Brandi Glanville Has Officially Lapped Leann Rimes on the Crazy Track!


Remember just a year ago when we all felt sorry for Brandi Glanville having to deal with the crazy loon that is Leann Rimes?  I know Leann is still crazy, but this Christmas, Brandi managed to lap her on the crazy track. Luann has calmed down with the inappropriate pictures of Brandi’s kids on her twitter timeline. This year she only mentioned that they were there opening toys. She tweeted happy pictures of her singing on stage somewhere with Eddie.

Meanwhile, Brandi was losing her ever-loving mind on twitter having her parents and her grandmother spend their holidays learning how to give the bird to “haters.”  Then on December 26th she posted a blog on Bravo that was simply three paragraphs of vitriol. Profanity makes up a whopping  20% of her New Year’s message.

So congrats, Leann. You win Christmas this year.

Gif RealityTVgifs T. Kyle

Gif RealityTVgifs T. Kyle

Let’s take a look at Brandi’s latest blog:

As of today I have a new outlook.

Yay! It is always a good thing to have a new outlook when the new year approaches. It’s a great time for a bit of self-assessment.

 No more feeling sorry for myself because I had a rough year or some pathetic, phony famewh— can’t stop talking about me and throwing bulls— labels my way.

See Brandi, someone should have told you to stop that sentence after the word year.  I would say getting a contract renewal from Bravo, and having your first book published, and getting a new home for you and your boys was a pretty good year.

But then the projecting begins. Regardless of Joyce, you are, and have always been a GIGANTIC FAMEHORE.  Have you ever heard the one about glass houses? Also, you seem to be way more concerned with her than she is with you. You can’t attack a random woman that you find intimidating and then cry when she points out how out of line your behavior is. Have you heard the one about those who can dish it out but can’t take it?  Have you ever considered taking responsibility for your behavior rather than blaming the victim?

I know exactly who I am — and that is a good person who says stupid s– sometimes and lives without prejudice in my life.

Define “good person.”  I have found that people who continually self identify as a “good person” usually are not.  When I think of a good person, I think of someone who is polite to people. Someone who makes sure that the new person is not treated as badly as they were when they were new.  A good person would reach out to the new girl and show her the ropes. She would remember what it was like when she was new.  A good person doesn’t lead the hazing committee. Perhaps your definition is different.

I was a hot-mess for part of this season, and I fully f—ing admit that. I’d like to say thank you to the people in my life that love me through the good times and the rough times and who don’t jump ship because I’m not having my best year. Also thank you to my friends in the Twitter-verse and on social media that have been a huge support to me, even before I started this rollercoaster of a ride on reality TV. THANK YOU!!!

Fully fucking admitting something is great. Your drunken behavior was obnoxious and rude. This leaves you with two choices,  fully fucking admitting it and saying I am what I am, deal with it.  Or fully fucking admitting it, regretting it, and apologizing to the appropriate people.  What is not an acceptable choice is fully fucking admitting it, continuing to be hateful toward your target, and trying to be the victim.  That is NOT a choice.

Thanking people who support you is great. UNLESS  who you are really thanking are enablers that tell you that your behavior is just fine.

For the assh—s that write hateful tweets or said mean things to me because I am not perfect and clearly you are, please, please, please F— OFF, F— YOU, GO F— YOURSELF,  AND FINALLY SHUT THE F— UP!

I have never agreed with random people attacking any of y’all on twitter. It’s fucking ridiculous. Acknowledging their existence is even more ridiculous. Block them and quit whining.

2014 is a new year and it’s going to be good! I can’t wait for this reunion. It’s about to be f—ing on!!! Bring it bitches.

Oh, I see. So the “new outlook” is  just like the old outlook. You are going to go on the reunion and be a giant cunt. Why am I not surprised.


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43 responses to “Brandi Glanville Has Officially Lapped Leann Rimes on the Crazy Track!

  1. Well thank god. From the title alone, I thought this was about Leann and Brandi having sex.

    Btw, I did not feel sorry for her a year ago. And I’ve never thought Leann rhymes was crazy.

    • Oh Leann is crazy. Trust. (Takes one to know one.) But she is coming out the other side of her crazy and Brandi is in the middle of hers. Brandi needs rehab and she is very angry with anyone who points it out. Muchlike, Kim who was very angry when Brandi pointed it out. #fullcircle.

      • ITA. I still like her but her behavior is uncalled for. Well, it would be if we didn’t know it was scripted. Her blogs though aren’t and are over the top uncalled for.

      • No. I do not know if she needs rehab. She needs a bucket full of grow the fuck up and control yourself. Not everyone who mistreats alcohol is an addict. Brandi mistreats everything. Sex, her body, alcohol, the Internet, her friends, her enemies, her animals (yes, by not properly training them), her children. And she is NEVER NEVER at fault in her mind. But, she really is at fault for all of it. Her poor kids.

      • She needs rehab. No part of her life is in order. Just saying. don’t knife me.

      • She needs the snot beat out of her.

        Well…I need the snot beat out of her. That would make me feel better. Then you can take her off to rehab namby pamby land.

      • lori

        She will be LUCKY if what she needs is rehab.

      • love2hatebravo

        I still think Leann is a crazy bitch.But with perhaps a better PR/ medical budget. Having gone through a nasty, adulterous divorce involving kids, I will always feel for Brandi. Her behavior sucks, but she’s doing her thing to keep her job right now. I really just wish she would stop screwing with her face. She is turning into the Catwoman. :(

  2. jarlath

    For a moment I thought the Countess was trying to give Brandi etiquette tips

  3. Gingersnap

    It would be great if Joyce threw her wine in Brandi’s face. Just to render her speechless for just one fucking second. I really can’t stand a smart ass and Brandi is a smart ass. It’s all fun and games until it’s directed at you and then, not so much. I’d have to kick her ass too.

    Brandi didn’t take it too well that Joyce told Lisa about hairgate. What Joyce was trying to do was tell Lisa upfront and not behind her back, like Brandi and Yolanda were doing. So, naturally she’s pissed because Joyce was basically outing her. Joyce didn’t give a shit about being beholdened to Brandi. Fuck you Brandi. Joyce got an upper-cut in on ya. Suck on it.

    Her family getting involved with Brandi’s “fuck you” message is just plain sad. Grandma just raised her pinky up instead of the middle finger, so that was nice. Dad and mom had full on middle finger “fuck you” language going on. Dad only has part of his middle finger, from the knuckle down, but his bird is still quite impressive looking. There is speculation that Brandi bit it off since she is known to bite the hand that feeds her. It’s entirely possible…maybe that’s the reason her dad is so upset with her. Or maybe the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, after all. All I know is, they ALL look like a bunch of loons. GAWD.

  4. Brillke

    I don’t know if I read it here or stumbled across it somewhere else but it seems as if Brandi is implying the reason she hates Joyce so much is because she put her kids in danger. Anyone else hear about this or am I just imagining things?

    • Gingersnap

      If I’m not mistaken (and I could be) I think it was when Brandi implied (actually she said) the reason Joyce couldn’t swim was because she was black. Joyce took full advantage of that little piece of indiscretion and blew it into a real big deal. The politically correct gang descended and the kids may have gotten backlash. Brandi sure has.

    • Brandi had a job cancel her (Hard Rock Seminole) appearance because of her “racially offensive” comments, so she blamed Joyce for making it a bigger deal and causing her to lose jobs, taking food out of the mouth of her babies. I want to like her and imagine she’s going though some things we apparently don’t know about, but if she actually convinced herself that Joyce caused that, she’s delusional.

  5. puravidacostarica2

    Okay I am only going to say two things because those of you who know what I am talking about will truly understand:

    1) Brandi is a Scorpio; and

    2) Scorpios are going through a Saturn return (and she might possibly be going through a Pluto transit as well).

    Until you have been through this (or had your chart done so you can know when you last suffered through Saturn sitting on your Sun), it is really something that should generate a little bit of empathy. Not saying you need to believe or agree…just sharing what I believe and know. And I am going to stick with my empathy.

    • Ostensibly

      True about saturn. It messes with you.

    • That is the stupidest fucking thing I ever read.

      Oh…I can’t be blamed for my post btw. The planets made me do it. Those of you who REALLY know…..

      • Aaw … I’m using that Saturn thing as my new excuse!!

      • Okay teecee, a little challenge. Have TT e-mail me your place, date and time of birth, and I’ll e-mail you something about Saturn returns. If the shoe don’t fit, fine. But at least allow yourself to be entertained. Certainly, you’re entertained by Bravo, which is the stupidest fucking thing on TV these days. :-)

    • gertha bit

      i excuse nothing about Brandi’s behavior. she’s, like 43 years old now, with two little boys! however….i AM curious about this whole ‘Saturn return’ thing, and to see if maybe it would somehow effect me. are you taking volunteer subjects ? if so, count me in puravidacostarica2 !!

  6. Ann

    Joyce showed up and was not willing to take the shit from Brandi that everyone else has. Brandi is one of those people who’s hate and discontent is right under the surface. Say the wrong thing, don’t agree when she thinks you should etc…etc… and she turns on you and spews her special brand of vitriol.

    When you are a public figure i.e.. reality TV person you in essence are giving permission and hang your life and all that goes in it out there for the public consumption. That mean all twitter rants, Facebook posts, blogs… everything she memorializes in my opinion open for debate, comment etc… She doesn’t get to pick and choose.

    Her badass, filthy mouthed, alcoholic behavior is disgusting. I think we can all agree on that point. But the one thing that I have said all along is that she repeatedly says her boys don’t watch the show. Her boys don’t know what’s going on in her “LA life.” This one area she is clearly delusional. If her boys haven’t googled her name yet they will eventually. Worse than that it will be bandied about by their peers. How would you like to google your mom’s name and have hundreds of disgusting pictures of this woman drunk off her ass. There is an endless supply of disgusting behavior for those boys to have to deal with. And they will have to deal with it. I’ve always and will always feel sorry for the only two people that matter in this whole f’d up situation and that’s the kids.

    Brandi’s nuts. Leann nuts. Eddie a complete and total douche. And after seeing Brandi’s holiday pictures of her family just confirms it further. “Hey look, there’s grandma and grandpa and great grandma flipping off the camera. REALLY? So basically those boys don’t have a chance with their immediate family.

    Sad… Really Sad… She’s on her way out and will be right back where she came from and it won’t be soon enough for me!

  7. anna

    Brandi has such a hard-on for Joyce and I don’t understand where it’s coming from. She has been gunning for her from the beginning and it’s truly sad to watch. Brandi looks pathetic and I hope Joyce continues to rise above. I think Joyce is a little fake and pageant-y, but so far she has taken the high road, which is pretty easy when the other person is in the gutter to quote Lea Black!

  8. I’ve never cared much for Brandi. I’ve been done wrong by another woman who smiled as she did it so I should not have any empathy for Leanne but I do.
    Leanne has little or no strong women in her family and had to grow up onstage. These past few years have been a learning time for her. Mostly Brandi’s marriage was a mess years before Leanne came along. Leanne took responsibility of that mess when it was not her fault.
    Yes Leanne should had stayed away from a married man and that did make her act a little crazy. She probably felt crazy but it seems she is doing well now.
    Brandi is showing her real self.
    Brandi is jealous of Joyce. Joyce has everything Brandi feels she should have. Adoring husband, beautiful home and life.

  9. Is this a good time to admit that I find Joyce’s husband attractive? He’s totally my type.

  10. Did Brandi have cheek implants and a bad peel? Her cheek bones are getting higher and bigger every photo. She’s looking freakish. Her mom looks rode hard. Her future seems bleak.

    • Twilly

      Could be fat injections to keep the face fuller and she’s over doing it like she does everything else.

      • Diva

        I think she’s obviously had some type of filler injected into her face. When she was on Jimmy Kimmel, (I think it was), from the neck up, she looked overweight. (She def needs to check out the reviews first, before she hits those low-budget “rejuvenation” joints).

    • lori

      Definitely. Pretty soon she’s gonna look like that cat woman chick. I definitely think Brandi’s best years are behind her.

  11. Oh and I’m so over the Joyce/Brandi issue. It’s too obvious to me that while Brandi has convinced herself she doesn’t like Joyce, production had a big part in it. The cast was already split somewhat into two teams and they added new cast and BAM! one goes to each team. Joyce happens to be the one who went to the Richards’ team.

  12. Rosie

    She is just as, if not more Trashy than the gross glossy painted brick fireplace sitting on the cheap gross tile hearth on the trashy parquet floors!

  13. Lacey

    You kiss your children with that mouth? Keep it up and crazy or not, Leann Rhimes will be raising your boys. Eventually they will be able to read and distinguish who the crazy one is.

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