutes a day with her in real life and HATES her. What an F ing IDIOT that “Miss USA” is. Miss USA? OMMFG.

  7. Vivaladiva

    Nene needs to STOP. She is so worried that people are hating on her bc she constantly hates on everyone else. Like Kandi and her play. Her hellacious tagline at the open. She said that bc her shows were canceled. Nene needs to grow the hell up and stop being such a bitch.

  8. JoJo

    BooHoos, Boobs and a Bug


  10. lori

    I don’t get how anyone who watches this show can still like Nene post season 2. She is a self serving, hypocritical and egotistical bitch who thinks all of that is okay because she is “Miss Nene Leakes”. I really think she can’t stand for anyone other than herself feel good or accomplished, not even for a second. As much as she’s always saying that she wants the other girls to get along, she’s full of it. And God forbid any of those who were enemies take any steps toward even being civil with one another, Nene had to take credit for it. Even right up to the end when Porshe was trying to end on a positive note and say something nice, Nene had to ruin it. She’s just so mean, and in her talking heads she says mean thing after mean thing, with her fake “proper English”, with that stupid smile and eye blinking thing. Honey, you’re a reality star. Your acting career was a joke. I’m sorry, and I know it’s not a nice way to think, but I swear I can’t wait to see her fall on her drag queen face. I’m really bummed that Cynthia didn’t give it to her on the whole parenting subject. I liked when Kandi said that maybe Nene should have given them all friendship contracts so they would know the rules. Rule #1: Kiss Nene’s ass 24/7 or the friendship is over. None of those girls ever stand up to her and it drives me mad. I found it quite funny when Nene said in her talking head that she’s too busy to be in Kandi’s production. Really? With what?

  11. Don’t you think Lady Chablis looks like Dwight.

  12. Lady Chablis looks like she’s in the end stage of AIDS.

    • Just Saying

      The people you’ve seen in the final stages of AIDS must have been doing a whole lot better than the ones I’ve visited. How nice for you, that their terminal illness was pleasant enough to be compared to an actively working performer in full makeup and evening gown. If it weren’t forward of me, I’d wish you a similarly attractive end.

      • What the fuck. You are a real hunk of shit.

      • love2hatebravo

        Oh, teecee, a peach as ever. Hunk of peach if you will. I sure wish we knew eachother in real life. You’re either a sweet old grandmother or an angry teenager, and I’d love to see the real life “persona”.

        I specifically watched to see what everyone was talking about with the whole AIDS patient thing. Don’t get it, personally. maybe anorexic? Drug addict? But end stage AIDS patient was a teeny bit hyperbolic. :)

      • Just Saying

        No. I’m not. People who fling ignorant and uninformed comments about other people looking like they’re “in the end stage of AIDS”. might be. I’d phrase it a little differently, and in fact, I did. No painful, prolonged terminal disease should be used to disparage another person. If tobaccorhoda thinks it’s funny, she can try it on for size.

      • So…you wishing aids on a person us better than saying someone who looks like a walking corpse looks like he has aids? You’re quite a moron.

      • Just Saying

        Too easy. Risible, in fact. To paraphrase YOU, below, “quote me – dare you.” What I actually said is, “If it weren’t forward of me, I’d wish you a similarly attractive end.” For you and the other reading-impaired, that isn’t “I hope you die of AIDS”.

        End stage AIDS isn’t anything to joke about or even armchair diagnose. If tobaccorhoda thinks it’s funny or appropriate to say about Lady Chablis, then what I said should be fine with her. I’ve had zero tolerance for AIDS “jokes” since I was distantly related to Ryan White’s family, and saw what it looks like to true victims. There nothing a filthy-mouthed bully like you can say to alter my feelings on this issue.

        Aren’t you busy being tit-phobic somewhere else on this post? Run along

      • I shouldn’t speak for TRho, but I will. It certainly looks like something is very wrong with Lady Chablis. AIDS is not that far off the charts. While I certainly hope that is not the case, saying she looks like an AIDS patient was probably not an attempt at humor, more than making and observation. And kinda sort being related to someone with pediatric AIDS doesn’t make you and expert on what AIDS looks like in adult males.

      • love2hatebravo

        Lmao. :)tit phobic

      • Just Saying

        With respect, TT, 20 years of AIDS assistance and counseling does make someone an expert. And possibly hair-triggered about offhand comments. Much as you are impatient with people who toss around half-informed statements about ADD/ADHD, autism, etc. If tobaccorhoda was expressing concern for a stranger, I mis-read her comment and apologize to her.

      • Why is a celebrity suddenly a stranger?

      • Just Saying

        teecee, don’t you need to be over at Tamara’s Twitter feed, laughing about the posters and figuring out ways to be outrageous to drive up blog hits?

    • brillke

      I hate to admit this but I thought Lady Chablis had died a few years ago from cancer. I’m glad I was wrong and have no idea where I heard that from.

  13. A

    Cynthia should have put nene in check. Her daughter is not out stealing or having babies out of wedlock like her son. The new normal should have been cancelled or aired at a time where young children were not watching two men in bed kissing, etc. porsha stop telling these nosy women all your business. Phaedra while you are still upset with kenya, let’s not forget about
    Your husband. It takes TWO. This years show is worthless

    • Katrina

      Why are you comparing a 13-14 year old to a 19-21 year old? Noel is not immuned to teenage pregnancy or anything else.

      • terry macon

        If you talk about my daugter I will talk about your son, NeNe son mistakes were childish and stupid, no role models period point blank.

      • Katrina

        So are you saying if your child has a role model, they won’t make stupid childish mistakes? I really wish that were true!

    • brillke

      Wait a minute, what’s this you’re saying…children saw 2 men in bed KISSING! OMG, they’re all gonna be gay now! Damn you Nene, you’re turning our children gay!

  14. love2hatebravo

    Everyone being nasty about Phaedras breast pump can consider yourself swuirtrf in the eye by my lactating boob. There is nothing “classless” about feeding your baby. Read a freaking book.

    • JrLeaguer

      I agree. When a mom has to pump…she has to pump. I could tell by the slightly bulging veins on her breasts that she needed to pump no matter who was in the room. Being engorged gets real painful, real fast.

    • Oh shut the fuck up. She was not feeding a hungry baby. She was whipping out a pump to get attention. Over and over. She could have very easily excused herself. She does not have to whip out her nasty fat tits on camera. And if she is such a GREAT mother, why the fuck is she leaving a newborn at home?

      Ps. Lactating has never and will never make a woman special. It’s a bodily function. Get over yourself.

      • JrLeaguer

        I was not replying to you, I was responding to love2hatebravo so I will ignore your request to shut up. I do not know why you feel some bizarre need to unload on people at random and I am surprised that it is my turn again so soon.
        When a nursing mother is not with her baby, she still has to continue to pump to not have her milk supply compromised. Why should she have excused herself? Kenya came into Phaedra’s room. No one ever said that it makes a woman special….that was your little add on. Bless your heart.

      • Um…I was not replying to you. Go away.

      • brillke

        Phaedra probably froze some breast milk up before she left and when you gotta pump, you gotta pump. Nothing special about it, it’s all very natural.

      • What does freezing breast milk have to do with anything? And no. Pumping is not so urgent that you can’t make it to a room without a camera. Lots of psychos who want attention would like you to think that, but it’s simply not true. No one wants to see you pump your breast. If they do, they are sickos. So, please tell me more about how you all want to watch other women pump their breastmilk.

      • Just Saying

        Putting up a supply of frozen breast milk in case of absence or illness is just prudent for breastfeeding moms. It’s clear you don’t like seeing “her nasty fat tits”, but as you said yourself, it’s a bodily function. The cameras were in her room. Should she have gone into the closet? For clarification – are all naked breasts nasty, or just ones that are being used for milk production?

      • She’s a porky pig. Therefore her breasts, like the rest of her, are nasty. And yeah. Go in the closet. Fine with me. Or better yet, stop production and gave them leave. I love it when people play dumb and act like there is no alternative.

      • And again ,WHAT THE HELL does freezing breastmilk have o do with any of this??? I meant..thanks for thinking you needed to explain how it works (drrrrrrr), but that was never the question.

      • Just Saying

        Looking back, I’m not sure where the freezing aspect came into the conversation. Apologies for answering a rhetorical question.

        Not playing dumb, just asking what you thought she should have done. I personally favor discretion, but there are many mothers who think that breasts being used for their designed purpose are more acceptable/less offensive than breasts being displayed for sexual interest. Or maybe Phaedra’s tired, hot and doesn’t give a damn anymore.

      • Or maybe she’s a low class sow who whips out her boobs to get attention. Like I said. Being too hot to give a damn about manners is low class. She is most certainly not anything like a southern belle.

      • brillke

        I am the one who suggested Phaedra froze her breast milk because TeeCee mentioned Phaedra leaving her newborn child at home. I’m not going to go back and look it up but it was something about pumping and she wasn’t feeding a child, hide your boobies.

        This is supposed to be a reality show and in reality a woman needs to pump her breast and she will do it anywhere she is, especially with a group of women.

        TeeCee, your overreaction to Phaedra pumping her milk is kinda funny. I’m actually enjoying watching you lose your shit about it.

      • I’m losing my shit? Is that right? Heh. Don’t think so.

      • brillke

        You’ve not said anything against breast feeding? W.T.F.

        Gurl, gimmee some of what you’re smoking, that shit must be good!

      • Quote me saying that breast feeding is bad or wrong. Dare you.

      • brillke

        I’ll quote you the minute you provide the quote of someone saying breast feeding made them special.

      • The whole tone of the conversation is that a woman who is lactating has the right to bear her breast in public. Since there are laws and also social implications to a woman being bare breasted in public, the very nature of saying it’s acceptable in the case of lactation makes it a special circumstance. Making lactating women special.

        Now you go.

      • Actually it is perfectly legal for women to be in public topless, breast feeding or not. And I ain’t nobodies mama but I have no issue with anyone whipping out a tit, fat or fugly or otherwise to feed their kid. Then again, I was around a lot of people straight out of National Geographic growing up.

        You just don’t like tits. I remember you calling me out for mine being VEINY. #NeverForget !

      • brillke

        That’s not a quote.

      • love2hatebravo

        And by “laws”, my beloved Teecee, I’m sure you are not referring to the FEDERAL law permitting all public “breast-baring” for purposes of feeding babies. And I’m over here with bated breath, hanging on your every. Word. Until I see you produce a quote from anyone saying lactation/ public breastfeeding made them “special”. :)

      • Thank you for spelling bated correctly. Please carry on.

      • You’re a complete idiot who is proving my point. It’s most certainly illegal to be bare breasted unless you are breast feeding. I never said that there was not a SPECIAL qualification of that law for breast feeding. The whiney idiots like you who think it makes you special bitched and cried until SPECIAL concessions and laws were put I place.

        Tamara, I have no problem with breasts. I have no proble with anuses either. But I don’t really need to see someone take a shit in my face. Same goes for an bodily function. It’s just low class that’s all.

      • brillke

        Legally being allowed to breast feed your child in public doesn’t prove your point at all. It’s not SPECIAL, it’s NATURAL.

        Chimps can do it. Stray cats can do it. They don’t go hide when they feed their young, why does a woman have to?

      • Again. You prove my point. Decorum is one of the things that separates us from animals. Phaedra is nothing more than an animal.

      • love2hatebravo

        English teacher here…I appreciate the spelling appreciation. :)

        Teecee, my love, the blatant backpedaling could use some work, but it’s adorable to see how hard you try. You keep at it, pumpkin. Never give up the dream. :)

      • I’m not your love. I’m just someone who is a thousand times smarter than you. Be gone.

      • brillke

        Your point was breast feeding doesn’t make you special, something nobody but you has said or implied.

        Girl, you’re off your game today. And you can quote me on that.

      • What is your mental malfunction? Do you own a set of ovaries, or are you just angry because they aren’t being used? Geesh…

      • Oh eat shit. What the fuck does that even mean? How is it that you think ovaries not being used is an insult?

      • It is production. They will tell Phae that Kenya is coming and to be disinterested. But my money says Phae’s breast pump was her improve completely.

    • lori

      What is swuirtrf?

      • love2hatebravo

        It should have said squirted. Please forgive me for being so special as to get up at 6 am to breastfeed my baby and thus mistyping with my fat pig thumb. I would post a pic of my fat sow engorged boobs to help teecee p to everyone how pumping is disgusting, but I am pretty much too dumb to figure it out. Bless your heart, teecee. God forbid the nursing mother of a newborn leave her baby for what? 2 nights? In order to make a living. God forbid she chooses to pump her painfully engorged breasts in order to store future food and keep up her supply, while some random chick and a bunch of cameras invite themselves in then refuse to leave her room. God forbid an educated woman of color chooses to take advantage of an enormously valuable public platform to help destigmatize and promote the benefits of breastfeeding to a population notorious for high infant mortality. Bless Phaedras heart for engaging in such LUDICROUS public behavior. How dare she.

      • lori

        I don’t understand why you’re being snippy with me. I thought it was some new acronym I didn’t know about. Thanks for giving me way tmi though.

      • OMG. You’re pitiful. Seriously. Get the fuck over yourself. A chimp can breast feed. An ally cat can breast feed (although they are less likely to abandon their young because their egos make them crave being on camera more than taking care of their babies). It’s really not miraculous or particularly noteworthy.

        And yeah. She’s a super role model for women “of color”. lol. Terrific. But PLEASE tell me how or when she has promoted the benefits of breast feeding??? The only benefit she’s hi lighted is how it can get you out of a difficult conversation during which she should have APOLOGIZED to Kenya for the lies she told about Kenya chasing her husband and offering him sex.

      • I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that you were not breastfed. :)

      • But that has nothing to do with anything. I never said I was against breast feeding.

      • love2hatebravo

        Giggle. Really? She said nothing to promote it? I specifically heard her voice mutter, “liquid gold,” after Kenya finally left the room to let her pump in peace.

        I usually ignore your bizarre attacks on everyone, and I don’t even like Phaedra, but I think it’s hilarious how she cleared the room with that pumping, and equally hilarious to watch your violent reaction to her “vile” behavior.


      • love2hatebravo

        Oh btw. I consider it both miraculous AND noteworthy that my oldest was only BF a few months and spent his first year constantly sick, while my youngest has been BF 19 months and only sick once.

        And anyone who thinks breastfeeding is “easy” can SMD. It is painful, messy, a total time suck, and all around a huge PITA.

        I think it’s hilarious how the same people who complain about public funds spent on WIC formula are frequently the same people who are outraged by public pumping/nursing.

      • love2hatebravo

        Omg shoot me if I actually go 19 months. I meant 10.

      • Because wic babies should never have been born. Again, it’s hysterical that you think you are specie so because you lactate. How sad your life must be.

      • love2hatebravo

        I cry all day long. I sure could use a hug, if you’re offering.

      • love2hatebravo

        Please accept my sincere apology for the mass confusion created first by my mistyping, then attempting to respond to two different people at the same time.

  15. LoriNYC

    I am so disgusted with Nene this season and I find her painful to watch. Her ego is out of control and she’s a know it all. Cynthia should have given her a good tongue lashing. Look at Nene’s eldest son. HELLO? Also, Nene doesn’t have any girls, she needs to shut her mouth and not offer any advice on raising children.

  16. Katrina

    What does Bryson having a baby at 22, have to do with dating at 13? So you think Noel has better odds? Authur may be a nice boy, but he is still a boy.

    • pfffttt

      What is Arthur and Noelle gonna do? Have sex on the patio of Cynthia and Peter’s townhome? I think it was made very clear that Arthur and Noelle only see each other OUTSIDE of school, under the supervision of Cynthia and Noelle’s mother.

      I’m from an old fashioned, southern, Christian family, I had people of the opposite sex over. They just were not allowed in my room.

      People are acting like Cynthia has enrolled her daughter in some sort of prostitution ring. Give it a damn rest.

      Wasn’t Nene telling her son to use condoms in season 4? Now flash forward, she is a grandmother. Plus his mug shots are all over the internet, and he even has friends in prison.

      Nene is stupid, and so is her fat son.

    • pfffttt

      Bryson is 22, but he has no job, and I inferred from Nene’s conversations with him from “I Dream of Nene” that he doesn’t spend time with his daughter. What exactly is his job? He dropped out of college. Plus he was talking about wanting to have more babies in his early 20’s and he isn’t married, has no college degree, or a job. What a smart boy!

      Personally, I’m sick and tired of seeing 20-year-old’s having kids left and right when they can barely afford the rent in their small apartments.

      Smart people invest in CONDOMS, BIRTH CONTROL, AND THE MORNING AFTER PILL in their 20’s, and don’t think about kids or marriage until they are financially secure and in their 30’s. Dumbasses like Bryson are a different story.

      • Katrina

        I find it ironic that you are concerned about Bryson being a dead beat dad and not being responsible, but it is totally appropriate for a 14 year old to go on dates, surpervised or not, get emotionally involved and will potentially do the same thing Bryson is doing, except she cannot walk away from her responsibility. I don’t know if Bryson is a deadbeat parent or not, but some girl/women had his baby.

      • Just Saying

        I think we might all have different definitions for dating. My definition of dating is purposefully attending an activity together to enjoy it in each others company. Physically touching isn’t automatically included, much less kissing.

        Like Pfffttt (did I get that right?), I think it’s ok for 13/14 year-olds to have supervised visits. Picnics, seeing a school sports activity or school play or maybe a movie are age appropriate ways for young people to learn how to behave around each other. How else are they going to learn how to act, what to say, what is and isn’t acceptable? For me, supervised meant one of the parents picked up and dropped off, and might even be a few rows away in the movie theater. If your child is communicating with you, you’ll know if things are age-appropriate, and you can steer things in a healthy direction. Kids will make mistakes, say the wrong thing, break each other’s hearts. It’s part of growing up. Behaving with principles and acting with dignity needs to be learned and practiced. It’s better to help them in age-appropriate stages than to deny everything and set them loose, undisciplined and hormone-crazed at 18.

        I’m not saying that kids at 13 or 14 should be allowed on unsupervised dates or that they should be having sex.

  17. eastjames

    Ooohh for a split sec in that picture I thought Mynique was Sheree. That was scary!

  18. I personally agree with Nene that Cynthia is making a mistake with letting her daughter date so young, but a good friend offers advice when asked and only ONCE.

    Cynthia is the prettiest doormat I’ve ever seen.

    Mynique is wasting space on this show.

    People hate on NeNe, and yes…she hates on anyone doing better than her, but she is right about a lot.

    Porsha IS a 30 yr old woman going on 15 and I’m starting to despise her scenes.

    Phaedra is over all of them, and I am over her.

    Kandi annoys me, but she is by far the smartest of them all.

    I’d like Kenya to get caught in all of her lies publicly, and we watch her squirm to get out of them.

    All in all…I love this show

  19. Just Saying

    If you take a group of women on a trip to “bond”, shouldn’t they get to bond the way they want or need to? It seems that Nene requires that the group drink and act up to fulfill her notion of a good time. Different people want different things at different times. From my perspectiveb the problems on the trip seemed to stem from Nene and her need to criticize and control the others. The only women who weren’t in tears (at least that we saw) weren’t in much contact with Nene.

    It’s one thing to express a different opinion than your friend; it’s another to keep repeating it, over and over, louder and louder, talking about how forward and inappropriate little girls are in malls, until your friend, the parent of a little girl, gets so frustrated that she cries. Nene isn’t “keeping it real”, she’s insisting that she’s right. She makes fun of anyone who thinks differently – and what is she trying to achieve with those awful faces she makes? Didn’t her mom warn her that her face might stick that way someday?

    Porsha texted Kordell because Nene told her to fight for her marriage. If Porsha gets criticized for contacting him, Nene will conveniently forget this.

    If I were the mother of a newborn, I wouldn’t welcome a strange dog into my room, especially a sick dog. And one that was suffering from diarrhea? Kenya was wrong to make her dog travel, and wrong to bring a sick dog to a historic mansion. Kenya might have gotten farther with Phaedra if she’d asked to talk over coffee or in a neutral spot.

    It was nice to watch Kandi and Phaedra in the kitchen. They seem to have a genuine friendship, and they work well as a team. The meal looked delicious! I don’t know anything about ‘throwing shade’ or ‘getting read’, but like the commenters above, I enjoyed Kandi’s quiet comments about Nene being a respected actress and needing a friendship contract to understand Nene’s requirements.

    Am I the only one who found Lady Chablis’ comments to Mynique about “and now you sound all black” insulting? There are trash-talking women in all ethnicities – why does Lady Chablis seem to require trash talk from Mynique for her to sound “all black”?

  20. Katrina

    Just Saying, I agree. We all must have different definitions for dating. Girls and boys hanging out around the house are not a problem. Noelle told Cynthia that Authur was her boyfriend, which made it seem a little more serious to me. After all, when the ladies were talking about Chuck and the women he dated, most people assumed some sort of sex was involved. Most people are not thinking “dinner and a movie.”

    • Just Saying

      Katrina – YES! I thought the same thing about “dating” Chuck, but from the other perspective – why did everyone think dating meant sex? I was told by a real Southern girl that the boy got a handshake and the door gently shut in his face after he dropped her off for at least six months. If you went any faster, you were suspiciously easy.

      We’re probably more alike than we realize, if we don’t let misunderstandings get in the way.

    • Tracie

      I have a question. Did NeNe actually speak the words that Cynthia is not a good mother? I was unable to watch this episode.

      • No, but it was strongly implied that she was fucking up and her kid was gonna be on the pole by age 16…

      • JoJo

        And Nene should know. She dated at 12 and was on the pole at 15.

      • Wow. Really?

        At this point I feel as though I should point out I am not responsible for slanderous comments by my readers.

      • JoJo

        I’m just speculating, sarcastically, the mere possibility that Nene dated young, ergo, adamant that 13 is too young. I have no clue when she became a pole dancer either.

      • Probably not too long after she dropped out of school in the 5th grade.

        KIDDING! Don’t sue me Nay Nay!

      • JoJo

        If Nene’s found your blog, (or many others for that matter that consistently point to her grammar fuckups, you’d think that since she’s become the very busy rich bitch, she’d at least get private tutoring for conjugating verbs and diction (and a hairstylist after that FFS)!
        ‘Bridemaid’ and that word ‘bond’ come to mind since she’s said them at least 50K times!

      • When this blog first started, I mean, I had not been posting a MONTH. Someone sent me exclusive tea on Nene being cast on Glee. She has to read here. :)

      • JoJo

        Yeh but rote memorization isn’t impossible, hell I did a Shakespeare bit in high school and I had not a fucking idea what I was saying or remembered it after a month. Besides, her character(s) on TV are not far from who she is (other than conjugating verbs correctly:))

      • JoJo

        Hells to the bells…..TT disregard (as you have wisely and in spirit of New Year!) my response to your mention that Nene most likely knows about and reads your blog because of the tea you spilled about her and Glee.

        I totally misread that and went and responded to the tin foil I sometimes wear when watching HW shows? Ok, I really misread your response to mean that Nene should be able to articulate and conjugate verbs because of her Glee experience and the script. Ergo, the stupid Shakespeare anecdote and the rote memorization stuff.
        Removing tin foil for the whole New Year!

    • Shellbelle

      I myself have 2 teenaged boys and I can say that kids use the term ” dating” even when they don’t see each other outside of school. I think the women took it out of context and made it mean something that its probably not. My boys have had girlfriends and they have hung out here at our house, usually with my 3rd boy whom is 2 years old and great birth control. I also know that if you don’t allow your child room to grow and learn under your supervision, they will sneak around and lie to you to get to see their ” boyfriend/ girlfriend”.

  21. JoJo

    The comment section of this blog post should have a title of its own: Breaking Bad ‘Bout Breastfeeding….Bitch!

  22. Tobaccorhoda

    Have I mentioned that Lady Chablis looks like she’s in the end stage of AIDS?


  23. BillDe

    Miss USA is treating her innocent dog just the way Kim F face did with her dog and cat (which cat died and dog disappeared,) like a prop. Why do we keep paying attention to them??? They are horrible people. Weird. Super weird.

  24. JoJo

    This is of no substance on the episode, but everything, especially the issue of breastfeeding has been dissected.
    Did anyone else notice that Nene had some odd shadow, dark coloring on her neck from the bottom of her jaw bones straight to her chest? Perfectly symmetrical like it was painted there? I have an older 52″ big box TV, so it could just be that.

  25. Nene saying “Bunned” and “BunDead” instead of “Bond” and “Bonded” was the only notable thing about the episode. Is this an accent thing?

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